Onyu: Vanguard teaches Women must first suffer – for their own good – to achieve unification!

Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard.

By Pea Onyu

Keith Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, tried his best to explain Keith’s teachings to Megyn Kelly – but it was not the right forum.

Let me try to explain why DOS was not coercive. Vanguard taught us a lot of unique methods to help us. DOS was one of them.

For example, in DOS, he taught that, instead of trying to make women “happy,” he gave us  – his female students – certain emotional tests to build our character. Of course this was not always fun or pleasant. But he never pandered to our weaknesses.

He taught us: “To make yourself integrated, you must first suffer.”

This, of course, flies in the face of conventional wisdom, or even, as they accused him, of “seduction” advice.

After all, aren’t women attracted to men who could give them pleasure, comfort and joy?

“Fair question,” he answered. “To understand, you’ll first have to understand how the female mind works. Women are drawn to pain. Women are hard-wired in their brain to derive pleasure from agony and torment. They go watch tearjerker movies and bawl their eyes out. They read ‘Agony Aunt’ pages to ‘relive’ other women’s problems in their own lives. They purposely create ‘drama’ with their boyfriends and stir up shit just to add color to their otherwise mundane lives. These are not badass women. Sometimes men are guilty of this too – but in them that is the weak feminine characteristic.  So to bring out the best in women – to train them – to make them strong and to be badass – at first you have to make women suffer.  If you do exactly what I say, you will at first hate me – for a time-  but at the same time, you’ll be quietly thrilled by the roller coaster ride of emotions that you’re taking with me.  And finally, under my guidance, you’ll flip things around completely and transform your hate into a lifelong passion and everlasting devotion to being integrated. Then you will get unification. Pain first, joy afterward. That is what I am here to teach you. In order to do that, you must do everything I tell you. The collateral is only to help you during your weak moments. Of course you must believe that it could be released. Otherwise you will be defiant one day and ruin everything you worked for. Of course you have to be my slave – for I am unified and I can bring you there. It will be painful – at first. But is the goal not worth it?”

As a woman who followed the Vanguard for years, I say it is worth it and the government – in their brutal overreach – interrupted a noble experiment of Keith Raniere – being the Vanguard.

Thankfully and like Marc Aginfilo said to Megyn Kelly — we will have our day in court.

See you at the acquittal  – and again when DOS is revived and badass women are given their chance to be free. This – my friends – is as important as Roe v. Wade – and be reminded please that a man – Keith Alan Raniere – known to those who love him – as the Vanguard – did it for us.

We give him tribute.


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  • If you are being real, I just want to add that suffering is part of growing as a human being in general – but in the journey of life, suffering comes naturally without the need to have it inflicted systematically by someone who wants complete control over you. Buddhism teaches about suffering, and other spiritual traditions also teach that by feeling your pain instead of avoiding it, you can eventually free yourself of it.

    If enlightenment is what you were seeking, it can ultimately be found only within you. It is available to everyone who seeks it, and you don’t need to rely on one specific mentor to get it. I have practiced meditation for many years, and although I believe that each of us has their own path, I recommend meditation as well as contemplation for anyone who is trying to overcome suffering. By clearing your mind of thoughts for a time often enough, your intuition becomes stronger and will lead you toword unification, integration or the state of wholeness. By contemplating or looking into the reason for your feelings, you will heal and overcome them ultimately.

    I have compassion for everyone who may have been mislead here, I do believe you were getting a mix of truth and lies, and it makes it hard to discern when emotions are high – I dated a severe narcissist before, and I see similar patterns here related to manipulation tactics, control, tribute, and other aspects. I think that although you may be hopeful for acquittals, there are a lot of charges here and at least some will stick. The collateral situation will almost definitely be seen as blackmail, because essentially it was. Don’t be afraid to flip on Rainere or anyone else, you do not owe them anything! This is your life, and you owe it to yourself to do what’s best for you!

    • I guess not. Another post confirms that she’s not. But I remember before that Reporter or FP greeted PeaOnYou as being “India.”

      PeaOnYou, you are a real female NXIVM member? You are still supporting the cause?

  • “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

    This quote by Benito Mussolini appeared in the London Sunday Express on December 03, 1935.

    Ms. Onyou, do you actually support the following admission that was made by your Vanguard: “I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs and because of their beliefs and because of the things that I’ve said and I’m mindful of that.”

    You can watch the video on YouTube wherein Keith Alan Raniere makes this chilling confession towards the end (6′:30″, ff.). The title of the video is, “NXIVM Cult Leader Keith Raniere Claims to Have Had People Killed.”

    I would really appreciate a sincere reply from you, Ms. Onyou.

