Hot tub in Keith’s sex lair falls through ceiling; property condemned

Keith Raniere maintained a private town house at 8 Hale Drive for mentoring female students. The town house, which is referred to as 'The Library', has a commodious hot tub which is said to relax the female students who Raniere consents to teach.

Sometimes, you just gotta believe in karma.

According to sources in Clifton Park, the notorious hot tub that Keith Raniere used to mentor 100s of women and, quite probably, more than a few underage girls, has fallen through the ceiling and come crashing down on the floor below.

It was nestled up in a bedroom on the second floor of the town home at 8 Hale Court in Clifton Park in the Knox Woods subdivision. According to sources, the Clifton Park code enforcement department has condemned the property – banning any occupancy until repairs are made to fix the ceiling and reinforce the support walls.

The property has been vacant for months.

For years, the hot tub served as a place to ‘undress for success’ with the mighty Vanguard.

Undoubtedly the weight, and all the splashing water gradually undermined the ceiling – and like the Vanguard’s heart – the joists became rotten – allowing the over-sized tub – still filled with squalid water from the days when Raniere and gal friends last bathed there – to collapse and fall to the first floor.

Thankfully, Raniere was arrested last March and safely tucked away in jail in Brooklyn or he might have been critically or fatally injured.

The property at 8 Hale has been referred to as his “sex lair” – and Raniere himself referred to it as “The Library”. Raniere kept numerous books there including some on torture and the history of slavery.

His $90,000 Steinway Piano reportedly was not damaged by the crash.

Whether anyone will bother to spend the money to fix the damaged sex lair is an intriguing question. Presently the Feds have filed a motion to seize the property because of the crimes of sex trafficking that allegedly took place there.

If Raniere is convicted, which seems likely, the feds will prevail in their seizure efforts and liquidate the property – along with the hot tub, books and piano.

Nancy Salzman is the owner of the corporation that holds title to the property – which is a two-bedroom town home valued at about $175,000.

For years, Raniere used it as his getaway for meeting young women and likely girls. He normally resided at his nearby home on Flintlock and then later Oregon Trail with Pam Cafritz and Mariana Fernandez living as he did in menage a trois.

But the sex lair was for his other comely beauties – especially those who had no home in the area.

Raniere was often seen walking with various women in the neighborhood and stopping in at various homes of female devotees. The sex lair proved to be a great bachelor pad for his entertaining those who did not live in the area.

He is alleged to have committed sex trafficking and other acts of coercion and extortion to at least one Jane Doe victim from inside the sex lair.

His co-defendant, Kathy Russell, the ballerina-bookkeeper of the Nxivm organization, was tasked with keeping the sex lair clean after Raniere entertained.

Raniere taught women that their highest goal in sex was not to have an orgasm but to receive his semen either inside them or on their body or face. He taught that if he ejaculated on them, he accepted them and they accepted him – which required that they should never be with another man the rest of their lives.

As he grew increasingly impotent, he increasingly chose to ejaculate on a woman’s face to mark her as his property. He often told them that if they had sex with any other man after he released his precious and healing semen on their face or body – it could kill him because he was so closely connected to them via his magical semen.

Some of the ejaculate from time to time missed the mark and fell on the floor or into the hot tub. It was Kathy Russell who had the joy of cleaning it up.

Now it has all come crashing down on Raniere — both his hot tub and his future prospects.

He faces life in prison – charged by an uncomprehending DOJ – that could not understand his subtle and esoteric teachings – and chose to charge him with sex-trafficking, racketeering, extortion, and forced labor.

It was not immediately clear if the hot tub can be repaired and restored for future use. Perhaps it is moot.  If convicted on all counts, Raniere will spend his life in prison and never return to his hot tub and his sex lair – and, by all accounts, will be unable to ejaculate on any women to mark her as his possession in the foreseeable future.



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  • Hot tub second floor install video. can’t believe I am wasting the time to actually respond to this argument but here is a video. Construction Crain flowers and legal installation. Otherwise why post illegal activity on YouTube

  • Typicaly, hot tubs contain approx 250 gallons of water.
    Each gallon of water weighs 10 lbs.
    250 X 10 = 2500 lbs.
    I doubt the smartest man in the world took the structural support of the second story into consideration before having it installed.
    Depending on the size it may hold up to 500 gallons.
    500 X 10= 5000 lbs.

