Raniere headbutted in prison, knocked to floor; began crying

Keith Raniere was an East Coast Judo Champion he said

Slip Slidin’ Away – Raniere Continues To Go Downhill

Vanguard earns new nickname ‘Crybaby Jane’

Paul Simon wrote the lyrics to “Slip Slidin’ Away” back in 1977 – when Keith Raniere was just 17 years old.

And now The Vanguard is living out those lyrics in real life…

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away

Things are truly slipping away for Raniere as he nears the end of his first nine months of incarceration at MDC (Time really does fly when you’re experiencing joy).

And although his trial is currently scheduled to start just three months from now, some observers believe that he’ll be at MDC at least another nine months before that actually happens.

In the meantime, The Vanguard is not having such a great time.

According to sources who get to see Raniere on a regular basis, here are some of the things that have been going on with him during the past couple of weeks:

  •  Because no one wants to share a cell with him, Raniere is now living all by himself – unless, of course, you count all the mites that reside with him (Yep, they’re still there!).
  • And he recently got caught with some contraband in his cell (Nothing really exciting like a shank or some drugs – just some food that he was trying to hide away for a late-night snack).
  • He’s also gotten in trouble for not keeping his cell clean and tidy – which is understandably difficult because it’s now filled with numerous files and books that he’s using to craft his defense strategy.
  • All those files and documents are needed for his three-times-per-week, 2-hour meetings with his lawyers. And even though that’s already way beyond the norm, he’s been asking to meet with them 2-hours each morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday (Never going to happen).
  • He’s continuing to break down physically – and is constantly asking for trips to the Medical Unit. His latest complaints are that his back hurts from sleeping on a 3” mattress with no box springs underneath it – and that he has a pinched nerve in his neck. Aw, poor baby.
  • And speaking of “baby”, that’s part of the nickname that the guards have given him. His full prison nickname is “Crybaby Jane”.
  • His most recent crying session occurred when another prisoner head-butted him – and knocked him down. Rather than fighting back, Vanguard went into a fetal position and starting crying – which, needless to say, really impressed his fellow inmates.
  • He also got spit on by another inmate who was trying to provoke him into a confrontation. But rather then stand up for himself, Vanguard went and filed a report with the C.O. in his unit (Another great way to impress your fellow inmates – and make friends).
  • He’s apparently been pretty depressed of late –which, given all the rulings that have gone against his numerous motions and pleadings, is somewhat understandable. The word “hopeless” is now how guards describe his demeanor.
  • But it’s not all bad news for the guy who once claimed to be the smartest man in the world. At long last, his new specs have arrived – and, lo and behold, The Vanguard can see again. Which would be really great news if he had something to look at other than the inside of the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Buck up, Vanguard. You’ll be getting your Christmas Bag any day now (I’ll explain what that is in a future post). 

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  • I can’t speak for anyone else, but what I think the comment means is that proving that someone is lying on this forum is just as impossible as proving they are telling the truth.

    How can either be proved here?

  • I’m doubting some of the claims made by Claviger.

    The head butt sounds like BULLSHIT to me.

    Keith is in a protected sexual perverts unit for safety reasons, he’s around guys who would get fucked up if sent to the general population. He’s around pussies.

    I doubt those guys are engaging in serious violence since they risk being transferred out of that “protected unit” if they start disobeying the rules, either to the SHU or the general population where they’d get fucked up.

    That’s why I don’t believe Keith was seriously head butted.

    I think Claviger’s source is FULL OF SHIT and a lying sack of crap.

    *If Keith were truly head butted, he’d have a gash on his head and need medical attention and stitches.

    Anything less and it wasn’t a REAL head butt, just a love tap. You can’t get seriously head butted and not have a gash on your head. It sounds like a romper room head butt, just a bunch of pussies playing “make believe” fighting.

    Hey Claviger, kindly tell your source to stop crapping into our ears. We want verifiable truth here, not bullshit.

