Shivani: What Keith Might Have Done to Kristin Snyder

Keith Raniere, government exhibit photo.

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Kristin Snyder is one of the lost women of Nxivm.

By Shivani

Even if the suicide note was in Kristin Snyder’s handwriting, and that is not (yet) certain or uncertain, the note could have been written by her under terrible duress, including that Kristin could very well have been drugged to further incapacitate her.

Kristin was isolated, brought in and out of her last intensive several times, and then she was escorted away from the others and isolated even more, until she completely disappeared.


Then the story of her disappearance was fictionalized by the ESP group and was bought hook, line and sinker by law enforcement and was deemed to be a suicide. Then later, some money was spread around as “tips.”

Even then, Keith Raniere would not leave the matter alone. His sick ego is compulsive and has no brakes. Only being in jail has curbed his ways of doing more harm.

Nancy Salzman had and has ambition only for herself and is a complete and conscienceless phony, from what one can see. But neither Raniere nor Salzman has ever been smart enough NOT to keep revealing themselves for who they really are.

Too many lies gets to be a habit, part of the cult addiction, a symbol to these cretins of how powerful they think that they are. “Look how we can twist the truth and get away with it. We are soooooo powerful.”

But these ugly thoughts and actions reap only more darkness of mind and spirit. Truly, now these people have exposed themselves and now have to stay uncovered and showing their naked faces.

There will be no more hiding, as their purposes have been exposed. There are more now who see Raniere and his advocates for who and what they are than there are members remaining in the group itself.


The second “suicide” note, a partial and tacked-on sentence, does not appear to have been written by the same hand that wrote the longer note, though.

Kristin was coping with fanatics who wanted to discredit her, even to force her to doubt her own mind and experience, when she was feeling desperate and terribly alone, surely overwhelmed by what she was encountering.

Kristin was faced with criminal fanaticism costumed as helpfulness. She was not being one with the crowd surrounding her. It is completely obvious that The Crowd turned against her for its own sickening excuses and benefits.

Without a doubt, Kristin did not see this coming, but her circumstances within the group exemplify the insidiousness of the motivations behind the Executive Success/ Nexium/Nxivm movement.

The design of the format was never intended to help anyone except for Raniere and his co-conspirators. They were looking for more recruits to control and for monetary profit to further their reach and sense of power, supremacy. And the walls keep tumbling.

Keith Raniere with some of his acolytes around the time of Kristin Snyder’s disappearance.

Do you ever think about how Keith Raniere and crew were described as being frightening to Heidi Clifford?

These “Nexium” people seem to have intimidated her for years after Kristin vanished.

Raniere looked to have things to hold over peoples’ heads, to knock them down and control them.

His henchwomen and bedfellows knew the drill.

“Nancy,” sez the Head Prick, ”you’ll have to play the bad cop here. By necessity, I have to be the good cop. I must never be associated with the problem you handed me with this hysteric lesbian from Alaska. So thank you for that. You make the staff instruction calls to Anchorage. You know that I have to get some sleep anyway ’cause you women have me all fuckered out.”

Nancy moves her head out from between his hairy legs, licks her chops and pants, “Yassuh, Masta Wet Kisses. If command and administrate, I must, command and administrate I shall doo-doo.”

This conversation is made up, and I’d apologize for it if that were possible.

Nevertheless, we in the audience at the Frank Report are getting the info, more and more, that privately, Raniere was even more physically, mentally and emotionally abusive to “his” women, individually and behind closed doors, than one might’ve imagined.

Gone was the disguise as the soft-spoken saint and celibummerbait. The celibacy was just a dirty joke and cultic lipspeak. His sadism gets more pronounced, the more that people decide to talk about him personally.

Raniere’s specialty was doling out sadistic sexual destruction onto others. Lovebomb. Pretend atonement. Then divide, isolate, conquer, cannibalize and eviscerate. Make damn sure the prey thanks you for every bit of it.

