Edgar Boone – rebuilding Nxivm in Mexico – stands with Keith Raniere – yet lost love of his life, Sara Bronfman, to his pervy Vanguard

Edgar Boone built Nxivm in Mexico and he seems to want to grow it again.

Edgar Boone and his Empire

Guest View By A Knowing Source:

Edgar Boone was the first of the Mexicans to come to ESP before they changed their name to NXIVM.

Almost everyone who enrolled into ESP/NXIVM was in Edgar downline. Mexico had the largest group of wealthy clients of all the countries involved. Edgar got a slice of every enrollment.

He found out about ESP from a program he had taken in Detroit called Life Skills.

Edgar Boone ran a self help program in Mexico before coming into ESP and was considered the Tony Robbins of Mexico.

He rapidly grew his organization within ESP and became the fastest growing student up the stripe path due to his background.

Edgar Boone fell head over heels in love with Nancy Salzman’s second daughter Michelle Salzman. Nancy used to joke around saying Michelle could be the queen of Mexico.

Edgar Boone had one big flaw when he first arrived. He was into the woo woo spiritual movement. That was a big no no (outside of the “inner circle”) since ESP was based on REALITY.

After things fell apart with Michelle, Edgar’s next big love was Sara Bronfman. They traveled together and were going to build ESP centers around the world.

You know Keith Raniere was not going to have any part of Edgar having Sara to himself. KAR wanted her money, her influence that came with the Bronfman name, and her body.

So Edgar lost what was the love of his life. It took Edgar a long time to get over Sara Bronfman. He talked about his loss for months. It was sad to see him so sad about it.

Edgar left NXIVM in 2008 or 2009, if memory servers me correctly. Why he came back is most likely because of the collateral Raniere’s criminal enterprise had over his head.

If the rumors are true of Mexico NXIVM 2.0 with the Boone brothers at the helm, it make sense. It was a successful business for the NXIVM Mexican.

As long as they keep things within the laws of Mexico, stay on their side of the border and the Mexican government turns a blind eye to them, live and let live.

Try rebuilding in the US, the freedom fighters gonna get you.


Another commenter on Edgar Boone had this to say:

“Edgar’s good fortune is that he was born into a wealthy family.  He is intoxicated on Keith’s KoolAid. Not a very bright man. He once tried to intimidate me. That was his selling technique.
‘What goes around comes around.”, Keith eventually took Edgar’s sales commissions, something I was unwilling to do from day one!  Edgar is deserving of all Keith dishes out.

“Mexicans should be warned about the dangers of this group. I hope they read Frank Report in Mexico!”

Keith Raniere talks to a room full of adoring women, most, if not all of whom had sexual relations with him. Raniere kept them all skinny; and obedient and took whichever of the women he wanted, when he wanted, and never hesitated to steal his male disciples wives or girlfriends when it suited him. On top of that, he had his woman find him other women and worse, little girls. He was a genuine sex addict and a true pervert. Most of Raniere’s followers were women but he attracted a type of beta male, like Edgar and his brother Omar – who could sit back and watch Raniere take charge of their women and even brand a wife’s pussy with his initials – and still regard him as a living god.
Edgar Boone stands with Keith Raniere – even if he steals his girlfriend and his money.
Edgar Boone fell in love with Michelle Salzman – who somehow lost interest – possibly through Keith’s manipulation.


Edgar then fell in love with the heiress Sara Bronfman. Together they were going to make Nxivm a worldwide organization, but Keith Raniere didn’t like that. That could make Edgar [with Sara’s money] more powerful than he. Raniere took her money and her body, kept it for awhile, then pawned it off to Lama Tenzin to secure the Dalai Lama. Then later approved her marriage to Basit Igtet.


All’s well that end’s well: In his middle age Edgar married Vanessa Sahagun, and they had triplets. Boone hols the blue sash on the stripe path – the only one to hold the blue. But Keith retired him – likely so he could not collect his entire downline. He was described as “emeritus” just prior to Raniere’s arrest.


Edgar’s brother is Omar Boone pictured here with his wife Jimena Garza. She is one of the leaders of DOS Mexico. She came to Clifton Park and had her pubic region branded with the initials of Keith Raniere and took a vow of lifelong slavery to Raniere. She also provided  nude graphic pictures for Raniere. The Boones and the Garzas are working hard to rebuild Nxivm Mexico and by all accounts are succeeding.


Edgar Boone

For some time, Edgar Boone had his three children in Rainbow in Clifton Park and reportedly spent nearly $200,000 a year for their tuition for their children to learn the teachings of the Vanguard. With Keith cutting of his commissions and with the high payments to Rainbow, it is lucky that Boone’s father is wealthy and he gets an allowance from his father.

And down Mexico way, Rainbow Cultural Garden is alive and well – teaching children the subversive lessons of Keith Alan Raniere.