    Ask your source to provide a ‘date’ and a medical update on this supposed “head butt” incident. If not, then it likely never happened or was just a love tap reported as something more serious.

    • I don’t always supply all the details that are in the reports that come out of MDC because doing so may put our contacts at risk. Since, however, you raised some legitimate questions – albeit in an unnecessarily obnoxious manner – let me add these details for you: (1) The head butting incident happened just outside a Sally Port when two groups of prisoners from different units were headed past one another in different directions; (2) I didn’t receive any info about a gash – which would suggest, as you indicated, that Raniere did not get a full head-butt (In my mind, that just makes his crying all that much funnier); and (3) The guy who delivered the head-butt got a 30-day SHU vacation as a result of the incident – which sounds about right for such an incident.

      PS: If you’ve got better sources than ours, feel free to share whatever you know about what’s going on with Raniere at MDC…

    • Prison, especially one like the MDC, is a horrible place to be. I (almost) feel bad for him because he’s not yet been tried and convicted. But then again it was his own actions that led to his pre-trial detention – fleeing to Mexico, hiding money, dodging law enforcement, claiming no assets, etc. He thought he was very clever.

      It’s hard to feel bad for him knowing the abuse he’s heaped on so many. We don’t need a trial to prove those things.

      For example, interfering in someone’s bankruptcy is like kicking them when they’re down. He did these things gleefully. So, many people are now gleeful at his current predicament.

    • “Anonymous
      December 20, 2018 at 5:27 am
      When you call Heidi a Liar -what proof do you have of this?
      Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
      December 20, 2018 at 9:06 am
      The same proof she has that she is telling the truth.”

      I wanted to rebut Scott’s slander beneath the post itself but there’s no reply option as sometimes occurs.

      Scott, your reply is confusing, are you saying you have no proof that I am lying as you allege?

      Or are you saying that I have no proof of what I say?

      If so, how do you know this? Has anyone ever suggested or told you that I have no proof? Have you searched my home, storage units, safe deposit boxes, made any requests for proof of me that I did not fulfill?

      Even if it were true that I have no proof, which it is not, how does that prove that I am lying as you allege?

      I have never knowingly lied on this forum. I would appreciate a response and an apology.

      Thank you.

  • Aw, hell it doesn’t sound like he will be with us when the trial starts. Next we will be reading stories about how he is coping with having his anus raped daily.

  • Keith’s a judo champion. If his opponent had fought according to Judo rules, Keith
    would have won for sure. Headbutts don’t belong to judo.Keith hadn’t expected
    that. But there was no referee to disqualify his opponent.

  • Keith should study ancient philosophers, who teaches the development of self-control

    and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions.

  • Thought all ‘enlightened gurus slept on hard mattresses, if not a bed of nails. Keith’s more like the ‘princess and the pea’ in this scenario, poor soft lad. All those girls, running headlong into trees, drinking puddles, punching each other as hard as they could, you’d think he’d be able to manage at least a bit of a check-hook, or something, anything in his own defence. Typical bully -all cowardice and wailing when the chips are down. I loathe him for that.

  • And we are to feel compassion for him? A man who has no compassion for others?
    I wouldn’t waste my time.
    I hope he has a miserable Christmas and a worse new year.

  • For the world’s smartest man, he sure got himself into a pickle by his own making. It’s quite a shame people actually bought into this cult. Yet, no matter how unpleasant his current surroundings, it’s his own fault. In comparison to those less fortunate who crossed his path and lost their lives, a head-butt or being spit on is nothing from what others were made to endure by his manipulation. He’s such a stupid shit. No sympathies here.

  • Not only were his alleged Judo skills noticeably absent, his claim to be the smartest man in the world was disproven by him complaining to the prison authorities. In Yorkshire he’d be called a pillock.

    A stupid person.

    ‘a complete pillock!’

    Mid 16th century: variant of archaic pillicock ‘penis’, the early sense of pillock in northern English.

