Agnifilo blasts government, says DOJ ‘constructed criminal case from media and Hollywood-driven detritus’

Marc Agnifilo

Marc Agniflo has pretty much summed up the weakness, he says, of the case against NXIVM and the government’s foolish notion to pursue it – in a memorandum of law filed on Dec. 28.

The estimable lawyer for Keith Raniere writes:

“Everything about this case, the Government’s Response included, betrays a clear reality: the prosecutors read about branding in The New York Times, spoke to different people writing books, making podcasts or starring in television dramas and endeavored to construct a criminal case from media and Hollywood-driven detritus.

Central to the Government’s success was keeping Raniere in prison. It accomplished this by falsely telling this Court that he escaped to Mexico when it knew he did not. The Government also falsely portrayed to the Mexican Government that it had overwhelming evidence that Raniere was a sex-trafficker—a crime with a particularly nefarious connotation in Mexico—so that Mexico, in an unprecedented and dangerous move, ‘deported’ Raniere at gunpoint by forcibly throwing him into a police car, and later an airplane, to be flown to the U.S. to be arrested.

The Government did not inform the Mexican authorities, for instance,
that it possessed months of written communication between Raniere and numerous Jane Does that clearly showed a normal, consensual intimate relationship.

The truth is that the sex trafficking charges that led to this misconduct are baseless, and are hanging by a thread, and the Government is still trying to cobble together a case by promising a last-minute superseding indictment.

Throughout the last year, different witnesses have told the Government time and again that they were not sex trafficking victims and that Raniere is innocent. Unwilling to accept these answers, the Government in repeated interviews sought to convince these witnesses that while the witnesses may have been unaware of it, they were actually sex trafficking victims.

Now, having been called on these tactics, the Government denies it ever made such statements or suggestions to any witness, and further refuses to admit that it has clear Brady material [evidence that might exonerate Raniere].

Keith Raniere again asserts his innocence to these charges. He continues to object to his being held without bail and he continues to press for this trial to commence with opening statements on March 18, 2019″.

Up until he learned he was under investigation, Keith Raniere pranced daily with various women along the streets of Clifton Park, often plotting on how to put his enemies in prison.

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  • Look on the bright side. Your name could be Agniflo, you could have to drive over to the MDC and be Keith Raniere’s paid friend, constantly listening to Vanguard’s psycho babble, for a living.

  • Ya right, Marc Agniflo, the DOJ is all about wasting their time and the tax payers money on a crazy made up Hollywood scandal. Time to pull up your Big Boy Panties Marc and come up with a better story for the boy toy at the MDC.

    Maybe you should of used your big lawyer brain and done some research on your client before taking Mr. Smarty Pants on as a client.

    You heard Bronfman Trust Fund and your eyes rolled up into the back of your head while the sound of Vegas slot machines sounded throughout your mind, bank roll, bank roll, bank roll.

    What ya gonna do if the trust fund runs out of money and you have to take on a client without any asses-st?

    • “Aggie” (Marc) just might have had a tad bit of coaching from his client. This all harkens back to the — “the branding story was all a product (or invention — can’t recall Raniere’s exact wording) of criminal minds” coverup theory that Raniere originally schemed-up and began implementing by “criminalizing” his enemies — seeking false indictments through perjury and payoffs, even in some cases staging crimes, manufacturing evidence as alleged.

      Peterson’s lawsuit, btw, does reference NX’s/Burke’s attempts to “criminalize” him by the same method. Maybe Keith sold Burke on his patent pending Hitler-inspired formula module on how to “criminalize opponents” and use them to cover one’s criminal activities while sheisting Billionaires?

      All dovetails right back into the loopy mind of the psycho who spent as much time calculating out how to cover-up his crimes as commit them; using his pyramid supply of slaves and sheep-goats — both branded and not.

      “Not” being most conspicuous in the case of CC1, the hopeful Hollywood starlet Allison Mack, whose initials do allegedly appear along with KAR on other victim’s pubic region branding scars.


  • Mr. Agnif.i.lo.

    Suppose Mr. X has sex with numerous women.
    Most of these women (90%) consent.
    But 10% object from beginning to end.

    Mr. Agnifilo, were those 10% of women raped by Mr. X?

    Clear answer: YES!

    • He’s trying to make the case that if 90% say the sex was consensual, then the 10% who say it wasn’t are lying.

  • Agnifilo isn’t stupid. He’s stuck. By now, he knows his arguments are bullshit. Agnifilo’s mistake was made when he agreed to represent Keith Raniere.

    Must suck to know you’re on the wrong side of the core arguments in a case yet you still have to write stuff you don’t believe in, yourself, either (i) because you’re willing to sell out your principles for money (with the usual criminal lawyer rationalizations, every citizen entitled to due process and the right to legal counsel, etc.) or (ii) because you’ve been threatened by a cartel.

    It also must suck to know your client is going to be convicted, that you’re going to lose; that your legal peers may view you as an dunce for taking on the case.

    And, it must suck to know that no matter what you do at this point, you’re probably going to get sued by your psychopath client.

    The lack of conviction can be read in Agnifilo’s unremarkable words. Seems to me the wind has been taken out of his sails. Can’t blame him. Everything about Nxivm sucks. Even being their lawyer sucks.

    • Marc is loving it, all that matters is the billable hours. Everything else is simply the price to pay for the big bucks, cloked in the Bill of Rights and the American flag, of course. But the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down is the money.

    • —Everything about Nxivm sucks.

      It doesn’t just suck. It is a slow poison to the lives of people who get involved with it, either directly or indirectly.

  • Agnifilo is going after the low-hanging fruit by focusing only on the sex-related charges that he will try to portray as more subjective in nature. Notice that he does not address the financial crimes such as wire fraud. In addition to trying to make Raniere look like a victim, I believe that Agnifilo is trying to deflect attention from the money-related charges that will really stick.

  • Regarding this part, “The Government has failed to provide a satisfactory solution to the intractable problem presented by this Superseding Indictment, even assuming its baseless allegations to be true, namely how a cogent enterprise and pattern of activity can possibly exist, or be alleged, where DOS, and its alleged activities, were kept secret from non-DOS members, including certain defendants, and where the alleged activities of DOS are different in purpose, result, participants, purported victims and method of commission from the other charged activities.” it’s actually quite easy.

    Amway has hidden the Amway Tool Scam (RICO fraud) and lack of retail sales (illegal pyramid) from the government, prospects, and most of the public for decades. I wonder where Raniere started his MLM scam career? Oh yeah, it was Amway!

  • telling this Court that he escaped to Mexico when it knew he did not.

    Agnifilo BS
    Raniere only went to Mexico when Canada would not let him in.

    to construct a criminal case from media and Hollywood

    More Agnifilo BS
    In this era of MeToo where Hollywood’s top producer Harvey Weinstein and its top actor Kevin Spacey and its top comedian Bill Cosby all face serious sex crime charges, Hollywood wishes the NXIVM story would disappear.
    the witnesses may have been unaware of it, they were actually sex trafficking victims.

    Precisely Right!
    American society has seen deviancy defined downward so much that brutal,cruel, barbaric behavior is now regarded as normal.

    • But Raniere was scared of Frank and others on this website, he HAD to flee.

      A victim being unaware a crime is being committed does not mean a crime is not being committed. Also, if only some of the victims were aware a crime was being committed does not mean all of the victims have to agree a crime is being committed for a crime to have been committed. Marc’s “logic” is why Shkerli is in prison for 7 years, and even spent some time at MDC, and is serving his time at a low security prison, a place Raniere will never see.

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