The Clintons, the Epstein Brothers and the Humpty Dumpty Congress Members

Kenyon Gibson is the author of Awkar al-sharr (Nest of Evil), which is an Arabic translation of his book Common Sense: A Study of the Bushes, the CIA, and the Suspicions Regarding 9/11. He is also coauthor of Hemp for Victory. [Woody Harrelson is a co-author]. Gibson has worked undercover for years, as an investigative reporter and in intelligence for the US Navy.
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By Ken Gibson 

The phone rang and I knew who it was even before I looked at the screen, which flashed the words IZMO MARINE; Mark Epstein’s former company. Earlier in the day, he had lost his only brother: Jeffrey.

For weeks, I had been predicting Jeffrey’s demise.

Mark, I reasoned, would be safe as long as Jeffrey lived. Certain people wanted Jeffrey cold in earth, and they wanted this done quietly. Getting rid of Mark would only make noise, making it harder to eliminate their main target: prisoner #76318-054 in the Manhattan Correctional Center.
Once that was accomplished, the secrets that Jeffrey had expressed a willingness to divulge in return for leniency, would be left to very few. His younger sibling, for instance. Those who secured Jeffrey’s omerta would have no qualms about ensuring their own liberty while creating a little business for undertakers.
Mark claims to be an honest businessman; on the phone, he insisted that he had not spoken to his brother in 10 years.
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Mark Epstein claimed he had not spoken to brother Jeffrey in 10 years.

Not only are there questions about that statement, but also questions about Mark’s financial empire. Questions which could lead Mark to occupy the same facility his brother did.  He, too, could be faced with decisions about turning state’s evidence.

These questions had been in my mind since the Spring of 2012. That was when we met, and at first, it looked like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. He would listen to my stories of infiltrating neo-Nazis in London and New York, allowing me into his Vandam Street apartment.

For years I kept a file on him, updating it on occasion, as when he hosted a teacher from Horace Mann school who had sexually abused his students. This he did at an event at Cooper Union, his Alma-mater.

Cooper Union is a school in lower Manhattan, known for its free tuition. Both brothers attended, benefiting from this policy, which Mark, as a director, tried to do away with. The students saw fit to do away with him; he is no longer a director. Tuition remains free.

While Mark did not pay for his education, he thought it right that others pay for theirs.

The same might be said of his housing. In 1992, he acquired, from Leslie Wexner, a close associate of Jeffrey’s, a large residential building at 301 East 66th Street. While some of the 220 apartments are privately owned, the majority are his. Documents relating to the transfer of the property show the amount paid: $0.00.
Somehow Mark Epstein acquired property from Leslie Wexner – just like his brother Jeffrey did. What is the connection between Wexner and Mark Epstein?


Image result for 301 East 66th Street. manhattan
Mark Epstein owns most of the apartments at 301 East 66th Street

It is not the only building he owns.  515 Greenwich Street belongs to him, where I rented an art studio he had listed in the Village Voice.  As payment, he wanted the sum of $666 a month, which I amended to $667 – for obvious reasons.

I stayed but seven weeks, as that is how long it took for me to make the mistake of letting him know that, in addition to investigating racist groups, I also worked on cases involving politicians and child sex abusers.

The moment I did, I sensed a strange look on his face and a lull in the conversation. I tried not to let him see me looking at the playpens in his apartment, which had always seemed a bit out of place with the grand pianos in the home of a bachelor.

That night, I heard a loud bang on the door. Mark was on the other side, yelling at me that I had to leave at that moment. He is not above performing an illegal eviction, for which a previous tenant challenged him in court and won substantial damages. Not wishing to spend long hours in a courtroom, I agreed to leave in a fortnight. We parted company at the end of April 2012.

Until the day of Jeffrey’s death, I had not spoken to Mark. I resolved, however, to know just what Mark was up to, as I was not quite sure that his wealth was really generated from the silkscreen business. I took that story to be a smokescreen. It is oft-repeated on the internet, the name Izmo appearing in articles about him, but I have yet to see any credible record of it generating serious revenues.


Did Mark Epstein really amass a fortune from the silkscreen business?

Press Has Tread Lightly on Mark Epstein – Maybe That Will Change

The press has been kind to Mark over the years; few questions of his source of income ever get into print. I contacted people at the New York Times whom I knew, having been a source of information to the Gray Lady for over a decade, but to no avail.
James Stewart, its head financial reporter, heard me out but did nothing with the information I provided. Stewart had been privy to Jeffrey’s lifestyle, going so far as to visit him at his East 71st Street townhouse.
Another of the NYT’s financial reporters, Landon Thomas Jr., had actually taken a $30,000 donation from Jeffrey.
Then there is the inconvenient fact that the president of the NYT, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, is in Jeffrey’s ‘black book’, the list of contacts that ended up published on the internet. And yet another, perhaps more inconvenient fact, is that Joicho Ito, who sat on the board at the Gray Lady, accepted $1.7 million from the felon.
Image result for Joicho Ito,
Joicho Ito is a Japanese activist, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is the former director of the MIT Media Lab, and a former professor of the practice of media arts and sciences at MIT. Ito has received recognition for his role as an entrepreneur focused on Internet and technology companies and has founded PSINet Japan, Digital Garage and Infoseek Japan. Ito is a strategic advisor to Sony Corporation and general partner of Neoteny Labs. Ito resigned from his roles at MIT, Harvard, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Knight Foundation, PureTech Health and The New York Times Company on September 7, 2019, following allegations of financial ties to sex offender and financier Jeffrey Epstein.

My hopes of getting the press to take the story on Mark Epstein were slim.

The Wall Street Journal seemed rabidly enthusiastic, calling me from their London offices and begging for an exclusive. Which I tried to grant, but on the condition that freelance writer Davis Richardson be involved.
My contact at the WSJ sent me long texts and emails disapproving of his involvement. When they did do a story on him, I was not impressed.


Freelance journalist Davis Richardson has written for the Observer, Vice, The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller and Wired. Gibson wanted him to help with the Mark Epstein story.
But I was impressed with Richardson, a young journalist up from the Beltway area, who was then working for the Observer and contributing to both Daily Beast and Daily Caller. I took him with me to talk to people who knew the Epsteins, including Stuart Pivar, a founder of the New York Academy of Art.  He, along with Andy Warhol, started that in 1982.
Pivar talked at length about them to Richardson and me, stating: “I’ve seen Jeffrey do lots of bad things to lots of people.”

I told Pivar that Jeffrey was not long for this world and that Mark would be a target as well. Pivar took it in stride, while his entourage looked happy to end the conversation.

Richardson and I went to Mark’s downtown buildings and took notes, finding Mark’s car with Pennsylvania plates.

A week later, Richardson called me, telling me to show up at the East 66th Street location [Epstein’s building], to which he was being granted inside access.

We came, we saw, and we were overwhelmed. Mark Epstein’s apartments were fit for kings, with a doorman and a spacious entrance hall adorned with murals. From the roof, a view of the East Side commanded respect and demanded we take pictures. The residences were well worth the king’s ransom that neither of us could afford.

Richardson continued to dig.  In early August, he called me to ask me what I knew about the Humpty Dumpty Institute.

“The what”?,  I replied.

The Humpty Dumpty Institute [HDI], with offices located on West 46th Street, was founded in 1988 by Constance Milstein, heiress to the Emigrant Savings Bank fortune and a major Clinton donor.

On their website, Mark is listed as a director. The HDI Congressional Advisory Board lists some 30 or more Congress members. Affiliates had ties to Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey’s partner-in-deeds, and to her now-defunct charity, Terra Mar.

On 5 August, I started to call some of the congressmen named on the ‘Humpty Dumpty’ list, telling their aides that I would like to pose some questions. Each time, I was given an email to follow up with, and I did so.

I resumed this task on 9 August, but found that I was getting hostile receptions, and having to answer lots of questions from the aides about why I was asking questions.
They seemed very sensitive to questions. I told them I was preparing a report for the Senate, which they did not like to hear. US Rep. Barbara Lee’s aide refused to give her name or that of anyone in Lee’s office.

US Rep. Gregory Meeks’ staff asked lots of questions but gave no answers.

Unbeknownst to me, Davis Richardson had published an article about the Humpty Dumpty Institute on the Daily Caller site. It went up on 7 August, and I was getting the fallout.

To make matters worse, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was calling for an investigation about Mark. However, when I called her office and left my contact details, I got no response.
I did get excellent response from both her challenger, Miguel Hernandez in New York’s 14th congressional district, and a candidate in the 13th, Henry Grullon. Their support lifted my spirits, made low after hours of performing this unpleasant task with dozens of lawmakers’ staff.

I expected that at least a few would answer the three simple questions: When did they join Humpty Dumpty’s advisory board, who introduced them, and how well did they know Mark Epstein?

None did answer any of the questions.

But the press seemed to be waking up. From England, I got a call from Tony Gosling, a controversial journalist with a weekly radio show. When he asked about what ‘Humpty Dumpty’ might be up to, I bluntly replied that it might be a front for child rapists going to Third World countries to find victims.
Gosling touched on the suspicions that Jeffrey might have been an intel agent, possibly for Mossad, and I gave a dissenting opinion, pointing out that while the logic of associating a Jew with the Mossad was to a degree logical, it was illogical to conclude that he was an Israeli spy when it was found that most of the people he would be presumed to have spied on were Jews and Israelis.
I did bring up a new angle to it all when I mentioned that I had information that China might be behind it.

Could China Be Involved?

Years ago, shortly before I met Mark, I had been introduced to a Chinese agent – or former agent, as he had fallen out with his handlers in Beijing over his relationship with an Uyghur woman. He had told me many things that I did not understand at the time about Chinese involvement in US politics, and their ability to use patsies to carry out their projects, thus hiding their hand. Spy uses spy. The great game can be quite deceptive.

And it can be dangerous.

In fact, I had been stabbed while arresting a drug dealer in 1994. I too could have been cold in earth, and this reality was not lost on me. Quite recently, a contact at the Department of Homeland Security reminded me to watch my back. The former Marine with this concern for my safety was also my confidante, privy to my infiltration of neo-Nazis for over a decade.
While most in this neo-Nazi crowd do not have a lot going for them, some do, including a character recently named in the press as ‘X’.
Based in London, ‘X’ had recently gotten in contact with Jason Jorjani, an Iranian dissident based in New York.
Jorjani was told that he would be assisted in making changes in Iran if he joined forces with Michael Bagley, then head of Jellyfish. The two met a number of times, and Jorjani was told that Bagley had presented Donald Trump with a plan to make a revolution in Iran. Not only was Trump supposed to be involved, but so was Michael Flynn.
Jorjani may have doubted the veracity of all this or realized that he was in over his head.
He went to the press with his stories of Bagley, Flynn, and ‘X’, saying that there may have also been a ‘Y’ and a ‘Z’. It is possible that he was alluding to me in the latter references, as Jorjani had been put in touch with me by ‘X’, who wanted me to get Richard Spencer a place in the Trump victory party.
Image result for richard spencer nazi
Richard Bertrand Spencer is an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist. He is president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank, as well as Washington Summit Publishers. Gibson went undercover to investigate and report on neo-Nazis.
The Trump people wanted nothing to do with Spencer, and neither did I in reality.
Far from being the right-wing, quasi-criminal that they took me for, I was feeding information on all of them to the press and to government agencies. And I did the latter as a precaution so that any misunderstandings that could result from my interactions with foreign governments and the flow of classified information that found its way into my hands might be quickly resolved with a phone call to people with top security clearances who knew what I was up to.
‘X’ had introduced me to a lot of people over the years – Rui Gabirro, Gary Krupp, and a former US Navy nuke with top security clearance who was working on a classified deal to give Egypt nuclear power: Robert Abtey.
I was getting involved with government actors, and there were sometimes questions as to which government they might be acting for. People are not always who they say they are.  Which could be the case in the press, where I met with strange resistance.
One NYT reporter was initially enthusiastic about all the emails I had from Operations Intelligence and Jellyfish regarding Bagley, but then suddenly backed off.
It was left to UK radio host Gosling to out some of my secret information, which he did a few days before the 2016 US election, hosting me on the air in the United Kingdom. I made public information about ‘X’ – aka Jonothon Boulter – and Bagley.
At that time, Bagley was involved in Syria, having been granted secret US State Department waivers (which he showed to me a year earlier) to arm rebels and set up refugee camps, that he said would be used as cover.

