Where to From Here? – Let’s Start With Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman unleashes her flying monkeys (Painting by MK10ART)

Several readers have asked what will happen to Frank Report now that Keith Alan Raniere has been convicted on all the charges brought against him by U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY).

Our answer to that question is very simple: We’ll move on to other aspects of the NXIVM case that have not yet resulted in true justice – and we’ll take on other cases in which guilty parties are not prosecuted and innocent ones are.


More Investigations – and More Prosecutions – Needed in NXIVM Case

While there is much to be happy about with respect to the conviction of Raniere – and the guilty pleas of Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Lauren Salzman, and Nancy Salzman – there is still a great deal of “unfinished business” with respect to NXIVM.

To begin with, there are the four felony charges that were dismissed in the EDNY on jurisdictional grounds – and referred to the Northern District of New York (NDNY).

Those four charges are as follows:
– Sexual Exploitation Of A Child – Jane Doe 2 (Keith Raniere)
– Sexual Exploitation Of A Child – Jane Doe 2 (Keith Raniere)
– Possession Of Child Pornography (Keith Raniere)
– Conspiracy To Commit Identity Theft Regarding Jane Doe 7 (Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman & Others)


But those four charges are nothing more than the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the crimes that were part of NXIVM criminal enterprise’s operations in the Capital District area and elsewhere.

At a minimum, a comprehensive investigation needs to be undertaken with respect to these potential crimes:
– Aiding & Abetting
– Alien Smuggling
– Assault
– Bank Fraud
– Battery
– Blackmail
– Bribery Of Elected Officials
– Bribery Of Governmental Officials
– Bribery Of Law Enforcement Officials
– Bulk Cash Smuggling
– Child Abuse
– Child Neglect
– Coercion
– Computer Hacking
– Computer Tampering
– Computer Trespass
– Conducting Unauthorized Scientific Experiments
– Criminal Facilitation
– Defrauding the Government
– Encouraging/Inducing Unauthorized Aliens To Enter
– Endangering the Welfare of a Child
– Extortion
– Failure to Issue W-2 Forms and 1099 Forms
– Failure to Report Income Paid to Consultants & Employees
– Failure to Withhold & Pay Employer Taxes
– False Advertising
– Falsely Reporting Incidents To Law Enforcement Authorities
– Falsifying Business Records
– Falsifying Evidence
– Filing False Affidavits
– Filing False Business Records
– Filing Falsified Visa Applications
– Forcing Staff to Kick-back a Portion Of Their Wages
– Forgery
– Fraud
– Harassment
– Hindering Prosecution
– Identity Theft
– Illegally Accessing Personal Information
– Kidnapping
– Larceny
– Mail Fraud
– Money Laundering
– Obstructing Governmental Administration
– Operating Unlicensed Day Care Centers
– Operating Unlicensed Schools
– Perjury
– Practicing Therapy Without A License
– Providing False Documentation to Immigrants to Allow Them to Obtain Visas
– Rape
– Reimbursing Staff for Mandated Political Contributions
– Retaliation Against Whistleblowers
– Retaliation Against Witnesses
– Sexual Assault
– Sexual Exploitation
– Stalking
– Statutory Rape
– Structuring Bank Transactions
– Tampering with Private Communications
– Tax Evasion
– Tax Fraud
– Wire Fraud
– Wiretapping
– Witness Tampering

Obviously, even a comprehensive investigation will not result in charges being brought with respect to all those potential crimes.

But it is definitely what needs to be done in order to identify all the crimes that were committed – and all the people that were involved in them.

The question then becomes: Who should conduct this comprehensive investigation?


Should a Local Task Force be Appointed
Usually, this type of investigation would be conducted by a Task Force similar to the one that was appointed to investigate NXIVM’s crimes in the EDNY.

Such a Task Force would, under normal circumstances, include representatives from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the FBI Field Office in Albany, the IRS Office in Albany, the New York State Police – and possibly investigators from the Offices of the Albany County District Attorney and the Saratoga County District Attorney.

But these are not normal circumstances.

That’s because several of those agencies steadfastly refused – for well over a decade – to undertake any sort of meaningful investigation of NXIVM’s criminal activities even though they were provided with detailed documentation of those activities.

Some of them even aided and abetted NXIVM in its never-ending attempts to silence its critics and crush any whistleblowers.

So, relying on local staff to undertake a comprehensive investigation seems foolish.


Should the EDNY Task Force be Extended?
One alternative to appointing a Local Task Force is to extend the work of the existing EDNY Task Force.

And while that appears to be a much better strategy than relying on local agencies in the Albany area to do the work, doing so could also lead to a less-than-thorough investigation.

That’s because the EDNY Task Force includes members of the New York State Police who may be less than enthusiastic about investigating their colleagues (Despite multiple requests for it to undertake an investigation of specific members of the New York State Police regarding their role with NXIVM, the agency’s Internal Affairs Bureau has done absolutely nothing).