    • One of my neighbors has a hot tubs on the second floor. If you have a a 5 bedroom residence or the proper structural support it’s a none issue.

      • Tex2,

        I don’t know and I don’t care one way or other anymore and neither do you.

        I left a video link. My neighbors did the same thing as seen in the video installing the hot tub.

        If you have the dough, anything is possible….

        Tex2 your trolling me. lol congrats you got me.

  • Only goes to show the boy wonder is not such a smart man. You’d think he’d have Kathy Russell empty the tub and give it a good scrub down only to be refilled for his return when he got his bail granted.

  • One can only imagine the horror to be found from shining a black light around that “library”. I am guessing it would look like a glowing murder scene.

  • Humorously well written as this is, I was pondering what metaphysical or conspiratorial ramifications KAR ET AL will make of this to explain this ingenious engineering disaster that could have killed anyone in or under the cesspool — indeed spurned a public health STD crisis as Frank suggests as well — to their acolytes.

    Here are some “Rational” explanations Vanguard might consider:

    — Clare’s dearly departed Dad’s people at the WJC or her family rigged the hot tub to collapse to embarrass Keith and prove he’s not a genius.

    — Ethical Science Foundation was experimenting on a DNA hot tub breeding project using KAR’s residual spunk; ergo the tub was never cleaned.

    — The tub served as a baptismal font where all whom were immersed and vowed received the Holy Spirit and essence of KAR’s semen — whether he got it up or not.

    — The tub was built over a spiritual energy vortex that indeed kept it afloat. It’s collapse is indeed a sign that KAR’s super powers must be bolstered by another infusion of Bronfman billions lest his evil enemies overcome him and all hope for mankind is lost.

  • I wonder how the hot tub was even brought into the house in the first place. Hot tubs are usually too large to fit through most doorways or windows, and a competent installer would never have installed it on the second floor of a building , (which is not designed to hold the weight of a hot tub.)

    • Flowers,

      How would you know?
      Flowers that is 100% pure speculation on your behalf. People have second floor hotubs installed all the time.

      Flowers did you ever hear of a construction crain?

      How do you know a building permit was not issued to a licensed contractor?

      • Nice guy
        I have not heard of a construction “crain” before. Lol..but obviously the installer was not qualified, or the floor would not have collapsed.
        I have a 4 person hot tub at my house, which probably could fit thru the double French doors here(have not measured, just estimating) but it would be way too big to maneuver through a staircase, I bet. So it is a bit of a mystery how they managed to get a hot tub upstairs.

        I wonder how much a filled hot tub would weigh? Every one I have had has been installed on a cement slab, which is the proper way to install one.

        • Bet the Vancouver NXIVM chapter had some wild times in flowers hot tub. Maybe the sultan and shadow were the ones peeping in your windows to catch a glimpse of their celebrity deities.

        • Flowers,

          Last paragraph reference,

          How many hot tubs have you gone through?

          Everyone you have had?

          Sea world goes through less tanks.

          • Every house that I’ve lived in, that has had a hot tub, the hot tub has been outside, on a cement slab. Considering a filled hot tub weighs approximately 5000 lbs, that is the safest place to install a hot tub. Of course you could install one on a elevated deck or a second floor IF the proper structural work is done first to support the weight.
            I’m gonna guess that Keith did the mathematical calculations himself to determine how to reinforce the structure to support the hot tub’s weight.

            And no, I still dont know any NXIVM members. I have never met any of them.

  • And what causes things like this to happen? POOR FOUNDATIONS!! Somewhere along the line Mr. Raniere built his life/beliefs/relationships on the WRONG foundation! He believed lies, he acted on those lies and he encouraged others to lie. These were purposeful. Not insanity. Not stupidity. Simply EVIL.

  • Maybe if shadowstate-niceboy hurry they can beat Thomas Sekera in claiming pieces of the hot tub where their dream girl spent time nekkid in.

  • I can’t believe anyone was in their right mind when they believed this guy to be a spiritual/ethical “guru”.

    What a waste of time and money people who gave credence to his ideas allowed into their lives and negatively impacted themselves and others close to them with.

    • Yes, if your spiritual/ethical guru used to run an MLM that was sued by a number of state governments, that might be a clue that something’s wrong. A little red flag.

  • Yes I walk buy there everyday I remember always seeing him go in with women it will be a year that he approached me yikes

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