Bangkok: Despite what Claviger says, NDNY ain’t gonna do shit!

By Bangkok

I want to REITERATE how pathetically ignorant K. R. Claviger’s post Clare Bronfman Moves To Sever Trial From Those Charged With Sex Crimes was, suggesting that giving the case to the Northern District of New York Department of Justice [NDNY DOJ] is a ‘side benefit’. LOL.

No, it’s not. You shithead.

It’s a side benefit for Keith Raniere, not for the victims.

The NDNY has not brought any charges against NXIVM over the last decade — even with TONS of firsthand witnesses sending them data about NXIVM’s illegal deeds (including tax fraud).

BTW: The IRS doesn’t reject ‘large’ cases of tax fraud regardless of how limited their manpower may be, especially high profile cases which involve a billionaire’s daughter and a cult sicko.

The IRS actively seeks out such high profile cases for ‘publicity’ purposes —- because those cases get lots of free media exposure and serve as a deterrent against other tax cheaters. In fact, the IRS even seeks out ‘small’ dollar sum cases which have the potential for ‘high profile’ media exposure, for deterrent purposes.

In simple terms, the IRS has a limited deterrent budget so any ‘free media’ (to bring awareness of tax cheaters being prosecuted) is a good thing.

Thus, anybody within the state, or federal government, who might have ‘ignored’ NXIVM’s tax fraud evidence (over the last decade) did it for political or personal reasons, not for ‘official’ reasons and not for ‘manpower’ reasons, LOL.

The NDNY hasn’t done SHIT about NXIVM. Yet Claviger now believes that’ll change. The definition of ‘insanity’ is expecting a different outcome from the SAME OLD SHIT happening again.

Guess what? The NDNY ain’t gonna do shit. At best, they’ll offer Keith a sweetheart plea deal just to pretend as though they’re doing something.

Claviger is an ignorant clown. He’s an Albany based attorney himself. He’s rotten to the core. He should team up with the NDNY and take their circus on the road, bringing laughs to people everywhere.


Grant Jacquith is the current US Attorney for the Northern District of NY. He was appointed in January 2018.

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  • There is nothing for NDNY to do. Keith is innocent. Don’t any of you understand that? It’s time to let the courts do their job and everyone needs to shut up. Keith will be acquitted and he will do the right thing when he gets our which is to punish the wicked Frank Parlato and al his minions. Be still and watch justice take its karmic course. None can escape Karma. Keith is the weirder of karma. He is only going through this to test who is loyal.

    • I truly hope you are just trying to annoy us all and don’t believe that. If you believe it, your world is in for a painful, laughable remake.

  • Everybody’s a little nervous about NDNY’s and the NY State Capital’s track record of corruption — well-demonstrated when it comes to their antics with NXIVM — including, especially, KR Claviger himself! Claviger stated this in many prior posts. The post wherein Bangschlock falsely attributes a contrary view to Claviger is taken out of context on a different topic.

    Why FR is permitting Bangschlock to slock Claviger over it — when Claviger was the first to point out the laxness, corruption and perils of NDNY — is beyond me.

    This post is unfair, deceitful — it deliberately misstates, exaggerates Claviger’s position then argues against that fantasy — it is insulting, unoriginal and idiotic.

    It violates the “rules” FR previously set as to “anonymous” insults — Scott Johnson, no one, has yet fully admitted to being “Bangkok.” And if it is Scott Johnson, as I strongly suspect, he’s also breaking FR’s alleged policy not letting one voice dominate the comments through differerent alias’ as The Retard, Bangkok and Schlock are clearly doing.

    Claviger is very much appreciated and loved for the cleverly written, informative posts and incredible insider insights he provides.

    What a man to put up with this banal bangschlock sick bullshit and continue providing such an invaluable service to FR readers.

    Thank you, Claviger.
    Fuck you, Bangschlock!

    • Frank also said about Barbara Bouchey “If anyone truly wants to make serious allegations against her character, or conduct, then I am going to request they use their real names” Does anyone think “Jim Smith” is the real name of that poster? Frank doesn’t seem to follow through on most of his “policies” on here. Remember when he wrote this

      “Just to review what the new policy entails, here’s a quick summary:
      1. No comment will be posted unless/until it has been reviewed by me or a member of the Frank Report staff;
      2. Comments that are rude to other commenters will not be posted*;
      3. Comments that have nothing to do with the topic of the post on which they’re made will not be posted (If you want to write something about a specific topic that you think is noteworthy, send it to me – and, unless it’s abusive to another reader/commenter, I’ll be happy to publish it); and
      4. Commenters that submit multiple comments on the same post will not have all those comments posted (No one reader is going to be allowed to take over the comments section. So, if you submit 10-12 comments on a particular post, you’ll probably see only 2-3 of them published. Be selective and strategic in what you submit. Sometimes, less is more).”

