Conspiracy Website: DOJ charged Raniere because he hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails; Gillibrand’s father blackmailed Clinton

Is this an improbable story?

Probably. But it’s worth reporting because even if it does not show the true world of Nxivm, it at least shows how it is perceived by others – even if they are on the fringe.

The “conspiracy” website, published a story, written by correspondent Sorcha Faal, claiming that Keith Raniere is being punished with child porn charges by the DOJ because he hacked tens-of-thousands of Hillary Clinton’s classified emails.

Both Frank Report and Artvoice are linked as sources in this story, along with the NY Post, Gateway Pundit,, NBC News New York, News Busters, and the Albany Times Union.

It was published March 14, 2019, the day after the second superseding indictment came out and Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy in Brooklyn federal court.

What Does It is not an insignificant website. Based on, it is ranked in the top 40,000 websites worldwide, [21,309 in USA] which would mean, I estimate, more than 1 million views per month.

What Does It Mean claims to be “World’s Largest English Language News Service with Over 500 Articles Updated Daily”; it’s slogan is “The News You Need Today…For The World You’ll Live In Tomorrow.”  What Does It Mean aggregates stories published by other websites from around the world.

Here is the story by Sorcha Faal, reprinted by permission of



Purported picture of Sorcha Faal. Some speculate that Sorcha Faal is actually David Booth, the reputed publisher of What Does It Mean.


March 14, 2019

Trump’s New Attorney General Firebombs Fake Russia Probe—Then Turns Guns On Powerful Sex Cult That Has Hillary Clinton Emails

By Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A brief, but highly-classified “of special importance” new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that after Trump-Russia investigator US Attorney Andrew Weissmann attempted to force US Attorney General William Barr to keep this hoax going by continuing a cooperation agreement with General Michael Flynn this week, he was shot down in flames by Barr who quickly forced Weissmann out of the US Department of Justice entirely—that was followed hours later by Barr ordering new child pornography criminal charges to be placed against NXIVM sex slaver cult leader Keith Raniere and his reaching a guilty verdict plea agreement with this cult’s co-founder Nancy Salzman—the critical importance of which lies in the fact that the NXIVM sex slave cult has in its possession tens-of-thousands of classified emails they hacked from Hillary Clinton.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, while the American people were are continuously pummeled with false claims of President Trump colluding with Russia to win his election, being deliberately kept from them by their corrupt mainstream propaganda media is everything having to do with the sex slave cult NXIVM—a secretive organization that passed itself off as a multi-level marketing company whose members include both moneyed and celebrity elites long protected by President Bill Clinton stretching back to his time as Governor of Arkansas—and in exchange for, has seen NXIVM cult members giving uncounted millions to both former President Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton.

One of the richest members of the NXIVM sex slave cult, this report details, is the multi-billionaire heiress to the Seagram Company business empire Clare Bronfman—who implanted a “key logger” virus on the computer of her late father, Edgar M. Bronfman Sr., so officials with NXIVM could secretly monitor his emails, including his exchanges with world leaders and Democrat Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Having complete access to these stolen Hillary Clinton emails, this report continues, was top NXIVM lawyer Doug Rutnik—who  used the information contained in them to blackmail Hillary Clinton into turning over her US Senate seat to his daughter—who is now known as US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand—and during the 2016 US presidential campaign, frequently saw US Senator Gillibrand and NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman paying multiple thousands of dollars to buy tables at campaign events hosted by Hillary Clinton.

Being protected from criminal prosecution for over 30-years by the Clinton-Bush-Obama regimes, and by the mainstream media, too, whom this sex slave cult would launch massive lawsuits against if they even dared mention their name, this report concludes, this past March-2018President Trump loyal forces in the US Department of Justice launched a massive attack against NXIVM with a criminal indictment showing how this cult branded women to make them sex slaves for elites—with their further capturing this sex slave cult’s leader Keith Raniere at his Mexico mansion hideaway and throwing him in jail—and whose already grim fate was made worse this week by US Attorney General Barr slamming him with additional child pornography criminal charges to make sure this monster will never walk free again—information, no doubt, obtained by Barr who successfully managed, for the first time in history, to penetrate the decades-long wall of secrecy erected around NXIVM by America’s most powerful elites with his guilty plea deal agreement with this cult’s co-founder Nancy Salzman—and whom after appearing in US Federal Court yesterday and confessing that her actions “were not just wrong, but criminal”, makes it understandable why top Clinton Family spokesman Paul Begala erupted in frightened rage and anger on CNN a few minutes later calling Trump a “criminal” and Trump’s daughter Ivanka, along with her husband Jared, “cockroaches—and is a reaction one would expect from someone knowing the walls are not only closing in on them, they are falling.


