I may start deleting comments that merely attack other commenters

I dislike having to do this – for I very much like comments, and have learned a lot from commenters – but we have arrived at a peculiar place at Frank Report – where a few individuals [some of them posing as others, some of them anonymous] are hijacking the comments section to engage in attacks upon one another – oftentimes on topics entirely unrelated to the posts.

While I have not done this before, I am prepared to delete comments – if the content is nothing more than an attack on other commenters.

What I think has happened is, because of this uncivil tone of attacking one another, some thoughtful readers are opting not to comment.

Before everyone jumps on Scott Johnson – keep in mind that at least he identified himself. His attackers are hiding behind the cloak of anonymity – or posing as him. What I really don’t understand is the anger. The goal of this website is to expose major evil-doers, not attack one another.

This is not to suggest that commenters cannot disagree with each other- but I would really prefer that they refrain from insulting each other and make personal attacks on one another. Why not save the animus for the real criminals?

Like for instance:


Love that expression. His name is Keith Raniere.  By the way – if you see that on some photos I have used in the past, the picture now says “Property of the FallofNXIVM.com – that means Frank Report has obtained special permission to use the pictures  – but it cannot be used by media without permission of that website. Toni Natalie owns the website “TheFallofNXIVM.com” and she has plans to explain to the world – through podcasts and other methods – to tell her incredible story – and maybe make some money off of it too. Since she was the pioneer of the fall of NXIVM, if anyone is entitled to tell it – her way – and sell it – it is Toni Natalie. She’s been at it the longest.






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  • Thank you, Frank! This should never have become about the politics of the commenters or personal attacks on commenters. It should be about the cult of NXIVM. There are some very thoughtful people here, and I would like to see their thoughts posted, rather than the silly drama that the comments have devolved into.

  • Yes! Please do this Frank! These comments are not worthwhile and very often off topic – I don’t mind having a difference of opinion with another reader, so long as it’s based on the subjects addressed by yourself. I do mind the other stuff, the ad hom personal attacks etc. Scott Johnson, who has sites of his own, is here out of interest and to get NXIVM news to relate on those sites. The others appear to not have this interest and are merely spewing bullshit for it’s own sake.

    • “Scott Johnson, who has sites of his own, is here out of interest and to get NXIVM news to relate on those sites.”

      Words of a SHILL, here. Hey Shill, tell Scott the turd burglar to gather his information with a closed mouth and to stop infesting this site with his bullshit.

  • Frank please ban comments from the troll(s) posting with the handle of mom. Their comments are ridiculous and pointless, and I suspect they posted under the name John Jacob Jinglemier Shmidtt previous to using this handle, and they were rude and abusive while using that handle..

    • I am who you are referring to. I live close to where some of it took place. For a long time I have read without commenting. My intentions were pure and frankly got out of hand. Simply I missed the old commenters
      I saw people attack each other and it got on my nerves. So I made what was intended to be one comment which quickly blew out of control. For my part I apoligize. If that makes me a troll. Then thanks for pointing that out. That was never my intention. My intentions were to defend people and try to bridge the gaps. I went overboard. Sometimes good intentions can lead to bad results. I apologize and will back off. Yes I can see how I come off as a troll. And I probably made a not so good situation worse.
      I am very sorry.

      • Mom,
        You use several different email addresses to post your comments. You repeat yourself constantly because you’re probably multiple people posting , and one hand doesn’t know what the other hand just wrote.

        Why do you have so many email addresses? Just like Ben does. He also posts from multiple addresses.

        • Thank you. I can see perfectly why you assume I am a troll. Your right that I repeated myself. I really should have said what I came on to say once and leave it at that. But it’s all one person posting. I also posted my name as the subject I was posting about. I went overboard. I was annoying. I will totally own it. I wasn’t planning to comment anymore because I really wanted to put an end to what I started.
          I will pubicslly admit what I did wrong. I will put away the Mom comments for once and for all. And put it behind and go forward stating on subject for now on. I am really pissed off at myself more than any of you are. I am part of the problem. Yes I own it.
          What started out as good intention snowballed into sticking my nose where it didn’t belong. And yes I made a couple rude comments to flowers yesterday. I specifically apoligize to flowers. There was no need for me to snap at her. And I like her perspectives and posts.
          As for Scott I may completely be different from him and we have come to an understanding. I respect both flowers and Scott but yesterday I did get rude toward Flowers’s.