      • How about one person should not be allowed multiple posts. I’m sick of hearing about KK and what she might have done.

      • IDK who’s who, what’s what, or who’s what on here anymore, Anon. Lol. Prolly better off not knowing.

        Clearly, the “policies” are not being followed but mebbe Frank’s just too preoccupied with his own case and helping out with those of several close friends of his who are suddenly all in similar legal predicaments — to bother closely editing through all this Schlock, personally. I seen that before.

        If I were Barb, I’d respond in brief to any allegations that she can plausibly, truthfully deny or explain but the insults —who could blame her for ignoring or refusing to answer?


  • Bangkok,

    You must be shaking in your poop hoping the NDNY doesn’t do anything with NXIVM members since you are seen to be such an anti-supporter of anyone who writes the truth about the criminal organization known as NXIVM.

    Have you had your Kool-aid today?

    Those who think they are “out of the woods” because they were not in the last EDNY superseding charges, might find themselves in the first round of charges of the NDNY. Why, because their crimes didn’t happen in the EDNY.

    Now that their Master VanTurd is working on getting his kiddie porn moved to the NDNY, it makes it even easier for the NDNY to bring more action against others. You know your KAR is not known for his brilliant legal chess moves.

    Could Clare, Lauren, Kathy, Clare, and KAR have different charges brought against them in the NDNY? We will wait and see. It’s not double jeopardy if the charges are different.

    • It’s possible that various authorities in Northern New York are just waiting to see what comes of the current case in EDNY, and who flips and might be cooperative sources and witnesses, before proceeding with their own cases. That could involve charges against many more people than just the 5, including for offenses like tax evasion, and immigration and customs (money transfer) charges – so anyone who was involved in illegality, indeed should be very nervous.

      The other possibility is that the same upstate authorities who have done nothing for years, are just waiting for things to blow over, as if the NDNY case will take care of everything. I’d guess that at least national agencies like the IRS and ICE which stand to rake in money from restitution and penalties on fairly straightforward financial violations and crimes, will go after some people and hope to make examples of them – but I wouldn’t hold my breath about even that.

  • I loathe to admit it but I agree with the kok. But only the part that the NDNY will do anything. Their history says it all.

    • the NDNY are under the watchful of of millions now.

      To do nothing…. Heads will roll politically and people will lose their jobs. There is worldwide media involved at this point.

      The NDNY at this point is most likely has it’s own investigation going on anyway of crimes that have not come up in the EDNY.

      • The NDNY may not quite do nothing, but if they either make a favorable plea deal with Raniere – perhaps a sentence running concurrently with others, and so effectively meaningless – or carry out a half-assed prosecution that might get a conviction but could ultimately be overturned on appeal, there’s little difference between that and nothing, though it would serve to provide media and political cover. Given how they dropped the ball all along the way through a series of revelations over the years that drew media attention, I don’t see any reason to conclude that the situation now is necessarily that different.

        So far as I’m aware, there’s no indication that Northern New York authorities at any level have started pursuing NXIVM crimes – and, given their track record, no reason to assume that they have.

  • I would prefer all of the charges stay in EDNY for the same reasons. Hopefully, the judicial economic cost/efficiency will be the primary drivers to keep all charges in EDNY.

    • Indeed, the judge seems to be one focused on judicial economy, so dismissing charges already developed by prosecutors and a grand jury makes no sense, and even moving charges to a district unfamiliar with its details would appear to be a poor use of resources – plus, to boot, it’s far from where Raniere and his attorneys are currently located. Hopefully the judge will see it that way, and perhaps he and also the prosecutors will realize that handing anything over to NDNY risks wasting time that has been put into pursuing that part of the case.

      If there’s going to be a federal grand jury in NDNY, it should investigate who else was involved in the obstruction of justice charged in the current case and that Salzman has already plead guilty to, and just how far NXIVM’s tampering with justice corrupted the legal and law enforcement systems, trying to answer the mystery of why no authorities in the area have ever brought charges against the cult.

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