The Epstein Chronicles – and the Beat Goes on

JeffreyEpstein Mug Shot (2008)

Author’s Note: Jeffrey Epstein, 66, is currently being housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) while he awaits trial on charges of conspiracy and child sex trafficking in the abuse of dozens of underage girls between 2002 and 2005.

His application for bail was recently denied by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman – a ruling which Epstein’s lawyers had originally indicated they planned to appeal.

Courtroom sketch showing Jeffrey Epstein at his bail hearing (Artist – Christine Cornell)

But following a ruling last week from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals that pretty much guarantees any such appeal will be rejected, Epstein’s lawyers may opt instead to simply submit a new bail application package sometime in the next few months (Keith Raniere’s attorneys tried three different times to get him out on bail).

As of right now, Epstein is scheduled to go to trial on June 8, 2020.

But, given that his attorneys had indicated that they will need until September 2020 to be fully prepared for trial, it will not be surprising if they try to employ various delaying tactics over the next several months in an effort to get the start date pushed back.

Meanwhile, with Epstein tucked away at MCC, new stories continue to pop up about him. Here’s an overview of the latest.

Sheriff Who Oversees Work-Release Program Calls for Review

In what appears to be an effort to get out front of what is shaping up to be a very embarrassing and unflattering story, Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has called for a review of his jail’s work-release program.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric L.Bradshaw

But Sheriff Ric is no fool.

Instead of calling for an independent review by some neutral law enforcement entity, the man who is generally recognized as the most powerful politician in Palm Beach County, has asked that it be done by Palm Beach County’s Criminal Justice Commission (CJC).

The CJC panel includes Palm Beach County politicians and local business operators. Sheriff Ric is also a member of the CJC.

Pending the outcome of the CJC review, new detainees will not be allowed to participate in the program. Unless they’re really, really rich (Sorry, I made that last part up).

Florida State Senator Lauren Book had previously proposed that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) undertake a review of the program.

Florida State Senator Lauren Book

The FDLE is an independent law enforcement agency that can make arrests and file criminal charges.

It was the FDLE that recently investigated Scot Peterson, the Police Resource Officer who failed to respond in the Parkland School shootings.

The FDLE charged Peterson with seven counts of neglect of a child, three counts of culpable negligence, and one count of perjury. He is facing up to 100-years in prison.


Epstein Allegedly Purchased One of His Assistants, Nadia Marcinkova, From Her Family

“Incident Reports” from the Palm Beach Police Department that were developed during the 2005 investigation of Epstein indicate that he may have purchased his Assistant, Nadia Marcinkova, from her family.

After interviewing one of Epstein’s alleged victims, Detective Joseph Recarey noted in his report that “Epstein had purchased [Marcinkova] from her family…Epstein bragged that he brought her into the United States to be his Yugoslavian sex slave”.

Marcinkova was actually born in the former Czechoslovakia – but moved to Yugoslavia with her family while she was still a child.

As detailed below, Marcinkova was both a victim and a perpetrator in Epstein’s alleged sex romps.

Kind of like Allison Mack without the cankles.


Some of Epstein Victims Were Forced to be Part of Threesomes, Raped & Photographed

Several of Epstein’s victims who were interviewed during the 2005 investigation claimed that they were forced to engage in sexual acts with Marcinkova – many of which turned into threesomes with Epstein.

One of the victims, who was underaged at the time of the incident, described how she and another underage girl were forced to stimulate each other manually, orally and with toys while Epstein watched them and pleasured himself.

That same victim also described how Epstein had forcibly raped her after she and Marcinkova had engaged in oral sex. Shortly after that incident, Epstein bought her a 2005 Dodge Neon for her personal use.

Another victim, who indicated that she was 16 when she started having sexual relations with Marcinkova, said that Epstein took pictures of the two while they were having sex – and then displayed them around his Palm Beach mansion.

Marcinkova was granted immunity as part of Epstein’s 2008 plea deal. She has since changed her name.


Epstein Reportedly Has Compromising Photos of Trump

A recent report in Spectator USA indicates that Jeffrey Epstein may have some compromising photos of President Donald J. Trump that were taken back in 2003 and/or 2004.