Raniere was an emotional blackmailer of targeted girls, women and of vulnerable men. He took not only money but got off on tearing people, especially females, apart. The younger the better, evidently.

He pitted these women and girls against each other and then made them feel wrong for being so attached.

Yet they were only allowed to focus on him, as some nauseating, hallucinated version of a sex-god.

Raniere looks like a criminal psychopath who insisted that people become enslaved to his “magnetic charisma.” Bait and switch. Then make others beholden to bait and switch for you, so you can go around enlightening others through his high holiness the Sperminator, the one and the only. Or else.

What did these ladies do every night when it was not their turn with their sex-god, hump the rug?

The point is, what did Raniere do to Kristin Snyder personally?

Did he threaten and intimidate her?

Did she resist him?

Did he rape her?

Was she drugged and “date-raped” and was that a conspiracy, too?

Did any of his lady friends help him screw over Kristin Snyder? I mean, did Kathy Russell leap into bed for a threesome with Kristin and Keithie-Weethie, dressed in her crotchless tutu and toe shoes?

Marie White’s painting of Kathy Russell.

Or was Kristin procured for Raniere and pushed on him by pressure from her so-called mentors?

Or what about Lauren Salzman, who maybe said, “Kristin your spiritual self will only expand if you enter alone into this chamber with the Vanguard. You must face yourself and spend the night with his grace. How I wish it could’ve been me and not you. But alas, I will be locking you in with him now until he texts me to come back and let you out, transformed forevermore, you rotten bitch, you.”

Did he turn nasty and tell Kristin that this had to be their secret or else she would be in big trouble and so would her wife and family?

Did he have videotape made of her, too?

Was there a camera woman?

Was there any attending physician, such as Dr. Porter, the mini-Mengele?

Who can guess what Kristin Snyder might have encountered when she became the object of a predator and his subalterns who drooled over him and knew that they must feed his appetites?

God knows what bullying and abuse Kristin might have found being forced on her. She is likely to have signed up for ESP classes or intensives feeling hopeful and optimistic. It looks very different from “optimistic” as those facades are in ruins. Kristin wouldn’t have known any of this.

Maybe she went home to Anchorage imagining she could tell everyone in that intensive everything and that by just getting away from Raniere, she could tell the truth and be safe. She had to have felt awful around Raniere and relieved to get out of his presence.

She left and bang! She was right back in that Anchorage intensive with no break from whatever happened to her with Raniere and his inner core groupie freaks.


Kristin Snyder with Heidi Clifford



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  • (Not available to watch here in the UK, however. I always seem to miss things and by the time they are available here, I have forgotten about them)

  • That note was a direct quote from Raniere in which he mocked everyone. He planted a fake idea that she went to the bay and drowned, but this note makes it clear that that is not what happened. Her body lies in a different direction, who knows where. One of Raniere’s many mind games.

    There never was any reliable proof that she went to the bay, just circumstantial evidence, and he knew that everyone would fall for it. He is a con, a pervert, a liar, a rapist, and a murderer.

  • “Do you ever think about how Keith Raniere and crew were described as being frightening to Heidi Clifford?”

    No. Clifford never actually described what they were doing to frighten her.
    You asked what if Kristin wanted to get away from Raniere. I’ll ask this, what if Kristin was trying to get away from Heidi Clifford? What if the story of her being kicked out of class was also made up? Heidi doesn’t seem to be a complete fool. According to online research, she’s done quite well financially with businesses and homes. Wherever did she get the money? It would be nice to hear from some of Heidi Clifford’s ex-girlfriends and see what they have to say about her. That is, of course, if any of them are still alive.

        • I don’t even know what you’re trying to say. Whoever it is, that person is obviously anti-NXIVM, just like Frank. In fact, it appears the holder of that Twitter account has been publicly writing anti-NXIVM related content even longer than him—since 2012. Why does it matter? Unless you’re part of NXIVM yourself.

