Shivani: Did Nxivm Leaders Drop the Facade and Laugh at Their Students – Like the Nazis Did?

Instagram banned this painting by MK10ART. It depicts Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, who Keith Raniere claimed was Adolf Hitler in her past life.

By Shivani

There is no reason for dreaming that Nancy Salzman isn’t equally as creepy and without boundaries around boys or men, as she has been with females. Keith Raniere too was a full-service malevolent monster who entangled both men and women, boys and girls into his grip, with evil intentions.

It is somehow so macabre seeing the photos of 2 predators like Nancy Salzman and her clone-like offspring in line at a Starbucks.

There’s a photo of Woody Allen and Jeffrey Epstein strolling in their Manhattan neighborhood, and that image is similarly, strikingly sickening.

It’s not puzzling that these two were pals and socialized often, since they would agree about their own ugly characteristics being fine and dandy.

And so too would the greedy predators, Nancy and Lauren Salzman. So too could the two Bronfman sisters.

Plus, we have all learned, those whom read or study here, that there are men still active in Raniere’s fold who are acting a lot like their hero.

Jim Del Negro, leader of the Society of Protectors.

I do feel that behind closed doors, the more insidious members of Raniere’s circle dropped their guru and counselor acts and enjoyed their deceptions and their abuses of others, those who were thought to be beneath them all.

For many reasons, I can see them laughing like hell together and celebrating how easy it could be to victimize others, to confuse and to intimidate their “students” and to profit from it all in many different ways.

If you have studied other criminal organizations, you will see this coming and going. Some of these individuals drop their masks, between themselves.

I think that the inner circle(s) got a thrill out of behaving sadistically and got off on sharing those thrills together.


Image result for hitler laughing
No that is not Vanguard and Prefect. That’s Hitler and Leni Riefenstahl, who created Nazi propaganda films.
Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.
Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect and Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard.

Seriously. Just like Nazis who were witnessed, over and over again, slamming the tiny bodies of infants into walls, even when the babies were already dead, laughing and proud of themselves, that’s how I picture Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, the former Dr. Brandon Porter, Danielle Roberts, Allison Mack, [Name Redacted], Esther Carlson Chiappone and quite a lot of other Nxivm/DOS profiteers and predators. These people usually know what they are really up to behind their poses.

Some of the cash seized at Nancy Salzman’s former home
The cash was stashed all over the house. But the FBI found it.

About the Salzman money, Michelle Salzman has remained free and unfettered by much, if any interference. Just because Nancy Salzman’s house, when searched by “lawmen” yielded around $500,000 in cash, doesn’t mean that more money wasn’t stashed in several other locations. Nancy Salzman, still wearing her boss hat, could have had money dug up from all over their old haunts. For all we know, she could still be recruiting for her own glory and profit. She hid her grotesque intentions for decades and has had plenty of practice.

I used to joke that someone needed to go dig up Kathy Russell’s backyard, if she had one. But there would be other candidates who could have had Nxivm money hidden and who have not been noticed, what with only six of their group arrested. For all we know, Nancy Salzman could still be blackmailing people.

She has always been mercenary.

When studying Nancy Salzman’s known behavior, just as when she “handled Kristin Snyder,” who was obviously dealt with as a big problem, I see a real fascist with no humanity at all. It is highly possible that she is being protected, by the way. That is another aspect of the Nxivm story to excavate, without a doubt.



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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Ah, Shivani, your thoughts are like concentric waves from the center of the stone’s landing in the river — or swamp as the case may be.

You’re a true seer and touchstone for we seekers following echoes and footprints and tunnels to the past, seeking justice for our long lost loved ones at long last!

Many Blessings to you in the New Year!

3 years ago

I can easily imagine all of the NXIVM leaders laughing with glee at the “practical jokes: they pulled on their gullible followers just like the Nazis did.
As the German people were huddled in air raid shelters praying for safety the Nazi Leaders were planning the Palaces they would build for themselves in the Thousand Year Reich.
Here is a model of the giant 180,000 seat Assembly Hall that Hitler and his architect Albert Speer were planning for Berlin.
comment image?w=1225&q=55&auto=format&usm=12&fit=max&s=74978d13772e2f323bbe41058545d281

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.
These pictures from MK10Art tell the story better than my mere prose can.

Here is a drawing from MK10Art of the serpent tongued Nancy Salzman.

Here is a drawing of the NXIVM true believer Nicki Clyne.

Here is a drawing of Allison Mack and Kim Constable on the streets of Belfast trolling for new recruits.

Here is a drawing of where Allison Mack and all the top NXIVM leaders need to be.

Here is a sample of Nicki Clyne’s comedy.

Here is Clare Bear Bronfman.

And to top it off here is a picture of a happy Allison Mack and Dr. Daniele Roberts enjoying the branding of a sex slave.
“Oh, Clark! You don’t know what you’re missing!”

Mike Troupe
Mike Troupe
3 years ago

Speaking of artists, I wonder what happened to Marie White? Her Instagram and Facebook are down. Unless she blocked me… Let me back in, Marie!

Shadow State
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike Troupe

I believe Marie deleted her account.

Frank Parlato
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike Troupe

Marie discontinued her accounts in order to spend more time on her work.

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