Heidi: Keith had a motive to let Pam die without medical intervention

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By Heidi Hutchinson

Wow, MK10ART, you’re great with water color and, as we know, capturing the essence of these stories and photos even without personal knowledge. We’re lucky to have you as a contributor on FR!

Pam Cafritz’s untimely death has always weighed on me but this is the first time I read FR’s post with all these eerie details. (I’d only heard rumors about the cryogenic madness.)

The instant I heard about Pam’s death I felt there (may) have been foul play on Keith’s part. …Why?

Keith and Clare had financial motives to let Pam die without medical intervention, as they’ve been charged in the tax evasion scheme.

But Keith had another, much stronger, possible motive: Rhiannon.

Pam knew about and according to the Albany Times Union 2012 expose’, procured Rhiannon for Keith. I believe there were other far underage girls whom Pam — and who knows whom else, possibly Barbara Jeske — skimmed for Keith to “mentor” and molest.

The gravity of these offenses often seems to be overlooked amid the plethora of other serious crimes now charged and the high volume of victims on those counts.

However, had Keith and any accomplices been duly charged — as they possible yet may be — with the crimes perpetrated on Rhiannon, alone, those could be classified as class B, 1st degree felonies carrying a 25 year sentence for the perpetrator: Keith Alan Raniere.

Rhiannon was not simply “under the age of consent” when Keith raped her. She was 12 years old. Not only a “minor” but a “child” under the legal definition. Further, Rhiannon was molested multiple times over the course of many months.

That constitutes a predatory “course of conduct against a child,” under NY State law.

According to some reliable sources, there are, in fact, no time-barred statutes for prosecution of these crimes against a child under 13. Other sources disagree but in Rhiannon’s case, in particular, because she reported the offenses in a timely manner, whatever time statutes might apply are greatly weakened, I was told.

KAR’s only defense in such a scenario would be credibility — his word vs. Rhiannon’s — but for witnesses such as Pam Caffritz.

That’s why deep down I feel Pam’s cancer went untreated and none were allowed to visit Pam on her “deathbed” for weeks, lest anyone seek medical intervention that would keep Pam alive long enough to tell.

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  • FYI
    PS from the FaceBook Group. Keith responded to the very neat feminine “curvy” handwriting style. Keith even commented on how much he liked it.
    Good luck everyone!

  • P.S. Since Vanguard has been in prison he has been smart enough not to respond to PO boxes. You have to use a real address. Just kidding of course. 😉

  • Scott what you wrote is even crazier than me trying to get Vanguard to believe he was successfully Catfished… 😉 as a joke of course.

  • MKart: Keith standing on his tippy toes w/tongue stuck to frozen flagpole. Nice job on his hair, btw. Given some time, looking forward to Keith sporting some cornrows,

  • https://people.com/crime/allison-mack-nxivm-mentor-keith-raniere-denied-bail-awaiting-sex-abuse-trial/

    I’ll post this new “People” story link on this thread, too, with a thought. Thank God celebs like Catherine and India Oxenberg, awful as it is for them, were victims in NX and are speaking out and knocking down doors to bring on-going, big time media attention to this case. They could have pulled a Kristin Kreuk, gone back to playing pretend, but their commitment to outing the whole truth may finally get the job done and put NX out of business for good no matter what a jury does.

    PEOPLE vs. KAR et al in the court of public opinion!

    • Has India been speaking out publicly? What has India said or done? I was wondering why Frank and Joe weren’t attacking her since she would be considered one of the worst offenders based on what’s been said on this site — supporting a pedophile even after he was outed and arrested, grooming children for the rapist, recruiting her friends to be raped and branded, named as CC-2, and then slinking away without condemning Raniere or making any public statements.

      • India’s legal counsel most certainly must have advised her against talking to any media, anyone other than themselves. To do otherwise waives attorney-client privledge for starters. I’m sure Kruek’s counsel gave her the same sound advise.

        It’s not really fair to throw stones at those who can’t respond in my books. I think it would benefit them both publicity-wise to make a statement to fend off speculation but that’s a huge legal risk. They could still both be indicted if any evidence or witnesses implicate them in a crime.

        • Kreuk is a coward and liar. She should be held to account, seeing as she wants to be in the public eye and loves to virtue signal. You don’t get to spend years in an especially cunty cult while being in the public eye, using your status to counter the cult label and those vile pedophile and rape reveals and not be held to account.

          Also, what did Scott say/do on twitter?

        • Thanks for the response. I had read your previous post as meaning that India had spoken out and was curious what she had said. But I don’t think speaking to the media waves attorney-client privilege automatically. It would depend on what she said. Frank has spoken to the media plenty and written about his own case for example.