Enter Hillary Clinton

The Hillary Clinton State Department had no objections. No surprise, I was also able to tell the listener, as she was well liked by the Iranians, whose agents I had access to in London. I got close to enough to them to be on Iran TV and Press TV with Yvonne Ridley, before the powers that be shut down their operations.
Hillary was their woman in the US in 2012, backed by agents from Tehran, who hoped she would win the party nomination for president.
Obama took that hope away from them, but she ended up as Secretary of State, and they were happy. With her there, and later with Kerry in as her replacement, Bagley’s escapades were kept under the radar. Boulter developed a plan to make more money from the camps, for which he expected to have UN backing.
Image result for hillary clinton iran
Hillary Clinton seems to have been favored by certain parties in Iran.
Wars are good business, and Bagley went on tour with his ideas, going on the radio in NYC at one point. Bagley, rather than come off as a spook, looked more like a Wall Street executive and Jellyfish was presented more as a PR firm than an outfit with black ops in the Congo and Mexico.
What I did not understand were the ties to Clinton and her democrats. I assumed, given the fact that Boulter worked with the New Right (aka the London Forum), that they would support the right-wing, and Trump along with it.

Had I known more about Bagley’s background as an aide to senator Patty Murray, I would have known better. Not until Boulter told me that he was not concerned about Trump, and that he had Clinton support for his deals, did I revise my perception.

Bagley, after my tip to the officer at the DHS, came under investigation. Shortly before Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, Bagley was taken in by undercover FBI men for money laundering. Caught red-handed with the greenbacks, he was deemed a flight risk by prosecutors. Of concern to them was the allegation that he had told undercover agents: “I wanna let you know that I’m also moving for [Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada] in Mexico City as well, with his number one guy.”

Image result for ismael "El Mayo" Zambada
El Mayo is El Chapo’s replacement.

It is not the first time that Bagley did not know who he was really talking to. He may have learned by now that people are not always who they say they are.

Which brings me to some people who have been mentioned a number of times: The Clintons. Who are they really? Lawyers, governor and first lady, president and first lady… or spies? Drug dealers? Sexual predators? Murderers?
I would say yes to all four and more.

Not only would I suspect that Bill’s act of giving American technology to China in his White House days was espionage, or that he was a drug dealer in Arkansas or a sexual predator with many more flights on the Lolita Express than he or the Clinton friendly press want to admit, but that he personally gave the order to murder Jeffrey.

Somehow, I doubt that Mrs. Clinton is unaware of his activities, making her in my mind an accomplice.

Image result for clinton ghislaine maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell attends the wedding of Chelsea Clinton.
Several weeks ago, Mr. Clinton had lunch at Nello’s on Madison Avenue. Joining him at this uptown eatery was one of the guests at his daughter’s wedding – Ghislaine Maxwell. Not with them was their mutual friend, Jeffrey. He was dining that day downtown, at the MCC.

So just what did Clinton and Maxwell discuss?

That was the last record of a sighting of Maxwell in the Big Apple, and quite possibly the last sighting of her in public since.

Reports of her in Paris, London, Tribeca and Los Angeles all seem to be deliberately planted red herrings, the latter of which was debunked by the Frank Report and the Daily Mail. Both publications tied the Los Angeles pictures to Maxwell’s friend Leah Saffian, an American born lawyer who plies her trade in England, Wales and California.
Frank Report broke the story that Leah Saffian may have been responsible for leaking the photoshopped pictures of Ghislaine Maxwell at the In-N-Out fast food restaurant in Los Angeles in August
Saffian’s association with Maxwell may have begun in England, when working for the law firm Peters & Peters, which represented one of Maxwell’s brothers in a serious fraud case relating to the embezzlement of the pension funds that occurred when their father, Robert owned the Daily Mirror. Robert was never brought to trial, as he was found dead in the water before the crown prosecution services could make their case.
His daughter might be on the run from process servers; one female plaintiff alleges that she acted like a ‘Nazi guard’ in her zeal to serve Jeffrey, and the entire #MeToo movement is on the lookout for her. But despite her zeal in her service to Jeffrey, her loyalty may well be more with Clinton, especially after it was reported that Jeffrey, in a bid to make a deal, was willing to name names. She also might not want her next meal to be in prison, where bad things happen to lots of people.
Was Jeffrey Epstein really suicidal? Or was he looking to make a deal that would limit his prison time in return for a candid and robust disclosure of his co-conspirators?
So, just who made a bad thing happen to her man?
In naming a suspect, motive and opportunity must be examined. Motive here is strong. Suffice it to say that William and Hillary would rather lunch at Nello’s than lunch in the Big House. But the Clintons are not alone as suspects. An examination of opportunity narrows it down to a much shorter list, which still does not exclude a number of other parties, but does place them at the top.
Image result for clinton ghislaine maxwell
Robert Maxwell had an untimely death.
Opportunity would only present itself to someone with friends in low places. The New York City prison and justice systems could well be described as low places, and one might say that they are not without people friendly to the Clintons. Given the history of corruption in New York, both city and state, it is not surprising that a prisoner might not make it to the courtroom.

Curious Justice System in New York

On top of which are the circumstances that surround Jeffrey’s demise; which, being so well known, are not necessary to repeat in this discourse. It might be more of interest to look at the wickedness in high places that supports the thesis that a Clinton might be able to get certain dirty jobs done, perhaps at a dirt-cheap rate. Starting at the top, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, was himself recently under investigation, which led to the arrest and conviction of eight of his friends; and then stopped short.
Image result for andrew cuomo
Andrew Cuomo, New York governor. This governor had nine lives – and eight of them were used up by the arrest of his eight top cronies. Somehow, the investigation stopped short of him.

A previous governor, Elliot Spitzer, who was once Attorney General, had to resign in disgrace over his proclivities with prostitutes. Some say he liked to wear a dog collar, crawl on all fours and be whipped by his charges.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office might be expected to be stand above that, were it not for the ties between Cyrus Vance Jr., the DA, and one of Jeffrey’s business associates: Harvey Weinstein, whose prosecution seems to lag.

Could it have something to do with the fact that one of the prosecutors on the case, Jennifer Gaffney, resigned her post from the sexual crimes division, taking a job in the private sector, as the Weinstein case made its way to her office?
Taken by itself, this is not so suspicious; but taken along with the fact that Gaffney also consented, in 2016, to convicted sex offender Robert Hadden registering as a level 1 sex offender without having to serve any jail time; and that in 2011, she was willing to have another sex offender reduce his offender level from a level 3, the highest, to a level 1, the lowest.
Who just happened to be Jeffrey.
At the time, the judge, Justice Ruth Pickholz, denied Gaffney’s request and expressed bewilderment at such a motion.

Jeffrey, although registered as a top-level sex offender under obligation to check in with the police regularly, never did so, and the DA’s office did not enforce the stipulations even when reminded of them by the police.

The justice system here may be full of play-for-pay con artists posing as public servants, waiting to get kickbacks, either in the form of donations or as jobs in the private sector. Viewed from that perspective, it is not hard to see how a rich and powerful person could get a man dead.

A counter-argument to that might be that the facility in which Jeffrey was held is under federal jurisdiction; the Justice Department. But that argument holds little weight, and, in fact, could add to the perception that the Clintons could have meddled in the case. It does not in the least ease suspicion, but rather exacerbates it, when it is remembered that the Justice Department once granted a sweetheart deal for a felon with the largest stash of child pornography and bestiality in American history which allowed him to stay out of jail.
The prosecutors in New York are not the only ones with a soft spot for serious sex offenders. The one involving child pornography, which occurred in Los Angeles in 1998, was signed off on by Robert Mueller.
Image result for David Asimov
For unknown reasons, Robert Mueller helped arrange the sweetest plea deal imaginable for David Asimov – son of the late author Isaac Asimov.
David Asimov was the lucky perpetrator. But no surprise, as this same Justice Department kept four innocent men in jail for decades for crimes that Whitey Bulger was responsible for.

One of these innocents was a WWII hero.

Did Bill Clinton Order the Murder of Jeffrey Epstein?

Having named the Clintons as suspects, the next step is to apply pressure, or, to use a better word, tension, to get this case cracked. This is not so easy to do with a slack press. But maybe I ought not to expect any support, given the historical record.
Did the NYT put any pressure on Hitler back in the day when presented with reports of concentration camps?  Did it put any on Stalin when reports of Ukrainians being starved emerged? Did it put any on the State Department when I gave them the inside scoop on Bagley?
No, no, and no.
In fact, the reporter that denied the Ukrainian starvation reports got a Pulitzer Prize.
More recently, the Ed Buck case, which finally made it to the front page – was ignored for years as this wealthy donor to the Democrats was allowed to party on as young black men ended up dead at his house.
Image result for Ed Buck case
Edward Bernard Peter Buck is an American businessman, LGBTQ political activist, and Democratic political fundraiser. Two African American men have been discovered dead in Buck’s West Hollywood home since 2017 due to drug overdoses.  On September 17, 2019, Buck was arrested and charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house. Buck is awaiting trial.

Outraged, one young man’s mother publicly lobbied the Democrat Los Angeles DA to have him arrested but was rudely ignored.

A similar case in the 1980s is even more harrowing: that of John Wayne Gacy. Then the parents of a victim made 100 attempts to get the police to investigate. They did so only when the stench of his victims seeped out from under the floorboards, by which time, he had tortured dozens to death. He laughed about it, wearing a clown costume that he used for fundraising. He, too, was a donor to the Democrat party, a candidate for the same, and a ward leader in Illinois.

By saying all this, and naming the Clintons as suspects in Jeffrey’s death, it might seem that I am taking aim at that party. I am not, I am in no political party, and am not paid by any party. I would hope that Democrats join me, though I am sure that party loyalists will refuse, just as they did with Buck and Gacy.

I would hope that ALL Americans would join me. I would hope that ALL Democrats see through Clinton and his allies, and investigate the Humpty Dumpty congressmen.
It is not that I have concern for either of the Epsteins, but that what is going on is of national concern.
Everyone needs not just to take a look at it, but to apply real pressure – again – tension is a better word. That word was once used as the title of a film made in 1949, in which Barry Sullivan played Police Lieutenant Collier Bonnabel, who explains that he only knows one way to solve a case: by applying pressure to all the suspects, playing on their strengths and weaknesses, until one of them snaps under the tension.
Quite recently, this tactic was proven a success when Frank Parlato exposed Keith Raniere and his NXIVM sex cult. Not surprisingly, its members were donors to Hillary Clinton. It was not easy to get the investigation to go forward.
Parlato ended up writing thousands of articles and contacting both major press and government agencies. Tension worked, and now Raniere is in prison and Allison Mack and others are headed there soon.
And soon to join them, I hope, will be the Clintons, Mark Epstein, and the Humpty Dumpty congress members.

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  • The Dems are worried about this and everyone is in omerta mode, not talking at all. The GOP needs to get on this as a matter of national security and INVESTIGATE former Coast Guard officer Scott Borgerson as a threat to national security – AND ALL of the damn Humpty Dumpty reps who REFUSE to answer questions. They are OBLIGATED to give answers.
    One reason they spend so much time on Trump is to create a distraction and prevent proper investigation here. Alexander Maxwell Djerassi also needs to be investigated, any clearance he has in the State Department I insist be revoked – and his entire family under watch as they are most likely hiding Ghislaine Maxwell.
    Then this cyber company that the Keating own in NY is another matter of national security – as is the Ideapod owned by the friends of Ghislaine Maxwell – both of these companies operate on US soil and are owned by foreigners with ties to Ghislaine Maxwell.
    Where is she?
    Spying on American and raping their kids?

  • I will be making a book on this whole affair, which I will send to Congress to goad them to investigate further.

    Since my posting here on 22 September 2019, much more has come to light. The Maxwells and friends, for
    instance, are involved in many charities that may well be totally bogus – and need to have forensic accounting

    The Keatings, daughters of Paul Keating, former liberal MP for Australia, have ties to US-based internet companies
    that could well be used to spy on US citizens.