The EDNY Task Force has also been working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the NDNY – another agency that has sat on its hands for more than a decade and done nothing about a criminal enterprise that was operating in its own backyard.

It’s not that the current EDNY Task Force is not capable of undertaking a comprehensive investigation of NXIVM’s criminal activities – it obviously is.

It’s just that it may be asking too much for it to investigate the various law enforcement officials and elected officials who need to be investigated for their possible role in aiding and abetting the NXIVM criminal enterprise.


Should a Special Counsel be Appointed?
One alternative that is available to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) – and, more specifically, to the U.S. Attorney General, William P. Barr – is to appoint a Special Counsel to oversee an investigation of NXIVM’s criminal enterprise [This is the same type of appointment that led to Robert Muller’s investigation of Russia’s alleged attempt to influence the 2016 Presidential election and other matters].

Although it is unlikely that the DOJ will make such an appointment, such a request has already been made (See Joe O’Hara’s June 4th letter to Attorney General Barr).

And an online petition has been set up to encourage such an appointment. If you’d like to sign that petition, go to https://www.thepetitionsite.com/ – and look for “Appoint Special Counsel To Investigate NXIVM/ESP”.


Who Should be Targeted for Investigation?
Any investigation of NXIVM’s criminal activities in the NDNY will necessarily include Keith Raniere because nothing related to NXIVM ever happened without his permission.

But there is another person who also needs to be investigated for the role she played in most, if not all, of NXIVM’s crimes – and that is Clare Webb Bronfman AKA Legatus.

Bronfman, who has already pleaded guilty to two relatively minor felonies in the EDNY case – one count of conspiracy to conceal and harbor an illegal alien for financial gain and one count of fraudulent use of identification – served as NXIVM’s Director of Operations.

Clare oversaw the day-to-day operations of NXIVM – and also financed most of them.

Without Clare, there would not have been a NXIVM – at least not the powerful and lethal version of NXIVM that ruined so many lives.

Without Clare taking care of the day-to-day operations, Raniere would not have had for his sick perversions.

Without Clare, NXIVM would not have been able to hire the horde of attorneys it used to persecute its enemies.

Without Clare, Raniere would have been taken down a long time ago.

NOW is the time to focus our attention on Clare Bronfman.

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  • Can anyone tell me, is it correct that Nancy had breast cancer twice but did not take chemotherapy? Did she have mastectomies then? Did Pam Cafritz refuse chemo–and then die from cancer? Barbara Jeske as well? Is it likely they may have survived had they sought medical treatment? I’ve seen the illnesses mentioned in passing but not any details about what actually transpired.
    My other question is if STDs came up at trial. Have these people spread multiple sexually transmitted diseases amongst themselves? That is a large group, and in the case of HPV, there may be repercussions of this sexual free-for-all for decades to come in the forms of throat, anal, and uterine cancers. Better hope no one brought HIV into the group.

  • I’ve tried, but I can’t see Clare Bronfman as being any better than Keith Raniere.

    Her efforts to utterly destroy people who have done nothing wrong, is so evil that its hard to grasp.

  • Can’t seem to find the petition on the link. I searched the term you posted, searched Raniere….NXIVM…ESP…nothing. When I put in “special counsel” too many came up in relation to Mueller/Trump.

  • Keith Raniere owns Rational Inquiry which is the so called “Tech” of NXIVM.

    Has the Government taken control of this asset? If so, using the tech in any manner, trading EM’s, charging for EM’s, running SOP/DOS drills, goals/value labs, teaching modules, etc is stealing from the government.

    If the government is the new owner of Rational Inquiry can they issue an order to stop using any of NXIVM and any NXIVM’S umbrella companies technology/programs/teachings/tools?

  • Why not investigate the US Government? Something the world would pay to see! They are more corrupt and far worse than Raniere! But you only concentrate on the little people.

    So how about it? Uncover the truth about the copper who really shot JFK and the real reason why Trump was elected. Money talks and there are many happy corrupt officials out there!

    I know there is. The FBI files that got hacked says so…

    • There is more to Nxivm – Salinas – Bronfman than what has been uncovered so far. How much more? We hope to find out. Is it a worldwide conspiracy? I rather doubt it. But, on the other hand, if you take in the Salinas connection and the Arizona Mafia, there is much more to investigate.

  • I couldn’t find the NXIVM petition on the website. I agree that Clare was the financial enabler and torturer and should be at the top of the list, as well as the elder Salzman, Karen U., and other long-time Raniere sycophants.

  • The corrupt elements of law enforcement in the NDNY also need investigating in non NXIVM cases. I doubt that they would only limit themselves to NXIVM cases.

    • Great link Pyriel!

      Fortunately, Keith Raniere never had a protégée under his tutelage. I think NXIVM will crater in on itself.

      • The fact that Keith never actually had a successor like L. Ron Hubbard did shows that Keith cared less about the legacy of his teachings and more about his own personal power.

        Keith had no replacements nepotistic or otherwise.