          Do agree though that if India was involved in all of the awful things that Frank has written about here and she’s been accused of as CC-2, she might not want to speak to anyone, but seems she could still release a statement vetted by her lawyers disavowing Raniere and NXIVM that might help shake the remaining DOS slaves free of their stupor, especially considering her position and how long and recently she remained faithful. Frank obviously doesn’t share your view about throwing stones, as he’s written extensively about the cowardice of those who left without making any public declarations.

  • Scott I agree with most of your comments since I started visiting this site. Your comments are usually informative and insightful.

    I strongly disagree with your comment in regards to Rhiannon, “she now must live with the guilt”.
    Rhiannon was a scared young woman/girl and victim. She had been sexual assaulted by a grown man and woman.

    Do you know how scared she must have been? Raniere at that time was the president of a company, on tv commercials, and her mother worked for him.

    She has nothing to feel guilty about.

    • Rhianon’s also stated that part of the reason she didn’t wear the wire is that she didn’t think KAR would fall for it! I imagine she knew he’d have his grubby hands all over her within seconds of being alone with her and even if he didn’t find it that way, Rhianon might have felt the “Einstein” wouldn’t say anything to incriminate himself. She’d just be molested again for naught.

  • Good thoughts Heidi.

    It also sounds like Keith had 10 Million Rea$on$ to tell Pam to avoid Cancer treatment and let Keith heal her ethical breaches that caused the cancer.

    To see Pam in those photos of her final days is terrifying. She looks like a concentration camp survivor.

    Funny, bc Allison Mack looked the same when Keith was arrested in Mexico. Skin and bones.

    • Lol, Noisy. Ye$, NX does love the $$$. (They just seem to have so much of it they can’t launder it fast enough!). I’m sure they saved a bundle in medical bills by denying Pam treatment, too. But, then again, with the Bronfman and Salinas dirty loot lying around, why not spare Pam her suffering and at least attempt to spare her life?

    • I swear I thought the same about Allison Mack, Leon. My sister, Gina, was ultra thin overnight, too, within a few weeks after she got reinvolved with NX and KAR. From early August 2002, when there’s evidence she was restarting NX courses, to October 2002, when she died, she looks like she lost 30 pounds in pics that she didn’t have to lose to begin with. KAR had similar reasons or motives to make these women all disappear. They all knew – or in Allison’s case know – who he is — a pedophile. They may have been brainwashed to accept it as normal, even promote it in subtle ways, but I think KAR knew if their truth were told even with them maybe accepting and believing KAR’s “Garden of Eden” version of pedophilia is OK, he’ll go down faster than Socrates. So, he gives them the hemlock instead. JMO.

      • I think I read somewhere that scumbag Raniere taught moronic complacent followers that mothers suck off their babies because it is “soothing”. Can someone confirm he said that? When did he say it and to who? Striped path dickheads?

          • Thanks for the link, Walter. (Guess I should explore FR more if I’m trying to contribute. Amazes me how much of this Frank’s covered.)

            I heard a lot of this rape rationalization — that’s what it really is — from Gina in the context of how she was being helped and healed to overcome her sex hang-ups from our Patriarchal Mormon conditioning, etc. [When KAR, himself, and his rape of, treatment of, indoctrination and experimentation on her was mostly what was “at cause” for Gina’s “hang-ups” far more so than any religion.]

            Because I wanted Gina to be healed and happy, and when it seemed like whatever they were teaching, philosophizing about was doing the trick temporarily, I never really judged the morality, motive or meaning of these sermons at the time. I may have, vaguely remember thinking how sad that Africans were so painfully starved. (Gina and Keith always said I was “oblivious.”)

            Now, the same near exact words Gina perused over and repeated like gospel, strike me as shockingly, sickeningly immoral and deviously manipulative.

            I wonder what was the reaction of the class to these strange teachings?

        • It was reported here that he gave a couple of classes on issues like that, plus the fact that if a woman is raped and has an orgasm (and how on earth would that happen?!), it isn’t really rape. He’s also opined that it’s OK to have sex with underage girls if they’re “willing” and “ready.”

          In a nutshell, he seems to believe in perversity, forcible rape and statutory rape.

          If true (and I’ll bet it is), he is one sick individual. I would not let any young person I know or care about within 50 miles of him.

    • Noisy mouse, just like Scientology saying you are ill because you are out tech and need to be audited – or the Way saying you have cancer because of your unbelief…Keith pulled the same schtick.

      Boy, this perv Keith never had an original thought. He stole not just money and people”s lives; he cob jobbed off of others and labeled it his own.

