Storage Wars: Battle Breaks Out Over Documents & Records In Storage Unit

[Editor’s Note: Although we know the name of the person in question in this post, we have chosen not to publish it because they are a potential witness in the case of U.S. v. Raniere Et Al. In general, that is the same policy that we have followed since charges were formally filed against the defendants in that case].


Despite their stated wish to get the trial of Keith Raniere and his NXIVM cohorts started as soon as possible, the lawyers representing the defendants in the case of U.S. v. Raniere Et Al are continuing to request extensions to their filing deadlines – and raising collateral issues that threaten the current “start date” of April 29, 2019.

The latest request for a 2-day extension came from one of the attorneys representing Clare Bronfman – and was immediately granted by Magistrate Judge Vera M. Scanlon. But it also resulted in the judge setting a later deadline for the prosecution team to file its response.

Meanwhile, a new side-battle has broken out over a trove of documents and records that are supposedly the property of Clare Bronfman.

Unlike all the materials that were seized by the FBI from Nancy Salzman’s former residence, these new documents and records were being stored in a commercial storage unit in Clifton Park, NY.

And that’s where the fun begins…

The storage unit in question was rented by someone who worked for Clare Bronfman – and was at the time a Nxivm student. The rented unit was to be used to store documents and records regarding The Ethical Science Foundation(ESF), a charitable organization that Clare had established, and Wisdom Systems, LLC, another entity that she owned.

The problem is that the storage unit company would only rent units to individuals who could show some sort of government-issued identification – or to companies that submitted an appropriate Board Resolution regarding the rental unit.

So, the person who was tasked with renting the storage unit simply signed the rental agreement in her own name – and then placed all of Clare’s documents and records from the ESF and Wisdom Systems in the rented storage unit.

In April 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York issued a Grand Jury subpoena to the person who had rented the storage unit. Per the terms of that subpoena, she was required to testify before the Grand Jury – and to bring with her “…any and all records related to Keith Raniere, Nxivm or any Nxivm-related entities, including any records located in…” the storage unit.

And, thus, began the current battle over the ESF and Wisdom Systems documents and records…

On the one hand, it’s easy to see why Clare thinks that she should have control over the contents of the storage unit: i.e., the documents and records belong to entities that she owns and/or controls.

On the other hand, it’s easy to see why the person who rented the storage unit thinks that she had to produce the materials in compliance with the Grand Jury subpoena – which is exactly what she did.

What’s hard to understand is why so many months went by with Clare’s attorneys not taking any action to gain control of the documents and records in the storage unit. Had they been more aggressive, it’s quite possible that they would have been able to gain possession of those materials – thereby making it impossible for the prosecution to have obtained them via the Grand Jury subpoena.

Now, Clare’s attorneys have requested that the presiding judge in the case, Nicholas G. Garaufis, suppress all that evidence – which would mean that none of it could be used at the upcoming trial.

It is expected that the prosecution will respond by arguing that the evidence was legally obtained – and should, therefore, be admissible as evidence at the trial.

How long it will take for Judge Garaufis to resolve this matter is unknown at this time – and there is always the possibility that the losing party will choose to appeal his decision.

All that we know for certain is that the days are ticking by – and that we’re now less than 10 weeks away from the trial’s currently scheduled  “start date”.

This is probably not the last collateral issue that’s going to pop-up between now and the start of the trial.

But each such issue – and the time it takes to resolve it – make that April 29th “start date” less and less likely.


Dennis Burke

By the way, the attorney who represented Clare in the issue over the storage unit was none other than Dennis Burke, well known to readers of Frank Report for, among other things, his role in trying to help Mariana Fernandez get a visa illegally. It is not clear if Burke knew about the illegal elements of Mariana’s visa application.

The attorney representing the former Nxivm student who rented the storage unit is none other than Neil Glazer, who has been revealed in earlier court filings as the Philadelphia lawyer who represents numerous Nxivm victims in an expected civil suit against Nxivm parties.

Some of those victims are also expected to be witnesses in the upcoming Nxivm trial.

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  • It sounds nice bringing all the documents with you, but the storage unit is as big as
    a garage. It was probably more than a cardbord box. To bring that with you, you
    probably needed a small van.

  • Doesn’t it always come down to what’s in the boxes for Bronfman? Didn’t Barb have a bunch of boxes a lot of folks were interested in ? Seems Clare and her cronies would have learned that they should stear clear of boxes by now.

    • I certainly hope Barbara Bouchey’s boxes have finally found a home in the custody of the EDNY FBI and DOJ.

      As Claviger states, there will likely be some discrepancies among the financial records previously provided to the court by Clare’s counsel and those in the secret storage unit Mr. Burke is now mightily attempting to protect…on his client’s behalf.

      Thanks for the reminder of this 3rd source of proof of potential perjury and more.