    A local NYC man now stands accused of a long-standing affair with a woman he met when she was 14, and who claims that
    she was roped into an SM relationship with him after being trained by Ghislaine Maxwell. That man is known to have ties
    to Robert Maxwell.

    Mark Epstein, encouraged by me to not go along with the official story of his brother’s death, has hired professionals
    who are disputing that openly, with an airing of the facts on 60 MINUTES.

    And, of course, Ghislaine is still on the run. I hear she is either in the Ukraine or Croatia, back to her tricks of supplying
    young girls to rich perverts. Why did the FBI let her out of the country?

    All this and more I am writing up in a book with the same title as this article. I have been approached by a publisher’s
    agent, but am told that the best way to do this is by crowdfunding, so I am considering that option.
    hat’s the latest. Let’s keep the tension on the guilty parties, including any US congressmen who have still avoided
    answering my questions.

  • I liked it too. Seems some people don’t and they do these ad hominem attacks, which is usually a sign that they don’t like what is being said. Frank and his writers are putting tension on the creep, just like Barry Sullivan in that movie. Tension drives some people to show their hand.

  • Great article. It asks the questions that people afraid of the DNC, or part of the DNC, don’t dare ask.

    Ed Buck and Ghislaine Maxwell I think have closer ties than Gibson noted on this, but I’m not second-guessing him, just saying there is lots to this and I hope it ALL gets covered.

    Where are the journalists in this country?

    American girls get raped outright and no one says a word?

    MS13 takes over entire high schools and the DNC just tries to treat you bad if you complain? Diane Feinstein rides around with a Chinese spy and gets to stay on the Senate Intel Committee?

    Ed Buck gives $ to Adam Schiff and Schiff gets to be on a House Intel Committee?

    I like articles like this. It makes some people nervous. They don’t like it. Pervs and spies and criminals never like it when they get the spotlight on them. They need a little tension. I like this kind of writing.

    • It cuts both ways, and isn’t necessarily a partisan thing.

      No one has really asked hard questions, for instance, about who in the GW Bush White House told Acosta what it was that made him give Epstein just a slap on the wrist, or about Trump’s relationship with not just Epstein, but Maxwell as well, who it turns out he keeps turning up together with in photographs:

      “Donald Trump Out On The Town With Ghislaine Maxwell”

      “Maxwell pictured with Donald Trump and Ann Jones in 1997”:

      ” Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell attend Anand Jon Fashion Show on September 18, 2000 in New York City. ”

      Inconvenient if you happen to lean a particular way ideologically, no?

      Dubious conspiracy theories seem almost like a distraction from what really ought to be investigated.

      • Your Trump/Maxwell photos go back decades. Maxwell, possibly as a spy and career criminal, made a point of latching on to rich people. But thanks for mentioning these – you might like to take a look though at the more recent photos of her – AFTER 2008 – with people like Justin Brown and Amir Dossal. The former started Ideapod, launched at her house in 2013 – and the latter knows her best friend from Oxford – who BTW is NOT answering the phone to reporters. Both are from the UK.
        This ought to really be investigated, along with the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen. You don’t seem to be working on any of this, but you are attacking investigators.
        Mark Epstein also appears in photos, but it seems he tried not to.
        There are dozens of people who were in the picture with Mark or Ghislaine RECENTLY and did more than pose for a photo op.
        For all we know, ANONY maker – your face just might show up. The way you are trying to attack the investigators her and detract by mentioning Trump is suspicious.

        • Amir is actually an Indian citizen, but did study in the UK. He is tied to the Clinton, the Epsteins, the Humpty Dumpties, Maxwell, Maxwell’s friends the Calvo-Plateros, and lots of others under investigation. He has a very large fund to administer for charities, and these charities tend to say lots about empowering the inner self and little about how much they spend. Vague things like Keith Raniere used to say.
          Amir Dossal reminds me of Raniere, and I expect more dirt to come up on him and that he is the link to a VERY TOP PERSON WITH BILLIONS OF $ TIED TO CNN.
          Expect more soon.

  • AnonyMaker – I was just looking at ome other artilces and comments here and it seems you were a member of the NXIVM SEX CULT?
    What else are you into? How much did you and NXIVM members donate to the Clinton campaign? No wonder you attack Gibson and his work.

    • No, I was not a member of NXIVM. What did you come across that you read that in to?

      You and Ken Gibson both seem to have trouble even following a discussion and keeping track of the facts.

      • I looked this up when it was brought to my attention, and maybe you were and maybe you were not, neither David or
        I were. On 21 Sept on the Frank Report there is a lengthy article about someone named Kreuk, and a someone named
        Reality commented that you were. Who knows, who cares. Apparently from the same thread you admit you use
        another fake name – Peacemaker – why the fake names?
        Come clean, whoever you are.
        You can hide but in doing so you look like some high school nerd who is a busybody and a gossip, the kind who
        peeps into the girl’s shower room or something.
        At some point I expect to meet Frank face to face and I am more than happy to have ALL your stupid comments
        listed so he can go through them one by one and see any evidence that he might need. The book(s), my articles, cops,
        agents etc I know, my friends, even how I make my $. Articles about me, etc.
        Frank is a real person using a real name.
        You could be a bot, some kind of Chinese intel AI machine, or the kid who liked to peep into the girls’ shower room
        and always got a good kicking in high school so he had to try to sound smart by writing on the bathroom wall using
        some kind of moniker.
        Every high school had a joker. So does every internet site.

  • Flowers and AnonyMaker were lots of fun. You finally shut up, just when we were getting to like you. A little comic
    relief from know it alls who make stupid mistaked but call themselves fact checkers gave this some levity. Thanks for
    the performance.
    Now maybe we can focus on the real issues, like Chinese intel and rich freakazoids running child sex rings.

    • The pitiful defensive quibbling over the details of Gibson’s obviously inflated or false biographical information was getting tiresome, and I was giving it a rest in part to take time to do some legwork with my friends and contacts in the New York art world to see what more facts I could find out about both him, and Mark Epstein’s supposedly early IZMO graphics companies. But if you want to keep picking at that scab, so be it.

      Apparently much of the 9/11 conspiracy theorist community has been hoodwinked by, and credulously repeated, those dubious or fake credentials. I’ll briefly restate a couple of the obvious questions about them that you failed to answer earlier:

      * What real “undercover” work has Gibson done? (We can probably rule out the Kenmore – where he may have been something more like a security guard, given his tendency for resume’ inflation – since he wrote about it publicly at the time, which is not generally what undercover investigators do)

      * What work has he done as an “investigative reporter” other than the pieces about the Kenmore, published in a free weekly magazine over 2 decades ago?

      • Once again, I was NEVER a security guard at the Kenmore, and did NOT work for it in any capacity. You have a way of throwing out some stupid thing you thought up and trying to pass it as fact. Words like ‘probably’ or ‘must have’ do not
        conclude anything. Hitler used lots of this kind of inuendo and repeated things that people told him were false. He paid people like you to spread his agenda. I hate to think who might be paying you.
        BTW, the NY POLICE RECORD, made at the 13th Precinct in Manhattan, notes that I was HELD DOWN by security guards and was a TENANT in the building NOT a security guard.
        Too much trouble for you to look up?
        Then again, I was the subject of at least 2 articles in Our Town by Justin Brown. Too much trouble for you to look up,
        Herr Goebbels?

  • In response to Anonymakers inane demand(s) that I photo my book, send it to Frank so Frank can post a photo of it, NO NEED TO DO SO. People have already discussed this book going back as far as 2008. The ISBN # was provided. If an idiot cannot find it on google, so what? There are book data bases and if an idiot does not have access to them SO WHAT?
    I am not here to jump through hoops for IDIOTS.

    The book exists, it has been reviewed, reprinted, etc. Maybe an idiot could one day get smart enough to look at the publishers website – Arab Scientific Publishers?
    Which is NOT affiliate with any Muslim Brotherhood, as someone not too smart insinuated but never proved in their comments – the publisher, like most people in that country, is CHRISTIAN.

    Maybe AnonyMaker could photo himself – and use a REAL NAME for a change – to prove he/she/it is real?

    • Ken Gibson, you seem to have trouble keeping track of who has said what, including what you yourself have said and where, which is yet another thing that should concern us regarding the accuracy of your writing or reporting.

      It was “Flowers” who was asking for that information about your book. If you paid close attention to a comment of mine that you responded to, I have acquired a copy, and observed that it has yet another of your inflated, misleading or false claims on the back cover, that you have “experience in circles of US intelligence” (my translation).

      But still, if you were a professional investigative journalist, you’d be accustomed to happily providing citations and references to anyone who asked. Your Arab-language-only book is actually very hard to find for anyone who doesn’t know Arabic, and when I checked it, the Arab Scientific Publishers (ASP) website turns out to have the heaviest protection against being indexed by search engines that I’ve ever seen in a nominally commercial website.

      When I did a big of looking into the background of the family that runs ASP, I found that the first name of one of them is Jihad. What would a conspiracy theorist make of that?

      – AM, a fact checker

      • AnonyMaker – I DO have experience in circles of US intel; coming from a family of flag officers, with training in Quantico and experience on Iwo Jima etc., that is my birthright. All you and Flowers seem to have is experience in repeating the same denials of fact that you think make a lie credible. Hitler had this habit. I suggest you both lose it.
        As to your knowledge of Arabic, which you claimed to have, I doubt that you know it as well as you think you do.
        Usually when people are not quite fluent in a language, they make stupid assumptions and screw up the translation.
        Back in the Reagan days SNL had a great skit, loosely based on facts, about a stupid translator who mistook the Russian word mir for world when it was in fact the word mir, but ought to have meant peace. Mir, Mir. Same word, different meaning.
        I doubt you have the command of any language to be able to translate and tell us anything other than your preconceived
        I doubt you can even do as much in English so maybe you could quit while you are ahead, unless you just get paid by some criminal group that wants to nip at our heels and impede real investigations. Ed Buck, the Clintons, Adam Schiff,
        Hunter Biden, they all might end up in jail no matter how much you try to annoy the investigators.
        Then who is going to pay you?

  • In Epstein case news, there are reports of a couple of interesting developments and details in recent days, including what I think are encouraging signs that the matter is not going away any time soon:

    FBI expanding investigation into Prince Andrew’s role in Jeffrey Epstein sex scheme: report

    As prosecutors go after Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators, the line between accomplice and victim may be blurred

    Epstein’s butler dishes on Paris pad guests including Bill Gates, Steve Bannon

    There’s also a reminder that perhaps the real underlying scandal that merits wider attention, is that Epstein was working a modeling word ripe for, and rife with, exploitation and abuse:

    ‘Predators’ like Jeffrey Epstein familiar faces in seedy ‘underbelly’ of the modeling world

    Sadly, piecemeal, there are almost certainly more actual victims of abuse, many of them underage, than in all the dubious conspiracy theories put together.

  • Why are the trolls attacking Gibson? First they imply there is no book written by him. He gives them an ISBN# and tells
    them where to look on the net to fnd info on it. Then they claim he was at a sporting event in the Arab world in 2016, he says no, they admit the mistake but continue to pound. The messenger being attacked is a sign that the message is a good one. All Gibson is asking for is an investigation, and if the congresspeople dont want to answer some questions, then they need to not be congresspeople. I saw the Richardson article he alluded to. Adam Schiff’s name came up first.
    So Schiff is using an offense as a defense and attacking Trump and twistingTrump’s words.
    I think Schiff may be scared, Richardson and Gibson are onto something.

    • Well Mel Brooks, why don’t you run the IBSN# Gibson provided thru a search and see what happens?
      Or instead, search the database by author name and see if you can get results using that route.
      Then take a screenshot of the information that comes up and forward to Frank so he can post the proof.

