After Raniere Raped 12 Year Old Rhiannon She Flunked School and Was Placed in Reform School [‘He who has the most joy wins’]


For those who think I should stop writing about Nxivm, consider the story of Rhiannon. It occurred several years before Nxivm was created. But it was something the monster did and there is evidence that he was doing it again and again after he became the Vanguard of Nxivm.

He had helpers in doing what he did to Rhiannon and he had helpers in doing what he did to Cami, and the Mexican girls from Chihuahua and perhaps other underage girls.

It is time to get at the rock bottom of his statutory rape and who aided and abetted him. We know Pam Cafritz did and we suspect Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman and Rosa Laura Junco.  But there may be others.

We know that he taught sex with children was fine if the girl was mature for her age. We know that Nancy supported this. So did others. How far did they go?

I personally spoke with relatives of the girls from Chihuahua who said Keith did something awful to them and they returned to Mexico hastily. This was hinted at during his trial when it came out that the girls’ host Rosa Laura Junco offered her own virgin, underage daughter to Keith to deflower. There is much more to this story and Clare Bronfman, I believe, is at the center of it.

But first, let us go back in time and take a look at Raniere’s MO. Let’s see what the monster was accused of doing to 12-year-old Rhiannon.

This is Part 1 of The Monster and Rhiannon.


Keith Raniere was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. The girl, now a woman in her 30s, and her mother both spoke on the record to former Times Union reporter James Odato.

A police report [see below] was published by the Times Union as well as a school report on the girl a few years later.

When the girl, Rhiannon, first went to Raniere, she lived with her mother who worked for Raniere in his Consumer Buyline Inc. (CBI) business which was later closed down as a pyramid scheme by the New York State Attorney General.

The mother was pleased when Raniere offered to personally tutor the girl in algebra and Latin.

Pam Cafritz, Raniere’s wing woman, also hired her to walk her dog.

Rhiannon enjoyed the adult company and the love bombs from the women of Raniere’s circle.

Raniere [statutorily] raped her about 60 times, Rhiannon claimed.

Followers of Raniere might like to read the report from her reform school.

1024x1024 (3)
Rhiannon was 12 when Raniere started having sex with her, she claims. It evidently upended her young life, if she is telling the truth.

Keep in mind an old favorite Raniere adage – “The brighter the lamp, the more the bugs.”

Rhiannon was, to Raniere,  a mere bug flying in and around his circle. Maybe she did not get raped by Raniere. Maybe she made the whole thing up.

On the other hand, as Raniere has said many times, sex with 12 year old’s is fine as long as there is no pain.  But Rhiannon felt pain.

Still, Raniere felt joy. And “he who has the most joy wins,” Raniere says.

Below is the case summary for Rhiannon. Three years after Raniere allegedly raped her repeatedly and she ran away from home.

Notice the yellow highlighted portion – where she is said to be a victim of suspected sexual molestation. This occurred before she failed 7th grade.

If the story of the girl is true, not only did Raniere rape the girl but his tutoring was useless too.

After she ran away from home, she was placed in a group home for girls where she lived away from home for two years.

In the interim, Raniere’s CBI business went bust and he soon afterward started a new enterprise – NXIVM/Executive Success Programs which claims to teach people to be successful, ethical and compassionate.

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police repoo



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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

Rhiannon deserves her day in Court and her story needs to come to light in the court of public opinion — whether if or not the DOJ, NDNY and NYS officials starting with an FBI investigation of the corruption that prevented them from undertaking any investigation re: these crooks despite their longstanding knowledge of Keith Raniere and his accomplices criminal BG including “priors” such as this report, the AG orders re: CBI’s pyramid scheme made in 12 States, not to mention the very personal knowledge on the part of some key officials “of the Court” — i.e. NX’s bank of lawyer’s down to “Duran, Duran” in Mexico, up through the Arizona mafia assholes like Furious Five famed, Dennis Burke aka the Bangkok & Son of bang-gangers playing daily here in FR for your OCD — and various other mental detangements — viewing pleasure!

Rhiannon’s truth will prevail and resound.

Excellent Reporting
Excellent Reporting
4 years ago

Absolute superb investigative reporting, a long lost art form of mainstream news (which, of course, which is why so many have turned their backs on mainstream)

Keep up the excellent work.

4 years ago

Sexually abused girls seldom recover even with help. When a grown person takes something like that from a child, they foreclose on the child’s future. all the trust, curiosity, sense of security, promise, is taken out of the target’s life. What is there to live for as a wife, partner, mother? if the child is burdened with the deep doubts about human behaviour that come with this abominable crime? Suicide levels are uncommonly high amongst abused girls – and boys.

Hang draw and quarter pedo’s. Just a few. Maybe this would help reset peoples’ understanding of why a generation gap is necessary.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago


Scott Johnson
4 years ago

My understanding is the criminal statute of limitations has expired, but a new law in New York state allows Rhiannon to sue in civil court. Supposedly Raniere is broke, so this is probably a principled exercise, not a financial one.

4 years ago

F*ck it!

Stick Vanguard back into general population.

Mitch Garrity
Mitch Garrity
4 years ago

And I’m supposed to object, disapprove or have guilt of my satisfaction that some fellow inmates played catch-up with Raniere in prison.
As long as the prison doesn’t officially condone the beatings he’s going to receive all is well. The system worked, no staff was injured in the melee and hopefully the inmates were not identified. And if they were they’ll be punished accordingly.
Hell, I kinda hope Raniere identified them. Another excuse for more catch-up.
What’s worse, a few minutes of getting beaten on or the years of mind fuckery Raniere inflicted on Dani or Cami or Rhiannon? Having your trust and emotions weaponized against you and as you try and speak about it that person casually dismisses you.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Mitch Garrity

The prison probably knows who the prisoners were who beat up Raniere, the story says it was Mexicans. They probably have nothing to lose, as they already have very long/life sentences, so the worse they’ll get is some solitary confinement, which will be worth it to them as they bask in the satisfaction by themselves for a while.

4 years ago

Jaye told Allison she had Googled Keith and search results showed a story [stories] that Keith was a pedophile [The Albany Times Union reported it first in 2012. Frank Report also had numerous stories on pedo-Keith starting in 2015].”

Allison was upset. She said, ”Do you think I would follow a child molester?”



[…] After Raniere Raped 12 Year Old Rhiannon She Flunked School and Was Placed in Reform School [‘… […]

4 years ago

Expose all of the cunts. Anyone who enabled, participated, supported.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Anyone who enabled, participated, supported in what? Taking advantage of Rhiannon or NXIVM in general?

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