          I am going to be open that I have changed my name. I debated about using my first name or a comment to remind me to stay on task. That is a full disclosure. That will be the only way I will post going forward.

          Again flowers I am sorry. I will not engage with you again unless you speak to me first. And I won’t snap at you if you do.

          There was a time where I was worried that one or two family members could have had contact. But turns out that fear was unfounded. But through frank report I payed attention to who the local people are. I really don’t want to give any more information about my identity since some of nxvim at large. And they may know people I know. They very well could know some people I know.

          I chose my new name to remind me to stay on subject. I am not going to hide it. I will be open. I plan to put this chapter behind me. And will no longer stick my nose where it don’t belong. If that is trolling than I apoligize. I did not intend to troll. My goal was to ask people to get along, work together basically be civil.
          We all deserve to be treated with respect. There is a human on the other side and that human has feelings.
          Again I also don’t want to be Pollyanna . There will be emotions and discord.

          “I see trolls”. I am only responding because I owe you and everyone and Frank an apology . And I want to put this whole matter to rest. And I don’t want to keep going down that rabbit hole. My goal was to beg for civility the result was making it worse. There is a saying that fits this whole scenario perfectky. “ The Road To Hell is Paved with good intention.” Yes I hold myself and only myself responsible.

          I am putting “ Mom”. To bed. I feel anything that I post as Mom is tainted.
          I will not respond about this matter again. I learned my lesson. I lost sleep over it because I just kept posting ab nausea.
          You won’t hear from me preachy or noisy or repetitively or obnoxiously ever again.
          What you will hear from if and when or if I comments about the story and questions about the story. I will stay on subject when and if I post. I will bite my tongue when I see anyone squabbling. I remind myself that it is none of my business.
          That is my promise. Feel free to hold me to it. Just say. “ remember your promise”.

          I believe I said all that I will say on this matter.


          Ps I don’t plan to comment often.

          • I assume that you’re a troll not because your comments are rambling , but because you have used several different email.addresses to post. This, along with the repetition of comments, suggests that multiple people are writing these comments.
            Notice how “mom” refuses to explain why she has at least 3 email addresses, and finds in necessary to post using all of them?
            Quit posting your lies, pretend old woman. We with brains know that you’re a liar.

          • I know that on occasion I have not added my email. But that would be due to laziness. I admit that. Also depends on whether I post from computer or home. And whether I inevertly use the family or personal e mail. That would begin with a different letter but the rest would be the same. I am willing to talk to frank and he can tell me the emails I posted under and I will confirm. Those are the only possibilities I can think of. But anything else would mean someone is playing with my account. In which case I would like to talk to frank.

          • It’s not about using the anon email address option and then adapting the name to fit the comment. I just did that too.
            What I’m saying is that “Mom” has posted comments from at least 3 different email addresses, as well as from the anon option. This is a fact, verified by the different logos that appear with each comment.
            This has nothing at all to do with anyone messing with your email accounts. What it does mean is that the person or persons using the handle MOM are entering comments from multiple email addresses. Considering that the same comments are repeated under a different address, I guessing that multiple people are posting with the handle MOM, and all are attempting to sound like the same person.
            It’s a weird thing to do.

          • I had different patterns because I didn’t register. I used my e- mail. I posted enough that anyone could tell who I was. I only have two e-mails. Mainly use one. I could have used the other which really anyone could tell was connected to same family plan that would have been though usually I use my own so it can come to phone. I got lazy and stopped filling in e mail post. Due more to laziness than anything else. And assuming that my email was already added originally.
            If you don’t register you will be assigned to a different symbol. Seems to be random.
            Had I from day one registered I would have not had that happen.

            May I ask you something? How many trolls would admit to every and all posts? How many trolls who finally signed in tell you that they used the presvious posts? If I meant to be a troll I would have used my second or family e mail and shut up and not tell you so. I know exactly what my intentions are. And I can sleep at night because I know that I am being open.
            But you don’t have to believe me because I am a complete stranger to you. If I am a troll I was not an intentional troll. Since you have questions I will answer. But I know that you will not believe anything I say and I don’t blame you. But I can sleep tonight. I have admitted what my handles are.
            For here on in you can connect me. And I wanted to come out .

