Jeffrey Epstein Was Such a Handy, Easy Going Pimp

Jeffrey Epstein

By Shivani

You think about how very spoiled Jeffrey Epstein let himself be, and how he’s accustomed to having his least desire satisfied quickly. Of course, his nouveau riche highASS finds jail to be disgusting and terribly inconvenient.

It must be especially frustrating to his huge, entitled, dickhead ego. In jail, nothing ever gets done fast, right or efficiently. The only way to get any instantaneous gratification would be to stab somebody, but poor Jeffrey isn’t athletic enough for that.

His entire energy has to instead be aimed at beating the system. It must nearly drive him crazy to be in an environment of such powerlessness and starkness. The smell in there alone is just not for him. You understand this, right? You have to get up early and there’s nobody serving good coffee.

How the hell are you supposed to be able to get a fresh fruit smoothie in this dump?

The whole place is full of dirty, violent assholes. Have I mentioned IT STINKS?! Even the walls ooze ugly smells of sweat, cum, excrement, and vomit. And you smell rage and misery like the cherry atop the shit sundae. Why would you put a civilized guy like Epstein into a place like this?

Jeffrey isn’t a criminal; in Jeffrey’s estimation, he’s living his best life. He is popular! He is rich. He serves girls to the captains of government and industry. All of the “right people” appreciate Epstein. He is a helluva guy! Girls are just one of his hobbies, that’s all.

Law enforcement must be a necessary inconvenience for Epstein, mainly designed to handle the poor, the uneducated, the violent and the sloppy, to keep them in line. But law enforcement should never bother Jeffrey Epstein because he’s too cool for school.

Why, oh why, isn’t this understood? Step back and let an important man do his thing. Law enforcement should be thanking Epstein, you see, not harassing him. These LE people should only bother him when they want some underage girls for a retirement party.

Epstein is a big donation Santa Claus. Let them eat cake.

Epstein has had high friends in high places. They rode his jets, drank his cocktails, snorted his coke, and ejaculated semi-anonymously and without consequence, upon whoever happened to be provided. Enter the chorus of excuses.

Nobody knew that Jeffrey’s stable of fillies needed to have their IDs checked. And we are taught never to be impolite, never to question the sources of our host’s bounty. That is rude. It just is not done.

Too bad that Epstein turns out to be gauche, criminal and stupid. He can’t be a thing anymore. The man is a loser. And he hung around bad ex-presidents. But we never really knew him well at all anyway. Oh dear.

If he gets it back together, great. If not, adios cowplop. Who was this Robert Einstein guy – the billionaire who just got arrested for sex stuff? Do we know him? We don’t? I thought not. Of course, we didn’t.

And what about all of the not yet dead presidents and princes who rode around in Epstein’s party caravans? None of THEM are complaining. Their latest problem is where to find new, uncomplicated fun now that Epstein has hit the rails again.

It’s true though, that Jeffrey has become somewhat inconvenient, too. Since he needs to be kept quiet, why not just send him on some kind of permanent vacation? Like Whitey Bulger from Boston stayed free but restricted for years in his Santa Monica condo, the same arrangement can be made for whatshisname. Epstein. Bruce Epstein.

None of this had to happen.

This is why the rich and powerful expect you disapprovers to turn a blind eye and to hold out your palms for some grease if need be.

Leave Jeffrey and his candy jars alone. He has been such a handy, easy-going pimp. He really had no idea that this was what he was doing. He always tried his damnedest to be entertaining. He was just a necessary evil but not a bad guy. This is getting too serious for the poor schmuck. You do know it stinks in jail. His expensive lawyers keep saying it isn’t good for Jerry Epstein’s health.

It is simply not acceptable for him to be shut in a filthy joint full of poor guys. He can’t have a cellphone plugged into his stylishly pea-sized brain. Rotten food, never a moment alone, hostile, bare-bones atmosphere, not a good cup of coffee to be found.

No servants and, worst of all, no exit. Poor little Jeffrey Epstein! Somebody is (reluctantly) trying to shut down his sex-traffic hobby. And this is not the first time that people have bothered poor Jeffrey. He had to buy his way out of trouble just awhile ago. No wonder he’s willing to cough up a hundred million or so. The price of privacy these days, Harvey Weincup.