  • It’s probably pretty simple, and this is just another money grab by the lawyers. The agent (storage unit renter) was operating under Clare’s direction, and due to that had custody of the documents. The agent had a legal obligation to comply with the subpeona.
    That’s my guess. It’s interesting, anyhow.

  • This is right out of KAR the Clown “How to Win in Court” patent pending technology.

    Keep things tied up in one legal motion after another as long as possible and run it up to the Supreme Court when we don’t get what we want.

    KAR and Clare Bear forgot to add the part to this amazing patient pending technology, What the frack do we do if one of our asses is in jail hell and the rest of us are in home confinement.

    This Judge is working this case to make it so his decisions are fair, within the law and are going to be hard to win on appeal.

    It’s not a matter of will there be an appeal or retrial. (Hung jury) That is going to happen regardless of the outcome.

    With an appeal it will depend on how well the Judge does his job. This Judge is SMART. KAR will never win an appeal, his track record shows he cannot.

  • Looks like the Feds have their act together, if they knew about this storage unit back in April 2018. However, if the judge determines they can’t use any of the information, and therefore any additional information that was discovered only because of the storage unit information, it could cause the prosecution to ask for an additional trial delay. Perhaps this is why the defense waited so long, to torpedo the Fed’s prosecution process.

  • You mean Dennis K. Burke, the disgraced former federal prosecutor from Arizona, also known to readers of Frank Report as “DeezNuts” and “One Night in Bangkok”

  • Krclaviger,

    Follow up to last question.

    Is this part of defense strategy to plant seeds ( technicalities and reasons for future appeals)?

    The evidence was in a storage unit rented by an individual not the defendant. To a lay person like my self it would seem clear cut and the judge should rule for the prosecution.

    Do you have any additional insights or guesses as to whether the Defense up to ?

    I know you are busy person so I do not expect a reply. Just figured I would ask anyway.

  • By handing the documents over to her assistant, who is not a lawyer, Clair lost a reasonable expectation of privacy.
    Clair left it to that assistant to rent out the storage locker and place the documents in that locker.

    • “So, the person who was tasked with renting the storage unit simply signed the rental agreement in her own name – and then placed all of Clare’s documents and records from the ESF and Wisdom Systems in the rented storage unit.”

      Clare arranged it so that the storage unit would be rented in the assistant’s name and Clare’s interest in the stored materials would be hidden from the world.
      It was no accident that Clare arranged for the assistant to be a cutout or straw person to hide Clare’s ties to the stored documents.

      • Shadowstate 1958, is anonymous ( February 21, 2019 at 12.12 am) your harassing haunter
        on the blog?

        Don’t let it impress you. I ignore such things as most others, too. This person should express
        himself what he wants, or say what he likes or dislikes and why. Frenzy without something to
        justify will not bring anything.

    • Shadowstate thank you for your time and explanation.

      I appreciate it. I guess the defense is just throwing sh*t at the wall to see what sticks.

      Side note:
      It always surprises me how few people know or believe the Mormon’s massacred a bunch of people over a hundred years ago.

  • Krclaviger,

    Is it it possible that Clare’s attorneys allowed the prosecution to acquire the storage unit papers (evidence) so that the evidence from the storage unit could be used as grounds for an appeal in the future?

    Same question asked a different way.

    Could the defense appeal a verdict based on a technicality involving how the storage unit paper financial records were obtained?

    My guess is the defense would claim the evidence should never have been admissible because the evidence was not properly obtained.

    • If these documents connect Clare Bronfman to Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts (I hesitate to call them Doctors), then these documents also tie Clare Bronfman to Allison Mack and the sex slave cult and the “Bad-Ass Warrior Bitches.”

    • Sombody,
      Please note:

      1.) I am asking legitimate questions regarding the NXIVM criminal case.

      2.) I am not asking questions or making foolish innuendos regarding Alison Mack or Kristin Kreuk.

      3.) I am not asking questions regarding conspiracy theories and the Salinas family.

      4.) I am not writing a bunch of non sequitur statements in a row like our friend Mr. Bangcock. Bangcock being the king of the non sequitor statement.

  • What Clare Bronfman wasn’t counting on is that people were not willing to break the law for her when asked by the DOJ to “bring all documents” related to NXIVM ++.

    The real issue, more than not, is the documents turn over from the storage locker will not match up with the documents Clare Bronfman, Brandon Porter or Danielle Roberts have turned over to the DOJ. The people who are going to be a witness for the DOJ testimony will not match up with Clare Bronfman, Brandon Porter or Danielle Roberts either.

    People think Clare is still following her Masters 600 calories a day diet. Clare might be so stressed that her money cannot buy herself out of the mess she bought herself into, to feel important, smart and LOVED.

    Using funds from a foundation illegally is a crime, Clare. Your daddy isn’t here to bail you out of the mess you have gotten yourself into this time.

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