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Toni Natalie

Recently a commenter who uses the moniker “The Retard AKA Bangkok” made these  remarks about Toni Natalie:

“Toni was likely benefiting from the ‘fruits’ of that Ponzi scam. If Keith supported Toni or paid any of her expenses EVER, then she was benefiting from his Ponzi Scam.

“I’m guessing that the home or condo she lived in (back in the 90’s) was probably bought or rented with money from Consumer Buyline at some point.

“Plus, her food and entertainment expenses were likely paid for from the fruits of that Ponzi scheme. When Keith took her out to dinner or on vacation (or simply bought her weekly groceries), where the fuck do you think that money came from?

“She wasn’t an ‘innocent’ girlfriend, she was seen on FUCKING VIDEO praising Consumer Buyline.

“Did Toni ever attempt to make amends with the victims of that Ponzi scam and pay some of that money back? I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing NOT.

“…She’s not the worst person in the world, but she’s no angel. That’s sim

By Nut Job

To Bangcock –

… I originally assumed you had some NXIVM connection due to the hot air you spewed. After reading this pathetic post, it’s clear you are clueless. Not sure if anything you typed is accurate. Since you’re throwing darts while blindfolded, you might as well save your response and move on to your next instigating opportunity.

Here are some facts:

– Toni Natalie came to the Keith relationship with her own money.
– Toni was a successful business person and had also become very successful at CBI BEFORE meeting Keith. (anyone see a pattern in the women Keith preyed on?)
– When CBI was shut down, Keith was supposedly broke after paying his fines. He lived off of Toni and her money.
– Toni used her own money to start the next MLM idea that Keith came up with. That idea was shit. Toni lost her investment and was left broke.
– Toni left Keith during the first 6 months of ESP, and was dead broke as she somehow managed to get away.

As to your specific questions… they are all basically the exact same question:

“Toni had a boyfriend that ran an MLM and Toni was a part of the MLM. That makes her bad, right?”

Thanks to the great Scott Johnson, the world is now aware of the evilness of MLMs. The 80s and 90s were different.

Toni being a part of an MLM does not make her any worse than half the population. And the fact that she was good at selling memberships to a buying club makes her a good salesperson. Saying she knew it was a Ponzi scheme as she sold the memberships is an example of you throwing shit at the fan and is patently false.

You are trying to make us believe that because she dated Keith, he told her all about the shady back-office shit with CBI. If you pay any attention to Frank Report, you know that is also false.

Toni doing a video praising CBI is no different than when Scott Johnson did that video with his mom in the 90s that praised Amway soap.

Toni and Scott were both clearly drinking the MLM Kool-aid when they made the videos, and they both came out with guns blazing once they realized the ugly truth. We all have lots of reasons to call out Scott, but I doubt any of us honestly fault him because he was once a member of Amway. He’s earned his stripes on that front – just as Toni has earned hers.

Keith doesn’t pay for his women and he didn’t pay for Toni. His women support him, and Toni supported Keith for much of their time together. Think Toni is happy about her part in CBI? Hell no. Think she would take back her support of Keith and CBI? Hell yes.

Is Toni an angel? Nah. But if you want to cut somebody off at the knees by saying “they’re no angel”, then be able to come to the table with something better than “they were a girlfriend of Keith.” or ” they were part of an MLM.”

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  • Is Toni Natalie really a ‘victim’ of Keith?

    Or was she one of his ‘enablers’ during the Jurassic Period of NXIVM, way back before the era of cell phones?

    I’m not so sure.

    She claims to be a ‘victim’ but she’s got dirt on her hands, if you ask me.

    She was a TOP salesperson for Consumer Buyline (according to those news articles) which means she was one of the top people who suckered others into Keith’s Pyramid scam.

    How many people did Toni sucker into Consumer Buyline?

    How many lives did she help to financially ruin?

    How can she sleep at night, knowing she was right there helping Keith with Consumer Buyline?

    I think we need to explore this topic and let the whole truth come out.

    Why is THIS topic off limits?

    Just as honey flows from a bee’s ass, I think the truth should be allowed to flow into the open.

    I’d very much like to see Toni take a polygraph test.

    I’d like her to confirm if she truly KNEW or DIDN’T KNOW that Consumer Buyline was a Ponzi Scam from the EARLY days of her relationship with Keith.

    Right now, all I have is Toni’s ‘word’ which is nothing more than SELF SERVING crap.

    Toni is from the Jurassic Era of NXIVM and most of those dinosaurs were enablers of Keith. Thus, I find it hard to believe that Toni was any better than Pam Cafritz or Barb Jeske or Karen U or any of his other harem members who have dirt on their hands.

    I want justice for NXIVM victims. I want the truth. 🙂

    • To Bangcock –

      – Are you also guilty of your boyfriend’s crimes?

      – The topic is not off limits and you can explore all you want. But everyone and their brother knows you’re wasting your time if you think you’ll find any indication that Toni thought anything was sideways with CBI.

      – Toni was barely a part of ESP. She went to a few classes and was given a coaches sash. She was running her own failing business (Keith’s brainchild of a business) at the time of ESP’s infancy and didn’t have time for ESP. I doubt she even went through the first 20 modules.

      – You have more than Toni’s word. You have the word of everyone else who was there and witnessed it. There is literally nobody else saying anything different other than your ignorant self.

      – Does Scott need to re-teach you his lesson on the difference between a ponzi scam and an MLM?

      – Toni ejected when she realized Keith was cheating on her. She was never a part of a harem.

      – If you really want justice for NXIVM victims, why do continually manufacture opportunities to victim bash?