      • Keith thought all the Nxivm/SOP men were total dipshits for buying his bs. I have to applaud Vicente for admitting his shame. Ha. Like, Vicente couldn’t get the plot of the Bad Guru movie at the time?

    • Who were the names of the 8 Raniere supporters in court for closing arguments?? Curious minds want to know.

      • Right? No one has said anything. I’m sure Frank knows and will report. He loves getting goid info on these people.

  • There’s been much talk about Allison Mack, or Nancy Salzman being Raniere’s second-in-command, but I don’t buy it. People like Raniere don’t share power. An ‘inner circle’ was about as far as it went. They all did their best to please him, and in a way it was like a competition. Mack tried to please him by pimping women for him, and Bronfman provided the money and took care of attacking his perceived enemies.

    She spent a huge amount of money just to win Raniere’s favour.

    He just ridiculed her.

    She tried to utterly destroy people because she had the means.

    She committed perjury many times.

    Whole families came under attack.

    People were bankrupted and lost their livelihoods and their homes.

    And after a while, it wasn’t just about pleasing Raniere – she found that she enjoyed it.

    She ditched any sense of morality that she might have had.

    All the people she harmed deserve some restitution, and in many cases that restitution will have to be in the form of money.

    There has to be some compensation for all that was taken from them.

    How much money do you have left, Clare?

    I hope you have enough to undo some of the damage you did.

    I hope so partly for your own sake, for the better person you once were.

    • It was more like a second tier of lieutenants – typically, each kept off balance and competing with the others.

      The one exception in high control groups or cults, is that not infrequently the leader has a paramour who is relatively trusted enough to be more of a right hand, and often ends up as successor – typically they’re a good bit younger, and so still energetic as the founder is fading.

    • Unlimited power (provided by millions of dollars) is like a drug. I suspect she became addicted to it once she started launching attacks. Plus there doesn’t seem to have been a “voice of reason” at her side – a trusted friend or family member to try to talk some sense into her.

      Like Keith, I doubt she feels any remorse. She would have no concept of how it would feel to lose one’s home or livelihood. She has always been automatically taken care of and provided for.

      • Clare.like her sister, has no moral compass.

        She never did, never will.

        Her parents were disengaged, pursuing their own lives when they should have been parental.

        Clare is what, now. Close to 40? With a highly tainted reputation that money will never erase.

        We know she uses the courts as a weapon, even going so far as to perjure herself to crucify anyone who opposes her. Sounds Orwellian. Hmmmmm.

        Those of her class will shy away from her. Probably already do. After all, didn’t she plant a bug on her own father’s hard drive the better to spy on him? With daughters like her, one doesn’t need to look for enemies. Edgar’s progeny did his enemies one better!

        Anyone who has followed this case, and thank God for the Internet, the entire world knows what each player looks like, enough of what heinous acts they instituted or participated in and how Clare and Sara, used money they never earned, to persecute, and impoverish others.

        I can’t believe anyone, high or low, would want to befriend or align, themselves with these two Bronfman sisters.

        If they sit next to you, say “move your seat.”

  • Clare couldn’t unleash a fly on her own. Much less a flying monkey. Most of the flying monkeys I’m acquainted with don’t even speak English. So, unless Clare and/or Sara are fluent in Espanol and, perhaps, Russian, these BadAss monks are serving a different master, er, mistress. …Although KAR & Nancy pants did oft praise Sara for both her Spanish-speaking skills and jacuzzi monk seduction wiles. …Hello Dolly!

    • “then changed his mind at the last minute.”

      I would rather have a President who uses military force judiciously than one who plunges into every possible war.
      It is easier to get into a war than to get out of one.
      Iran has over 62 million people.
      To subdue Iran would take at least one million troops and America also faces problems with Venezuela, China and Russia.

    • heidi {its good to see you back }
      he was never going to war with iran ….taking out deep state blacksites yes but trump is a man of peace who likes making deals
      he has to keep the deep state off balance so he constantly talks from both sides of his mouth ….its never what he sez its what he does {and in this case doesnt}
      ps….boy were they pissed off ;0

    • As usual, you couldn’t be more wrong. It was a surgical strike on a small number of targets, not an annihilation. There were an estimated 150 casualties, Iran is a country of almost 83 million. That’s about 0.00018%, and probably all of which are military personnel.

    • Trump didn’t allow the NYT to get the story wrong with fake news, he publicly stated he changed his mind soon after deciding not to attack using the military at this time. However, he is putting more economic and cyber resources to bear, a very wise decision. YOU are the one demonstrating both fake news and insanity. As usual.

    • Just when it seems that you couldn’t post anything more idiotic. Hey toots, if your butt boy hero B Insane O-hole had not given Iran over 150 billion in cash, maybe things could have accomplished much quicker.

    • Heidi, shut up putting your left wing “I hate the POTUS” on this blog.
      This is about NXIVM.
      Your hatred is consuming you.

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