            What I do feel guilty about is taking over too many posts and snapping at flowers. Those are two things I am guilty of.

            A troll would have covertly changed their handle and not come out to admit that they were behind all the posts. They would have denied half the posts. I told you I was known as Mom. Instead of keeping it when I go official. I changed it because it was tainted. But I told everyone that I am the same person, only official on the site. I also let you know that I didn’t like how I overposted and got overbearing.

          • By the way I have only two e mails. One I use the other is default. I use the family for family or school things and mine for everything else. But unless you put on that you want to save the info you never know what symbol will be assigned. Again once you go official and ask to save you get a symbol locked in. Pretty much an observation.

        • I would like to speak with frank and as him about the several e-mails. I only have two that I go between. One starts with my first initial. The other is our family e mail that starts with my husbands. All the rest of letters are identical. And I confess out of laziness I skipped e mail all together figuring there was already a record. I usually use my private e mail. The family one by dafault. My phone is private e mail. The computer is family e mail. I would like to speak personally to frank and let him know my name and e mail. And as for several I doubt that. If you are talking about the symbol and using that to judge the e- mails. I did my register to stay on until I changed to just stay on subject. That would explain the different symbols. That is all I know.

          • I think I know who you are and because I was honest to say I have two emails. You assume I purposely set out to use them to fool everyone. And sometimes I am too lazy to put my email in that makes me a troll. I think the real issue is that I either said something to you or about you that pisses you off. And you are angry with me. I think you really really want me to be some evil mysterious troll who has some ulterior motive. Why do I think that. You call me stupid. Somehow I have said something that hurt your feelings or pissed you off. I will have to go over all my posts.
            If I didn’t piss you off you woukd not be using this much energy to accuse me of something. Trolls don’t tell you anything. Just because I have two e-mails doesn’t mean I use them.
            I am not out to get anyone. Question who are you? The only reason I even mention that I have two emails means there is a possibility I could have inavertly used one when using the other because they are almost identical . And I use one for school and family the other personal. It’s not impossible for me to use one when meaning to use the other. I have in the past sent School email with parents and friends emails for families. It’s likley that could have happened. And skipping the e mail was pure laziness. Not to troll. Why would I want to troll? I stuck my nose where it was none of my business. I don’t know how much more transparent I could be.
            Again if I trolled it was never the intention.
            The more you push it the more I think you wish it were. I have no idea why.

        • No mom, the logo always stays the same with the same email. I’ve posted here and on other blogs like this one, and it has always stayed the same for me. I have posted with different IP addresses, and the logo will stay the same. Just as this logo always stays the same for the anon option.

          • I wish I knew why my logos are not the same. I can see why I am concedered a troll and if tables were turned I am sure I would believe the same. I am perplexed by it. Unless it happened when I didn’t type in my address. Let me try that this time.

          • I get it now. It happened when I got lazy and didn’t put my email in. That’s when it happened, I think. That solves it. I think . This time I see if I don’t put my email it. Again I am doing this for transparency. I want to know too. Again I am sorry

          • I have a question for you. How many trolls do you know who is willing to be open?
            How many trolls apoligize? How many trolls do you know who
            My name is Barb. I am a mother. I also talk too much. I would be happy to talk to frank and meet him if he would like. I would be happy to answer any and all questions. Like I said my husband doesn’t do social media.
            How many trolls are willing to answer questions as best as they can?
            I admit that I was obnoxious, overbearing and perhaps hyprocrital and noisy. That I am guilty of.
            I can’t explain the several logos. That part I can only guess about.
            Any more questions.

  • Sometimes it feels like a plague of locusts descending, also the broken-record quality of it is often too much, so I see your point.

    I also see people are clicking on the Scott2 links: DONT. they are short links, they could be malware. If I clicked on something so clearly dodgy on a work machine, I’d get a formal warning. don’t click links indiscriminately. Ask yourself why it is so important to the provider that you do? you are being solicited -why?

    heres a clean link (not short, no curious symbols, no mention of Bitly,- you could type the title into your search engine) to a useful site. (DONT take my word for it – check!!)


  • Moderation sounds like a wonderful idea. Way too much garbage, off-topic commenting. I’m sure good, pertinent-content containing posts aren’t being made because of all the spam and over-posting from some. Please do cull the nonsense posts.

