Operation Legatus: More Clare’s Blog Posts – After She Took Control of Nxivm – As We Lay Foundation for Predicate Racketeering Acts

Clare Bronfman

Frank Report is in the midst of Operation Legatus – an investigation into the activities and crimes of Clare Webb Bronfman AKA Legatus – and her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

The article below is meant to reveal more of Clare’s personality – to show her hypocrisy – to show how she waxes inspirational – while at the same time worked to destroy people’s lives.

When Barbara Bouchey led the Nxivm 9 out of the vicious and deceptive cult in April 2009, largely because of Keith’s sex addiction and the fact that she had discovered he was having sex with many of his followers – including all the women on the executive board – Raniere needed someone to blame.

Rather than blame himself, he blamed the women on the executive board he had been sleeping with – for not managing Bouchey better.

He demoted Nancy Salzman. Though he kept her on as president in name only. He instituted a new policy of control to be administered by a woman that no one would believe he could be having sex with – the odious and repulsive Clare Webb Bronfman.

It was July 2009. Clare and her insipid and vapid sister, Sara Bronfman, had just paid well over $1 million to have the Dalai Lama come to Albany and spend a couple of hours in town – allowing the two sisters to sit on stage with him – and at the end of his speech –  allowing Raniere to come on stage and get a white sash from him.

It was supposed to be the endorsement of the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama gives Keith Raniere, a scarf that cost the Bronfman sisters more than $1 million (May 2009).

Clare Bronfman became Vice President of Operations for Nxivm.  Nancy Salzman kept her role as the top teacher of the criminal enterprise, masquerading as a life coaching company – but she now had to take financial directions from Clare as well as from Raniere.

As Clare ruled – funding lawsuits against Bouchey and trying to destroy all enemies of Raniere – she was writing love-filled and spiritual posts on her blog – the now-defunct Clarebronfman.com.

Here are a few posts to better understand the lady and why she is not to be trusted.

[My comments in bold and in brackets]

[Note, above, Clare begins with self-acclamation: She is the “Champion of human performance and co-founder of World Ethical Foundations Consortium.” She also begins with word salad from her pedophile lover Keith Alan Raniere.]

Independence to interdependence…..?

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

“And there comes the most profound recognition, which is the principle of interdependence: Each of our victories and achievements, no matter how small, raises every person up. This essential fact, the profound essential relationship between all of us brings with it a pure joy, honor and respect for the oneness of humankind, our team.” – Keith Raniere

My mother has always referred to my sister and I as “half and half” – you will have to imagine the British and American accents!! Born in NYC, and raised in the UK. Most of my life I considered myself English – today I feel more American. In some ways I feel very proud of this country – if I look to the foundation upon which this country was built; starting with the Declaration of Independence, [Raniere enslaved his women] I am left in awe of the principles upon which the United States of America was founded! However in the same breath I reflect upon where we stand today as a nation – sadly, far from the intention of said Declaration.

“All men are created equal” is one of the most profound statements in the declaration. To truly honor this statement would be to put our prejudices aside and honor our brothers and sister regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, wealth, and age, and to recognize we are all on the same team: The human team.

Every time I have moved to, or even visited a different country I have initially felt afraid. I initially found all of the many ways in which I was dissimilar to the new people around me. If we are to transform this one declaration we must all search for and embrace the similarities we share with all humans.

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Eleven years ago two people [Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman] conceptualized a curriculum that would have an immense impact on the world, [really – it had an immense impact on the world?] and change the course of my life. I am forever grateful. [It changed the course of Clare’s life as she heads to prison after losing more than half of her inheritance following these two rascals]

I remember my first intensive: My goal was to like myself – to develop a relationship with myself, and feel proud of myself.

I remember when I won the Grand Prix of Rome – [horse jumping] I had dreamed of winning a major competition since I was a child – it was remarkable…….. for the first hour. As the adrenaline wore off I became fearful – how had I done it? How could I do it again? The weight of expectation set in.

Two years ago I competed in my second ever triathlon, I had been up for the best part of three days working on a video project – [for Nxivm] yet I was excited for the day ahead! I had trained for the bike and run, yet my swimming abilities were rather weak! Nonetheless, I jumped in the water as the horn blew! The biking was wonderful – always my favorite, I love the intensity of going uphill and the feeling of freedom coming down. When I dropped my bike and set off for the run, my legs felt like jelly; I had three more miles of hills to run!! As we neared the end I allowed my stride to open to give the race everything I had – alas as I rounded the bend I realized there was one hill left!! I pushed up the hill and fought the pain all the way through the finish – I had not won, but I had given it all I could.

[Like her role in Nxivm, Clare did not win. She is now a felon – but she gave all she could – more than $100 million of her inheritance and her freedom too. She – a Bronfman – has been under home arrest for more than a year and when she is sentenced in January – for petty financial crimes – she is likely headed to federal prison for one or two years. I might also add that her losses would have been about $26 million greater had I not recovered her assets from a Los Angeles real estate swindle, for which service, Clare repaid me by lying about me to the FBI. This is a serious predicate act of her racketeering which I will get into later.]

