Shadow: Allison Mack cannot get a job with Walt Disney

By Shadow State


Does Walt Disney Company hire felons?

Based on our research, it appears that Walt Disney Company doesn’t hire felons. It should be noted that we compile this information from various internet resources and we cannot guarantee that every company location will feel the same way.

However, from what we have seen in our research, it doesn’t appear that someone can work at Walt Disney Company with a felony.

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Does Time Warner hire felons?

Based on our research, it appears that Time Warner doesn’t hire felons.
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Does Comcast hire felons?


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Allison Mack would have a hard time getting employed at AT &T.

AT&T does NOT outright ban felons from working for them but will require that your felony that is at least seven (7) years old from the time of your release.

From the research that we have done it seems as if AT&T is not a felon-friendly employer. This does not mean that it is impossible to get a job with them but it is not as easy as some other larger employers in the United States.

It is safe to assume that it would be nearly impossible for someone with violent felony conviction to work at AT&T.

But if Allison gets out of prison in 2026, she could qualify to work at AT&T in 2033. She would be 50 years old.


Of course Allison might be able to work as a cankles apparel saleswoman.

Or possibly as consultant to branding designs.

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  • Parlato: You might not post my comments about it, you know i was right…
    If there is anything that happens, you’ll be as responsible as him.

    If it was just comment, it would be fine but you publish this guy.

    You pretend (and i highly doubt) that you tried to “save” Allison and other, how about actually helping someone who is dangerously in need…And no, publishing him will not help him.

    BTW, you brag about answering interview (with tabloïds, i must add), you think people will still give you any credit for any stories when you publish…this kind of content?
    You are ridiculous.

    Freedom of speech comes with limitation…Difamatory messages, hate message and other such are against the constitution.
    And don’t tell me this message isn’t about hate or difamation.
    That’s all this maniac is about…maybe a tenth of what he write is based on facts, the rest is just him publicly sharing is mental breakdown.

    He must be monitored by healthcare, he sounds more dangerous everytime you publish him because he believe he is on a mission and is believable.

    • I agree it’s dangerous ground here.. but by publishing the guy he is helping to fuel the delusions that Shadow is a journalist helping this case ..
      These articles damage the credibility of Frank Report and are irrespsonsible. Shadow clearly needs help and support to overcome his obsession and certainly not encouragement.

      As you say if something happens Frank will share some accountability.
      The recent how he is going to end her career (legally).
      Stalking the internet finding information on her sister and family.. an article how she “went down on Nicki Cline” are all clear Red flags.
      I’m aware by commenting here further fuels it and further articles. But there needs to be a differentiation between promoting the truth and justice and allowing a mentally ill stalker publish their delusions and obsessions.

      Furthermore Shadows Alison is “evil/the devil” “her Scarlet letter” actually prevent more balanced and logical speculation amongst other visitors..
      To be clear I’m no fan of hers.. and even be interested on whether there could be a potential link into the elite pizza-gate conspiracy..

      But at present this site is hijacked by one man’s vendetta and obsession…

  • Allison Mack, from today’s date will probably not be acting for at least 5 to 6 years or even more time.

    The equivalent of discussing Allison Mack’s career at the moment…..

    …… is like discussing who is going to be the Super Bowl champions in 2025.

    WTF guys?

  • There are about 4 times as many independent films released as studio movies.
    I can imagine some indie horror flick hoping that casting Ally Wack will generate some hype and separate them from other low budget films.
    But after spending a few years in prison, her notoriety may have cooled too much that she won’t be used that way.

    “Total films released (718) increased one percent from 2015. Films released by MPAA members (139) were
    down five percent in 2016 compared to 2015, which was a five-year high. Non-MPAA affiliated independents
    continued to release the most films domestically (579) and were up three percent from 2015”.

    • Every year Hollywood produces about 600 to 700 movies.
      And every year the porn industry produces 13,000 movies.

      And the porn movies bring in far more money than the mainstream movies do.

      Allison Mack’s true calling is the porn industry.

      Every year, Hollywood releases roughly 600 movies and makes $10 billion in profit. And how much porn industry makes? 13,000 films and close to $15 billion in profit. The porn industry makes more money than Major League Baseball, The NFL and The NBA combined.

      • You’d wish… really , keep your fantasm for yourself, you creep a lot of people out.