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  • Reading a few new pieces about Epstein, I’m reminded that there’s another relevant point that also goes to how he operated similarly to Raniere – both had wingwomen, Maxwell in Epstein’s case, who helped procure young women in part because they enjoyed female jailbait themselves, sometimes in threesomes, if reports are correct.

  • A number of people have claimed Epstein is a Mossad agent and/or working for them. He’s the mastermind behind a large-scale honey pot operation that has compromised many politicians in the US – the vast majority of politicians kowtow to the Israeli Lobby and its demands as their political career is dependent upon it – across the world for the benefit of the Zionists and “Greater Israel”. He’s connected to the Clintons, Trump, Zionists like Wexner, Maxwell, Dershowitz, etc, and many more. That is why he previously got such a sweet prison deal. Costa, who was the US attorney in Miami at the time, when asked about it prior to joining the Trump administration stated that he was told that Epstein was way above his pay grade. Perhaps Raniere was also a minor player in this interconnected ring of pedophile and sex rings. That the Bronfman family is involved in NXIVM, another mega rich Zionist family, is unsurprising. Sarah’s husband Basit was to be put into place to control Libya’s vast oil reserves for his masters after Qaddafi was removed by Hillary under the Obama regime. I’d carefully watch the Epstein case to see what happens. These guys will ultimately be made into fall guys if public outcry gets too loud, and the locomotive will keep on chugging behind the scene in the bullshit name of national security. These people are sick psychos doing evil’s work.

    • If Epstein were a “mastermind,” he wouldn’t have left incriminating photos in a safe that the FBI could easily find. A professional intelligence agency like the Mossad might occasionally exploit such a dupe to get compromising information on someone, but they’d want to keep at least arm’s length from such a reckless and trouble-prone sex addict – Raniere even more so.

      Like most conspiracy-style theories, it only goes downhill from there when examined under the lens of logic and plausibility.

      • So much evidence linked to the Mossad and all you can focus on is the word “mastermind”.

        The links are all there. And since pedophile and sex trafficking rings have been illegal for a long time, that his has existed for so many years points to an obvious conspiracy, by definition.

        There’s always a fall guy that is set up to take the fall. ALWAYS.

        • anonymaker is a legend in his own mind. What he knows about intelligence operations could fit on a gnat’s nut sack.

        • It’s not just the Clintons – Epstein has questionable ties with former Israeli Prime Minister EHUD BARAK and the WEXNER Foundation

          Epstein ties to the Wexner Foundation are deeper then many know. Epstein may just really be a front man for the Foundation………..

          The East 71st Street property, known as the Herbert N. Straus Mansion, was built in 1933, and has previously been named as one of the city’s most valuable mansions. It was designed by society architect Horace Trumbauer for Herbert N. Straus, one of the heirs to the Macy’s department store fortune, who died before it was completed. In 1961, the mansion became home to the Birch Wathen School, which it remained until Leslie H. Wexner, the founding chairman of the Limited Inc., bought it in 1989 for $13.2 million. Wexner hired architect Thierry Despont and interior designer John Stefanidis to help gut the 40-room home.

          In 1995, Wexner transferred the home to Epstein (no record of a sale exists in city property records), who was his protege and financial advisor. Epstein carried out his own renovation, and has held onto the home to this day. According to the New York Times, the property has been valued at approximately $56 million by the city’s Department of Finance, although prosecutors stated it was valued at $77 million. The property taxes are more than $347,000.

        • In the world of international affairs and business, there are bound to be all sorts of seeming connections – people in those circles are down to one or two degrees of separation at most, not seven. But that doesn’t constitute “evidence.”

          The “fall guy” is a typical conspiracy trope. The problem is, particularly in a case like this, if the theory had any validity then the potential fall guy knows too much to be allowed to fall, and possibly expose the conspiracy and its participants; if there really were devious or sinister players involved, they’d put potential fall guy types on ice or eliminate them entirely.

          On a more relevant real-world point, it will be interesting to see who gets named in this case. It has the potential to be embarrassing for all sorts of people, as Acosta’s example has shown.

  • There’s an interesting story in today’s Times about how Epstein used various means and subterfuges to wangle his way back into the upper crust after his initial conviction:

    Epstein Was a Sex Offender. The Rich and Powerful Still Welcomed Him.

    I think that also gives some idea of what Clare Bronfman may try to rehabilitate her reputation as a “humanitarian.” I don’t think she’s as smart or deft as Epstein, but if she uses her money to hire some of the most adept people as she has with her attorneys, should could accomplish something similar.