It is also alive and well in France under the direction of Nxivm leader Sara Bronfman.


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  • We read The Frank Report in Mexico, and we know everything about this topic. We are freedom fighters too

  • I still don’t even understand how Barbara Bouchey and others like her believe that they helped people.
    How are any of those people any different?
    Barbara still suffers from PTSD. Why has her her training not helped her deal with her PTSD?

    I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m kind of asking rhetorical questions because Barbara is out of NXIVM and she still brainwashed.

    My point is if Barbara has been out for so long and she still believes she did good, how far gone are the Mexican NXIVM members?

    • Good questions. From quite a bit of time observing and studying groups like this, I’d suggest a couple of things:

      * Participants/members may get some benefits from some of the initial courses, more or less equivalent to doing something like a Dale Carnegie course or getting some one-on-one counseling or coaching. That’s due the use of time-proven material and techniques from other sources, not anything the group or its leader invented, though they take credit for it.

      * Participants/members may experience natural personal growth and maturation during their time in the group, and also just due to being in an environment committed to self-improvement. That has little if anything to do with the group or leader, and their teachings and processes, though they take credit for it.

      * Participants/members may get some benefits from being in an atmosphere with other well-intended people seeking to improve themselves, live out their ideals, and support one another. That has more to do with what the participants themselves bring than the organization and its teachings, though the group and its leader will take credit for it.

      * People have strong psychological and cognitive biases towards wanting to believe that they got something out of efforts that they put their time and resources in to. Groups and their leaders cunningly exploit that.

      These are all powerful forces that keep people in groups and make it hard for them to separate themselves.

      And, yes, we can see from this how deeply entrenched people involved may become. There are remaining loyalists all over the world, including Sara Bronfman-Igtet, who apparently continues to run a Rainbow Cultural Garden based on Raniere’s off-the-cuff theories, though it’s most likely failing to produce the promised results and possibly worse, actually stunting kids’ development in at least some cases.

  • Wait…members can be “retired” at whim and thus have the kebash put on any sort of passive income they have developed?


    Recent lurker, first post.

  • The Empire Strikes Back…..

    All of this news makes me feel like we’re at the end of the original Star Wars Movie and in a few years the Empire will strike back.

    I know it’s quite a childish anecdotal example based on allegory, unfortunately it’s true to life.

    I am shocked at how fanatical some of these NXIVM members are still.

  • Those RCG pieces are actually from France. At the bottom the first one says Athal Education Group. A search for that turns up a French corporate listing, and this use of the Athal name:

    “May 23rd, 2017

    Athal Hospitality is the new luxury and lifestyle hotel collection, breathing new life into the hotel business. Domaine des Andéols, a unique property in the heart of the Lubéron, Provence, is the company’s first outstanding address in France.

    Athal Hospitality was founded by Basit Igtet, a Zurich-based international entrepreneur with a strong track record in iconic hotel and property acquisition, and his wife Sara Bronfman, a philanthropist and education entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the field of human potential.”

    So it’s apparently Bronfman-Igtet’s school in France.

    I’m curious to hear how RCG is doing at this point. I’d assume that the remaining locations are under the same sort of stress that caused several to be shut down, and at this point it should be pretty clear what the outcomes of the program are – whether they are having any success at all in teaching multiple languages (very dubious, though its possible in some cases they might have had some success with one or two), or may be harming some childrens’ language acquisition as reports suggest.

  • Edgar Boone enrolled more people than anyone else including Barbara Bouchey. .

    No one could pass KAR’s gal pals on the stripe path. Barbara Jeske was the highest ranking student only because Edgar Boone was in her downline.

    If NXIVM was really value based, honest and ethical. Edgar would of been on NXIVM board. Until the shake down of 2009, only women KAR slept with were on NXIVM’S non-board.

    Everyone knows KAR called the shots.

    • Frank,

      Did Edgar Boone truly enroll a greater number of individuals than Barbara Bouchey?

      I am only asking because the idea of a charismatic Mexican NXIVM leader surfacing in Mexico is a frightening prospect.

  • Care to hold off on that until after we get a high-security border wall finished?

    When has there ever been a better reason for stong U.S. border security than KAR & NXIVM? …Even the dangers of the drug cartels do not compare to ESPIANS!

  • Thanks for this really insightful and detailed report. I think it’s very important to keep an eye on, and expose, what’s going on. Sometimes resurgent and splinter groups will even take on a very sinister bent as they try to find ways to survive, and incorporate new ideas.

    Boone sounds like the sort of person who might have the necessary leadership skills, and charisma and following, to keep things going in Mexico. Plus, in Mexico he probably doesn’t really have to worry about the intellectual property issues of using NXIVM “tech.” But those are exactly the critical elements that are missing in the US, which I think dooms NXIVM here.