        It’s not happening, you ‘ll have to continue to fantasm on her with the few pics you have …Old man

  • I for one have lost interest in what happens to any of those who’ve pled out. They will pay dearly (on multiple levels), and once released, their history will follow them forever. And to those who think 3 or 4 years behind bars is a easy, I suggest you try doing one week – one month – one year – and see how hard it is.

    If Allison testifies fully and honestly about KAR and helps to put him away, she will have partially redeemed herself. Maybe we should stop pounding her into a mud puddle and concentrate on who the real monster is.

    • Unless you have actually spent time in prison you have no concept what it is like. None.

      On the positive side, it is an opportunity to learn humility, patience, respect and good boundaries.

      Am I glad I went through it? No, but I did benefit.

      And, I ain’t putting myself in a situation to go back!

      • Thank you for sharing this. You seem to be one of the few who can face a very difficult situation and walk away with something positive. Not many people can do that.

        I actually hope the experience for those who receive prison time in this case will be beneficial to some degree, along the lines you describe. Except I would count KAR out on that front. He already knows everything and so has nothing to learn.

        • Many people learn from prison. My cellie was there for the worst crime imaginable. Nevertheless, I learned about spirituality from him. You can learn from anyone; and anyone, who is ready, can learn.

          There are no exceptions. It simply requires humility, openness and a desire to serve.

  • Much of the executives at these corporations are NXIVM members and would absolutely hire Mack. I’m surprised Parlato published this shit.

  • If it comes out that she helped Raniere have sex with kids then she will have a hard time getting a job anywhere without some major pull. That is if she is not in prison. Allison Mack was one of my favorite actress! I had her ranked #2, right under Natalie Portman on my imdb account. It saddens me to see the path she chose. I hope she wants to change, blackmail and torture are evil deeds indeed!

  • This is probably wishful thinking, but if she truly feels remorse about what DOS was, maybe at some point in the future she could become an anti-sex trafficking advocate. I think Ashton Kutcher went in that direction when he got tired of being just an actor.

    • Why would she become and anti sex trafficking as she hasn’t pleaded on this and this is not linked to her anymore?
      Anti extorsion maybe but the rest.

      I advice you to actually get real info instead of reading what is in this article.

  • I’ve have not visited for months and some things never change. I bet fifteen years from now we will still be reading these same rants. Yeesh.

  • Please no more posts from this guy! For so many reasons!
    It’s like you’ve got a lame junior high kid trying to act like one of the cool kids. He’s trying way too hard to seem relevant. Fails every time.
    Haven’t seen a single post or comment from him that fits under journalism, commentary, or essay. His work does fit perfectly in the category of troll though.

    Frank, your work is exemplary, and the contrast between you two just makes Shadow’s poor writing and thinking hurt even more.

    • Anonymous:
      All I did is point out the well known fact that many American corporations will not hire a convicted felon.
      The first duty of corporations is to the shareholders.
      The second and third duties of corporations are to customers and employees.
      Corporations have no duty to provide employment to gangsters like Allison Mack.
      These are facts which many NXIVM trolls and Allison Mack fans do not understand.

      As it stands right now Allison Mack is guilty of Racketeering and Extortion.
      Allison Mack plead guilty.
      It is no crime to inform any American corporation of her criminal behavior.
      t sucks to be Allison Mack.

      That’s what happens when the world’s dumbest woman hooks up with the world’s dumbest man.

      • I think you’re naive.

        There are people in Hollywood right now doing stuff far, far worse than anything Mack has ever done (and I’m not excusing what she’s done). Hollywood only “cares” when it gets caught. And even then, Hollywood’s focus is on minimising the bad publicity. Not accountability and change.

        Allison Mack might not be forgiven in the court of public opinion (and it begs the question how much of the public know or care enough to “forgive” her in the first place – at the height of her fame she was a C-lister at best) but you can bet Hollywood will do everything in its power to tout her as a redemption story after she comes out of prison. There will be a book, perhaps several. There’ll be talk show appearances. There’ll be a TED talk. There’ll be a website or charity aimed at helping others exit cults. Whenever a show’s doing a segment on cults and needs an “expert talking head”, they’ll call on Mack. There’ll be calls to leave her alone, because she’s “suffered” enough.

        And in time, Mack will start to get acting jobs again – perhaps because of the notoriety factor, maybe because of an increased public perception of her as a “survivor who did her time.”