    • Please, please don’t even mention the “P” word anymore. I’m actually more concerned about “Heather Anne” because she hasn’t commented in some time

      • Me too, TK. Heather Anne, where are you sweetness? We miss your saucy comments. And Scott finally hooked a sucker for his show so maybe he’ll leave the rest of us alone, now.

        • Heather? I was thinking about you the other day. Gillibrand was on CNN commenting briefly on the number of men already “in” the 2020 Presidential race. Like she’s not. She’s playing the sex card, Heather. We need you badly here!

          P.S. How unfortunate Gillibrand couldn’t change her name fast enough before the branding story broke. I say she either gets one herself to show how “empowering” it really is or she’s in for a ridiculing she’ll never live down — especially if NYS doesn’t bring any charges against Brandon Porter (another brand pun in the offing) and Dr. Roberts, et al.

          What do you say, Heather? You in?!

    • Thank you Flowers, I thought I was the only one who absolutely loved reading Pea’s commentary. But things are heating up probably for ol Clicky Nine…if that’s indeed who it is! 😉

  • The following is quoted from Prison Coach Speaking website: John Fuller


    For most inmates, the path to rehabilitation can be long and arduous. It involves a lot of self-analysis and time spent on their own self to realize just where they made their mistakes and how they can improve themselves for the future. Prison rehabilitation means that inmates come out knowing where they made mistakes and joining society with their past actions behind them. Former inmates need to be different people in order to be accepted back into society and integrate there. The evolution into a different kind of person is usually done in two ways; change and growth. The two are normally confused with each other, however they cannot be more different.

    What is Change
    A change is known as a shift to a different kind of state. A change is recognized as either introducing elements that are foreign to you into your life. An example of a change can be a newly incarcerated inmates reaction to being incarcerated.

    He may blame the police, his lawyer, his environment, etc. As such he’s consumed with anger and refuses change. He will spend his days in prison fighting, gambling, watching senseless television shows and seek out others who crave the same thing. His old habits will not die in prison and he’s destined to return. If he were in the mainstream society working a 9-5 he would be moving on to a different job because he happened to be facing problems in his current one. A change usually depends on the situation and involves a person deciding that they cannot change the situation or induce a difference in them that will make the situation bearable. Hence they transform themselves or the situation into something new. The difference is that he can not change prisons as swiftly as he might change a job unless he becomes such a threat to the security his correctional institution.

    Other inmates begin like the first. They initially serve their time fuming at the system and show little remorse. They think to themselves “I’ll never be able to serve 2, 10, 20 or 30 years in prison.” After serving half their time, educational, drug programs and other opportunities may be suggested by the parole board or unit team. He now moves towards change because “he has to” in order to be released earlier then he thought possible. His thought process is “what’s in it for me?” The sole motivation for change is, once again, because he has to.

    A number of inmates simply accept the fact that they’ve committed a crime. They are remorseful and understand that prison is their home for quite some time. These inmates don’t blame the system and admit (whether poor or born with a silver spoon), they had options. They did not have to sell drugs, commit a hate crime or begin a Ponzi scheme. Prison is a process that must happen and although they are not thrilled about being there they do react positively to it.

    Then there are inmates who are an anomaly. These inmates decide to change; in prison, they create programs that make their prisons a better place by helping their fellow inmates read, write, speak foreign languages, understand the stock market, facilitate programs such as anger management, AA, NA, domestic violence, etc. The Warden, Associate Warden, and Captain view him as an asset. His mission would be the same whether he had 6 months or 60 years. Upon release, these inmates are the innovators, the movers in the mainstream, they are the creators of their own world and high achievers. No longer will they be bound by the fear of hard work, fear of feeling that the world is out to get them or the fear of failure. They understand and embrace the fact that failure is not a stumbling block but a stepping stone to greatness.

    Moving on to a different job because you happen to be facing problems in your current one. A change usually depends on the situation and involves a person deciding that they cannot change the situation or induce a difference in them that will make the situation bearable. Hence, they transform themselves or the situation into something new.