          • You have been fantasising about Kristin Kreuk since at least the mid-2000’s. That is where your interest in the cult comes from. You also used to post on John Tigue’s Saratoga In Decline blog in 2010-12 and beyond, annoying him and the readers there as well. You also have been spotted defending Kreuk on numerous forums and fan sites from NXIVM critics since she joined, based on links posted to Frank Report. You have a habit of turning comment sections of blogs into a mess. It’s an observation. Your issue is not with the cult itself, but with people pointing out Kristin Kreuk is a member. Very unhealthy for your mind and spirit. Reflect on that.

          • I’m not Sultan so I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re the one who keeps bringing him up not me. I don’t even know him except for what’s been posted here.

          • “You’re the one who keeps bringing him up”

            You say that a lot sultan.

            “You’re” “Keeps”. Based on a single comment.

            You give yourself away sultan. Familiar patterns emerge with you. Don’t respond, or if you do, don’t pretend to be someone else. You just dig yourself into a hole.

          • That is extraordinary investigation you have done there. I bet the words “the” and “you” were dead giveaways too.

        • That could only make sense in the mind of someone fixated on another, since I didn’t defend Sultan or anyone else.

          • Here’s a sixth comment, which still doesn’t make me Sultan. I could write a seventh, eight, ninth, tenth, or even a dozen more comments, and I have done so here for many months on a variety of subjects, none of which would make me Sultan any more so. It is rather humorous though, that you think someone else should grow up.

    • Anonymous.

      Here is an actual quote from one of Sultan’s musings…..

      “…is picture of a beautiful arabian woman tells me that not all women in the muslim world are persians but white caucasians as well.”

      Special message to Sultan- No need to delete the account I took the quote from; I have all-ready downloaded the WordPress webpages.
      You are crazier than beyond human imagination or comprehension. My f*cking head exploded, when I discovered your WordPress account. Once again I ask you the question….

      ……..How the f*ck do you keep a job?

      • Sultan,

        One last thing; Until the other day I had no idea there are quasi “cheating stalkers”, who have multiple celebrity fixations. You actually “feel guilty”? Trust me Kristin Kreuk would be ecstatic if you moved on.

  • Shivani:
    It is no longer enough to call NXIVM a cult.
    NXIVM is a criminal gang pure and simple.

    I have read time and again the bogus claim that NXIVM had some good and the ESP was a valid self-help group.
    Well Kristin Snyder was a student in the ESP group and ended up dying under mysterious circumstances that point to possible homicide.
    Combined with the cases of Gina Hutchinson, Barb Jeske and Pam Cafritz Kristin Snyder’s case demonstrates once and for all that NXIVM was nothing but a criminal gang of grifters.
    Wolves in human skin.
    The higher up one rose in NXIVM the more likely one was a grifter and con artist like the “Great, Grand and Glorious” Vanguard.

    • Good point about the note – though that’s why NXIVM’s own conspiracy theory, is that it is something planted later to implicate them.

      Another problem with it, is that if someone from NXIVM were to fake a suicide note, it would more likely have the sort of simple things that would come right to mind – such as, say, that the person felt hopelessly “dis-integrated” – rather than delusional and psychotic-sounding ramblings, though the latter actually fits with someone having a mental breakdown.

      We don’t know that Snyder and Raniere ever even actually met. There are reports that she was deteriorating psychologically before her early 2002 visit to Albany. But it’s indeed possible that Raniere could have done the sorts of things imagined in this piece.

      • Where did you hear she was deteriorating psychologically before her early 2002 visit to Albany?

        I’ve read everything on this case and have never heard that.

        • First, actually, that should be early 2003 visit to Albany – Snyder then disappeared in February, 2003.