      • Are you really so naive as to think that if you put an ISBN # into google and you don’t get a response that there is no such book? This is ridiculous. If you were really serious you could find the site of Arab Scientific Publishers THEN try the ISBN
        title etc. Google does NOT know or list everything, and trying to find things that exist in Arabic on an English language google search does not pan out.
        One of you trolls also posted that the publisher had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The publisher’s name is Bassam Chebaro and it is in Lebanon, a 60% CHRISTIAN country. Now tell me geniuses, what kind of name is Bassam Chebaro?
        You need to know more than just what is on google – which is under investigation by ALL 50 state attorneys general in the US. Nect you’ll tell me I don’t even exist. Oh wait, you at least believe that – I come up on a google search. So I guess I’m real.
        Now what would happen if I put Flowers and Anonymaker on a google search?

        • I think Flowers’ point is that the book doesn’t exist in English, and so that’s yet another respect in which the biographical information at the beginning of the piece in misleading or inaccurate. You sold an English language manuscript to a Beirut publisher, right?

          The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt long used publishers in Beirut, where it was established early in the 1930s and has its Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya political affiliate, to print works prohibited in their own country, which were then smuggled back into Egypt. Conspiratorial groups are clever at using fronts, covering their tracks and trying to hide connections, right? The Arabic language Wikipedia for Arab Scientific Publishers shows them as founded by the Arab Brothers, which can be another name for the Muslim Brotherhood; that connection is, I noted, is not entirely certain, though not really any less so that many that your piece expects us to accept as damning.

          Rather than quibbling, why don’t you provide us something we can see for ourselves. Are we really supposed to believe that you don’t have an electronic copy of something you wrote in the last two decades, and sold for publication?

          And by the way, just what biographical information did you submit to the publisher, and did they use in promoting the book, other than the once-again-inflated claim that you had “experience in circles of US intelligence” (my translation) on the back cover?

          • Arab Brothers means Muslim Brotherhood? Or does it mean Arab Brothers?
            In your Clouseau style of ‘fact checking’ it means what you want it to mean.
            Fact checking to you guys is checking to see if you like the facts. If not, you
            go to lengths to insinuate weird stuff.
            Arabs are NOT all Moslem. Many are Catholic, Coptic, Maronite, Aramaic, Assyrian
            Christian. Or atheists, etc.
            Arab Scientific Publishers is run by Christians.
            What are you guys run by?
            Anonymous trolls working for Inspector Clouseau?
            Or Chinese intel, since I made some points about Chinese infiltration that Ted Nu, Diane
            Weinstein and others in the DNC might not like?

        • I didn’t put the number into a Google search, and I also didn’t write that I had used Google… as I’m sure you understood, but you are just pretending to be stupid.

          There are search engines designed to search for books by number, author or title. I used those. No results.

          Now go report back to your boss, Mr. Stone and ask him what you should do next since you’re very shitty at this game “Kenny”.

          • click the URL for a picture of the book on the shelf. Posted by Will McCants on 2008.
            Is it that difficult? I guess you think you appear smart the more you dish out inuendo
            and ad hominem attacks.
            I think you look pretty silly.
            What evidence do you have that I work for Mr. Stone, whom I have never met, and only
            recently took any interest in as he knows Frank?
            And why the overkill in the Stone case – where were all the FBI agents for Ed Buck
            who has dead bodies around him? I have been calling for his arrest and the FBI seems
            too busy with Stone and the Mueller report to work on real cases.
            Ed Buck is a bit like Jeffrey Epstein, but with dead bodies in the story and drugs as well.
            Spend your time fighting real criminals unless you are cowards. I did all my life. Like at
            the Kenmore – where people like yourselves tried to block my investigation.
            While they delayed the arrests, the thugs raped and murdered people.
            Same here. While you act as if a book that is already photographed and mentioned on
            the net does not exist, and attack me over nothing, wasting time as I investigate people
            like Michael Bagley (now arrested after my information was passed to the DHS).
            Try to stop me if you want, but I will go after more – like the Humpty Dumpty congressmen.
            You two are like dogs nipping at my heels as I do.

        • Ken, you provided a number, but now you say that the number you provided is useless for searching for information. So what was the point of providing a useless number??

          Why are you having such a difficult time proving that your book even exists?

          Just take the picture already, send it to Frank, and we will be convinced.

          Or if you have a SM account, post the pic there and include the link to it in your comment.

      • You guys are jokers. The Gibson book is already on the net and on the shelf and you keep asking if it really exists, asking him to take photos to prove what is already proven.

        Gibson is for real, I know, I know him and post his stuff on my site

        That’s been up since early 2016. We got stuff there you don’t want to hear either, Antifa keeps checking it and gets mad that black people are getting tired of Dems and Ed Buck and all of you clowns on this site attacking Frank and his real writers.

        • Flowers has, I believe, been asking about the supposed English version.

          What is “on the shelf” and where? The Arabic version is only be at a tiny number of academic libraries in the US at most. It’s not available at Amazon, or the specialty bibliophile service ABEbooks.

          From what I can tell, in two pieces you mention Gibson providing supposed information, but haven’t actually posted his writing work:

          And I see that you refer to him as:

          “Former US Navy intel enlisted man Ken Gibson”

          When pressed he’s had to admit he was really just some sort of swabbie who occasionally worked as an errand boy for the real intel people. Ask him to show you his DD-214 or OMPF, and what his training and postings really were, otherwise you are just falling for resume’ inflation or spinning of tall tales.

    • I don’t know what “trolls” you’re talking about; I just see people interested in the truth, in verifiable facts, and willing to question sources and narratives even when it goes against the grain, actually doing some digging and asking hard questions

      To begin with, the piece leads with the authors supposed biographical details as something setting up his credibility and knowledge, so whether or not it is accurate or truthful is crucial, particularly considering that the piece is short on actual facts (such as real details about Mark Epstein’s IZMO companies) and instead relies on his recounting and spin of personal interactions (such as his brief residence at one of Epstein’s apartments, which could have been just a mundane landlord-tenant dispute colorfully spun) along with a lot of speculation.

      Could we agree that Gibson ought to provide us with a full, proper biography so that we can judge his actual credentials for ourselves?

      Here are a couple of examples of what a professional writer’s CV ought to look like, for instance:

      He doesn’t seem to list any biographical information at all on his blogs that I could find.

      p.s. Gibson’s name is in fact mentioned in a 16 December 2011 arabic-language article about an event in the UAE sponsored by a billionaire Arab sheik who is a figure in the Panama Papers; I’d just initially misread the date format as 2016. I admitted my minor error, and decided to accept his somewhat imprecise claim that he’d never been to the event in any year, since on second reading the context of his mention is somewhat unclear.

      • You said I was in the UAE. Now you say I was mentioned in an article, which is in Arabic, that also mentioned someone who was mentioned in a report on a bank in Panama. Sounds like a 70s song here that never made the charts.

        What does that have to do with me? Where are you claiming I was on 11 Dec. 2016?

        Are you expecting to put me on the witness stand and then, in some dramatic fashion, ask me where I was on that date?

        Actually, I could answer: Right here in the US where my constant use of emails, etc. records my movements.

        NOT in the UAE.

        And you said the article was in Arabic. Do you read that language?

      • What do you guys really want? Gibson has proven himself – he did, in fact, make the arrests at the Kenmore in early 1994 – where elderly tenants were raped and killed by the drug addicts, dealers, etc.

        He did, in fact, write 2 books.

        What is your point?

        Are you trying to block him? Are you guys child molesters or political activists working against American citizens?

        • If you know about what happened at the Kenmore, then please tell us, was Gibson “undercover” or just, say, one of the security guards at the hotel?

          Did he really “[work] undercover for years,” and if so in what capacity?

          The hemp book is a compendium that he co-authored, according to the listings for it. How much of it did he actually write?

          Has he published any work as an “investigative reporter” other than what he did for a free weekly about the Kenmore, decades ago?

          We’re interested in the truth. When presented with someone who turns out to have inaccurately portrayed, inflated or even been deceptive about every aspect of their personal biography and qualifications, then we have real questions about their veracity.

          This story in particular relies more on Gibson’s accounting of events, such as his interactions with Mark Epstein, rather than facts, such as for instance research into the structure and activities of Mark Epstein’s companies, or a list of the actual travels of people associated with Humpty Dumpty. If the author is lacking in credibility – no matter how good he is at weaving stories, in print or in person – we have to take that into consideration in how we view this piece.

          And if you want to get into the issue of working, can you tell us who Gibson actually works for, and what he does that pays the bills?

          • I’m happy to reply myself. By the way, who are you guys? I think I asked this question and have no answer for it. But I have answers to all your questions.

            First, I was NEVER a security guard for the hotel; in fact, as the Our Town article states, quoting the police record, I was HELD DOWN by security guards who were working WITH drug dealers after I made the arrest. I supplied inside info to both the 13th precinct (Offrs Valdez and Kimmins) and to the press. I was working with a guy named Tony Merritt, about whose undercover activities the Village Voice wrote a lengthy feature. In it, they quoted a cop saying that Tony, on a scale of 1-10, was a 12. Tony mentored me a lot.
            That answers your 1st/2nd questions.

            3rd – how much of it did I actually write? Each chapter gives the credits. So you can determine than rather easily if you know how to read. Did you think of getting a book and taking a look? BTW, I was at that time an editor of the Journal of Industrial Hemp, a peer-reviewed publication which has since merged with the Journal of Industrial Fibers.

            4th question – yes I have, not always under my own name for obvious reasons. Under cover is under cover. Some things I wrote are posted to the David Toube site – Melvyn Kohn is one pseudonym I was using as I could not allow neo nazi operatives to know my real interest.

            After your 4th question you ramble on about how holy and righteous you think you are asking inane questions you could have answered by merely perusing a book or two. I think you are a bunch of idiots. But I will answer your questions so that you don’t try to say I avoided you.

            I pay my bills by working as an artist, dealers in valuables, writing, etc. That is enough of an answer to total strangers who might be criminals working for Chinese intel or Ed Buck. It is really none of your business.

            How do you pay your bills?

          • Gibson wrote most of the hemp book, I know, I wrote a chapter in it. He was the brains behind it,
            did the layout, etc. Why don’t you buy a copy and then you’d know what you are talking about?
            You make inane and stupid accusations and expect people to have respect for you? You hide
            behind ridiculous monikers and try to block the truth that real people with real books have to tell
            the world?

            I look forward to the arrest of Adam Schiff and the rest of the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen, and
            maybe along with them, the trolls on this site who hate the truth.

  • In actual Epstein news, one of the missing persons in the case appears to have been found – though the NY Post isn’t the most completely reliable source, as we’ve learned (and no other news outlets are yet confirming this):

    Jeffrey Epstein model agent pal Jean-Luc Brunel found in South America: reports

    And Maxwell’s lawyers are busy making appearances on her behalf, without any sign that they, much less her family, have any trouble getting in contact with her or are concerned about her whereabouts:

    Ghislaine Maxwell Claims Unsealing More Docs Would Allow Epstein Accuser to ‘Hawk Her Story with Defamation-Impunity’

    • Mr. Gibson’s left out the Trump connection as well. Melania met Trump at Ghislaine Maxwell’s Kit-Kat Club in the 1990’s when he and Epstein were running ‘modeling’ soirees.

      He’s also been upstaged already by a new book on Epstein.

      The Clinton link is weak at best, while William Barr has known Epstein for decades. Means, motive and opportunity govern most crimes.

      • There is NO Trump connection to leave out. Clinton flew 26 times on the Lolita Express, Trump never.
        Even Mark Epstein admits that. BTW, an anti-Nadler protest on Varick Street at his offices today spilled over to the 30 Vandam address of Mark Epstein, where he had his big red pickup truck parked. PA plates, so Mark has a residence in PA. Lots of connection to Nadler and the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen. None to Trump.
        And hearsay on the Daily Beast hardly constitutes factual reporting, just FYI the Daily Beast ignores inconvenient facts.They use lots of freelancers who get paid $300 per piece. They know they can write anti-Trump stuff with no new facts and get paid. Davis, the reporter mentioned in Gibson’s piece here, worked for them for a while.
        If the Clinton link is weak, why does his name keep popping up? At eateries with Ghislaine, as a beneficiary of the founder of the Humpty Dumpty Institute, on the plane….
        Bull weevil is full of bull. Gibson has facts, then gets attacked by anonymous and bull—ter.

