Former Rainbow Nanny speaks out, reveals crimes and set up of horrifying children’s program

Sahajo Haertel was a Rainbow nanny, a DOS slave and a member of Keith Raniere's harem.

Editor’s Note: Obviously I am not naming the individual who told me the following. I also had to redact  names and change a few minor details to protect her identity. Other than that, this is precisely what she told me in an interview about Rainbow. Readers here have the advantage of hearing from someone who was right there, witnessing firsthand what really happened.

By Miss X

I no longer work for Rainbow. When I was there, I saw a lot of things. I saw that they kept two sets of books for instance. Loretta Garza, who was the head of Rainbow, under Keith, of course, insisted on two sets of books so she could see what the real profits were versus what they were showing.

They also did other illegal things with visa fraud. For instance, Monica Duran had a visa to work for ESP, but she was working for Rainbow.

In Rainbow, parents pay big money. The ‘Full’ Rainbow is seven languages. It costs about $120,000 dollars a year per child.  There was a discount if there are siblings.

The Full is for 7 languages for they said “maximum brain development.”

But no brain studies exist. It’s just stuff Keith got off Google.

The time a child spends in Rainbow is approximately 90 hours a week. That’s most of a child’s  waking hours. In the “Full”, there would be seven different nannies. They call them MDS. Multicultural Development Specialists.  They have no degrees. There’s no requirements. They don’t have to have any background in child development.

Every day of the week, there is a different nanny.

There are some lesser programs than the Full 7, where people who can’t afford it take less languages for their children. They are charged $25 per hour.

But Keith and Nancy and Lauren always asked them “What does it mean when you don’t put forth the effort to give your child the opportunity to have maximum brain development?”

And there’s no studies that have ever showed this works.

I taught [redacted]. The seven languages were Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, German and Japanese. But there were other languages.

There has ever been any studies to prove this works and there isn’t any testing. The parent doesn’t know how well the children speaks. I mean the only one who knows Russian for example is the nanny.

Keith only speaks English and Loreta only Spanish and English. Other than the teacher’s word for it, there was no testing on how well the children learned other languages.

The nannies were often brought illegally to the USA because they often couldn’t find a local who could speak certain languages.  Keith always preferred to have attractive young women for nannies. And Loretta aimed to please.

I knew [redacted] and Camilla Fernandez well. Both were illegal. They were both nice people but I wouldn’t call these people necessarily qualified for linguistics.

Probably the big thing about the double sets of books is how much money Rainbow made and how little was reported.  Rosa Laura Junco had two children and was paying more than $120,000.

Sara Bronfman had one child – $120,000.  Alex Betancourt had twins. $150,000.

Edgar Boone had four. The triplets, then they had another baby. I think he was paying something like $200,000.

Rainbow was not paying taxes on any of this.

Dr. Brandon Porter’s kids were in but he got to the point where he was working so much for Keith that he did not practice much as a doctor and he and his wife couldn’t afford the Full 7.

They’re only doing minimum amount of hours. My observation of him is that he is a total sociopath.

Not just because of the terrible films he showed, the graphic, horrific violence and rape and snuff. He was more than a little on the sick side.  He’s twisted.

Behind it all was Keith Raniere who claimed he devised a revolutionary program to teach children how to develop their brains. That babies learning to be multilingual would create incredible brain development in children. They would have superior mental capacity.

Multilingual children = greater brain capacity.

So he devised an expensive school where children are taught by multiple multicultural development specialists who speak different languages to the child.

I had no background in early child development. None of the nannies did.  In essence, I don’t think I was like a nanny – because there was no continuity with the children. Nannies bond with the children or are supposed to. I was more like a babysitter. I would see the children one day a week. And go to the next family on the following day.  I got paid  $10 an hour.  Loreta Garza charged the parents $25 per hour.  So Rainbow made more than double the profit.

While I was there, I did not teach classes like homeschooling. There was no curriculum, no training. Nothing. I babysat the children and spoke to them in my native language.

The original Rainbow Garden started in Clifton Park. But there was no center. We just went to the homes of the children.  There is a center in Monterrey run by Carola Garza and one in Mexico City.