In this second story, the focus was different; I learned so much about myself through the triathlon, my love for striving, my determination and strength of my will – the result was extraneous from my experience. I felt proud of me.

As my journey continues and I strive to experience and get to know more of myself, I would like to thank Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman for being in my life. What they bring to the world is truly remarkable. [Yes, that is exactly what the jury thought] Their creation of Executive Success Programs, and now NXIVM, is a wonderful gift for humankind. [Clare also made a gift of $6 million to the feds – as her fine for her role in the criminal enterprise.]

Festival of Flowers

Friday, July 17th, 2009


[Festival of Flowers is the name for Nancy Salzman’s birthday celebration.]

One of the most miraculous things in nature is the ability for a plant to blossom. As the plant is nourished and cared for, it develops into a radiant flower: As it opens its’ awesome beauty is revealed.

It is apropos to celebrate Nancy Salzman’s Birthday as the “Festival of Flowers”. She is an exceptional gardener. Nancy has touched the lives of so many of us, and helped us to blossom.  Countless times she has helped me to be able to uphold myself; to be the kind of person I want to be, and I am one of many!!

The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it. – John Ruskin

[Let’s fast forward eight years. I exposed the branding story on Frank Report. The cult cratered. The New York Times exposed it to the world. The DOJ was investigating. Keith, with Clare, fled to Mexico. The publicity condemning the monster and his mistresses was worldwide. Clare published the following note on her website- as the feds were investigating Raniere and Bronfman – as they hid in Mexico.]

A note from Clare Bronfman

December 14th, 2017

The past few months have been deeply painful for me, as I have seen my friends, associates, and the organization I care for come under fire. Some have asked me why I remain a member and why I still support NXIVM and Keith Raniere. The answer is simple: I’ve seen so much good come from both our programs and from Keith himself. It would be a tragedy to lose the innovative and transformational ideas and tools that continue to improve the lives of so many.

[Happily, the feds seized the company, First Principles Inc. that owns the teachings. Clare might be able to buy it back if it goes up for auction and prevent the world from losing the transformational ideas that transformed her from an heiress and athlete to a punishing, vindictive cult member and a felon.]

There have been many defamatory accusations made and I have taken them seriously. Determining the truth is extremely important to me, [So she can lie about it better. Consider her perjury in the computer trespass case and in her grand jury testimony against me] and I can say firmly that neither NXIVM nor Keith have abused or coerced anyone.

I retired from a very successful career as a professional show-jumper because I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life. NXIVM is that. As I said, the programs help. I am happy, healthy and financially more successful than I have ever been. [That is a lie -she lost about half of her inheritance – and the legal expenses for her and her co-defendants cut into it more].

I frequently hear and witness stories of individuals improving relationships with loved ones, achieving business goals they never imagined, and overcoming some of the most debilitating conditions, amongst other things.

[How about a few examples. Include your own business success since joining Nxivm. Start with the $65.6 million you and your sister lost in loans to Keith to make commodities trades.]

My experience with Keith is no different. I have witnessed his kindness even in the hardest of times, I have seen world leaders, [who?] business leaders [who?], doctors [Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts?] and others seek his counsel on some of the hardest topics and I am inspired by the humility and compassion with which he approaches them all.

I know him to be a man dedicated to the betterment of the lives of others, [He failed in his quest to make most of his followers’ lives better] and most importantly for me, he is a dear friend who has and continues to help me through the difficult decisions and painful moments in my life, including my father’s illness and eventual death. [Note – Clare spied on her father by hacking into his computer at Raniere’s request and appeared at his deathbed with a video team to try to get him to recant his criticism of Raniere and confess Raniere was great and good.]

Lastly, while I am not and never have been a member of the sorority [DOS], I was reassured to hear from one of the leading forensic psychiatrists in the country, [Dr. Park Deitz] and additionally, ex-law enforcement investigators of over thirty years, [who?] conclude that the sorority has not coerced nor abused anyone. [This is another lie of Clare’s. Dr. Park Dietz said he only examined one individual – India Oxenberg – so how could he conclude what happened to the other women of DOS? He also did not make a conclusion about India being in DOS. His assigned task was to evaluate whether India was fit to take Nxivm classes – not DOS. He wrote nothing about DOS.]

In fact, the sorority [calling DOS a sorority is another lie by Clare since she knew that a man, Raniere, was in charge of it] has truly benefited the lives of its members, and does so freely. I find no fault in a group of women (or men for that matter) freely taking a vow of loyalty and friendship with one another to feel safe while pushing back against the fears that have stifled their personal and professional growth. It’s not for any of us to judge how they, or anyone else, choose to advance their lives and values.