        • …except, you should NEVER say never.
          You say there is No connection to Trump, None!
          Trump disagrees “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Mr. Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”
          There a lots of pix of Trump with Epstein, even video, together at parties, some hosted by Trump. Other than that, Carlos, your comment was Perfecto.

  • This article leads with some biographical information, apparently provided in an attempt to establish the author’s credentials, that I’ve been questioning in some of the older comment threads down below, because it gets to the author’s credibility and veracity.

    After all, it’s about questioning and challenging narratives and sources, right?

    The author Kenyon “Ken” Gibson has responded to a number of the issues I’ve raised, and rather than respond to the biographical issues piecemeal, I’m going to summarize and analyze them here.

    The three fundamental biographical claims, with what he has actually said about them in quotes, and my notes after a dash underneath, are that he worked:

    ** undercover for years

    “in January of 1994….I made a citizens arrest of Kamina Singleton, aka ‘Ram’, at the Kenmore Hotel.”

    – That would be the infamous Kenmore Hall welfare hotel? And does it refer to anything more than what one of the “rent a cop” security guards working there might have done?

    ** as an investigative reporter

    “I did my first article in Our Town, which was running the articles on the Kenmore, where I made the arrest”

    – Would be Our Town “Your local paper for the Upper East Side”? shows it as part of a multi-state business that puts out the sort of weekly free papers full of advertising and available places like boxes on the street.

    “one in the New Internationalist, ca. 2009.”

    – The 2007 two paragraph article about Falconry business?

    ** in intelligence for the US Navy

    “just read some basic things like the names of ships near Guantanamo Bay….just an enlisted kid with an attitude”

    – obviously false

    This is an illustrative case because I often find that conspiracy theory promoters, like cult leaders, have thin, exaggerated biographies, demonstrating a troubled relationship with facts and truth. And the followers of both, often all too uncritically buy into the narratives being spun.

    – AM, a fact checker

    • I just left a comment a minute ago and not sure where it will go, hopefully, this will go here under Anonymaker.
      He attacks Gibson by implying that since Anonymaker can only find, or is only willing to share a few facts
      about Gibson, that is all there is and Gibson must be a liar. Given that the span of time, from 1994 to the present
      is accurate, that does mean that the guy must have been doing this for about 25 years.
      It seems that he would have been in the navy before that, and possibly as a young man, so when he says that his chores
      for Uncle Sam were low level he is only being humble and honest. If he said he was running a top-level operation and invading whole countries, THEN I might doubt him. What I gather is that sometime before 1994, he was used in Navy intel, then continued with intel and investigations in the civilian world, then got into writing, ca 1994, for a paper on the East Side of Manhattan, did some article here and there – New Internationalist – which is based in Oxford and is top notch.
      Since this is not an entire bio, or entire list of everything he wrote or did, what is the problem?
      Somehow he has come across some backed up stories, met Mark Epstein years ago and talked to him on the day Jeffrey was murdered.
      What has the troll done?
      Richardson, whom he mentions, has lots of articles on the net. Richardson broke possibly the biggest story of 2019 and in poitics for years to come. That 7 August story of his about that Humpty Dumpty Institute is being too ignored. I think Richardson also broke a story on nazi highschoolers in CA that got picked up by CNN etc.
      Are they a team? I’d like to hear more from either or both of them and less from Anonymaker.

      • Dave, thanks for your comment(s). You are basically correct, I was actually a teenager when assigned to watch ships
        in the Navy. And yes I did continue to exercise my investigative tendencies after the Navy, and I did know a number
        of people who had intel backgrounds, most senior to me.
        RIchardson and I are not a team, though we did team up for a few weeks this summer and before that I got him some
        info on a political event, a secretly filmed vid of some of the Proud Boys.
        I think your instincts are correct about his work on re Humpty Dumpty, and it may be that, more than anything else
        in my article, which is drawing fire. No surprise, you have 30+ congressmen who don’t want to answer questions,
        with two investigators/journalists or whatever you want to call us on their backs, and all of America with a right
        to have some answers.
        It is not lost on me that Adam Schiff, one of those named and shamed, is now pursuing Trump – probably to keep the
        tension off of him and this cronies. And off of Biden’s drug taking son who was kicked out of the military.

    • Is your real name Inspector Clouseau?
      What do you mean by ‘obviously false’ when I stated that I did some basic watching of Russians ships at Gitmo?
      How on earth would you know anything about that, relatively minor as it is?
      Are you all knowing or something?
      You are starting to be the comic relief on this site.

  • The usual laughable defense against anything liberals don’t want to hear is to go on the attack with the accusations ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘cults’. The ole ‘pizzagate’ card has been dealt, of course. I haven’t heard the sneering ‘flat earthers’ insult thrown around in this post yet, but it’s only a matter of time before someone gets that stupid zinger.

    A couple of you brain surgeons already admitted you stopped reading the article the minute it got into territory you consider sacred. What’s the matter? Afraid you might get accidentally get exposed to a new thought or a fact you can’t defend? Don’t worry, the MSM will be right there to immunize you from all attempts at intellectual honesty or even a shred of curiosity about anything outside of the bedtime stories you so love them to write for you.

    The crimes of the Clintons, the enormous circle of people they’ve corrupted and the disgraceful and obscene way the media has not only covered up for then, but aided and assisted them in such a massive scale of corruption, scandal, lies, trafficking, and worse, leave no option but to consider the MSM as the cabal’s partner in crime. This is okay with you?

    The Mark Epstein saga is pretty fascinating and the details in this article are pretty stunning. Playpens in his penthouse? Demands for the writer to move out the second Mark finds out he works on child trafficking? The amount of congressman (30) who are involved in the Humpty Dumpty charity and not one of them will discuss it? Being shut out by the NYT because board members took Epstein’s money? None of this resonates with you people? Is the HD foundation a front for criminal activity? Who knows? But we can be certain you don’t want to find out.

    Mueller’s DOJ involvement in some shady dealings including this porn guy’s deal is pretty well documented. Whether Bill and Hill ordered a hit on Jeffrey is certainly a stretch at the moment, but much of what has been written is FACTUALLY ACCURATE. But don’t worry, as long as you plugged your ears and hummed real loud through the parts of the article that bring up actual information, you can stay tucked up in your safe space.

    It is indefensible that instead of trying to understand what’s really going on in this country, I don’t care what political party you are a part of, your first move is to try to attack and discredit the writer of this information instead of considering the information and details and understanding what it means.

    • I’d love to see more of a dig on Mark Epstein – I’ve been saying I’ve been hoping for it for a while, in fact, and have included articles about him when I’ve done periodic checks into the Epstein case. Gibson is right that Epstein’s claims about his early businesses don’t seem to be supported – that would be the sort of thing to actually dig in to, to try to figure out for instance if he’s always just ridden his brother’s coattails. That would require someone researching corporate records, using the sorts of leads and sources that a real investigative journalist ought to have, and doing legwork like tracking down other people who were in the graphics and silkscreen businesses in the 1980s and 1990s.

      Unfortunately Gibson’ piece leads with a false and inflated biography, which tells us that the author is in the habit of playing fast and loose with the facts. There are relatively few facts in this piece, and it mostly relies on his accounting of things like interactions with Mark Epstein, and then outright speculation.

      I’m interested in understanding what’s really going on in this country, and exposing the misdeeds and crimes that really exist. I don’t see what we have here as the path to the truth, however.

      For instance, let’s see the truth exposed about Les Wexner, and the White House’s role in Jeffery Epstein’s original slap on the wrist sweetheart deal – which could actually be connected, nonetheless.

  • In lurid sidelight to Epstein scandal, Alan Dershowitz asks judge to dismiss defamation case


    Because Deshowitz was accused by the Epstein victim of statutory rape, she said Epstein made her have sex with Alan Dershowitz when she was underage. And it’s not the Epstein victim that made a claim about Wexner this week, it was Dershowitz. Dershowitz is basically threatening to blackmail people into putting pressure on the woman suing him in hopes he can get the lawsuit pulled.

    During Tuesday’s hearing, Dershowitz’s lawyers alleged that Giuffre has said in court papers that she was forced to have sex with Wexner, the 82-year-old chairman of the Limited Brands. Dershowitz repeated that charge outside the federal courthouse. He has claimed that by accusing him of sexually abusing Giuffre, the Boies firm would be able to extract a settlement from Wexner, under the presumption that Wexner would be afraid that Giuffre would go public with her allegations against him the same way she did against Dershowitz.

    Is Dershowitz correct here? Who knows? The Miami Heralds notes Dershowitz did NOT make this allegation four years ago when the case first came up and

    There’s been no indication thus far of any settlement negotiated with Wexner, who has not commented about Giuffre’s allegations or Dershowitz’s statements about those allegations.

    However, it’s weird that Wexner’s name has not come up before, but he could also be taking the risk that Wexner wants no part of the lawsuit and would see this AS A THREAT whether or not Dershowitz was lying.

    Dershowitz has been a total sleaze about this case for years so I don’t trust anything he says, but he could be calling out a fellow sleaze telling him, if I go down I’m taking you with me

  • Oh, and in actual Epstein case news:

    French police raid Jeffrey Epstein’s apartment and friend’s modeling agency

    Jeffrey Epstein paid women for their silence from jail, report says

    Alan Dershowitz battles libel case brought by Epstein accuser

    And this new article is not entirely news, but particularly since Gibson’s piece implicitly tries to make something out of the “inconvenient fact that the president of the NYT, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, is in Jeffrey’s ‘black book’,” it contains a picture showing the extremely inconvenient fact that Epstein had at least a full page of numbers and e-mail addresses for Trump, his family and close associates:

    How one Epstein victim was said to be recruited from Mar-a-Lago, and all the other connections between the accused sex trafficker and Trump’s Palm Beach resort

    That, or, it’s not surprising to find the names of many of the rich and powerful in Epsteins’ “black book,” and it’s fallacious to try to assume that someone being in there necessarily means anything, in the absence of other corroborating evidence.

    • Nice try Slick, however here we go again with more New York Times lies and un-named “businessman” bullshit. This will be rather easily debunked as more left wing shit thrown at the wall

      Later, reporting by The New York Times on the extent of Epstein’s relationship with Trump revealed more details about what was possibly the same 1992 party captured by NBC.

      A Florida-based businessman who organized a “calendar girl” competition at Mar-a-Lago told the Times that Trump requested two dozen women be flown in for the exclusive event – but that he and Epstein were the only other guests.

      “I said, ‘Donald, this is supposed to be a party with V.I.P.s. You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein?'” the businessman told the Times. According to the same article, Epstein was never a dues-paying member of Mar-a-Lago, Trump Organization officials say. Rather, he was a guest of a guest.

      If any of this was true, it would have been thrown at Trump while he was running. More desperation from left wing nut liars.

    • I read it, but by half way I had stopped believing it was real.
      And a search of the IBSN#
      9953-29-991-9 yields no results when I tried it on a search engine.

  • Note that in earlier discussion below, a number of questions have been raised about the author’s biography, work (or lack thereof, in investigative journalism) and who he has been employed or paid by.

    A typical canard is claims of having been “in intelligence” or an “intelligence officer”. The court-pronounced “virtual pathological liar” and founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, did just that, completely debunked in various investigations including a thorough new book by Chris Owen exposing Hubbard’s wildly inflated claims about almost every aspect of his navy career. The mundane reality is that in the US military, many people have roles or additional duties that fall under the broad umbrella of intelligence, or G-2/N-2/A-2/J-2, including ones that amount to little more than paper-pushing (Hubbard was a cable censor for a while); plus almost very echelon down to the smallest and most inglamorous organizational division has at least one person nominally assigned to intel, and even low-ranking enlisted personnel in a small unit can technically bear a title such as “intelligence officer.” If Gibson really was in the Navy, we would want to know his rank, primary branch (intelligence is one of many but, again, many in other branches perform intelligence duties and may nominally carry intelligence titles), training and duty assignments, in order to evaluate his claims and whether his experience actually adds to his credibility.

    One of the standard flaws or ruses of conspiracy theorists, is to toss out a bit of incomplete information from which unwarranted assumptions or conclusions are made

    And also, as I’ve noted elsewhere, conspiracy theorists pose themselves as questioning narratives and sources, and yet the narratives and sources of the conspiracy theories themselves are typically accepted credulously and without questioning.