  • Why would I be writing the Pea Onyu posts? You sound even more confused than usual, Delus-ANON -al.

    Though I do wonder about the origins of her name . . as Trump has a fondness for golden showers, correct?. More evidence that suggests the Pea posts are written by the QANON trolls?
    I think so😂😁☔

  • Pea Onyu, its a crafty name. Is that what he did to you and tell you it was a golden shower of enlightenment? Who ever you are, thanks for ratting out your leader who says he wasn’t involved. I appreciate the testimonial. And, thanks for the shining example of what the tech does to a weak mind without morals. I am sure your just an apple off that ol tree of entitled rich kids that got involved that were lonely and without a personal goal to fulfill. What you are tho is a shining example of what any woman that wants to be empowered is not to do. Girl you are no feminist, just an idiot with an easiliy corrupted mind. I feel sorry for you and I hope you get help. I appreciate the humor and feel bad for you if this isn’t a joke. The tech is beaming through you, shining bright. Thanks for the example of the work of Vanguard displayed in your thoughtless behavior. Your really dumb chick and he’s a really dumb dick.

  • Vanguard will be easily acquitted. That’s no joke. He has the truth on his side and there’s nothing you can do or say that changes the truth. I am not Lauren Salzman. She is a very great lady and faithful. So thank you for the compliment.

    • same nonsense every time. I guess I can safely skip everything posted by Pea at this point along with any of the backwards name ladies and their mysterious money code. What a bunch of trollish chuckleheads.

  • Boris is think that Amerikansky Sultan is stranger to womans.There is no sane womans in world,Boris is knowing many.Boris can teach woman better than Vanguard do,and sex with Boris is best.

  • Pea that is such BS that women are hardwired for pain. Seriously because we cry at movies? How can you believe this guy? He can’t fix you or create a new world.

  • Frank, I think I speak for most of us when I compliment your work, your writing and all that you have done to bring Vantard down. Can we PLEASE not have any more from obvious trolls Monte Blu or Pea Onyu. I would not read them in the dark, I would not read them on a lark. I would not further seek, I would not read on Vantard week.

  • HAHAHAHA!!! Is this satire! Because, it is funny. Ridiculous, and utter drivel when it comes to facts, but funny!

  • Bullshit. No sane person wants to suffer. No sane person wants to be mistreated. No sane person wants to be deceived. No sane person wants their time wasted.

    The people who do those things to others are the ones who deserve to suffer.

  • Pure lunacy. Some people Only want pleasure. I’m one of them. And as he stereotypes women he disregards the stats on how much more violence is inflicted by men and has been for years. Talk about stirring up drama lol What an idiot.

  • You start from a flawed premise that Raniere is some kind of enlightened being who knows what is best for you and therefore you should do what he says. Except he is not enlightened – he’s a lying, manipulative sociopath and you have given your own power away to him. If you want to be a badass woman, figure out what that means for yourself and create yourself in that image. There is nothing authentic about letting someone else dictate your character for you.

    How do I know? Because I was manipulated and misled by him until I figured out for myself that he was a sociopath and walked away. I build myself into a badass woman every day. I enlighten myself every day. If you want to live authentically, stop living by someone else’s moral compass – his rules have no more validity than any other “guru” out there. You were granted a brain and a spirit of your own – apply them!

  • What Pea wrote is exactly what Keith TOLD you. You are still missing the point. He told you things that are/were not true and he got you to believe them for impure reasons. Everything he did – from the first days of ESP – was to position things so that his crazy desires would be able to come off to us as things that could make sense. He needed to get rid of people who didn’t totally buy in. That’s why he’d chase off the people who would say, ” Uh, Lauren, I really don’t give a flying fuck about bowing and kissing Vanguards hand, but that stupid shit isn’t going to help me recruit people to this thing.” He only wanted people (like you) who would jump when he said to jump. Have a heart to heart with your mom. She could see Keith was a psycho the first couple of times she met with him, and I’m sure she now knows that her instincts were correct. If she wasn’t the damn Prefect and you hadn’t fallen for everything hook, line, and sinker – your Mom would have gone the way of Kristen and so many others. She’d have jetted years ago.

  • Dear Pea OnYang:

    I believe the North Korea Propaganda Ministry has several job openings. Benefits include brutal winters, lack of sleep, no electricity at nighttime, and low-calorie diets. Just what you are used to with NXSCUM.

    For more info, please visit:


  • Pea Onyou:

    So if you lose at trial and end up going to prison for several years it will be a gift from your Vanguard because the incarceration you suffer will be an opportunity for growth.

    In other words, Pea, you are a masochist.

    If Vanguard taught you to stick your head in a mud puddle and drink the water I’m sure you would gladly do it.

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