          Frank has recently reported, that Snyder’s sister Kim said that about Kristin’s mental state when the took a trip to Colorado together sometime in the second half of 2002, so reports about her psychological deterioration actually go back further than previously known. And then Snyder’s visit with her family in South Carolina, when she was also reported to be troubled if not deeply disturbed, was still before she went to Albany in late January / early February, though Frank has suggested it’s possible she made an earlier trip to Albany as well – yet another thing that her spouse Clifford should be able to either confirm or rule out.

    • Maybe the note was intended to depict Kristin as mentally ill and thus possibly suicidal, “rotting in her interior organs” as an attempted expression of a disassociative “breakdown” and of a malfunctioning mentality, acting out delusionally. That could have been both the motive and the design, to offer evidence that Kristin was mentally ill.

      By my assessment, the note contained exaggerated wording and actually shows a lack of comprehension about the distinctions between a “nervous breakdown” versus a psychotic break. I do not buy that Kristin had gone off the deep end so severely as to have had a genuine psychotic break, which manifests more extremely. The “suicide” note attempts to describe psychosis and not the lesser symptoms of an emotional or nervous breakdown.

      Making someone look “psychotic” tries to indicate a discrediting separation that is being fabricated to differentiate “madness” from realistic perception, such as crawling skin sensations and a sense of psychosomatic yet undiagnosable inner and chaotic, out-of-control and delusionary experience of the self. This suicide note could have been written by a beginning psychology student, without personal or practical experience or perception. The writer was indicating that Kristin was psychotic. This could have been written to AVOID any mention of the reality of Kristin being repeatedly gaslighted by the staff and what Kristin was really saying. No ESP staff would want to admit any of that.

      So make it look like something completely different: psychosis. As well, Kristin could have been drugged, sedated. For that to be hidden, too, one could point out psychosis as a blanket excuse for dissembling about someone’s erratic behavior.

      As for there being a body to be found, as one can see, the truck, note(s) and kayak, etc., were made into the focal point of the investigation. Yet none of that shows any proof that Kristin was ever there at Millers Landing at all. (Nina Koch was living right next door to Millers Landing, though. And Nina attended the Anchorage intensive, too.)

      These Resurrection Bay elements could have been put together precisely as a distraction, as deceptive misinformation. We know that ESP staff and Nancy Salzman not only lied by omission, covering up Kristin’s experience with Raniere and her possible resultant pregnancy, but that Nancy Salzman told a deliberate lie later on, too. Frank has covered this lie of Nancy’s quite recently, for us reading here.

      Another thing we know is that Nina was rewarded monetarily by Nancy Salzman not long after Kristin Snyder vanished. Nina moved cross-country, was given new work by Salzman and a place to live, all of that on top of what? – $50,000 “mad money.” If Nina left the group, what do you suppose would be stopping her from talking now? How about all of those material rewards and how they indicate that she was bribed, bought off?

      What Nancy Salzman did was to use her linguistic background training while testifying under an oath which probably means zero to her, to try to disprove that Kristin would have known the term “Nexium” and to call the “suicide” note questionable, as if someone, some fictional character, had changed or later even refabricated the note. Nancy spoke a lot of “nothing” authoritatively and smugly, as if based upon her so-called executive positon. Yet we realize just how fraudulent her position really was, and Salzman knew this all along, too.

      There is nothing to trust from Nancy Salzman, who is corrupt and knows it. From researching some of her past, prior to her hooking up with Raniere, Nancy Salzman had tried and succeeded at misrepresenting her educational background and qualifications before she ever met Raniere.

      What I have kept seeing about Kristin’s disappearance are setups, lies of omission and the usage of misdirectioning methods. I think that Kristin’s body was disposed of nowhere near Resurrection Bay, and that Kristin never drove there at all. Someone shoter than Kristin appears to have driven her truck and to have parked it, according to Kristin’s sister, who knows Kristin’s height, probably as well as she’d know her own height. There’s even more that is off-putting about that truck and how it was parked, but again, “real ife” is calling me now.

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