March 14, 2019 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Note: Many governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagree with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit us, and others like us, that is exampled in numerous places, including HERE.]

[Note: The website was created for and donated to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal in 2003 by a small group of American computer experts led by the late global technology guru Wayne Green (1922-2013) to counter the propaganda being used by the West to promote their illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq.]

[Note: The word Kremlin (fortress inside a city) as used in this report refers to Russian citadels, including in Moscow, having cathedrals wherein female Schema monks (Orthodox nuns) reside, many of whom are devoted to the mission of the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.]


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  • US A.T.Bill Barr is cousin to Keith Raniere! #NXIVM

    Gangstalking, William Barr & The Murder of Peaches

  • I like the site, they explained the kangaroo deaths in Australia, when our government was pretending it was a great mystery.

    Our wheat genome has been spliced with Ebola.

    Kills the roos.

    The people eat that shit.

  • ‘Even people I know who are pro-Russian cast a suspicious eye on Whatdoesitmean
    View it as entertainment
    Shadow State

    Overall, is a Conspiracy-Pseudoscience site that is beyond Tin Foil Hat. This would make Alex Jones cringe.

    Factual Reporting: LOW
    Country: Unknown

    History was founded in 2003 as an over the top conspiracy and fake news website. The main author is Sorcha Faal, who according to RationalWiki is different people at different times. RationalWiki also provides a detailed history of this website. According to their about page description “WhatDoesItMean.Com Is One Of The Top Ranked Websites In The World For New World Order, Conspiracy Theories And Alternative News.” This appears to be true.

    Funded by / Ownership

    The website does not provide information on ownership and they appear to be funded through online advertising.

    Analysis / Bias

    I’ll keep this short. is a crazy right wing conspiracy website. Headlines are often highly sensational such as this: Putin Grants Free Russian Land To 15,000 Christians Facing “White Genocide” In South Africa As West Turns Its Back On God Once Again. While the article is sourced to a few credible media outlets, most are conspiracy sites such as Zerohedge and Russian Propaganda such as Sputnik and RT. Further, has failed numerous fact checks. In fact, calls them a “disreputable news site” and “Fake News.”

    A factual search of IFCN fact checkers lists too many failed fact checks to detail.

    Overall, is a Conspiracy-Pseudoscience site that is beyond Tin Foil Hat. This would make Alex Jones cringe. (10/26/2016) Updated (D. Van Zandt 7/12/2018)


  • I don’t even want to go down the rabbit hole and check out that website, but it sounds like it must be the same ilk as the “pizzagate” and QAnon conspiracy theories.

    It’s interesting, though not surprising, that Raniere was himself a conspiracy theorist of sorts, and used his conspiracy theories as a tool with his followers, to explain away inconvenient problems (such his loss off tens of millions of dollars commodity trading) and to cultivate an us-against-them mentality by portraying a hostile outside world. There’s a very dynamic at work in Scientology, for instance.

    • Actually skipper Pizzagate is very real. If you saw last nights Q drop (which are various Military Intelligence people from certain nations upper military echelons) it was dropped that Rachel “Ray” Chandler = Allison Mack x 100. The real conspirator nuts are the alt left and their media whores pushing the Trump – Russian collusion bullshit.

      • Actually…I am a former Army Intelligent agent (MOS 97B40) and Q is worse than The Onion because too many fools believe it and then pass BS on.
        The Q writers are laughing at you for believing.

        • Actually you are not former MI. You are a phony. Reading some of your BS comments in other threads show you to be of rather low intellect. The only place I would have seen you during my military career would have been KP or Latrine duty.

    • For those of you not familiar, v/pizzagate is FULL of research on Rachel Chandler. Pizzagate is where I started out. For you researchers, Pizzagate Archives is your friend.

      Voat has a great Search function! I have these set up for you to click on. Q wants us to dig on Rachel Chandler and Standard Hotel.

      Pizzagate Search for Rachel Chandler
      Any subverses Search for Standard Hotel
      Old posts I made on the subject

      Human Trafficking on Instagram!
      @Vindicator, you asked me not long ago who Rachel Chandler’s “photography” partner was right? Walter Pearce!
      (See above link!)

      A photographer that photographed MAGGIE NIXON has a website with many photos of young children. Most of which are barely clothed and even naked.
      The Modeling Agency partner of Rachel Chandler still has his Instagram and Twitter accounts active.
      Walter Pearce Instagram
      Walter Pearce Twitter
      Walter Pearce Website
      Also, see this and this researchers.