Emiliano’s kids I believe went to Rainbow. His sister Cecelia’s daughter was in it for a long time.  Carola and Anna RIsoul’s sons are in it.

Rainbow is for the rich. Alex and Sara travel around the world with their MDSs. But they don’t take the whole gang of seven.

From what I saw, there is no proof that it works, other than kids learn some words in the languages but they couldn’t speak fluently.  So what is it doing to children?

They always see strangers. The nannies come and go and it must be unsettling to a child to have a different person everyday babysitting and speaking in a different language.

You have 90 hours a week, and seven different babysitters with no qualifications talking at your child all day. The parents don’t know what they’re saying. The parents don’t speak the languages.

There’s no education. There’s no like kindergarten, there’s no early child development education. And everybody just believes that just learning all these languages will make these children geniuses.  But they’re not learning anything. I began to fear they were creating little child sociopaths.

The children don’t spend much time with their parents because the parent is not supposed to interfere because they have to get quality language time in that language so it is discouraged.

So week after week, a babysitter is in the house relating to the children and not the parent.

The parents should not have any interaction with the child.  They’re not supposed to talk to the child while the nanny is there so that the child imbibes the language.

The children are allowed to play, they’re allowed to do anything, but they have to do it in the language of the day so it is hard for them to play with any child who is not in Rainbow and that made them isolated or banned from seeing other children not in Rainbow.

Now it’s Spanish, now it’s Russian, now Hindi. If I were a kid, I would hate it.  I know Rosa Laura’s two older kids went off to boarding school. Everybody was talking about, like, what happened with the kids? The rumor was that they’re rebelling against their mother’s totalitarianism with the cult. But some people said it had to do with the girls who came from Chihuahua and something Keith did to some of them.

Robbie Chiappone left because of the child molestation stuff. Keith and Nancy got the parents to not file charges. Robbie had to leave and join the Navy. But Robbie was a driver for Rainbow . He worked for Rainbow.  His little brother was an MDS at the Monterrey Center – Theodore is his name.

Robbie was a driver for the children for Rainbow. A child molester was in the children’s organization founded also by a child molester.

On top of that, we took ESP courses. The parents and the nannies were taking the courses. Not all the nannies took ESP but a lot of them did.

And it’s sort of like you’re raising the child and the parents and the nannies are taking ESP classes and so the whole principles they are teaching the children are the principles of ESP.

Everybody believed in DOS and SOP. And part of the teachings of ESP, DOS, and SOP is that women have no character, no dignity, no honor. Can you imagine the girl children being taught this?

It’s not just about the languages. It’s the philosophy. It’s teaching girls that women have no character, their like little babies, they’re spoiled, they have to learn discipline, they need masters and should be slaves. The whole DOS thing.

Monica Duran was in DOS and she was a nanny. She was in Keith’s harem for 16 years and then  became a DOS branded woman.  Sahajo Haertel was a nanny and in Keith’s harem. She is in DOS.

Sahajo left her husband, Ken Kozek, to join Keith’s harem. Before he married Sahajo, Ken was dating Michelle Salzman for years.  He dated Sahajo and they got married and she left him to join Keith’s harem. She’s an attractive woman, a belly dancer. She taught German. Monica taught Spanish.

Camila is also in the harem and is in DOS and she was a nanny.  She joined Keith’s harem when she was a teen. He was careful about Camila, because of the reports of statutory rape. I don’t think he started having actual sex with her until she was at least 15. He waited for like three years after she attained puberty until he felt he could trust her to never go to the police.

The Rainbow program was meant to harm not help children, make him tax free money, find slaves as nannies and I believe open the door to teaching little girls that they should have sex starting at 12 and starting with him.





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  • I would like to add my thanks to the author for telling her experience at Rainbow and I must say it infuriated me to read it. I am angry at the people who hatched this plan to add dollars to their bank accounts, I’m angry at these same people who took advantage of people to ‘teach’ there and I’m angry at the parents who believed this was good for their children.

    I believe Scientologists also take the role of parenting away from their followers as well so, once again, KAR has stolen from another playbook.

