Vanguard unhappy with prison conditions – files civil rights complaint!

The Metropolitan Detention Center

According to Wikipedia, chutzpah is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad. The Yiddish word derives from the Hebrew word ḥutspâ, meaning “insolence”, “cheek” or “audacity”.

Well, after the most recent turn of events at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), Wikipedia might have to update that definition to include a reference to Keith Alan Raniere f/k/a Vanguard n/k/a Federal Prisoner 57005-177. It looks like Keith may have set another world record!

This week’s update from MDC brings news that Raniere has filed a civil rights complaint because his cell is too dark and too cold. Let me just repeat that so you don’t have to go back and reread that sentence several times to make sure you read it correctly the first time. THIS WEEK’S UPDATE FROM MDC BRINGS NEWS THAT RANIERE HAS FILED A CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINT BECAUSE HIS CELL IS TOO DARK AND TOO COLD.

The man who starved women with 500/day and 800/day caloric limits. The man who made women jog up to 30 miles per week so they’d be slim enough for his sexual preferences. The man who constantly interfered with women’s sleep patterns. The man who had women branded with his initials. Yes, that guy is now complaining that his civil rights are being violated because it’s too cold and too dark in his cell.

Looks like Marc Agnifilo was correct when he claimed on national TV that Raniere is a pussy. What Agnifilo actually said was: “He’s just soft. He is not a big, strong masculine force. He just isn’t. He is pretty much the exact opposite”.

In other news that has been passed along via the MDC chat-line, it appears that Raniere’s legal team is doing everything it can to burn through the trust fund that Clare Bronfman set up to cover his legal expenses. That’s why they’re meeting with him 2-3 times per week for 3-4 hours at a time (Counting prep time and travel time – and assuming at least two lawyers at each meeting – this has got to be costing somewhere around $20,000 per week). Of course, they may really be doing all these meetings just to get Vanguard out of his cold, dark cell.

Oh – and about that vegetarian thing? Yeah, not so much. Raniere is a full-blown carnivore now. Well, actually, he’s just a full-blown food-oholic at this point.

But the good news is that because he still spends most of his out-of-cell time pacing around the common area, he may actually be losing weight. Since federal guidelines call for prisoners to get 2,000 calories per day – about three times what he allowed the DOS women to have – that means he’s actually burning off more than that because of all the pacing.
On the downside, word has filtered out that Raniere did suffer an injury that caused him to be taken to the MDC Medical Unit. The official report indicates that he slipped on the wet floor in his cell while trying to do some leg kicks [his toilet overflowed], and he sprained his arm.

And, worst of all, there was no one there to kiss his boo-boo and make it better.


Since we’re only a week away from Vanguard’s birthday, I think we should all start thinking about appropriate gifts to send him. Please be sure to check MDC’s policy on what can be sent to prisoners before you buy anything that will simply be confiscated by the guards.

You can read all about MDC’s various policies here.

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  • To help our beloved Vanguard remember the good times of years past here is an aerial video of the lovely facilities at the Silver Bay YMCA.
    The scenery around Lake George is fantastic and the grounds have been freshly fumigated.

  • “Inmates are not allowed to receive packages from home without prior written approval from the inmate’s unit team or authorized staff member at the institution. The only packages an inmate may receive from home are those containing release clothing and authorized medical devices. However, inmates may receive magazines, hard and paperback books directly from the publisher”

    I wonder which books Keith would really be insulted to receive. Maybe the Dummies Guide to Patents for starters.

  • We should have a frank report competition. First person to get a response from Mr. 2.2 gpa from prison. Postcard, etc… Winner gets a Frank parlato tiger blood t-shirt.

    • According to sources, Raniere’s only visitors have been members of his legal team. We do not have the names of the specific attorneys who have visited him.

  • It’s pretty clear you folks are inhumane. Just look at how you mock
    The noble Pea Onyu. (Who is not Lauren Salzman by the way ).
    Meanwhile the most civilized of all of us is in a barabarous prison tonight while you are resting in your warm comfortable beds. Too dark too cold. You weaklimgs could never stand the pain for one minute that he does every day. The crazy thing is that many of you learned all you know from him. You cannot deny it. We must understand that Vanguard meant for this to happen so that his own prophesies might come true “he shall suffer to become our avatar and we shall not see it until it is too late. “

    • If that’s the case than isn’t he where he feels/wants to be? I ask this in all seriousness. It is one thing to tell people you are willing to suffer for them and a whole different thing to be willing to follow through and you must admit his complaints about being cold and damp may constitute being uncomfortable but don’t fall under ‘Suffering’.