    The problem they face, even in Mexico, is the loss of the guru with his hagiography as a supposed prodigal genius; as much of a sad sack lump as Raniere may seem from afar, like many high control or cult group leaders such as Scientology’s Hubbard, he had a powerful charisma of sorts in person, that then radiated down through the organization. That and the glamorous Hollywood following he had, were key to the organizational story that lured people in and kept up the facade. Also, in Mexico NXIVM likely carried a certain cachet as a (US) American product, a connection they now have to sweep under the rug. I could see Boone succeeding in holding together an organization of loyalists, but I don’t see how they could ever again recruit unless they find a way to re-brand, which is entirely possible – and if Boone is clever he will find “tech” tech from other sources to incorporate, just as Raniere did originally.

    Does anyone know anything specific about the Life Skills program Boone had been involved in? It’s such a generic name, that I can’t readily find anything without more specifics.

  • Edgar’s good fortune is that he was born into a wealthy family.
    He is intoxicated on Keith’s KoolAid. Not a very bright man. He once tried to intimidate me. That was his selling technique.
    What goes around comes around, Keith eventually took Edgar’s sales commissions something I was unwilling to do from day one!

    Edgar is deserving of all Keith dishes out.

    Mexicans should be warned about the dangers of this group.
    I hope they read Frank Report in Mexico!

  • “Nancy used to joke around saying Michelle could be the queen of Mexico.”

    Are you sure Nancy was joking?
    After all Nancy is supposed to be the reincarnation of Hitler.
    And at the rate the Southern border is in flux soon the Mexican border will start on the Southern shores of Lake Superior.
    Viva Executive Success!
    Viva Mexico!

    El Paso buckles under migrant surge…
    600 arrivals a day…
    RAMOS: Nobody can stop them…

    Kamala Harris is going all in on immigration reform.
    On Wednesday, the 2020 contender will introduce legislation with Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-Nev.) that would make Dreamers eligible to work as staffers or interns in Congress.

    • I checked, and the US normally takes in about 1 million immigrants per year, or about 3,000 per day, though they mostly come in un-dramatically – and most of them are actually from China and India, not Mexico or Latin America. On top of that, nearly 4 million children are born in the US every year. 600 people per day, or 219,000 per year, is not a number that’s going to have any significant demographic impact, even if it represents a problem of sorts.

      Politics doesn’t really belong here, so will people please stop with the stuff that is both irrelevant AND typically hysterically overblown, if not even conspiracy theory material?

      On a relevant note, the general subject is a reminder that NXIVM’s “success” programs seem not to have appealed much to Chinese or South Asians, or even US-born Latinos. And as I’ve noted previously, the Mexican NXians seem to draw from the largely European-blooded elites of the country – people with names like Betancourt, who in many cases aren’t any darker-skinned than Raniere. It seems to have been a phenomenon limited to a pretty restricted cultural sub-group, including size 0 women.

    • Y A W N kamela {POS} is about to be named in a real estate scandal with nancy peloser stealing cali pensions in a west coast pay to play ….

      • Politicians on the left and the right will always be corrupt it has been going on since civilization started.

        It’s a nickel and dime world it always has been. PeLoser this week, Newt Gingrich last week and next week who knows.

        Unless you are extremely rich or extremely poor or a special interest (fruit loop), your life is never going to change no matter who is in office.

        Take abortion for and instance I don’t give a shit about Rowe vs Wade because I can’t get pregnant.

        I am a white guy with an okay bank account. I don’t give a sh*t which liberal retard or Republican cocksucker is in office.

        Are are you super rich or super poor? Are you transgendered ?
        Are you a minority?

        If you answered no to the last 3 questions then why do you give a f*ck?

        I thought this website was dedicated to taking down a cult?

        • I could explain why I give a fuck but it would be lost on you niceguy. Niceguy for being a down the middle, believe and stand for nothing type of guy, why do you give a fuck what Raniere did? Or in taking down a cult? Niceguy are you here just to please and placate everyone but Scott Johnson, This blog often has post about politics niceguy. Frank will write and share different topics unrelated to NXIVM and other cults. And niceguy, if such post by people sharing opinions about things you don’t give a fuck about bother you, skip them niceguy. It’s not all about niceguy or agreeing with everyone or praising everyone or just being a niceguy

          • Mitch Baby,

            Unlike you, I don’t wanna shove my personal beliefs about life down someone else’s throat. Why do I care about Raniere? Because just like superman I’m fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. If you think the Libtards or Republicans or any other group have the answers to the universe you are greatly deceiving yourself. You probably would make a great addition to NXIVM.

          • MiTchy,

            “Politics doesn’t really belong here, so will people please stop with the stuff that is both irrelevant AND typically hysterically overblown, if not even conspiracy theory material?” (AnnoyMaker)

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