Jeffrey Epstein with Donald Trump

The unnamed source who is quoted in the article described the pictures as “vaguely suggestive, but not overtly sexual”.

The same source also described one picture in more detail.

“There’s a picture in which [Trump] has a stain on the front of his pants, a potentially embarrassing stain, and the girls are pointing at it and laughing”.


Epstein & Trump Had Falling Out Over Florida Villa

According to several sources, Epstein and Trump had a major falling out over a Florida villa that had been put on the market at a below-market rate by its owner.

Epstein was interested in buying it for himself – and took Trump to see it so he could get his advice on how to move the swimming pool.

Upon leaving the villa, Trump immediately arranged to borrow funds from Deutsche Bank – and bought the villa for $41 million. He then flipped it to Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian oligarch, for $96 million.

Epstein was reportedly furious about Trump’s purchase and re-sale of the villa – and threatened to publicly accuse him of money-laundering for Rybolovlev.

Shortly, thereafter, the Palm Beach police began investigating Epstein’s involvement with underage girls.

Epstein has told several associates he believes Trump is the one who got the investigation started.


Epstein Selling Some of His Toys

Keith Raniere is well known for his philosophical statement that “He who has the most joy wins”.

Jeffrey Epstein apparently had a somewhat different philosophy: “He who has the most toys wins”.

In any event, Epstein is now getting rid of some of his toys.

One of the first items on the market is his customized 2008 Sikorsky S-76 helicopter – which has two 4-person divans instead of regular seats so that passengers can cuddle up while flying about.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Helicopter – Inside View

And Epstein appears to be in a rush to get rid of the chopper that he previously used to shuttle young women to his private jet at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

Such a craft would normally fetch a price of $5 or $6 million.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter

But Epstein is apparently offering his for about $3 million.

Maybe Clare Bronfman will buy it – and attempt to bust her Vanguard out of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

Then they could go on the run – and attempt to flee to the island they jointly own – along with Allison Mack – in Fiji.


Stay tuned for more updates on Epstein…It looks like there’s a lot more to uncover about thia guy.

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4 years ago

Like Trump would know how to move a swimming pool.

4 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Another dumb comment. Actually he probably would considering the main business he ran.

4 years ago


I know your reporting is accurate but this latest update seems almost surreal.

Thanks as always!

Pix Onyu
Pix Onyu
4 years ago

Allison doesn’t own one third of wakaya Alex does. Alex
Clare and Keith that’s what ACK strands for. Allison is a nobody.

4 years ago

The flight logs are key, bc they will have info on what repairs were made, maintenance issues, and hours flown.

With the hours flown, an investigator could determine when and where the helicopter went.

So, it might be Fire Sale price, but pry bc flight logs are missing. Which makes it a dangerous aircraft bc you don’t know if there are any mechanical problems, bad gauges, etc.

Hmmm… I wonder why the flight logs would be missing???

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

A couple of differences between Marcinkova and Mack, besides the cankles (thanks for noting that):

1. She’s much hotter than Mack;
2. I understand she was purchased when underage, so she got screwed up by Epstein when she was a child;
3. She’s much hotter than Mack;
4. She is a waste of an obviously intelligent and good looking woman; and
5. She’s much hotter than Mack.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


What has Mr. Johnson been polishing his pole to lately?


[…] The Epstein Chronicles – and the Beat Goes on […]

4 years ago

There would be girls in Eastern Europe queueing up to be in Marcinkova’s place. She is now a rich woman in her own right, her accomplishments no doubt encouraged and financed by Epstein, May have helped her family out of poverty and at the end of the day there is a difference between preferring underage girls (who have womanly attributes) to true pedophilia (where child attributes are wanted). Men who get prosecuted for “jailbait” are not really pedophiles. Otherwise, why aren’t we prosecuting Mick Jagger for historical sex offenses? (Marianna Faithful). There are many others.

4 years ago
Reply to  Mary

Howdy Mary!

I guess Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein are heroes for trying to help all those women with payoffs after they raped them!

Don’t worry Nobody will ever accuse you of being a feminist or Jew!

You’re not smart enough to be either!

4 years ago
Reply to  Dumb&Dumber

Dear Dumb and Dumber,

Not the same thing at all. Are you an incel?

Kind regards, Mary

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