    • A bit of poking around reveals that particularly on 9/11 “truther” and “expert” sites, Gibson is held out with Naval Intelligence credentials – it’s not just a one-off mistake – such as:

      “Kenyon Gibson
      USC [sic] @ Santa Barbara
      US Naval Intelligence”

      “Kenyon Gibson (frmr.) Naval Intelligence”

      “Kenyon Gibson (AM) Former US Naval Intelligence”

      And then, Bingo!

      “I was never an officer, just a lowly enlisted boy in Uncle Sam’s Yacht Club who got kicked up to the signal and communications bridge when they found I could speak/read Russian and some other languages. I am still not fluent po russki, I just read some basic things like the names of ships near Guantanamo Bay.”

      p.s. I’ll do a fresh top-level comment covering the “investigative journalist” claims as well, where we can address any additional issues.

      • Lol!
        Ken, I dont disbelieve your claims of working with intelligence agencies (I’m sure you can find the time when you’re not helping your sister sell yoga pants)…..but just to convince everyone else, may I suggest something :

        Obviously you must own a copy of your own book, so can you take some pics of the book and then email them to Frank? Once we see the pics, I’m sure we will all be convinced you’re telling us the truth.

        • Interesting that the two top leftist activists here are so threatened by Ken Gibson. I have a sneaking suspicion that you two left wing nut kooks are in for a rude awakening.

          • Kid, I’ve either known or observed conspiracy theorists for decades, and have never once seen their smug pronouncements pan out or prove true.

            I think crank conspiracy theories are a threat to the credibility of this site.

          • Just send the photos, Ken.
            You have the book, you have a camera, you have a computer. So just do it.
            There is no disinformation being spread by me. Asking for proof is not disinfo.

          • Slick, you are a blowhard. Many times things are labeled conspiracy theories protect governments and the evil people in them. Slick, you are simply a con artist with an agenda to fog up the blog with your own conspiracy bullshit. You prove your own stupidity by insisting Epstein took his own life. Maybe we could meet here in Brooklyn and discuss it.

        • Flowers, I do own a copy of it. However, since there is already mention of it ca. 2008 (it was published in 2003) with a picture of it on a shelf, and I do own a camera on a phone. So at some point, when I have lots of free time, I will scan or send or figure out the tech gadgets and do it for the people stupid enough to believe
          some trolls that a book with an ISBN # that is depicted and discussed on the net might not actually exist. I might even, if Frank permits, publish some chapter that I had originally written in English.
          Till then feel free to believe whatever you want. You do know what an ISBN # is I hope?

    • The questions about me have been raised by you as ad hominem attacks to distract from the information.
      I have answered them and you still just keep asking inane questions.
      The question about your identity you never answer. That is telling.

  • When I said the stream of pro/anti Allison Mack articles made me nostalgic for the astrology and Satanic Temple articles, this was not the response I was hoping for.

    I do appreciate that neither Satanic architecture not the stars signs of the Epstein brothers were not mentioned. However, well, I can’t be sure they weren’t…because I gave up reading. I got to the HDI and Andy Warhol and pre vegetarian Bill Clinton (or maybe vegetarian era BC?) and Iranians and this cub reporter dissed by the WSJ (jerks!) and then I realized how much I missed analyzing Allison Mack, and non-random paragraph spacing. 😭

    Further, seemingly genuine concern over $666 in rent—ok, hear me out…spritz the check in Holy Water, let it dry, then write the beastly amount? Just spitballin should this happen again—means I might be wrong about there not being Satanic slave tunnels mentioned. 😭😭

          • Actually there many dummies like you who ignore the obvious child trafficking and pedophilia. Odd that a dope like you is on a blog that has exposed NXIVM which has engaged in child trafficking as well as the Epstein scandal which is exposing more of the elite pedophile network. Yea I would say you are pretty damn stupid.Yep pizzagate is real

    • Heidi, you are correct, that is a picture of my book (which some people are insinuating does not even exist) – AND, my reply, made in the UK in 2008, to that post. The author of the post, BTW, Will McCants, was supposed to be some top authority on terrorists; until he jumped out and said that the Norway shooter was a Moslem. The NYT ran it on their site, then had to retract it. Oops!

      I don’t think Will McCants had ever been heard from again.

      See my reply on his site and you get an idea of the kind of person I am. 11 years on I am much the same.

      And still investigating stuff, which seems to annoy some people. Is someone out there hiding something?

      • I already mentioned this particular picture in my previous post. I asked why I cant find a copy for sale, or a picture and description of the book on Amazon.

        You claim to be an investigative journalist, but you couldn’t even understand my earlier comments?

      • Flowers and anoyfaker are disinformation artists. They have an agenda. Flowers is a mental midget, anoyfaker tries to put a bit more intellectual spin on his bullshit, but they are two peas in the same leftist pod. Anoyfaker should stick to stalking Kreuk and flowergirl should stick to worshiping the Trudeau criminal cabal.

  • How David Asimov skated away from child porn charges:


    “There were thousands of disks, thousands of videos,” said Sonoma County
    Deputy District Attorney Gary Medvigy, who personally referred to Asimov’s
    home as a “processing center” for child pornography. “Anything imaginable
    regarding sex between human beings and human beings, or human beings and
    animals, was there.

    Santa Rosa police seized scores of
    computer disks and approximately 4,000 videocassettes from Asimov’s home, and
    approximately 1,000 of those videos contained child pornography.

    Medvigy said he had evidence to show Asimov distributed child pornography
    through the Internet “on at least a few occasions,” which would constitute
    a felony. He said Asimov had 14 video machines arranged for high-speed
    editing and copying, and possessed cases of blank tapes.

    • Excellent research there. I am trying to find out if there is an Asimov tie to the Djerassis – perhaps to Alexander Maxwell Djerassi, who works for the US State Dept, and is the nephew of a woman who seems to have disappeared: Ghislaine Maxwell.

      Both are in CA.

      The Epstein/Maxwell case has lots of tentacles, and it seems there are people who don’t want us to know the full extent of their activities. Or Mueller’s.

      • Thank you.
        People in this Postmodern age have forgotten that the world is full of evil.

        The Frank Report has exposed Keith Raniere’s predilection towards pedophilia but this story about David Asimov, son of sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov, shows activity that is a thousand times worse.

        David Asimov was the major distributor of child porn in California.

        One has to wonder who David Asimov’s customers were.

        Sonoma County California, where David Asimov lived, is the home of the infamous Bohemian Grove where wealthy, powerful Californians go to engage in bizarre antics in a secret camp along the Russian River. Were any of the Bohemian Grove members customers of child pornographer David Asimov?
        Bohemian Grove

        As a teenager, I enjoyed reading the science fiction of Arthur C. Clarke. It was revealed that Mr. Clarke, who lived in Sri Lanka before his death, was a pedophile who molested the local boys there. Talk:Arthur C. Clarke/Archive 1

        “My associate in Sri Lanka told me that it was well know that Clarke had sex with many of the children who at that time were forced into prostitution on the beaches around Colombo. There was such a big problem with Westerners coming to Sri Lanka for that purpose that European Counties were passing laws to make arrests for such behavior in other countries. While Clarke may not have admitted to pedophilia. It was well know in Sri Lanka that Clarke engaged in sex with children as told to me by creditable people. “

        • Shadow, I think the world is about as full of evil as it has ever been. If anything, we can hope that it’s maybe a little bit less so between modern awareness of what is right and wrong regarding behavior like sex with children, and modern criminal justice systems capable of things up to and including using DNA to capture the sort of clever serial predators who had always gotten away with crimes.

          And I think that sensational, fantastical conspiracy theories actually distract from investigating what we really should – like the Asian child sex industry that does have customers among the wealthy and powerful in the West, likely more on an ad hoc basis than organized “rings.” If you’re aware of that sex industry, which certainly has more Americans involved than all the dubious domestic conspiracy theories you could possibly gin up, why are you not shouting about that from the rafters?

  • “Did Bill Clinton Order the Murder of Jeffrey Epstein?”

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: Bill Clinton is the Political Boss of New York State.

    Bill Clinton is the Grey Eminence.
    The éminence grise in French.

    An éminence grise (French pronunciation: ​[eminɑ̃s ɡʁiz]) or grey eminence is a powerful decision-maker or adviser who operates “behind the scenes”, or in a non-public or unofficial capacity.Éminence_grise

    From New York BJ Bill can influence the world.

    • I started reading this article with some interest, but by halfway through I was shaking my head, as it became apparent that this was just more of the usual conspiracy BS.

      Upon googling Kenyon Gibson and his supposed book “Nest of Evil”, I was even more convinced that this article is another pack of lies.

      While his “Hemp For Victory” book return many hits, I can find little reference to “Nest of Evil.”

      I can find a FB page with 2 likes but no picture or description of the book. I found another article claiming to identify the translated book in the background of a picture.

      I cannot find a picture of the book or a copy for sale.

      Anyone else have better luck than I did?

      • Flowers, I came up with pretty much the same – including, if you note my earlier comment, that it’s just another typical serving of BS. Raniere – a conspiracy theorist of sorts himself, of course – used the “word salad” style, while the conspiracy theorists themselves seem to favor this style that I suppose might be called laying it on thick.

        And yes, Nest of Evil is a strange book that seems as if it may not really exist – I even checked specialty rare and antiquarian sources such as ABEbooks, and there is no sign of it. I wonder if it is a book actually just published in Arabic, and the claim that it is a translation from English is merely a ruse. It’s apparently supposed to be a book promoting a 9/11 insider conspiracy theory – the sort of thing that deflects blames from the Arabs in general and the Saudis in particular, and thus fits their agenda, raising the question as to who might have sponsored such a work.

        I find it interesting that conspiracy theorists pose as challenging narratives and sources, and yet don’t question the ones they readily accept.

        Also, the listings and covers of the Hemp book show the co-authors as Nick and Cindy Mackintosh, and credit just the foreword to Harrelson. Mina Hegaard and Sam Heslop also contributed, according to some sources. The publisher seems to be an amorphous vanity press tied to I can’t find an author biography associated with the book, but at this point I would question anything Kenyon claims without specifics and documentation.

        That bit of digging also turned up that that Gibson was also involved in a book called The Baz-Nama-Yi Nasiri (A Persian Treatise On Falconry) / Observations On Eastern Falconry/One Thousand Years Of Falconry, which is just the sort of thing that might have an Arab patron behind it.

        The illustrator of both that and the hemp book is Mark Upton. According to Wikipedia:

        “He has sold paintings to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan of Abu Dhabi and many of his family. In Saudi his main patron is Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsin al Saud”


          • No, Frank just likes to post bullshit commentary just like this mixed in with some factual stuff. Most of the readership here are Republicans.

          • AnnoyMaker,

            Nice work. You should work for the Sceptics Society….. which actually does exist and I do read their Sceptics Magazine articles.

            Or you could always be a fact-checker for The New Yorker the last periodical that uses fact-checkers lol but true.

            Keep it up, brother!!!!!

            In Frank Parlato’s defense, there is only so much time in the day to do everything that he does….. Frank has a heavy workload.

          • Frank does vet and Frank does know. I am the person you are questioning, and real person that I am, I make this reply. My name does appear on the net many times. Not that that makes me human. You could, if you were so inclined, check the NY City arrest records made in January of 1994 and find that I made a citizens arrest of Kamina Singleton, aka ‘Ram’, at the Kenmore, and that there was a trial in which I gave testimony that year or the next. Singleton’s arrest was logged in at the 13th Precinct in 1994, he stayed in jail for about a year, etc.

            You will find my name there as a matter of public record. Since I have no criminal record, you will not find mine, though there are more than one Kenyon Gibsons in this world. Obviously, the one who is not white and has a record is not me.

            Alternatively, you could have asked Frank to put you in touch with me. Rather than make negative assumptions behind the back of another human being, who is using their real name, not some pseudonym as you are – which, but the way, is perfectly legal and many artists do just that, you could have faced me. But you didn’t.

            Frank is real. I am real. Who are you?

          • Ken Gibson, if Frank vetted you, then why is your introductory biography (not to mention most of your biographical information elsewhere) false inflated, with you only correcting it now that it has been called out?