  • Listen, I’m on board with what’s being said here, but as a frequent reader of this blog, it’s bad enough that I occasionally read the freak show that is the comments section. I know, I’m commenting right now. Irony! But seriously, there are some unhinged people that post here. I guess you have to be a little off, myself included, to be fascinated with a MLM scheme turned sex cult that also somehow involved Z-list actors and truly bizarre day-care centers run by a quack pop psychologist. Please, stop giving attention to these people by responding to them. It’s what they want, and I surmise it’s because there’s something missing in their life. Also, it’s the internet. People love to fling their own feces on the condition of anonymity because it would be undignified for the public to know that you don’t mind holding your own turds in your hand.

    • Matt,

      I was once semi normal like you…then one day by chance I made a similar comment regarding “commentors” , just like you did. I commented on the banal comments of one Scott 3in Johnson. I was quickly sucked into a world of arguing and debating bullshit. Occasionally I still make some lucid comments.

      Matt I have been drinking and commenting ever since.

      I pray Matt that you turn away before it’s too late and the Frankreport claims another lost soul…..

  • Nutjob,

    Great article in regards to Toni Natalie and an incredible work of fiction in regards to Scott. Scott’s whole self declared crusade against MLM’s is as fictitious as Keith Raniere’s IQ.

    Nutjob, it was good of you to stick up for Toni Natalie; she deserves some respect and recognition.

  • My heart goes out to anyone involved with NXIVM. Except Keith. People’s lives in NXIVM are riddled with self deception, mind bending, good and bad memories, and just a slew of good and bad things. I say “good” for them. Those who tried to do good. But in the end the NXIVM fruit was rotten and bitter and leaves one poisoned. Perhaps for the remainder of their lives. Pointing out that people are good or bad doesn’t cut it. I say anyone involved with Keith’s nightmare are victims. Even those who helped push it along. The only person who isn’t a victim is Keith himself. Hey, that’s fitting for someone who taught there are no victims. Well, everyone was and is – aside from keith of course. Toni, Barbara, Catherine, all victims. Even Allison. Keith took good lives and twisted them into evil. Moreso with Allison than anyone else. That doesn’t take responsibility away from anyone, as we all have free will. My point is, if Keith never existed, all of these people would have led decent lives (I would hope). Keith is the reason for all misery associated with NXIVM. He is the corrupt root. I feel bad for everyone affected by him. Yes, Allison and any others need to answer and stand trial for what they’ve done. But Keith is at the root of all of that evil. The world would be such a better place had he not been born.

  • Quote from news article about Toni Natalie:
    Another time, when her conservative Catholic upbringing made her reluctant to engage in oral sex, she was invited to attend a class Raniere created on the subject. She said he told the students, including Natalie, that mothers in some developing nations perform oral sex on their children to soothe them. She suspects the class was organized just for her.


    Now, what kind of a person would remain with a guy like Keith Raniere AFTER he just talked about SICK and TWISTED things like that?

    Think about how SICK that is.


    Did Toni immediately leave Keith and run for the hills after that class?

    • Keith didn’t teach that a mother SHOULD do that to their child. He stated as fact that in some developing nations it occurs in an effort to stop crying. He then posed the question “Is that ok?” This example was used hundreds of times over the years. And yes, I’m sure it was being taught that specific day as a way to get to Toni.

      Keith was fucked up and used some fucked up things in his courses. Usually, it was presented in the form of a question. This one, and the “Is suicide (or murder) ever good” question were a couple of the worst. His reasons for doing it this way have been discussed often on Frank Report, and are now fairly obvious.

    • The retard : stop your bullshit please. I heard this fact from one university course. It came from a serious research by american anthropologist Margeret Mead. By the way, if you understand a little bit how a cult works, you should know that brainwashing with various tools and tecnics on a long period of time its how it get done. That would explain irrational behaviours that look so weird for the majority of us, although when you’re involved, it seems like the only thing to do. I don’t understand how everything you said should make us believe that Natalie is an evil person.

  • The world is not aware of the evilness of MLM scams. If they were, MLMs wouldn’t exist, because the turnover exceeds 50% annually. In the U.S. alone, 4-5 million people turn 18 years old. This means the primary target age, the 18-28 young adult population, is 40-50 million, with 1/10 of it being “refreshed” every year. Multiply those numbers by 20 to get the worldwide numbers. MLMs being scams is not taught in schools. While the internet has helped educate people, it isn’t a panacea. It takes more than one person (me) to educate the world. Get off your lazy a$$e$ and DO something for a change, rather than look in your rear view mirror at the NXIVM roadkill you just drove past. Just because you know something doesn’t mean everyone else does, too. Get a clue.

  • Bangkok, You shout too loud about the dog poop in the back yard way too often when it’s been raining for months.

    It’s beginning to look like you’ve been on bended knees with the great and powerless Vanturd way too often. Bangkok, you might need some therapy to deal with your anger and self hatred issues you project on others.

    Instead you are using the blog to lash out at victimz so you don’t have to look at your own victimization.

    Honey get some therapy.

  • Nut Job:

    Excellent and accurate commentary.

    Bangkok, IMO, you are leaping to conclusions long after the fact.

    At the time, many people praised Consumers Buyline and its seemingly benign, innovative leader. As NJ pointed out,this was in the early 90s before the wide availability of the internet. CBI was hailed as an innovative, exciting and novel concept at the time – a “win-win” for everyone.

    The people I met involved with CBI in the 90s were positive, jazzed, enthusiastic, and trusting of Keith. It is so easy now to cast stones in hindsight.

  • Anyone who voluntarily joins any MLM is completely retarded and should not be allowed to make financial decisions.

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