Barbara Bouchey Stars in Documentary on E True Story – We Have Some Great Clips

Barbara Bouchey with her former boyfriend Keith Alan Raniere.

As Frank Report readers know, Barbara Bouchey was a longtime Nxivm member who quit in 2009 along with eight other women – who have been called the Nxivm 9.

She appeared last Saturday on E True Story’s documentary about Nxivm.

If you didn’t catch it on Saturday night, you can watch it at

I think it’s definitely worth watching for fans of Barbara Bouchey.

Among other things BJB claims that

  • She helped to develop NXIVM’s Vancouver Center (8:30).
  • Says the first time she began to suspect that Keith had other lovers was when he put his hand up another woman’s skirt at a party they attended together. (18:30).
  • Explains she was named in 13 lawsuits in 4 states.
  • Shares her theory of why Keith created DOS (26:17).
  • Describes Keith as a sexual predator (30:40).
  • Describes how she felt when Keith was found guilty (39:00).
  • Saya that her “most happiest moments” were when she was in NXIVM (41:50).

Frank Report has taken the trouble to get some of the clips so readers can enjoy and learn more from her comments.

At first, Barbara believed she was in a monogamous relationship with Keith – but she then tells of how one day she caught him putting his hand up another woman’s skirt. She says this did not go over well with her – but she decided to stay and give it the “Girl Scout try.”

In this first clip, Barbara explains how she found out Keith was having sex with other women in 2001. She broke off having sex with him in March 2008. She left Nxivm in 2009.


In the below clip, Barbara says she fought 13 lawsuits in four states and went bankrupt.


In the next clip, Barbara speaks about Jness and how Raniere tried to make women feel subservient. She also reveals that Raniere would not shower for days on end.


Barbara speaks about the perks of Nxivm and Jness.


Barbara speaks of Keith feeling he was invincible.


Bouchey weepingly speaks about her relief at Raniere’s arrest.


Barb talks about how profound Nxivm was but that Keith himself was bad.


Barbara speaks about DOS. [Marc Agnifilo appears in this clip too.]


Bouchey speaks of how she helped develop the Vancouver center.

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  • These women are all weird and creepy in their own right.

    No wonder they ended up in Raniere’s orbit.

    Where else would they feel so at home?

  • Thanks for the clips! What amazed me the most this time is Barbara talking about Raniere not showering. That, of course, shows how sick they all were.

  • Thanks for providing those clips for those of us who don’t have the access or time to watch the full show.

    The “happiest moments” bit reminds me of those sad people who, for instance, look back on high school as the best time of their life – for the rest of their lives – as parodied by the Al Bundy character in the sitcom Married with Children. The sad truth is Bouchey probably did spend what should have been some of the best years of her life in the cult, and may still be suffering the effects of typical cult indoctrination to believe that anything good that happens came from being in the group, which exploits the cognitive bias of causal attribution or confusing correlation with causation. And unfortunately, afterwards when she should have been getting on with her life, she had to deal with the fallout – it was the best of times and, then, the worst of times.

    Also, I don’t know when Agnifilo made that claim about DOS collateral never being released, but didn’t Sarah Edmondson’s branding video mysteriously start circulating around the time of the trial? Or perhaps in a legalistic sense that might not specifically have been DOS collateral.

    I also want to note that from what I have been able to figure, Bouchey might best be described as more of a high-producing salesperson for financial products, than a successful businesswoman or financial adviser. That she was in a business more focused on working social networks to build a client base, than actual performance, would go towards explaining why she was unable to recover once the scandal broke and took down her reputation-based business.

    * for Shadow, here’s a CIA reference, that also explains mistakes of conspiracy theorizing:

    “Biases in Perception of Cause and Effect

    Judgments about cause and effect are necessary to explain the past, understand the present, and estimate the future. These judgments are often biased by factors over which people exercise little conscious control, and this can influence many types of judgments made by intelligence analysts. Because of a need to impose order on our environment, we seek and often believe we find causes for what are actually accidental or random phenomena. ”

    • I think you’re correct about the release of some black mail aka collateral material on Sarah Edmondson and other Vancouver NXIVM members, Anony.

      I know for a fact NX threatened to and did set up intriguing domain names for each victim under which to release the goods on, at least, Mark Vicente in April of 2018 after Raniere’s but prior to Mack’s arrest when they were living in Santa Monica.