            Your stock in trade is essentially to “make negative assumptions behind the back of another human being” when you spin your conspiracy theories about various people, including their associates and in many cases family members. Uncomfortable when the shoe is on the other foot, isn’t it?

            I see you dance around the real issues with effusive prose, digressions, and rhetorical devices like turning to asking questions rather than answering the ones already posed. Rather than go back and forth in these nested comments, I’ll wrap up all the substantive issues into a single new comment and see where that takes us.

        • Oooohh. ..such a great burn, Scott.
          Now, try to order a copy of this book, so you can read it and give Frank a review. You may need to learn Arabic first.

          • In answer to the “anonymaker” post of 24 sept posted at 8:08 pm, the intro bio is not in the least inflated. You bring no such evidence.

            The real issues are what the Humpty Dumpty Institute is doing, what the reps are hiding, and who are you – again, do you have a real name? Are you a real man or woman?

            Not dancing around anything. My name is out there, I am for real, my leads get people arrested,

            I get people arrested, and that is probably what you don’t like. The arrest records are REAL.

            My name is REAL. What is yours?

            And what are you doing to stop the trade in child porn that Mueller et al seem to have a soft spot for? What are you doing to get an investigation into Jennifer Gaffney – whose husband sadly is a top cop.

            I call for an investigation, using a real name, with real facts, did I make up the Gaffney story? Or the Mueller story on Asimov?
            No. So what is your problem?

            Are you, in fact, trying to slow down the process of investigation, however independent this is?

            Are you trying to slacken the hands that put pressure on the guilty as you too might be a sick perpetrator of evil who dares not use their real name?

          • The bio says “worked….as an investigative reporter and in intelligence for the US Navy.”

            There’s just the one claimed reporting piece from 2 decades ago (the piece on falconry from about a decade ago, I’d classify as hobby writing).

            An you admit elsewhere that you “just read some basic things like the names of ships near Guantanamo Bay….just an enlisted kid with an attitude” – though on many 9/11 sites you’re as listed as “naval intelligence” as well.

            I’d say that’s properly characterized as an inflated biography, yes. If Frank made a mistake by just scraping stuff off the internet, you could say so, man up and give us an honest and forthright accounting of your background and credentials.

            I’ll give you an opportunity to set the record straight in fresh top-level comment coming up.

        • OK. So now your assertion that the book ‘Seems as if it may really not exist” is put in place by a # of comments and replies on this site. Again, the ISBN is 9953-29-991-9. I have it in hand, and as another person noted here, Will McCants supplied a photo of it in 2008 and did a post to which I replied that same year.

          What else irks you? The fact that I am asking questions, which the reps and their aides do not want to answer? Or the fact that I DO answer questions. Again, I use my real name. Who are you?

          Let’s look at your note that I was “also involved in a book called the Baz-Nam-Yi Nasiri(A Persian Treatise on Falconry)/Observations on Eastern Falconry/One Thousand Years of Falconry, which is just the sort of thing that might have an Arab parton behind it.”

          Would it? – and ‘it’ is not the correct word, you have made the mistake of putting three titles as one.

          First, do note that it one is a Persian Treatise. Persia is now Iran, falconry is actually illegal, and Iranians/Persians are NOT Arabs. They are enemies of many Arabs and other Moslems.

          The second title and the third, along with the first, were published and edited by me. I used my own money, selling them on wholesale to a Welsh sporting book dealer.
          So what? Any study of falconry would include both Middle Eastern and Arab writings. It is a popular sport there. Did you actually research these or are you just shooting your mouth off? If you had researched them, you would have found that the first had a foreword by Col Kent Carnie, of the USAF. He had the Iran desk in 1963, and then the Iran desk in 1964, at the Pentagon.

          The books all were written or translated originally by another military officer, Col Phillott, a Sandhurst man.

          You then missed a 4th falconry tome – Musings of an Afghan Falconer. Mark Upton illustrated that, along with the hemp book. I illustrated them as well.

          What are you trying to insinuate about me or the Uptons? The latter is a highly respected family, with a military tradition in the UK. They do NOT write stupid, anonymous posts on the internet. No ad hominem from them when they don’t understand a complex argument.

          My family also is a respected military family both in the UK and the US. British Col Kenyon, a distant relative, headed up the unit in Afghanistan that had the most casualties in the recent war. Gen. Kenyon got the Navy Cross in Iwo Jima. His son answered directly to Reagan as head of intl relations at the Pentagon and wrote the NATO agreements with Hague.

          Did you READ the book about which you talked so much? Somehow I doubt it.

          The best thing to do when presented with things you do not understand, or may just not like, is to go to the source. Be a man. That is protocol in the military, as well as in society. Anonymous ad hominem remarks that are proven untrue could make you look a fool.

          • Ken, instead of childishly attacking Anonymaker for asking a few questions, why don’t you just provide some answers?

            Apparently you believe you’re the only one allowed to ask questions or investigate. ….

            Anyways, nothing you’ve written so far has convinced me that you know anything more about Epstein that isn’t already known to the public.

        • Lol!
          Why did you write it in Arabic? And why does the article I found claim the Arabic version has been translated from English?

          Come on Frank, you can do better than this. Like WTF?
          Even Bangkookery hasn’t shown up to discredit me yet.

          • Good questions.

            From what I can tell, the publisher of that one book appears to be a press of the Muslim Brotherhood in Beirut, Lebanon (note that I’m not not sure that my searching partly involving a language I don’t fully understand, is entirely correct – but by the standards of conspiracy theorizing, this is damning evidence):

            “Today, the primary state backers of the Muslim Brotherhood are Qatar and Turkey.[18] As of 2015, it is considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain,[19] Egypt,[20] Russia,[21] Syria,[22] Saudi Arabia[23] and the United Arab Emirates.[24”

            The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the groups in the world that actually does operate in many of the ways that people imagine conspiracies to function. Presumably they paid Gibson for a an English-language manuscript that fit a narrative they wanted to forward downplaying or denying the role of Muslims in the 9/11 terror attacks, and perhaps at least implicitly implicating Jews, and had it translated into Arabic.

            Another interesting question is whether he has written other works that have only been published in Arabic – and why that is. Perhaps he doesn’t want the Jews he hobnobs with in the art world and refers to in his falconry art blog ( finding out who else he rubs elbows with (and works and writes for, and gets paid by):

            911 An Inside Job, America Now Under Zionist Control

            While I think this does raise serious questions about the biography and motives of the author, it is also partly just an example of how, if you start to poke a bit under the hood of just about anything, or anyone, you can turn up things that look suspicious. And if Gibson wants to tells us that I’m all wrong about something like the Muslim Brotherhood connection, and may have taken things out of context, that just shows that the sort of ad hoc methodology that he himself uses can lead to mistaken implications and conclusions.

          • Seaman Gibson here. I see that some people have questions for me, so let me answer them. The book in Arabic has an ISBN # – 9953-29-991-9. That is how to look up a book.

            I did NOT write it in Arabic, and so what if I had? Well, I could not have done as I don’t speak Arabic. Just a few words to talk to the Yemenis at the deli. Beautiful language by the way, I am not sure it it, as Hebrew and Welsh, inflect personal pronouns. But I digress.

            The English language one was only published for a few friends, so no ISBN. The firm that translated and published it is Arab Scientific Publishers. I am proud to say that they are a top publisher in that part of the world, and have reprinted it many times.

            So the article is correct. The publisher translated if for their readers.

            What is it that you are insinuating?

          • Ken, I’ll circle back to this, once Frank has gotten to putting up a new top-level comment address the primary credibility and veracity issues.

            – AM, a fact checker

        • The book is said above to be “an Arabic translation of his book Common Sense: A Study of the Bushes, the CIA, and the Suspicions Regarding 9/11.”

          Are you saying that is incorrect, and it was only ever published in Arabic?

          Did you write it in Arabic? And who sponsored the translation and/or publication?

          And you’re also claimed to be an “investigative journalist.” Is that also incorrect, or are there other examples of your work you can cite and link to for us to see?

          • AnoyMaker,

            The Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed in Egypt as I am sure you know….

            …..and is believed to be behind the initial Palestinian Liberation effort decades ago.

            The Muslim brotherhood being behind American Conspiracy Fabrication and fomenting dissent in the USA is something new entirely, I believe.

            …..AnoyMaker in all you may have just uncovered an extremely important news worthy piece of information.

            Excellent work!!!! Seriously.

          • Again, I did NOT write it in Arabic as I do NOT speak Arabic. The publishing company translated it. Any assertion that it has ties to the MB is not backed up and seems to run contrary to the fact that I did NOT give credit in it to any such org, the bin Ladens, or other fools. The very preface asserts that people like Reid, the shoe bomber, belong in a prison and supports the US gov in making his arrest.

            Further, Israel is NOT blamed in that book for the attacks. In fact what it does, as the title suggests, is take a look at the facts AND the conspiracy theories, many of which I debunk and openly ridicule. I recall that David Icke at that time was operating his tours and I put him in his place.

            Once I was approached by Middle Easterners who liked the idea of my book, but then backed away from me when I refused to blame Israel. That was in London.

            Yes, I’m an investigative journalist. FYI, I did my first article in Our Town, which was running the articles on the Kenmore, where I made the arrest. That first piece I did was on falconry, co-authored by my good friend Saul Frank. “City Peregrines” it was titled.

            Since then I have written for a # of publications. As to Arabs, the only piece I wrote was one in the New Internationalist, ca. 2009. It was on Arabs getting into Africa. It is in English, and since you seem so verstatile in your searches, I will let you find it.

            BTW, what is YOUR real name?

          • Niceguy, I wouldn’t necessarily make that leap – though I wouldn’t entirely rule it out, either. Though I suppose, by Kenyon Gibson’s own sloppy conspiracy theory standards, we virtually have him dead to rights.

            It seems clear now that a publisher in Beruit bought or commissioned a work of his that was not also published in English for some reason, and that he has worked on other book projects with people whose patrons include Saudi princes and Gulf state monarchs. Since there’s no evidence he really does any work as an “investigative journalist” as claimed, at least not under his real name in the English-speaking world (and I’ve also done a bit of searching under the Arabic language version of his name, كينيون غيبسون *), that raises questions about what he really does and who his patrons are at this point.

            It also turns out that he can’t really claim to have worked in intelligence in the sense implied in the introductory bio, and definitely wasn’t an “intelligence officer” as other references claim, as I’ll explain elsewhere.

            * Though it does turn up that in 2016 he was at “The International Falconry Forum…. under the patronage of President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan [the Emir of Abu Dhabi].”

          • AnoyMaker,

            I do get a little ahead of my self in jumping to conclusions somewhat when I just give a perfunctory glance of Frankreport comments and post. My apologies.

            I do think you have discovered a very interesting dimension to the good correspondent/author.

            Perhaps unbeknownst to the author, he himself is being used to help manufacturer and fabricate a narrative of how corrupt the United States government and Western civilizations are?

          • One author alone can’t accomplish much, but if you’re an Arab prince and have hundreds of millions of dollars to play with, if not a billion, you could easily hire dozens of authors and print a few million books to help shape a narrative of a corrupt and evil United States empire…

            Get the picture?

          • BTW, Anonymaker, you insinuate that an article titled “An Inside Job, American now under Zionist Control”
            is written by me or has something to do with me. It does not, and I do not know the author, who happens to be a Jew living in Israel, ironically. He appropriated something I had written – I got no pay from it – but that’s how it works on the net, people cut/paste.
            But if you do read what was appropriated from me you might learn something. It appears you did not.

      • Seaman Gibson here. I see that some people have questions for me, so let me answer them. The book in Arabic has an ISBN # – 9953-29-991-9. That is how to look up a book. The English language one was only published for a few friends, so no ISBN. The firm that translated and published it is Arab Scientific Publishers. I am proud to say that they are a top publisher in that part of the world, and have reprinted it many times.

        It might dispel the theory right then and there, with one look at the title, that I am working for the GOP and just aiming at Dems. That book examined in a very harsh light the Bushes etc. I never accused all the GOP of things, but was more specific. In it however, I left to the reader to draw conclusions.

        Not sure what FB page you got to but there is more than one Kenyon Gibson in this world.