    What is Growth
    Conversely, growth happens to be inducing change inside your own self. Instead of changing the situation you are caught in, you try to influence it or influence yourself to adapt to it. For a prison inmate who happens to have disagreed with certain laws of society and went to prison for doing so, growth means learning to live with those laws. Of course, a person cannot make themselves immediately adapt to things they do not like. Hence, they need to slowly change their ideals and themselves. They need the motivation to grow.

    The Difference Between Change and Growth
    Both change and growth require a lot of motivation to undergo. However, they are not the same thing. The main differences that exist between change and growth whether inside or outside of prison are:

    Change can be an instant process. Simply transform your situation into something different. However, growth is a slow process requiring self-learning and changing oneself from the inside
    Growth is always done internally, with a person’s own motivation, whereas change can be imposed from the outside
    Change is usually an isolated event. It happens and doesn’t need to happen again. On the other hand, growth is a perpetual process and can even be called incremental
    Although a person can undergo change with just a single decision, growth requires constant work and motivation.
    For any person, growth always happens to be a positive development for them. However, change can either have negative or positive effects on them depending on the situation and the kind of change.
    A change in your life can be the very first step in your growth. It can act as a catalyst for it. Conversely, growth is always done with a comprehensive and strong desire to transform yourself into a changed person.

    • Nice comment Double A. Keith seems to be in the denial, whining and acting out phase. Crocodile tears. He’s actually damn lucky he has a voice through his paid attorneys on Clare’s dime versus a public defender. For a spoiled brat and bully, this whole change management portion to adjust to his new life behind bars may take many years.

  • What a weenie. Now we know the judo championship was a total lie. Even his record setting run was a lie.

    Maybe Little Lord KAR can win the Guinness World Book of Records award for the fastest tuck and cry.

    Things just keep appearing, but things are not what Little Lord KAR wants coming his way.

    KARMA is a bitch and now KAR is one.

    It’s hard to have compassion for this fraud. He is totally getting what he has dished out to abuse others.

    Time to pull your big boy panties up KAR.

  • I don’t admire anyone dealing with life in prison.

    However, there are consultants who now offer their services as a Prison Coach! Seriously, normally they are former prisoners consulting to white collar criminals on how to cope with / manage prison life! It sounds like Raniere needs their services very quickly. Prison requires a serious social, emotional and behavioral change that well heeled criminals are not used to.
    Below is a link to one such service:


      • HaHa!

        He better develop it very quickly. He’s facing serious stuff already that could lead to much worse stuff if he does not defend himself and/or get some allies.

        Prisoners often identify with abuse victims because they’ve faced severe abuse themselves and they consider it both cathartic and righteous to act out against domestic and sexual abusers. They want to hurt the abuser in the same way an abuser may have hurt them in the past to make the abuser feel the powerlessness, shame and humiliation they have felt. They consider it fair punishment.

        The shit bombs, head butting and spitting are all tests. If one does not respond to tests, it gives them license to escalate the punishment till Raniere is killed or till he kills himself. Segregation via solitary is often ineffective; the guards will abdicate their responsibility to protect and leave a door open by mistake to satisfy the collective sadistic justice other prisoners will impose.

        One must use the rules of the prison culture which means gaining respect through fighting back. I strongly suggest KAR hire a prison coach to teach him what he needs to know to handle the complex social codes of prison life.

      • Keith’s working on a new technique. It reads: Going through walls.
        Unfortunately, his new technique is only at the beginning of its
        development. Several decades could pass before it is available
        and mature. But Keith certainly has the time.