    • You Amerikanskys are make funny joke.Amerikansky prison is nothing like gulag.Gulag is cold all the time and prisoner is made to working hard or is beaten, shot and thrown in hole.Working in gold mine is hard,and gulag bed is fill with lice,so you no sleeping.Uncle of Boris is sent to Vorkuta,and weigh 113 kilogram.When come home, uncle is weighing 50 kilogram,because only eat bread and soup,and working 16 hour in day.

    • Monte, I don’t mock “the noble” Pea. I do, however, think she is delusional, and I have no problem stating that. Seriously, what normally functioning human thinks it’s ok for another person to tell another human to run headfirst into a tree, or that a child is capable of consenting to sex with an adult? I don’t and most of the people here, or those you would bother to query in any grocery store or on the street, would feel as I do.
      Don’t call me weak when you don’t know my story. Try again, you sad excuse for a human. Or, better yet, submit yourself to drinking from a mud puddle or running head first into a tree a few times and see how it works for you. Run as fast as you can. Let us know how it turns out.

      • Maybe I’m wrong but I just don’t think Pea nor Monte are real people. I think they’re disguised provocateurs.

  • How ironic that it took Vanguard’s imprisonment for Clare to finally invest in a worthy, charitable cause — prison reform!

    Except, as “Genius” should know — warmer temps contribute to faster bacterial growth so the colder climate in prison is probably a health precaution to prevent disease and infestations.

    Pity, if Vanguard should have Clare sue themselves into acquiring a few diseases while they’re locked up in a thusly reformed detention facility!

  • It’s prison, not Disney Land. Remember, VanTards teachings-when you have a choice between pain and nothing, we must choose pain. No need for warmth or lights, simply choose pain as you instructed others. Is VanTard not able to follow his own instructions?

  • I’m so sorry, I forgot to mention I hope KAR is suffering, Keith how is Galen, Thor and Kalem. How many heartbeats did you kill to protect your sick life? What right did you have to deny motherhood and life, especially life? I pray these children rise above their parentage. Because you are not a very intelligent man you may not be aware that the children you attempted to destroy have been in GODS hands all along. I may have gotten a chiilds name wrong, but God knows who he is.

  • Can the Bronfam family file a civil case against Rainere? Regardless of what we think , Sara has children who are losing their inheritance to Rainere through no fault of their own. She may not care/understand because she has never had to go without. But I mean this sincerely her children are not at fault. My own children have paid for their own educations, even though I would have given them anything, I am now glad I wasn’t able to because it turned out that love was enough. I believe that Keith stole their money. As technology advances it may be restored to them, otherwise Sara your children may have to earn a living. In the entitled society we live in how will your daughters do that? As our values change do you want to raise little Kardashian who earn money just because they exist? I am nobody. Is that who you want your daughters to be? I know I’ve reached out to you before and it’s because I genuinely care. I won’t be here to see how things turn out but I do wish the best for innocents.

  • Pee On Yourself,

    How know its really really cold in your Vanpussy cell? Is he your pen pal?

    Human rights for all at MDC, give me a fracking break!!! Your Master could give a flying f*** about human rights. He’s doing what he’s always done, thinking of himself and making a fuss about how he’s the victim in WHY HE’S THERE.

    If he was a true humanitarian he would of done things differently in his past. What else could he have done with the 300 million he’s wasted of Clare and Sara Bronfman money.

    How about the time and money he’s wasted of all those who believed he had a plan to improve people’s lives?

    Nope its just more proof that he’s a selfish prick who has been responsible for the torture of thousands (with help from his closest friends). He might of even had people killed for his beliefs.

    We know he ripped thousands off with his evil deeds, manipulated hundreds of women to have sex with him telling each and everyone lies. He lied to thousands about “who he was”.