        Like it or not, people are fascinated by this stuff and Hollywood knows it. Which means there’ll always be an audience of some kind for Allison Mack.

        • ‘There are people in Hollywood right now doing stuff far, far worse than anything Mack has ever done ‘

          Les Moonves was head of CBS TV for many years and was regarded as a good manager of that company.
          And when Moonves was charged with sexual harassment recently he was tossed out on his butt within months.

          We are living in a new era and Hollywood is becoming increasingly like the rest of Corporate America.

          • You’re obsessed with the supposed evil of the almighty Allison Mack, and even so you’re so naive about the evil in Hollywood, you’re delirious.
            pD: This is the #metoo was where even Kevin Spacey can not land a job. That’s right now I suspect that Kevin Spacey will eventually be forgiven and I do not say it just because of his fame and talent, but also because I think the guy knows Many things about powerful people in Hollywood.

        • Mack can play herself in the movie. But she has to rediscover and start being, get back to herself, right now. IMHO.

          She and Kreuk and Clyne — I’d include India Oxenberg but suspect she’s already forging ahead on her own recovery path — could conceivably rewrite this entire story. They could still truly become heroes. IF they do so first in reality and for real — get brutally honest, seek redemption, help others and the victims they influenced with, in part, the power of their celebrity status.

          That’s an ending I’d love to write.

  • Parlato: You know you will be responsible if something happens to Allison…
    You are enabling a psychopath to an extreme extent (even after everyone – except Shadow’s boyfriend, Anonymaker- said that he was going to far).

    All this in the name of clickbait! You can’t just expect that if this maniac goes from talker to full crazy and go after her, you won’t get splashed by this. This is your fault!

    He now believe that he has the power to stop her career (and we know that it’s stupid as her career was over when she was indicted)…what’s next?
    He’ll continue until she stop breathing?

    This guy needs serious help! (and i don’t say this with compassion but for the sake of people).

    Sadly, knowing the kind of person you are,Frank, I doubt it will stop you.
    But people who have seen what you published and your behavior (enabling someone like Shadow) will remember you if Something serious happens…I will anyway!

  • I can envision an apparel line — her own, not merely sales. To the best of my knowledge, there is no cankle-based foil for, say, Fabletics or Lululemon. This unfortunate demographic is cast aside to navigate the quirks of regular athletic pants, which are often quite snug.

    Sure, they can just squeeeeeze ’em in. In fact, I would guess presently that’s exactly what they must do, especially with heavier fabrics. However, I can definitely sense a much-needed niche for a more “relaxed” fit below the knee.

  • She won’t have to act. She will get a book deal. The book will be made into a movie where another actress will portray her. Ka-ching, ka-ching! Allison will have plenty of money and she won’t even have to act.

    (I hate to admit it .. but this article made me laugh)

    • Reality Check

      If there is any book deal turned into a movie it will be Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” turned into a movie.
      “Captive” is a product of the book publisher Simon and Schuster, a giant book publisher which was co-founded by the father of singer Carly Simon.
      Simon and Schuster is part of CBS the media company that is closely related to Paramount Pictures.
      And in “Captive” Allison Mack is a villain who abused India Oxenberg..

      No movie studio will produce a movie where Allison Mack is a hero.

      And Son of Sam laws prevent criminals from profiting from book and movie deals.
      The federal district court and later a federal appeals court upheld the New York Son of Sam law.

      • It is true that “captive” is a nice fiction so it would probably make a nice Scifi story…

        But for Truth, they’ll look elsewhere (no, not in sarah edmonson’s direction either…she was , after all, quite an enabler .She was the one (with Vicente) behind the Vancouver recruitement center
        Susan Done wouldn’t be a good source either.

        And once again, for the rest, you talk out of your ass and show your ignorance Everyday a little more.

  • Shadowstate,

    Allison Mack is probably going to jail for at least 4-5 years.

    She will not be able to act from the date of her sentencing hearing to the end of her sentence.

    In another 5-6 years, her career is over… finished…. the end.

    Your job is done Shadowstate.

    Why not work on other articles?

    I have truly enjoyed reading many of your articles.

    Last Point:

    When she gets out of prison you can resume writing article but write now your kind of wasting your time.

  • I got a real kick out of all the responses to my previous post telling me that I had gone too far.
    How dare I try to prevent Allison Mack from getting a job by threatening to expose her criminal activities.