  • Sadly, with today’s mindset, this can all be explained away, by many, as a “kink”.
    You see hiw easily these women aided and abetted Keith.
    Having been molested myself as a child I understand the great harm it does to one’s life especially when one is not believed and protected by parent and those in authority.
    These things are not a kink. They are wrong on so many levels. Morally, psychologically, spiritually.

    • It must be one of the worst things that can happen to an innocent child. Really robbing one of childhood and future, ability to trust, maybe find love…terrible. So sorry, g. Agree, seems it’s getting so it’s justifiable as another one of those “to each his own” kinks, as you say, without much thought to the fact that it’s not a victimless crime!

      • @Heidi
        I did not tell this in a public forum for sympathy just stating a fact to show I understand from experience.
        I do not go around thinking poor me nor why me. I do not label myself as victim or survivor.It just is. One gets on with life. The “I’m okay, you’re okay and this is the best okay I can be” is how I view it.(I strongly suggest reading “I’m Ok, You’re Ok if one has not.
        Nevertheless I thank you though you have nothing to be sorry for.

        Also, I do not say I know how others feel if it happened to them. Each one incorporates life experiences differently.

        • Yes, maybe “thank you” for sharing your story would be better than “sorry,” g. I just don’t think it’s fully understood how atrocious these “childhood” sex crimes are in terms of the profound imprint they can leave on someone’s entire life as your comment suggests.

  • When you look at the body of work for nxivm and the self proclaimed “most ethical man” on Earth, it becomes even more scary. You may not be able to prove murder, or rape, or kidnapping, but what reputable person or enterprise would ever be accused of such things? There’s too many dubious deaths and other circumstances with these people. They’ll get their lot in the end. As they say, karma is a bitch. Buyer beware if/when these clowns ever get out.

    • I hate to say it, Jarhead, and I hear you, but last time Rhianon’s story was told in living color on the front page of the Albany TU and in an unprecidented online video interview, didn’t stop enrollment…actually, take that back, we don’t know who heeded the warning. Maybe some did. But for this persistent, dangerous cult to be put out of the pedophile catering business, it’s gonna take prosecution of all crimes by all perps involved, IMO. I know it’s up to the State of NY not the Feds – and I also know many who will be extremely disappointed if there aren’t any indictments brought for these heinous State crimes that have gone ignored far too long.

      • Those celebrities named in said Times Union articles knew Raniere was a pedophile, rapist and more. They didn’t give a flying turd. People like Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente, they had their chance and they didn’t give a shit. Kristin Kreuk has missed the boat by a long shot. She is a chicken shit. Nicki Clyne? What’s happening with her? Allison Mack is the only one finally being called out. Anyone who didn’t cut the cord, especially after the terrible stories of Rhiannon and Gina were revealed, included the above, are not deserving of sympathy or compassion. You have to draw the line somewhere. Fuck anyone who went along with this shit. It should never of got this far.

  • HIs keeping Pam from medical attention, because there was a financial benefit to him on the horizon, would be right out of KAR’s playbook. I think it was the money, though, rather than Rhiannon. I don’t think Pam ever would have turned on him.

    I often wonder why nothing was done about Raniere statutorily raping a 12 year old, when the sworn police report was there for all to see.

    And asking a 12 year old to wear a wire is considerably different than asking an adult to.

    • Yes, you’re probably right, right along with Noisy. Money rules NX-world. Pam prol wouldn’t have turned, either. Thing is, Kristin Keefe, before her Bouchey, before her Toni Natalie, a few KAR prol never thought would turn on him, DID. Barbara said it on Megan Kelly that KAR might have resorted to the “collateral” more so to preclude anyone from leaving or turning or sharing what they knew if they did because he was getting paranoid — smug, arrogant SOB that he is — especially after Kristin, mother of “the world,” Gaelen, cut and ran.

    • IMO, Orange. Nothing was done because of WHERE it was done and because of WHO did it and the amount of money available to him to get away with it, repeatedly.

  • I thinks there’s value in that conjecture, Heidi. I also hold out hope that Rhiannon can see the day KAR has to answer for the crimes committed against her and other young girls. It is sickening this was brought to the attention of people who should be protecting children and she was told nothing could be done without her wearing a wire to record him. I can also see KAR hiding Pam’s cancer in order to profit from her death. These people are lacking in any form of humanity. There is no compassion and he kept attracting others to join him in hurting others. It is outside the realm of understanding for many and yet this kind of thing is going on today in many quarters. People cannot remain silent if they suspect wrongdoing. It’s often hard to take action time and time again after your pleas for help fall on deaf ears but it must be done.