  • Free speech is something that’s supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution, but only to keep the government from curbing speech. A privately operated blog isn’t required and shouldn’t even be expected to provide free speech.

    That said, what are you waiting for, Frank? Feel free to start deleting. The comment sections are still gummed up with nonsense.

  • Thank you Frank. Ian one of those reluctant to post these days because the comment section seems to be full of people who hate eachother.

  • You are completely right. This could use some moderation and I see why you do not want to do that. I pretty much hate the spammers as well, but Just look at reddit and see, where it has gone. All these subreddits are echo chambers. Try to post something negative about Donald Trump in r/thedonald. Something that is factually true, but only slightly negative and it will be hidden becasue of negative reviews by users.

  • that’s a great idea! i never read if any hater’s come after me anyway– what’s the point? i’m not reading and commenting for their ass, and eventually naturally they’re all someday going to be dead as hell lol haters love to think their opinions are the end-alls, but they’re not even close and i’m going to keep being happy whenever i can be. i work for it, and no one’s bs had to be my concern

  • If you are responding to Scott, you may want to consider for a moment that you are in fact the problem.

    This is the second post that I’ve ever put on this site. I generally don’t say much unless I really feel it is worth saying.

    Scott Johnson is not the problem.

  • As an open comment section on this blog, you begin to realize we can use this to our advantage. I suggest a vote. Do you want Scott Johnson removed from the comment section? Yes or no. Perhaps Frank may simply consider the input of his readers. Cast you vote by replying to this post.

    • Yes shadow I agree. I will defend others rights to speak whether I agree with them or not. And I found that if we are civil and polite toward each other the conversation can be eye opening and educational. It’s ironic that I am on here defending people who have very very different view points then my own. Guess what I find that it’s really good to be challenged. I really don’t like echo chambers. I feel more growth when I listen to other people’s view points.
      Even when I talk to or chat with someone who thinks differently I always notice that there are points of agreement. I really don’t fit into either the Republican nor the Democratic Party. I find that my belief system straddles both parties. But I do have some issues I am solid on. Other issues I am still debating about. The issues I am solid in put me in a position that I can’t walk solidly down the line of Republican nor democratic. Basically I follow the ideas of my religion more than party. Though if i don’t like to talk about it as much as try to live by it. But I fall short there. And I won’t try to convert anyone because that’s something personal and faith is only real if you believe it. Can’t be forced.
      Also I don’t have all the answers and find when challenged that tests just how solid my ideas are.

      Yes we can learn from each other. Even people we really don’t agree with. Discernment is a lost art. When dealing with difficult issues we really need more discernment and acceptance of being challenged and challenging each other without getting personal.

  • Well here is a chain that proves nothing will ever change, despite Frank’s pleas. I am gone. I’m sure I won’t be missed.

    • You will be missed!

      Maybe Frank is out for dinner and drinks? Give it another day OCD, before giving up on FR?

    • Yes, you will be missed, OCD. I have really appreciated your responses which have sometimes reminded me to stay compassionate even when I am appalled by this group and its “leader”. I hope you will continue to follow the story and perhaps come back to comment once Frank manages to control the trolls.

      Frank, I would prefer you delete all the fake Scott Johnson trolls and their nonsense, but I think Scott Johnson is a problem as well. Occasionally he has good insights, but much of the time he is simply continuing the trolling and bashing other posters.

  • After writing my piece, I read others and really couldn’t believe it. Did no one understand what Frank is asking? Some behavior was even worse than normal.

  • Frank, I appreciate the stand, I have opened a few items lately that were quite disgusting and I quit posting for a while. When I started posting again I came up as anon. I’m not sure why. For the most part having a safe place to respond to nxviums criminal enterprises has been a great experience. Thank you and ex nxviums and KR victims for bringing truth to the public.

  • Good Idea.
    This blog was very informative weeks ago, but lately is just a boring string of personal attacks.
    Simply unpleasant to read through to get any info about the latest NXIVM saga.
    Thanks for all you do, Frank.

  • I agree with Frank. This is not a free speech issue. It’s a forum to discuss the issues at hand. I for one am coming less and less. Looking for those who have valuable or provocative comments – not personal attacks. Can’t you do that on Facebook?