  • Can anyone shed light on RCG in London? The press, in December, said they were “reviewing” them whatever that means. What has happened regarding this? RCG still has them on their location list. Curiously, Ireland is not on there. I find the RCG disturbing but also interesting. Frank promised more news of the Ireland branch. Did I miss this?

  • Twenty years from now, when Raniere gets out of prison; his biography on a new scam company that he created will report that Rainbow Cultural Garden youth football team won the NY state championship under the great coaching of Keith “Bill Belachak” Raniere.

  • Didn’t Steve Ose’s wife keep the two set of books for Raibbow in Albany before they moved to Texas to help search for Kristen Keeffe after her escape from NXIVM?

  • Financially, none of this makes sense. Correction, nothing NXIVM makes sense. All involved could have had a very comfortable life and a nice time on the Bronfman gals gravy-train. Why were they running adult daycares and children daycares for money? And keeping two sets of books? For daycares?

  • Thank you so very much for coming forward and contributing this priceless information to help end the sufferings of these innocent, little victims. Took a lot of courage and compassion to do so! You raise a lot of very good points.

    There have been studies that unequivocally demonstrate children’s language and speech development can be stunted by overwhelming them with too many languages.

    I know this because my son has speech “apraxia” and has been in top-notch speech therapy programs nearly his entire life. I was enthusiastic about teaching him Spanish — which was easier for him to enunciate with its open vowels and lyrical tonalities — but had to slow down on it when certified experts began warning us that developing a second language was impeding his perfection of his “native” language, English.

    I disagreed with these professionals at first, thought they were espousing racism — it was a huge issue in LA at the time — until I met a few jibberish (in English) speaking adults whose parents were from Iran who, I learned from their countrymen, could not speak Farsi (Iranian language) well, either, and were always being made fun of for it by other Iranians. They were more comfortable with Americans who just thought they were recent immigrants. The Iranians deemed them stupid knowing they couldn’t speak Farsi any better than English. (Btw, they weren’t stupid. One’s a true computer wiz and can program in multiple computer languages.)

    Another story but I was offered $120k a year to teach for Rainbow Culture Garden and told that’s what all the teachers earned. HA! Now I know I would have had to spend that amount on my son’s “tuition” and would have only seen him one day per week not full time as promised. Nor am I at all qualified to teach English to Mexicans as I’m far from fluent in Spanish. It was probably an entrapment scheme as I did suspect. Becoming obvious, though, nearly everyone was conned one way or another for one reason or other.

    • With all due respect to my highly esteemed blog colleague, the infamous Heidi, the idea that kids can’t learn to speak 2nd languages fluently is ludicrous and not based on any scientific facts.

      Anecdotal evidence of a single Iranian family is not scientific evidence of anything. It’s ’emotional’ evidence being used by Heidi to justify giving herself another ‘figurative’ stone to throw at Keith’s glass house.

      FACT: There are tens of thousands of bilingual kids in America — of both Farsi and Arabic speaking families — who can speak those languages fluently along with English.

      FACT: There are millions of kids in America who speak both Spanish and English fluently, many of them adding German and/or French into their vocabulary eventually.

      I do respect Heidi’s personal experiences with “apraxia” since I’m sure that’s a challenging condition to overcome. Thus, for her family it was the right decision not to learn multiple languages.

      However, Heidi’s ‘reasoning’ just doesn’t apply to other kids at Rainbow Schools since none of their other students likely had apraxia, or if any did, it was certainly a rare exception rather than the norm.

      It’s not logical for a school to disallow the teaching of alternate languages just because 1 out of 1,000 kids might have a medical condition that makes learning a 2nd language challenging. That’s not a basis for setting up a school curriculum.

      As for Heidi’s computer programming remarks, I can speak to that myself. Learning different programming languages is NOT akin to being a language ‘wiz’.

      With programming languages, once you learn the basic concepts of ‘programming’ (i.e. the logic involved in writing a computer program) it’s VERY EASY to learn MANY new programming languages in minimal time.

      I have personally learned new programming languages in mere ‘days’ (often becoming very fluent in them within a couple weeks). That wouldn’t be true of learning new ‘spoken’ languages. Learning multiple programming languages doesn’t make somebody a genius or anything close to it.

