What Kind of Human Beings Were Those 20 ESPians that NOT ONE Stepped Forward to Help Kristin Snyder?

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Everyone at the February and the November intensives should be interviewed, under oath — without NXIVM folks present (Duh).

(Side bar–Why on earth would the police let Esther Chiappone Carlson be present at someone else’s interview? I was interviewed once by the FBI about a totally benign matter and it was scary. The FBI doesn’t interview you with your bestie friends present, nor should any police officer.]

I get that Ed Kinum was afraid to say anything because he was afraid of being a victim of the “torture by litigation” that NXIVM inflicts on its perceived critics.

NXIVM folks are consummate experts at working the (legal) system to hurt people to punish them for disagreeing, defying or not kowtowing to them. That Kinum was intimidated and afraid of being hurt by NXIVM was a human response, but not “the right response” and, in fact, it’s an immoral one.

It means he is part of the wall of silence and is helping the truth stay hidden.

What kind of miserable human beings, anyway, were those 20 ESPians at the February 2003 intensive (20 people in the room per the sign-in sheet), that NOT ONE stepped forward to help Kristin Snyder.

Its amazing, not one had a kernel of kindness in their soul. I find it repulsive that some of them then attended her Memorial, but couldn’t help her when it meant something: i.e. the day she was ejected, e.g. Wende Irick.

As a health professional, how could Kinum, who is a chiropractor, allow an apparently ill woman in distress to be ejected from a self-improvement seminar because she was distressed and seemingly ill?

Do chiropractors take the Hippocratic Oath? “Do no harm”?? Did he wonder why she chose to lie on the floor? He had a professional obligation to help Kristin which he ignored, and is apparently still ignoring – by just “not remembering” “anything”?

He was complicit in hurting Kristin by allowing Kristin to be tossed out and not taken to a hospital. Did he know the driver Elaine Smiloff – the sex offender they entrusted Kristin to?

Elaine Smiloff is an Aleutian Indian, was a member of ESP, was asked by Esther Chiappone Carlson to come to the Westmark hotel and pick up Kristin Snyder and take her home. She was reportedly the last person known to have seen Kristin Snyder.

Why would Kristin drive all the way to Seward to kill herself with some complicated middle of the night scenario where she dragged an old kayak that just happened to not have flotation devices in it across a rocky beach in purple slippers with rocks to drown herself (and it would be hard just to walk on the beach at Miller’s Landing in fluffy slippers) when she could have just driven off any of the many curves on the Seward Highway between Anchorage and Seward, and ended her life very quickly and a lot less painfully in a car crash?

By the way, it’s pretty hard to drown yourself. I started to drown one time (by accident). I can tell you your back body kicks into gear and tries to save you, very very hard. You’d need a pretty elaborate system of weights etc. affixed to your body – which she would have had to have made, hooked up, and fit in her kayak all the while getting into a kayak into the Bay in the middle of the night in fluffy slippers, launching from a rocky beach in winter?

Just not a credible story.

All the ESPians should be interviewed. What about “the judge” Sid Billingslea who was at the 1st intensive with Kristin? Doesn’t she have a professional obligation to be forthcoming with facts and observations that might help elucidate the truth, notwithstanding the fact that she was Carmen Gutierrez’s girlfriend who was the onetime General Counsel for NXIVM, and adviser on the Rick Ross litigation, (who later helped run the Department of Corrections in Alaska )?

Has the judge been interviewed?

Sid Billingslea attended the November Anchorage Intensive which Kristin Snyder attended.


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  • Wonder Woman. The Snyder’s embraced Kris and her partner- they loved their daughter- with ALL of their being. They are positive that it was 72 hours before they found, their beloved daughter was gone. The Snyder’s immediately flew to Anchorage- and were there for a long period of time. The Snyder’s never considered a private investigator- because they went with what law enforcement & Heidi had told them- and what the evidence showed. The Snyder’s held their services long after Kristin disappeared- the middle of March- a public service, and a Catholic Mass. These services were held long after the Snyder’s arrived home- in Dillon, SC. The Snyder’s- years later learned, through Frank Parlato, that other women were missing, so, we met with him, and he intends to run the 2nd part of the ID Discovery, with Mrs. Snyder, and her daughter involved. The Snyder’s would like to know who was involved in their daughter, Kris’ death…..they just want the truth. The Snyder’s accepted Kris’ relationship, and they are blessed to have had Kris, as their daughter for 35 years. The Snyder’s would like to see those responsible for their daughter’s death, be brought to justice, to the fullest extent of the law. The Snyder’s did everything to help their daughter to leave this cult, but to NO avail. The Snyder’s love and miss their daughter.

    • Well said. We need to use this to copy and paste whenever someone new shows up and posts an uninformed comment.

  • It literally makes no sense that Heidi would be okay with being separated from Kristin under these circumstances. If Heidi was concerned enough to even consider that emergency medical/psychiatric attention was needed, why would she allow someone to take Kristin home while she (Heidi) remained in the intensive? Were all of the ESP instructors and students interviewed by law enforcement?