    Maybe you have enjoyed the fruits of his illegal, immoral behavior so your attempts to defend him justify your participation in his schemes.

    Someday when you pass beyond this life, you, Ms. Pee will have to explain yourself. Unless you wake up from your stupidity and can heal your ethical breeches before your life is over.

    Maybe for his upcoming birthday you can send him a hot picture of yourself to help him heat up, just thinking about you.

    He might be able to use your sexy photo to barter with other inmates. He is a businessman as you know. He’s on the perfect cell block to make somethings happen for himself if your willing to help out.

    How about some of those collateral photos that you’ve already turned over to him? Maybe a wide angle shot of your brand will do the trick.

    Come on Pussyguard, you know nothing in the external world makes you happy. Use your fully integrated self to deal with it.

    • Here, here, well spoken. Now do a different kind of boycott Lauren and stay off this blog. Your current boycott sucks. in the same way you and vantard suck the life out of anything you come into contact with.

    • “He’s a selfish prick who has been responsible for the torture of thousands (with help from his closest friends). He might of even had people killed for his beliefs.”

      Correct. Except not for his “beliefs” – for his “selfish desires.” He is a glutton.

    • Why is Jim Delnegro still walking free. He is even worse then the venture. Soon new evidence will put delnigger in next to bubba. He’s the second man in charge. Jail for this low life . Who used the same techniques as van pussy . Investigate this scum of earth.

      • I don’t really know that Jim could find his way out of a paper bag without someone higher up in NXIVM telling him which way to go.

        That being said, I doubt he has long since he is the signer on so many of the companies they use to shift funds around.

  • You can purchase reading lights from the commissary for around $10.80. One problem solved right there!

      • Clare probably has one of her plebes sending the money to Keith’s account regularly. You can also buy thermal tops!! The Vanguard’s civil rights complaint is now resolved!

        • I’d almost be willing to see if I could arrange to buy a reading light and a thermal top for him from the commissary for his birthday. Except it probably wouldn’t be ethical since he needs to solve this one for himself as there are no ultimate victims.

          Oh wait… that was what he was doing by filing a complaint. Making things happen to improve his lot since he is not a victim. I think he may have to do some rational inquiry on his methods: apply a little bit of commissary cash to solve the problem, or continue to whine about his treatment until someone adjusts things for him. Which would be most efficient and effective?

          • You’re right. It just wouldn’t be ethical to fix Keith’s problems. Keith just did his usual whining and got it out of the way, now he can try to make a decision. Wouldn’t want anyone to be “suppressive”.

      • Very good question! Why aren’t the esteemed leader’s needs anticipated and met without him saying a word???? Another civil rights complaint will be forthcoming!

  • His cell is “too dark”? Most inmates complain about the 24 / 7 lights. They would kill for too dark. What gives??

    • As harmful as EMF, wifi, etc. are for your health, blue light is even more serious, and you know those aren’t exactly incandescent bulbs in there.

      Sure, he asks for the one thing that can make his health deteriorate even faster… More fluorescent and / or LED lights. Sounds like typical Vanguard maneuver. Brilliant.

  • About a birthday gift for Vanguard.
    I like to sprinkle garlic powder on my pizza slices and my spaghetti.
    It gives my pizza and pasta an earthy aroma.
    My nephews are adopted from Russia and during World War 2 the Russians used garlic as a natural anti-biotic.
    Garlic is nicknamed “Russian Penicillin”.
    If Vanguard ate garlic every day he would never get the common cold.

    Everyone should send Vanguard bottles of powdered garlic to sprinkle on his food.
    We want Vanguard to live a long, healthy life. Right?
    The Health Benefits of Garlic, a.k.a. “Russian Penicillin”

    • It was very popular here in the 90’s to buy and take garlic capsules. Supposed to ward off colds and help your immune system. They were odorless except that a day or two after you started taking them you could smell it coming out of your pores!!

      If Keith would use it I’d spring for the body wash! It would be more humane for the other sex offenders.

  • Where is Nicki Clyne? Haven’t heard a thing about her since around the time India went off the grid.

  • You horrible people are ignoring the injulane conditions Keith and other prisoner experience. It’s cold and dark and I mean really cold. Keith is being a true Vanguard leading the fight for better prisoner’s rights.

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