  • Well, it’s interesting his new glasses survived the headbutt.
    I doubt they’ll last long, though.
    He may put some optometrist’s kids through college before he ever gets out.
    I still question whether he would have the cojones to do himself in, and I highly doubt it.
    Most people who do it have access to liquid courage or drugs, and he doesn’t have any friends in there to hook him up with either of those.
    He hasn’t even been in a year. That is a drop in the bucket compared to the years of him using crooked officials and Clare’s $ to torture people and destroy lives without even weighing the factor of women who are dead because of him.
    Hope he survives to his conviction for the vindication of his victims. Beyond that… Shrug.

  • Oh my, “Crybaby Jane” is such an awful nickname and Raniere stands zero chance in prison. He can’t fight, he knows he can’t fight, so he just curls into himself or whines to the guards. Would things go better for him if he attempted to punch back and then got his ass kicked? Damn, I don’t like Raniere but I can’t help but feel a little bad for him–constantly living with the threat of a beatdown can’t be pleasant.

  • I didn’t think inmates were allowed to have a choice who they bunk with, unless there was an ongoing conflict between the two individuals.

    I also thought food was allowed in the cells, as snacks are available for purchase and normally stored in the cell for later consumption.

    Regarding keeping his cell tidy, he always had others clean up after the messes he makes, both physically and legally, so it’s not surprising he can’t/won’t clean up his tiny cell.

    I’m in favor with more meeting time with his lawyers, it will help them have more billable hours and prevent them from successfully using that excuse as an appeal issue.

    His back problems started while banging teenage girls, there was even a past FrankReport story regarding his chiropractor bills. Now, “Bubba” is happy to make his spinal “adjustments,” starting at the orifice at the bottom of his spine.

    Is the “Jane” part of his nickname from Hanoi Jane, except Raniere committed treason on the entire human race?

    Raniere is lucky he only got head butted, it could have been a wanger in his butt. After all, his long hair makes him look quite cute to other inmates.

    I’m not surprised he tattled on the guy who spat on him, even his lawyer calls him “soft.”

    If this case ever goes to trial, his lawyers have a lot of work to do to pull him out of his depression, which will only make him look more guilty than the facts.

    Looks like the new glasses didn’t help him see the head butt coming.

    • “Regarding keeping his cell tidy, he always had others clean up after the messes he makes, both physically and legally, so it’s not surprising he can’t/won’t clean up his tiny cell.”

      A very astute statement, Scott. I would edit to read:

      Regarding keeping his cell tidy, he always had others clean up after the messes he makes, both physically, EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALLY, and legally, so it’s not surprising he can’t/won’t clean up his tiny cell.

      -Police Navidad.

  • Prison is a hostile environment that requires inmates to adapt to very different conditions then they enjoyed on the outside. This story makes it sound like Raniere has done little to adjust to his new environment.

    One of the first things inmates learn (guards and other inmates will tell them this) is avoid CO. It’s a big mistake, quick way to make sure your fellow inmates never trust you. Would not be surprised if a shot caller torpedos him for this. Would not be surprised if he ends up in secure housing (solitary) to keep him from getting blasted.

    When they are physically assaulted, inmates always have to fight back. Curling up into a fetal position just ensures more beatings. As soon as other inmates know that’s your response, beatings increase in duration, frequency and severity. It also makes it hard to get protection – anyone who might think about looking out for him is going to have to weigh that against his observable behavior. No one wants to be a friend to a man who won’t stand up for himself.

    Hopeless is a good name for this guy. His mind is focused on getting out so he’s treating his present situation like an anomaly. Guards are going to have to monitor the status of legal motions because guys like this are a huge risk for self-harm and suicide. While it might not seem fair to say, this sounds like someone doing everything he can to make his present situation as close to lethal as possible. All I see in this story is someone giving himself justifications to check out early. I’d put the odds at 50% he’s not with us by April 1, whether he does it himself or someone gets sick of him and does it as a favor to the rest of the prison.

    • What about Emiliano Salinas? Central criminal figure who profited from crimes committee in US territory that ruined lives.Is he ever going to be charged?

    • Brother,
      It sounds like you’ve been there or had a family member there.
      You could not describe it that realistically without having had the experience.

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