    • Asking her to wear a wire is called evidence. People cannot remain silent if they suspect wrongdoing. It’s often hard to take action time and time again after your pleas for help fall on deaf ears but it must be done. She must now live with the guilt that she could have stopped Raniere and didn’t. That is much harder than wearing a wire.

      • A child should not be asked to wear a wire to collect evidence against their abuser. I understand this was years ago but to suggest Rhiannon should be the one to feel responsible for all that came after is ludicrous. She was a victim afraid of being hurt even more. Has anything been said that suggests she would have the conversation monitored while she was wired? This girl reported her abuse to many adults who failed to take action and those are the people who should fall under the weight of guilt; not Rhiannon.

        • Of course she should have been asked to wear a wire, the police needed more evidence. I’m quite sure the technology was available for the police to listen to the conversation live. Saying a story to more people isn’t evidence. The police did the right thing and neither she nor any other adults talked her into doing it. They all share the blame for future victims, 100%.

        • It’s sickening that those retards, Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Mark Vicente we’re named in the expose that revealed what happened to Rhiannon and other girls and women – and they did not care at all. There names were right there and, nothing.

      • @ScottJohnson
        If I read you right, you are faulting the victim here.
        Are you for real? Revictimizing the victim?
        Says a lot about you.

        • G,
          Exactly right G.

          Hey Scott!!! do not throw out the “Virtue Signaling” or “Social justice Warriors” insult.

          Scott you were wrong to write that comment about Rihanna. Completely wrong.
          A child should feel guilty? Why?
          Because she was scared to wear a hidden wire to trap an adult man that raped her multiple times.

          Scott are you fucking nuts?

          FYI I commented about your comment before anyone and guess what?

          I am commenting again because if Rihanna reads this article and sees your comment…I want her to realize that nobody feels the way you do Scott.

          What you wrote is more fucked up than anything Bangcock or Sultan 6 have ever written. Scott , “you crazy”.


      • Its hard to believe the police would even ask a child to wear a wire. I would have thought that the police could arrest Keith just from the victims testimony, since the girl was only 12 at the time, so that is statutory rape, and is a criminal offence.

        But this girl is an adult now, and she still hasn’t spoken out publicly against Keith. What is stopping her from doing so now?

  • I wonder if there was a toxic screen done before she was buried or cremated. Can anyone rule out that maybe she was poisoned to death? And out of curiosity I wonder just how many woman and children have gone missing or dead around this nxivm sex cult?

      • Their cowards. I mean how hard is it to do the right thing? The ones who knew of crimes being committed before are guilty of conspiracy and are accessories before and after the fact.
        Either way its all against the law. Why aren’t there more indictments for the immoral cowards? Honestly why is cry baby jane the only sitting in jail?

      • If you are anything in person like you are online here, Schllock, I can’t believe you made it this far into your old age in Texas. You must never leave your little 2 can studio. Except for hooded KKK meetings.

    • Would not rule it out, myself. He raped Rhiannon over 60 x’s, often in a broom closet. She may not have even been the youngest and I know of a few others, including my sister Gina, who were only a couple few years older than Rhianon when he conquered them. More recently, he forced a pre-teen boy to film himself with his sisters. He turned to more vulnerable, more extortable, exploitable Mexican kids when his GBD and other get fresh, young virgin schemes weren’t satisfactory. With Rainbow Culture Garden, he was growing his own future rape victims. What kind of monster does that under the guise of “ethics”? He’s admitted to, boasted of “having people killed for his beliefs OR THEIRS,” put out actual death contracts and, I believe, has killed or, in fact, had people killed or “suicided” as well, including my sister, Gina. There definitely should have been a toxicology report done on Pam Caffritz. It’s occurred to me that fear of such also may have been why they wanted to freeze her body — to avoid an autopsy.

      • We need to learn more about Girls By Design and Jane the DOS slave.

        Are you reading this Jane? Come forward. If what you said is true, the truth needs to come out.

        • Hi.

          This is Jane.

          I’m here to set the record straight and tell you that Tarzan is my boyfriend and I am as real as my name, but my story was complete and utter bollocks. The story was used to psychologically assess how gullible people are to believe in fanciful stories related on the Internet. Sorry for the confusion. Now if you excuse me I have to get back to the tree house and make some dinner for Tarzan and the boys before Tarzan does his nightly rounds with the gorillas.


      • Heidi, not that I doubt you but can you steer me to where you found out about the preteen with his sisters?
        How much more salacious can these NXIVM folks get? And Nancy and Lauren still haunt the tri cities. Shopping, roaming free.
        Neighbors, guard your loved ones.

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