    There’s also a sidebar piece about suspicious behavior around young girls, when Epstein was in his early 20s – once again, shades of the same lifetime pedophilic or ephebophilic (teen) fixations as Raniere.

  • It has been an amazing thing to watch how the establishment Left and Deep State players have rallied around Bill Clinton with their MSM propaganda arm trying to erase any connection he has with Epstein. Photos have been scrubbed from the internet, Wikipedia entries have been deleted, Google search results completely changed to give the impression that there has been no association, even though it is clear that the association has been deep and long-standing. It is absolutely Orwellian. I never could quite understand the hold that the Clintons seem to have over these people, and how they will go to any lengths to protect them. It is clear, however, that the Deep State realizes that public awareness of the issue of pedophilia and human trafficking puts them in a very vulnerable position and they tend to go berserk whenever it comes up, knowing that it could bring them all down.

    • Which is all the more reason why the Trump Administration must strike while the iron is hot.

      Recent news reports indicate that Epstein bought his Zorro Ranch in New Mexico from the family of Bruce King a Democratic former Governor of that state.
      And Epstein also has ties to New Mexico’s former Governor Bill Richardson who was Clinton’s Secretary of Energy.
      Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch linked to investigation

      “At the center of Jeffrey Epstein’s secluded New Mexico ranch sits a sprawling residence the financier built decades ago — complete with plans for a 4,000-square-foot (372-square-meter) courtyard, a living room roughly the size of the average American home and a nearby private airplane runway.

      Known as the Zorro Ranch, the high-desert property is now tied to an investigation that the state attorney general’s office says it has opened into Epstein with plans to forward findings to federal authorities in New York.”
      “Records show Epstein purchased the ranch, valued by county officials at over $12 million, from the family of former Gov. Bruce King, who died 10 years ago. ”

      “Former Gov. Bill Richardson donated $50,000 in 2006 gubernatorial campaign contributions from Epstein to charity.”

    • It matters not the political/gender/race/whatever….pedophiles get locked up, preferably with other pedophiles

    • Yes, Redhawk, all those Deep State actions to rewrite Clinton/Epstein history are very Orwellian…and like Orwell, your writing is fiction.
      As Trump said, “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

          • CNN’s Chris Cuomo reached a new low in world journalism this week by literally begging people not to delve into accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s high-profile friendships.

            “When we’re talking about Epstein, you got to stick to what is common sense on these things, all right?. Don’t get buried in legalese, don’t follow the finger-pointing, and please don’t get up on the intrigue of who was better friends with this guy. Who cares? Let’s take a look at the facts of what we know about how it was handled. Okay? We are going to dissect them with one of the best investigators around. What was done that seems fine and what was fugazi,” said Cuomo.

            Court documents show that Jeffrey Epstein had 21 different phone numbers for former Democrat president Bill Clinton.

            AND…in 2015, the website “Gawker” published a name of Lolita Island “regulars”, which included Chris’s older bro, Andrew.

            Move along folks, nothing to see here, move along…

  • Acosta’s resignation removes the smokescreen protecting Clinton. Not that it helps for the true ideologues of the left, but it might shed some light for the deluded stooges of their base. I wouldn’t think that Acosta gave in to pressure from the high dollar legal defense team, I think it had more to giving in to superiors in Justice. I hope that there are many in the deep state that begin to question their defense of Clinton and his associates.

    Acosta did the best he could in the situation and more than the Democrat State Attorney who had responsibility for bringing prosecution. Attacking Acosta was a way of deflecting from all the democrats Epstein was close to and attacking Trump.

    It was inevitable that he had to step down because the vultures would have made this another circus like the Russian hoax.

    Molly Hemmingway said that Epstein was an FBI informant and that’s why he didn’t get a harsher sentence. Acosta did require that as part of the plea Epstein register as a level 3 sex offender – the most dangerous level.

    When Epstein finished his sentence in Florida, NY Dem Atty Cy Vance went to court to lower it to the lowest level – 1 – in NY. The judge hearing the case was outraged and refused. Cy Vance was on TV the other day saying he didn’t know the details of Epstein’s case when he went to court requesting the reduction. What? He was a convicted level 3 for life. What didn’t Vance pick up the phone?

    Soon after folks like George Stephanopolous, Katie Couric, Chelsea Handler, Woody Allen, Charlie Rose were having dinner at Epstein’s house and his procurer Ghislane Maxwell was a special guest at Chelsea’s wedding.