        Please feel free to pose any further questions.

        • Anonymaker claims I was at the Falconry Fair in 2016. I can prove I was NOT. I have a valid US passport and the expired ones that show I did not leave the US in that year.
          I have been at other falconry festivals – all in the UK, and some small Central Park falconry shows years ago.
          You are all getting stupid and ridiculous. Man up and use your real names for a change. Stop trying to sound wise like you know it all with you ah-ha got you assertions based on garbage.
          If I really had sloppy research, you would have noted a factual error. But perhaps you think that if you sound
          important people will just believe everything you say.
          What about you – WHO are you, who are you serving? The enemies of this country? Are you really ready to support a guy who gives away US technology to China?
          Or are you actually a Chinese agent, bot or AI machine trying to use false statements to keep investigators
          from protecting American interests?

          • Sorry, to begin with I misread the timestamp on the article about he Falconry Fair sponsored by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan – I see now it was the 16th of December 2011, not 2016. And some text about your participating is at the end, but on closer scrutiny appears as if it may refer to something else, so I’ll assume that can be disregarded – even though, in all your dissembling, you never did specifically say that you hadn’t ever been at the Falconry Fair in the UAE.

            I’m not the one with an article published under my name, that has an inflated and misleading biography at the beginning of it – apparently attempting to exploit, as you say, “that if you sound important people will just believe everything you say.”

            And I’ve already pointed out a couple of errors in the body of your piece, but we can get back to the details after we’ve addressed your bona fides – or lack thereof, given the misrepresentations involved.

    • You can say it, but it doesn’t make it true.

      The Clintons are carpetbaggers who haven’t even lived in New York for 2 decades.

      The Clintons are also national political figures who happen to be living in New York, not ones with deep or strong connections to the New York state centers of power like Albany, or even New York City. The real behind-the-scenes powers are people like Alfonse D’Amato (who NXIVM sought out early on).

      No Clintons on either of these lists:

      The 2019 Albany Power 100

      The 2019 New York City Power 100

      Can you find any source, other than conspiracy theorists, who claim that the Clintons are major powers in New York politics? I don’t think you’ll even find that on Fox News.

      • Yes, the Clintons are carpetbaggers but they are so much more.
        Bill Clinton uses his status as an ex-President and a Democratic Party honcho to influence world events from New York.

        The political and financial shenanigans of the Clinton Grifters would put the Bronfman sisters to shame.

        In 2000 when Hillary Clinton was still “First Lady” she shoved aside a New York Congresswoman named Nita Lowrey to grab the Democratic party’s Senate nomination.

        “Lowey strongly considered running for the United States Senate in 2000, but stepped aside when First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy”
        Moreover the FBI has been quietly investigating the finances of the bogus Clinton foundation out of the FBI’s Field Office in Little Rock.

        The FBI is investigating donations to the Clinton Foundation – but will charges follow?
        The Washington Post
        Published: 5:31am, 6 Jan, 2018
        Here are some links to stories about the bogus Clinton Foundation which acted for years as a slush fund and funneled foreign money into the US political system.

        John Moynihan and Larry Doyle, financial analysts who say they have uncovered evidence of pay-to-play and financial crimes at the Clinton Foundation, were invited to testify on their findings by the House Oversight Committee’s Republican Chairman Mark Meadows.
        Epstein’s Lawyer Claimed the Alleged Pedophile Helped Devise the Clinton Global Initiative
        Jack Crowe
        National ReviewJuly 8, 2019
        “Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was indicted Monday on child sex-trafficking charges, helped president Bill Clinton devise the Clinton Global Initiative, according to a letter his attorneys sent to federal prosecutors in 2007.
        “Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent”

        “The Clinton Foundation operated as a foreign agent ‘early in its life’ and ‘throughout it’s existence’ and did not operate as a 501c3 charitable foundation as required by its and is not entitled to its status as a nonprofit, alleged two highly qualified forensic investigators, accompanied by three other investigators, said in explosive testimony Thursday to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.”
        Hillary Clinton still operates a scam fund called “Onward Together” that raises funds for Democratic party candidates.
        Hillary’s girl friend Huma Abedin is on the payroll of “Onward Together.”

        “Onward Together” Inside Hillary’s Latest Political Tax Scandal
        February 14, 2019

        “Most people are aware that “Onward Together” is a political organization to raise funds for the Democratic party, but what they don’t realize, is the fact that this tax-exempt 501(c)(4) is operating ILLEGALLY, on multiple levels. IRS laws, FEC documents, and Onward Together’s tax return create one heck of a recipe, burning for an investigation. Not only does Onward Together require scrutiny, it’s partner organizations need a closer look as well.”

        “Perhaps “Back Together” would have been more apropos, since Hillary Clinton got the band back together to form this tax-exempt political scandal. Even Huma Abedin is on the payroll. What’s most interesting is that the DNC paid nearly $2 million to Onward Together for donor list rental/acquisition produced by Hillary for America, while the DCCC paid more than $700,000 for the same list. Sure, politicians often sell “donor lists”, but Onward Together is not allowed to declare the payment as tax-exempt “royalty income,” nor does this political activity align with the lawful purpose of 501(c)(4) organizations. But it gets worse.”
        And Chelsea Clinton, the reputed biological daughter of Webster Hubbell, is waiting in the wings.

        “Chelsea Clinton mulling a run for political office — if someone ‘steps down or retires’
        “Trump Ally Roger Stone: Chelsea Clinton Got “Four Plastic Surgeries” To Hide The Identity Of Her Real Father”

        “ROGER STONE: Now Chelsea, their daughter, who is, as I say in this book [The Clintons’ War on Women], actually the daughter of Webb Hubbell and Hillary Clinton — you can see this based on a series of photographs. Hillary admits in her own book that a large football player-sized man taught her the proper way to hold a baby. Who could that be? And if you look at her, she doesn’t look anything like Bill. She looks just like her daddy, despite four plastic surgeries, the youngest one when she’s only 18. What 18-year-old gets plastic surgery unless you’re trying to, I don’t know, thin out the lips and make you look less like your daddy.

      • The two left wing nut kooks who ate up the TrumpRussia collusion bullshit like a crack whore snorting coke. Sorry ding dongs but this is well researched and spot on. Unlike the jibbershit you two left wing loons put out. Wait until the Booker-Harris connections are brought out in this case by the investigator.

      • You may be entirely correct, but that does not preclude their having power to intervene on occasion; especially when many people who might also not like Jeffrey to have sung while in prison are in NY.

        Why are you even defending this guy who hurt America’s interests while aiding China?

  • I agree, and have been saying all along, that the role of Mark Epstein needs to be fully investigated – along with that of Les Wexner, a major Republican donor. We’re also due an explanation of the Bush White House’s role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sweetheart deal; besides Acosta, reportedly two other of the people involved are in the current administration – you’d think that would trouble anyone genuinely concerned with “draining the swamp.”

    When pieces like this focus instead on just the favorite targets of rabid partisans and conspiracy theorists at one end of the ideological spectrum, I’m doubtful that real investigative journalism is at work, and whether we’re actually being informed rather than instead fed just another type of biased narrative – one that might even be driven by hidden agendas. It’s also much like what I’ve seen in the publications of actual cults, which typically promote their own conspiracy theories; or what cult members pass among themselves because it confirms what they believe.

    To me it starts to get into tl;dr territory in part because the rhetorical angle at work is something along the lines of the old saying of baffling with bullshit (amply piled on) rather than dazzling with brilliance. But a couple of obviously sloppy and fallacious things popped out at me in skimming most of it:

    $0 and $1 real estate transactions – often written up in the full filings as “plus due consideration” or something similar – are actually a longstanding convention, particularly for large and complex real estate transactions where there may be swapping of properties or other valuable assets, complex extended payment arrangements, and so on.

    Legal-Ease: Why does my deed show a $1 price?

    And the sighting of Maxwell in California hasn’t been “debunked,” it was just exposed as something more like a clumsy attempt by Saffian to pose as an informant who just happened upon Maxwell, for the purpose of selling photos to the tabloids.

    • And the sighting of Maxwell in California hasn’t been “debunked,”

      Sorry slick…. it pretty much has. Like most things, you seem to be the last to know. Keep carrying on your agenda but time is on the side of truth

      • Yes, the photos of Maxwell HAVE been debunked. They were photoshopped. And possibly for a very serious reason.

        I had just given info to a black friend of mine, a former US Army demo expert who blogs at about the alleged appearance of her at Scott Borgerson’s place in MA. I thought that this too was a red herring and that Scott, a former US military officer, would have more sense than to be involved with her.

        One would hope so. Funny, how just when this story was out, the LA photos appeared – like a bird playing a wounded wing routine to lead a fox away from the nest. The LA photos may have been rushed so as to take the press away from Scott. Turns out Scott had a nasty divorce, with claims of wife-beating and porn in the house around kids.

        I had to say I was wrong in my opinion and have taken a closer look. Thanks to Frank for debunking these photos so I could know they were fake. BTW, one other person who told me they were fake is Kathy Griffin, she got on the phone that day to tell me so. She would know, she is in the media. She found them too posed, like headshots.

        As to these $0 real estate deals, yes that can exist, but as you say, they are ‘complicated.’ So just what DID Mark pay for 301 East 66th St? If it was not cash, was it seashells? Come on, let’s be honest here.

        BTW, Anonymaker, is that the name on your birth certificate?

        • Ken Gibson, the images haven’t haven’t been debunked – just questioned, and shown to have been subject to some attempted photoshop cleanup, which is par for the course these days for most digital images and especially those going to the tabloids; and to have been staged by Maxwell’s friend Saffian and then run through her media agency, which sold them, quite likely because Maxwell needed the money.

          Besides my previous individual experience with digital image manipulation (“photoshopping”) and its detection, I’ve more recently had the chance to learn from and work with the foremost expert in the field, Hany Farid, until recently at Dartmouth (where I often am, due to various work and interests) and as of this fall at UC Berkeley – for a bit of that chatty name-dropping you seem to favor.

          Back to the Maxwell photos, the fact that the NY Post ran them either without vetting or without annotation – the crude attempt to photoshop out the garbage can in the photo shown, for instance, is grade-school work – just shows that’s the currency of the tabloids these days. I can also show you that the last set of photos of Allison Mack at her parents’ house appear to have been staged by a paparazzo, photoshopped, and even when over-analyzed, could be seen as showing possible signs of the head having been pasted onto the body from shots of a corpse – shall we we jump to the conclusion that she is missing or dead as well? (perhaps Frank will indulge me in demonstrating that exercise in conspiracy theorizing).

          Scott Borgeron has admitted to knowing Maxwell, and only made the very guarded additional statement that his life is private and he isn’t currently in a relationship with her. There’s ample evidence she was living with him – certainly enough to be conclusive by your apparent standards:

          Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator lived a low-key life in a tony seaside town in New England, neighbors say

          So, your assumption that he somehow couldn’t have been in a relationship with here, is another flop of fallacious illogic. It actually falls under the personal incredulity fallacy, which we’ve been discussing here recently – one of the typical flimsy legs of conspiracy theorizing, and culty thinking as well:

          Your logical fallacy is personal incredulity
          personal incredulity
          “Because you found something difficult to understand, or are unaware of how it works, you made out like it’s probably not true.”

          – AM, a fact checker

    • Anonymaker – you at least admit that you read wrong and now that I was NOT at the falconry fair in the UAE in 2016.
      Then you insinuate that I was there in 2011. Wrong again. I was NEVER in the UAE, and can prove my presence in the
      US in 2011 – since every day that year I was on some form of electronic device – . How many strikes do you get before
      you realize you struck out?
      And what if I had been in the UAE at a falconry fair? Many Westerners attend. ]
      What is the issue? You have nothing on me – not a single criminal conviction – so you clutch at these straws.
      As to the twitter handles with my name or whatever they are, I have never seen them, and do NOT know
      what they are. I have no affiliation with USC. At times, journalists have presented me as a former officer.
      That is not my mistake but theirs. I was forthright in correcting their mistake and stating for the record that
      I was a Seaman – an ENLISTED man – in the US Navy.
      Now I am correcting your stupid mistakes.

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