    As if telling the truth about Mack’s massive crime wave was in itself was a crime.
    It turns out that most employers in Corporate America frown on Racketeering and Extortion.
    And all the NXIVM trolls and Allison Mack fans came out to scream bloody murder.

    It turns out that the entertainment media are big businesses with big investments and they do not appreciate a woman who thinks blackmail and extortion are no big deal.
    And when Corporate America discovers that Mack’s long-term boyfriend Raniere tried to shake down Microsoft and A,T &T, it will be even more determined to forego Allison Mack’s thespian talents.

  • What’s to be learned from actual career examples like Robert Downey, Jr., and Charlie Sheen – and perhaps in some ways closest to being relevant, Lindsay Lohan?

    I think Mack will probably be handicapped more by having had a relatively limited career before becoming involved in NXIVM, and having lost yet all the more opportunity to establish herself by the time she can put her legal troubles behind her. Unlike the other actors above, few people other than Smallville fans will ever stop to wonder what happened to Allison Mack as an actress.

    In the big picture, this seems to me like a pretty superficial angle, though, when we’re moving into a phase where the case is producing a lot of truly interesting topics.

    • Charlie Sheen

      Since “Anger Management” went off the air, Charlie Sheen has done nothing.
      And Sheen, who ran around claiming to have “Tiger’s Blood”, turned out to have HIV.

      Lindsay Lohan

      Last I heard Lindsay Lohan is in the Middle East espousing the virtues of Islam.

      Robert Downey, Jr.

      Downey cleaned up his act but actors who have a history of drug abuse have to put up a performance bond to get parts.

      Truly interesting topics.

      Perhaps, but if Clare and Raniere were really smart, they would both cut a deal with the prosecution and spare themselves lots of trouble as well as let all the jurors enjoy their summer vacations.

      And even plea deals won’t prevent all six defendants from being sued in civil court.

      • After the examples of Sheen and Lohan occurred to me, I checked IMDB to verify that both have indeed worked recently.

        And I still think that Bronfman has enough money and is ruthless enough, that she actually stands to come out better from fighting than if she’d made a deal. She has the resources to increase the chances of acquittal, mistrial, successful appeal, or of eventually getting a good deal just because the federal prosecutors need to move on to putting their resources into other cases – that’s the legal strategy that worked for the sort of mobsters her grandfather did business with, and for Scientology.

    • Agreed. Most people don’t know who she is. Kreuk has somewhat of a following and will be considered for roles along with actresses much better known for less money. Mack? The time already spent away was damaging enough. Another few years and she brings nothing to the table. Unless it’s a low budget horror movie

      But keep hammering away. Now that her case is pretty much resolved the continued rants aren’t as easily explained away. The accusations by those against you Shadowstate are gaining credibility

    • Shadow would wish that allison had its initials marked and not those of KAR, in that case its mark would be, SS. GO THAT if it is curious.

      • ts mark would be, SS. GO THAT if it is curious.

        If you are implying that I am a Nazi, I will have you know that I am the least Nazi-like person that I know.
        I do not fit the Aryan profile and my brother has adopted two boys from Russia, a country regarded by the Nazis as filled with sub-humans.

        • You need mental health treatment.. your obsession has gone beyond the bounds of normal! You think that writing to studios will help your mission to end her career get a grip!! Answer my questions 1 do you still believe Pea is Nicki Cline?
          2 do you still believe flowers is her mum? (You were fully convinced of this last year)
          3 ball park figure how many pictures of Alison have you got on your computer?

          • I dont think Shadow was the person who kept insisting I was Alison’s mom. I think he just believed Allison’s mom was commenting here.

            Shadow, maybe Disney could invent a new Princess character specially for Mack to play. Since she’s also a wonderful singer, she would be perfect for the part.

          • ShadowState definitely needs a new hobby.

            There is an obsession here that should be monitored. This isn’t journalism it’s a public obsession with a stranger.

        • But shadowstate, as you may be aware, in some sectors of progressive activism, the word Nazi has been re-defined to include, for example, people who believe that men and women are different. They’ve lowered the bar so much on the word Nazi that it’s hard not to trip over it.

          • I don’t travel in progressive (regressive) circles where words have no meanings at all.
            I graduated from college decades ago before they became hotbeds of Orwellian insanity.

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