[Actually, a jury did judge that the collateral of this sorority was the basis of sex trafficking, forced labor, state law extortion, and racketeering. It is hard to imagine someone – who is not a liar at heart – like Clare  – with all her money – and a famous family name – losing her money, winding up a felon, destroying her own life and freedom – as well as hurting so many people – not being wicked at heart. Keep this in mind, as I continue Operation Legatus – where I will show her crimes – which she and her sister have yet to be charged with. Perhaps this will result in another conviction for Clare – and a new one for Sara – and payment of a hefty fine – maybe $20-$30 million between the two of them. This would be quite a score for the Northern District of New York DOJ. 

[Meantime, things change – including the value of things. Clare was “the champion of human performance and co-founder of World Ethical Foundations Consortium” and now – if you act fast – and there are no other bidders – you might buy the World Ethical Foundation domain name for a very reasonable price of $12. Viva Executive Success!

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  • My fear is that because of revelations about how Clare used NXIVM to funnel money to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign by way of illegal campaign contributions, there will be increasing pressure to shut down further investigation and prosecution of the NXIVM gangsters.

    “It’s Hillary Clinton, of course – Frank Report identifies presidential candidate DOJ claims Nxivm illegally supported
    April 17, 2019”

  • What crimes are revealed in her blog posts? Making ridiculous claims about herself, Keith and Nancy is not a crime.

    • You seem to have a difficult time understanding written text. Frank never said any crimes were being revealed in Claire’s blog posts.

      This article is “meant to reveal more of Claire’s personality – to show her hypocrisy – to show how she waxes inspirational – while at the same time worked to destroy people’s lives.”

      But thanks for letting us know what is and isn’t a crime!

    • You seem to not know how to communicate without insulting people. Ironically , you call yourself NICE gal.
      (When you’re not calling yourself The Agenda)

      Anyways, Clare’s opinions and so-called state of mind have no legal bearing here, as you surely already know….

      • You really are a piece of work. This is a comment board on a site that considers ALL aspects of the nxivm enterprise, including but not limited to legal aspects. Just as one minute you behave like a puritanical self-righteous lady and at others you have a gross potty mouth and a hateful line in character assassination. This last you carry out in a variety of identities. You have not much integrity Flowers, which could be why you find yourself at the centre of so much trouble yourself.

        • That is about what you would expect from an airhead who voted for the Marxist Trudeau (probably multiple times last Monday)

        • How illogical of you, “DEET”….or is it Agenda? Can you please explain exactly who I’m attacking?…..on this forum of constant character assasination, no less. Pretty FUCKING funny.

          Oh, and by the FUCKING way, I’m not in any trouble. I have never broke a FUCKING law in my entire FUCKING life, so how could I be in trouble. Being harassed by a bunch of criminals probably means I’m the one who actually has integrity, right???.

          • So, you’re telling us that you have never even Jay-walked? I call bullshit. Everyone has committed some type of crime. You just didn’t get caught

      • “You seem to not know how to communicate without insulting people,” says Flowers.

        I urge you to take a moment and reflect on how you treated poor, dying Heather while she was commenting on Frank Report.

        • And I urge you to admit that you were really the person writing as “poor dying Heather”, using yet another alias.
          Are your real initials RS? And I’m not referring to Roger, either.

          • Maybe her real initials are BS…as in Billy BS Clinton…serial rapist and democrat hero.

        • No Flowers. Heather was a real person who was spending her last days reading a blog that she found interesting and making comments on stories. She said this was something she enjoyed until YOU started attacking her. Heather never did anything to you. She stopped submitting comments for a while and then wrote under the name Anne until she decided to combine the two and started commenting again. You never showed her any compassion and couldn’t even offer a sincere apology when one was called for. I think she’s most likely gone now but I don’t want you to forget how you treated her.

          • Lol.
            I knew “Heather” was posting with a fake story/identity……as all you trolls so love to do. She had lied about a number of things, and was rude to me first. And since you seem to have remembered this so well, no doubt you were the one posting as Heather, too.

            How many other fake identities have you posted under, and on how many forums?

          • Flowers, you seem unable to accept any responsibility for what you did and now you’re spinning it back and saying a wrong was done to you. You are unbelievable and so is your story. I’m sure there are many here who remember Heather and know she was a real human being. You are no better than the people Frank is writing about.

          • Nicegal/Agenda/DEET/Heather
            /Anne /Anonymous
            Or shall we just call you Sybil?
            How would YOU know if Heather was real or not?
            Since I had previously met these trolls on another forum, I already know how you all roll.
            I can also see who follows who on SM sites, and you keep proving me right.

          • Flowers, you seem unable to accept any responsibility for what you did and now you’re spinning it back and saying a wrong was done to you.

            Now you know why the flower pot is a devoted airheaded leftist. They are the most fucking ignorant stains on this planet. What you said above is their evil MO

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