      Just because a person has learned multiple programming languages — and becomes a ‘wiz’ in Heidi’s mind — that doesn’t preclude the possibility that they’re still a “dumb-as-fuck idiot” with an inability to learn verbal languages efficiently.

      FACT: Lots of people can speak Farsi and English fluently. Just because Heidi’s immigrant friends were too dumb for this task DOESN’T establish a scientific basis for disallowing the learning of 2nd or 3rd languages for kids. Yes, it takes more effort than learning just 1 language. However, anything worth doing in life DOES take more effort. It sounds to me like Heidi’s immigrant friends were simply too LAZY to put in the effort.


      • I’m avoiding you, Bangkook, if you didn’t notice. But in defense of the people you call “stupid and lazy,” my INFORMED opinion is that some people are genetically predisposed to multi-language acquisition and others are not so much, having little to do with overall intelligence or effort.

        Perhaps you’ve heard of “survival of the fittest?” A term anthropologists use to describe those who best fit into their environment, including their social environment, so that their DNA is reproduced? Or maybe you’ve heard about “use it or lose it?” ..Traits unnecessary to survive in a given environment disappear from the gene pool – like our ape tails did? (Although I wonder if shit flinging primates like yourself might not still have one?)

        Acclimitizing early-on to a social environment is critical to language development. In some very sad cases where the environment was hostile to those who spoke a different tongue, perhaps not speaking at all was the smartest, best way to survive.

        If, at the same time, small children are deprived of loving parents or adults they can communicate and bond with who care for them, they might resort to speaking gibberish — or rather a language they developed amongst themselves — if at all.

        What NXIVM, Rainbow Culture Garden, is doing to these small children is unspeakable.

  • Oh God. I don’t know what to say. Frank, I believe there was a branch in London. Do you know if it is still running? If it is, I may write to my MP.

  • With all due respect, the Rainbow Cultural Garden seemed rather benign after reading this author’s account.

    It was basically a center for ‘home schooling’ and ‘day care’ combined into a single package, catering primarily to kids of rich NXIVM parents.

    Not sure that’s a big deal.

    Sure, those kids may have wasted a lot of time learning ‘worthless bits’ from 7 languages, but that’s not exactly the worst evil I’ve heard about. Much ado about nothing, it sounds like.

    There’s plenty of wackadoodle Christian/Religious sects which have their own ‘home schooling’ or ‘day care’ programs that are just as weird as this, teaching kids all kinds of wacky beliefs.

    What about the Amish? Their own kids learn to live like it’s still the 3rd century BC, yet nobody has any problems with that. It’s hurting the kids yet we have no issues with it.

    Same is true with NXIVM kids.

    Just because this ‘author’ claims that the nannies weren’t well qualified for teaching languages, that doesn’t make them any worse than the unqualified teachers from other religious sect schools.

    Until I see EVIDENCE (a real witness) who can testify that these kids at Rainbow were taught about sex, then it’s nothing more than worthless speculation. This author sounds as if they’re just regurgitating stuff they heard about Keith, but never actually witnessed.

    If this author NEVER witnessed the sex teachings claimed in the final sentence, it’s just worthless speculation. They’re just giving an ‘opinion’ of something they never witnessed, thus making it worthless commentary from the Frank Report.

    Anybody can offer an opinion.

    This author taught at Rainbow yet she NEVER witnessed any sex teachings? Yet this same author ‘suspects’ that Rainbow was a sex teaching center to recruit kids for Keith? That’s kinda contradictory.

    This author sounds like they never witnessed anything bad at Rainbow, yet they desperately want to believe that Rainbow was bad.

    Sounds like a nothing burger to me, Frank.

    If Rainbow was catering to the general public (non-NXIVM kids) then I’d see a real problem with it. But that’s not what they were doing. They were catering to NXIVM kids, much like Amish or Christian sects who cater to their own kids — often teaching them weird and outdated belief systems.

    Not much to see here, Frank.

    Please convince me that you have something more substantial, Frank.

  • Loretta Garza, who was the head of Rainbow, under Keith, of course, insisted on two sets of books so she could see what the real profits were versus what they were showing.

    Loretta Garza who was in Puerto Vallarta with Raniere, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne when Raniere was arrested by the Mexican Federales.

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