    • It appears as though Ms. Chandler, a possible Mk Child herself, was placed in Hollywood as a handler and liaison between Hollywood elite, celebrity and working Hollywood as a supplier of fresh young teen meat for “modelling” and “industry” practices such as sex trafficking, drug muling and ritual victimization among other things. This corroborates much long held research here that MODELLING AGENCIES have been and are being used as conduits for this activity, in this case The Midland Agency. Others include John Casablancas Elite Model Management, Paolo Zampolli and Jeffrey Epstein’s ID, Lynda Erkiletian’s THE Artist Agency, FORD, IMG, and even claims NXIVM used modelling agencies.

      There is another model agency (a British one) that we should include in the list: Storm models (Storm Model Management).

      @millennial_vulcan recently did a post about it. It was the model agency that created the ‘heroin chic’ back in the day. One of its models has been Kate Moss, who was allegedly raped from the age of 14, while modelling.

      Edit: They also represent Emma Watson.

      Founding partner was no other then….Richard Branson. (Whose mother happens to sit on the ICMEC board.) Branson hosted at least one NXIVM event on his Carribean island. And don’t forget he called his business ‘Virgin’…..for a reason.

    • Conspiracy theories are behind most of the current political divide, and these theories are all being spread by alt-right propagandists, such as the lunatic, Alex Jones. Note that Jones is close with Roger Stone, and Stone was hired by Raniere in 2015 (when he pretended to quit working for Trump, which was a lie.)

      Instead of being distracted by fake bullshit stories about kangaroos, maybe take a look at actual facts.

      • Interesting. Would this also include the conspiracy between Hillary Clinton Hussein Obama and the corrupt ex members of the FBI and DOJ as well as Christopher Steele and certain players in the British government among others? You know the phony Russian collusion charges against President Trump. The coup by the Obama-Clinton regime against the President. BTW Alex Jones is Mossad. You seem to live in a world of bullshit illusion toots. You would know a fact if hit hit you in your empty alt left democrap talking point head.

        Interesting in your little talking point tirade you could not refute any of the FACTS that were presented

          • No toots my brain is just fine. You and your delusional thought process are the issue. As we see more truth being let out it is clear that you and the people you worship, the demonic entities that pass for a political party are being exposed for the filthy evil they are. Your desperate attempts at any form of sensible commentary are exposed as mere foolishness as truth is revealed. Melt away little snowflake, you prove on a daily basis that liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Dennis you are so hypocritical. I suppose you and Napolitano along with the Mexican drug cartels are just part of our conspiratorial imagination. It is odd that you constantly bring up Roger Stone. Perhaps a little digging to see his history with you. Denny, your time is coming.

      • Hey flower pot, this ids for you and your buddy F U Willard and the no facts idiot. I believe two out of three of you are the same troll

        Q links to John Solomon where we are told Ukraine opened a probe into alleged attempts by Ukrainians to interfere in the US elections. You know this leads directly to the Witch right? In another link, we learn former Obama Counsel faces possible prosecution from Mueller. The stage is set for what happened to Manafort to happen to any domino in Hussein’s administration.

        Let’s hope Parlato does not censor to protect your phony ass.

        • Who is Hussein? Lol!

          But I’m sure Hillary will be locked up shortly….those damned emails!!!

          I wonder how life-time criminal and Stone’s partner, Paul the Pervert is enjoying his stay in the “Big House”?

          • Hussein is the demon you worship. Yes your gal Hillary is in for a world of hurt. The only thing that will prevent here from paying for her crimes is that she is a gutless wonder who will suicide herself rather than face the justice that is coming the filthy demonic corrupt bitches way.
            Time is up, you and Hussein never thought the dirty bitch would lose.

  • Gang stalking was an experience that I’ll never forget. It was terrifying and hope these bastards are caught.

  • Since we’re here, this means that gangstalking and sex rituals are a common activity in NXVIM. It make sense why too many people claim that he has a spiritual connection with KK.

  • The source is on par with CNN or MSNBC and maybe a step ahead of NY times or Wash Post. The reason the Trump justice department went after NXIVM was because of the child trafficking.

  • Is Sorcha Faal (Sort your Fall and Fondle your B@lls) really Ben Szemkus?

    Sounds like it. As I recall, another self-proclaimed resident genius had Ben on their radio show. And proclaimed he was the ‘only journalist’ to cover that story.

    Could it be…? Our Scooter?

  • Frank, by putting these stories on the Frank Report the credibility of the FR is lowered. Would you print this story on Artvoice or the Niagara Reporter?

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