    But it’s Acosta – the only one who prosecuted him and Trump – the only one who threw him out when he discovered what he was – that get attacked.


    ‘PLEASE’: Chris Cuomo Begs People Not to Investigate Epstein’s Friends

    Why, is Perm Boy scared of who we might find on that list? Trump banned Epstein from his clubs many yrs. ago and I’m guessing he knew he was no good but Idk if he knew about his island, maybe just heard rumors. After all, it wasn’t his job to investigate rumors, just distance yourself from whomever it is! It’s what I do! You’re judged by the company you keep, and if I keep hearing someone is into something shady, I take myself out of the picture! Everyone can’t be wrong on something like this. The gubmunt knew about it, but they didn’t do anything because they were in on it. B.J. Billy & The Benghazi Butcher went many times to Pedo Island! We’d never have found out about this and a hundred + other crimes if The Butcher had won. Everything would have been destroyed & the “useful idiots” would have cheered ’em on like they’re still doing today! Ignorance should hurt to the point you have to seek medical help, then we could spot ’em easier.

    Ha ha ha 😂 I bet you this idiot & his brother are so called “friends” of Epstein & his pedo crew. Epstein deserves the death penalty & his “friends” who participated, knew & covered up these heinous crimes against our young should spend the rest of their lives rotting in jail!

  • Jeffrey Epstein had a cabin at Interlochen, a Michigan summer Music camp for CHILDREN near
    Traverse City.

    Epstein Had His Own Lodge at Interlochen’s Prestigious Arts Camp for Kids
    Epstein was a big donor at Interlochen, where his cabin was located near the junior girls camp. The mother of a former student once accused him of trying to groom her 13-year-old.

    • Shadowstate thanks for the great article link.

      It appears that Epstein was always on the hunt for young women.

      The part in the article about the kids summer camp lodge sounded like Epstein had a hunting lodge.

      The guy actually traveled around looking for fresh girls like he was fur trapper.

      Epstein is the worst kind of predator.

  • Revelations……..

    According to Vanityfair magazine Donald Trump was such good friends with Jeffrey Epstein that the 2 of them through an exclusive Model Calendar Auditions party at Marlargo.

    Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein were the only guests in addition to the 20+ models. Sounds like a Hugh Hefner party.
    I am sure it was harmless fun. The point is Trump lied. He an Jeffrey Epstein were good friends.

    Donald had said he did not know Epstein that well.

    This latest news is not fake news. It’s very real.

    Trump=Bill Clinton=scandals galore


    I am registered Republican that voted for both the Bushes and Trump.

    Trump has done a good job with the economy. Bill Clinton had a budget surplus and the economy was doing well.

    The reality is neither man had anything to do with the economy as a whole; they both just happened to be at the helm.

    The truth is both Clinton and Trump are morally bankrupt men.

    • Vanity Fair? That rag is pure fake news. Trump has long been involved in modeling, pageants, etc. Were they underage girls? When did Trump lie? Why does doing a single event (assuming it even happened) make them “good friends?” Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago years ago for hitting on one of his young employees. You’re a registered idiot. Slick Willy said he couldn’t get a budget surplus until the Republicans made him do it, then he took credit for it. He also benefited from the internet boom. Trump got a tax reduction passed and is cutting regulations, both of which stimulated the economy. Are you really this stupid? Don’t bother answering, I already know the answer. You don’t have a clue.

      • The New York Times reported the same story.

        Shadowstate stick to hating and obsessing on women with cankles….

        • The leftist media is trying to make this about Trump, but it won’t wash with the facts. Especially after Trump threw Epstein out, when he found out he molested a little girl.

          Maggie Haberman has zero credibility.

          The NYT likewise has zero credibility.

          • Anonymous,

            The New York Times brought the Nxivm branding story to the world with assistance from Parlato.

            Breitbart and Alex Jones did not bring the story to the world’s attention.

          • Scott your reading comprehension skills are worse or level with Bangkok.

            Are you by chance as dyslexic Salzman Lauren?

        • Maybe your fucking precious fake news New York Times ought to investigate what is right under it’s fucking nose…the New York Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children

        • No fool , President Trump did not lie. The fucking NY Times lied once again. They are the leftist mouthpiece. Grow up and learn to deduce the truth before your fucking wasted life is over.

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