      NX was actively operating the area and after nude pics of me, too, and I had a tech-savvy friend looking into wtf was going on before I knew any of this concretely. We saw the Mark Vicente black mail domain set-up online in real time.

      Considering the fact that black mail is USELESS as a tool of suasion AFTER it’s released, Marc Agnofilo’s emphatic bluster about how “none of the collateral was ever released” does not mean that the crime of blackmail did not occur.

      On the contrary, NX had the (false) “collateral” material and the means to release it publically through the web domains they established under the names of the black mail victims and was threatening to do so. THAT’S BLACKMAIL.

      Also, as a man, Mark Vicente was obviously not in DOS. If, as Aggie falsely claims on behalf of his client, the “collateral” was only required to seal a vow made by the DOS slaves for their female empowerment group, and not black mail per se, why was Mark Vicente likewise threatened with the release of some lies about him under a web domain NX set-up for that purpose?

      It’s obvious blackmail and Aggie is obviously lying like the devil.

  • Irish Barb is my hero.


    But I do think Agnifilo comes across pretty good for a guy representing a heathen.

  • Thanks for that. When I last checked we cannot watch the full film here in the UK yet so the clips were good to see.

  • Barbara Bouchey attributing anything she did with this organization and this monster to the Girls Scouts is just wrong.


    Sarah Edmondson is pretending on Twitter, she wrote her self indulgent book to “heal” and claims she is using a small portion of the profits to create a foundation. This is her attempt to appear moral. She did it for then attention and portray herself as an innocent victim and still will keep most of the profits. And cowardly NXIVM coach Kristin Kreuk “liked” it. You are both perpetrators out for yourselves. Kristin Kreuk happy to acknowledge the existence of NXIVM through liking a twitter post but won’t acknowledge what she did and knew about in NXIVM. Both women very arrogant.

    • It would be much better if she kept a small portion, or none, of the profits and used the rermainder for the foundation. However, her tweet states “a portion,” not a small portion. How do you know what they knew about NXIVM?

      • It’s a PR publicity stunt. She wrote the book for money and attention. To portray herself as a naive, moral heroine. Not to “heal” and certainly not to heal others. Sarah Edmondson is a opportunist. Another Toni Natalie. She is talking about a “foundation” to appear good. She has no intention of returning all the NXIVM money to all those she fleeced and she has no intention of not keeping the bulk of the book profits.

    • Thought you didn’t have Twitter. Guess that makes you a liar in addition to being a hypocritical chickenshit. Not that it wasn’t obvious before, seeing as you can’t stalk peeps on social media the way you constantly do if you don’t have accounts.

      • You are 100% SultanOfSick.

        “Thought you didn’t have Twitter.”

        Who are you even talking to and/or about you psychotic raghead?

        • Bangkok,

          You were supposed to leave were you not?

          I thought you were embarking on a great journey. A journey of the heart…. for one who is in Keith Raniere’s own words “forelorn”…… …..forlorn is hint dumbass. 😉

          What say you Bangkok?
          Are ye headed to the Empire State?

          Please stay away from the Frankreport for at least a month otherwise no one will ever believe you again. Not that anyone believes you.

          As you say I bid you good luck and safe travels you little dipshit. 😉

          P.S. If you happen to be a young man whose cancer came back after remission and you have to go back for Chemotherapy I wish you well and I hope you get better……

          If not…..Then……Fuck-off and stay away for at least month. I am sure everyone except Frank would greatly appreciate it!!!!!

  • What a pity that they can’t be together, living out their lives in the light of true love.

    They are so perfectly suited.

    Poor star-crossed babes.

  • I’m not a fan of Bouchey, but I enjoyed the show. If she and the other NXIVM 9 had started a Frank Report-like website in 2009 exposing NXIVM, Frank may never have needed to start this website and many people who were taken advantage of probably wouldn’t have.

    • Scott,

      No one is a fan of you.

      Barbara Bouchey at the end of the day means well.

      You on the other hand are a turd… 💩….. A turd that is floating down stream with a bunch of apples….You claim to be an apple but your just a turd.

      At the end of the day Toni Natlie is probably a better human being than you.

      • I’m not looking for fans, I’m looking to educate others about Amway and other MLM scams. You’re a pussy.

        Bouchey is off her rocker.

        The word is “you’re,” not “your.” Stupid. How many times do I have to correct you? Dummy. LOL

        At the end of the day, you’re a massive coward. LOL

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