    • According to Frank’s other reports, Heidi C. was badgered and told that Kristin S., was just seeking attention, etc… She was told by Esther that this was a somewhat typical response from students while going through the intensive. And that Kristin’s behavior wasn’t even as remarkable (dramatic) as other students she had in other classes. I guess Heidi took them at their word and did not leave with Kristin to go home. I would imagine that is something she regrets to this day.

      • Yeah, but: Why would Heidi believe Esther et al & prioritize their opinions over her partner’s needs? Still makes no sense.

        • It was the culture NXIVM rolled out. What, Heidi is smarter than the smartest man in the world?

          “Sit back and learn, Heidi. We’ll take care of Kristin. No big deal. We’ve seen worse. It’s just part of the process.”

  • Frank,

    Since NXIVM was so heavily involved in homosexual conversion, have you asked Heidi Clifford, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse how they managed not to fall prey to NXIVMs practices against homosexuality (which btw is illegal and, as of yesterday, against federal law-you might want to let them know that). Heidi, Susan and Kim’s experiences might benefit other lesbians from getting involved in similar cults.

    Also, I’ve seen in other documentaries on NXIVM that they had gay men who fell for the kool aid, have you spoken with any gay men on how NXIVM tried to convert them into being straight? I’ve combed the Internet and cannot find anything.

    But for sure Heidi, Kim and Susan’s fight to stay gay would be invaluable!

    Signed a Lesbian

    • My guess would be that Keith was perfectly fine keeping gay men gay. They posed zero threat to Keith calling dibs on all the women. The most powerful and handsome male who joined NXIVM was Emi. Keith apparently talked him into becoming gay.

  • Excellent points.

    Maybe that says something about the kind of people who were attracted to NXIVM, perhaps particularly in Alaska. Even Snyder’s partner and her mother come off as having been less concerned about her than might be expected.

    • Her mother I think was very concerned. She did not get the real information about Kristin’s condition until after Kristin had disappeared.

      • I was referring to Clifford’s mother, who was in the training, though I realize that I left that unclear.

    • Tigress. Mr. And Mrs. Snyder were always concerned about their daughter, but were NOT called until 72 hours after their daughter disappeared. It was very strange to them, that this event has had so many twists and turns, and so many lies. Even their other daughter, Kim, has been severely attacked by commenters. This is VERY WRONG!!!! Kim was the 1st one to cry HOMOCIDE….and to see that things just did NOT add up. The SNYDERS have been very attacked from ALL sides by commenters, and it is time that it stops right here. The Snyders did NOT like their daughter’s relationship, they did NOT turn her away. Their religion says it’s wrong, but the Snyders always loved their children, and they were always concerned about Kris. They were concerned about the GURU that she was following around the country, and they condoned his actions, as a rapist/murderer. The Snyders did I D Discovery with Frank Parlato, to try to find out what happened to their daughter, and now, they are being thrown to the wolves??? It needs/must STOP right here and now. The SNYDERS are a very loving and adoring couple, and loved their kids to the end of the earth and back. The war on the SNYDERS stops right here, right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Agree with you 100%. How typical of the anonyspank. KK articles make him come unglued. (as if he isn’t already )

      • Kim, sorry, I was unclear there – I was referring to Heidi’s mother who was in the training, not Kristin’s and yours.

        Still, that points to some questions about larger points that are unclear, that it might help us to understand.

        It’s rather bizarre if your family wasn’t informed of Kristin’s disappearance for 3 days, though the questions that raise relate to the Cliffords and perhaps others, not you. Are you really certain it was that long before anyone in your family heard from either Heidi or officials?

        And what was it about the circumstances at the time, as your family understood them, that lead to an acceptance of Kristin’s death and the holding of a memorial service not long after? Did your family even consider pushing officials for further investigation, or hiring a private investigator of your own, or did it somehow seem at the time that based on what you knew or had been told, there was no real question as to what had happened?

        • Heidi Clifford, Kenny Powers, Esther Chiappone Carlson, Ed Kinnum, Nina Cowell, Wende Irick, Tammy Boyer, Jane Markowitz, Elaine Smiloff, Kathy Morton, Karen Abney, Ben Stevenson from the parking lot, husband and wife David and Shelly, all need to be questioned in my opinion. Oh, and, of course, Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere and the so-called “Rat” and then compare Kristen Keeffe’s personal investigation along with Toni Natalie’s investigation, spin around 5 times, march backward, then backflip and touch elbow to mouth. Someone might figure out what happened to Kristin Snyder.

      • Kim, your previous post clearly stated that Kristin’s parents were not approving of her being a lesbian, which is overtly homophobic. That is a fact based on YOUR own report. The Snyders aren’t being “attacked” or slandered, so there’s no need for histrionics.

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