  • Frank:

    For what it’s worth, I realize it’s your site, and you can handle things however you like. At the same time, please take note of what people are saying in the comments section here, namely that Scott Johnson is the main problem, which I absolutely agree with.

    I’ve said to him directly – for every 10 submissions he posts, maybe 1 is actually worth reading. The rest are insults, him trolling others, or responses to people trolling him. He’s obnoxious, annoying, and innane.

    I tried to post earlier (but my phone died). At the time, there were 11 posts in this thread; mine would have made 12…Scott Johnson already had 4 posts in this thread. In my opinion, that’s bordering on ridiculous.

    It makes reading the worthwhile comments harder, and most of us are here to follow the story, not to read Scott Johnson’s endless blathering.

    Respectfully, I would ask you to remove the guilty party from the site, not censor everyone, due to the selfishness of 1 individual, who is seemingly incapable of behaving like an adult.

    • I’m the main problem only to those who are microscopically focused exclusively on what is directly in front of them, instead of the bigger picture. There are specific reasons for why NXIVM is the way it is, and much larger problems related to NXIVM.

      • I’m also the main problem to my wife, taxpayers, and the citizens of Texas.

        I am an expert in social media because I have no life, no job, and sit on my couch all day long.

        This is my beautiful and patient wife.


      • Scott:

        The only things around here that are microscopic are your intellect, and ability. This is why very few people here like you. You repeat yourself like a broken record, and insist on annoying everybody. I’d be extremely polite to you, if I thought it would make any difference, but it won’t.

        You seem to think your experience with MLM’s makes your limited insights uniquely valuable here; if anyone here is focused on the micro view, it’s you.

        So you have experience with MLM’s…my experiences include, but are not limited to:

        International finance, forensic accounting, money laundering, and many other areas of finance that you probably couldn’t pronounce, let alone understand.

        The other day, you’re busy trying to argue law with me…yet you don’t have a degree in law; I don’t either, but I’m married to someone who does.

        You try to pass yourself off as being intelligent, but look the fool to those of us who don’t have to act.

  • There is an easy solution Frank. Just get rid of Scott Johnson. If you don’t do it, we will.

    He adds nothing to conversation, except for misinformation /disinformation and trying to steer readers to his website.

    No one gives a shit about Scott Johnson and Amway. So just boot him and see how the discussion improves.

      • I am the REAL SCOTT JOHNSON Libtards. LOL.

        I am unemployed, live off my wife, my kids hate me, and I have a little wanger.


      • Yes that makes sense. Both are set up like pyramids. The way DOS is set up. The whole set up is similar. There is no doubt that frank woukd be interested. As I pointed out both of you are vested in this and have experience of involvement.
        To figure out how Amway is set up is very much to understand NXVIM. Amway is older and more wide spread. If not mistaken it’s gone back quite a few decades. NXVIM is younger and newer.
        Question for you Scott. Did Amway start in Michigan ?
        And earlier I asked about Betsy DeVos family. The DeVos are involved with art prize. Is art prize involved with Amway or not ?

  • Please delete any of the comments by me that are preachy and long winded and off subject
    Mom. Ssratoga county, blogs, extremism is bad. there are couple other comments I put in the name line. I had.
    I just wanted to beg for people to get along and describe the area of clifton park.
    If it’s off subject that I wrote then i will be pleased if those posts disappear. I know I got boring redundant and preachy.
    Just miss the old cooperative environment. And you may erase this while at it. Going forward I will only post what’s related to story. Or ask question.

  • I know I come here less and less, and comment even less. It my opinion that post that carry a cross for another cause is part of the problem.
    Personally I’d like Scott Johbson to be deleted all together. He know nothing of NXIVM other than what hes read and hes one on the problem children in this blog.
    Watch he cant resists posting his opinion about my post as hes too much of an attention getting and cant stand someone who disagrees with him.
    Hes a lot like Luke used to be. At least Luke was a NXIVM member.

    • I get annoyed with the attacks. That’s why I have jumped on (as Mom, Saratoga county,blogs.maybe a couple other titles based on subject ). If I have said anything mean to anyone I am sorry. I usually post as the direction I am going. Am I one of the offenders ? If I am I am very sorry. I feel like I spent more time trying to defend flowers and Scott. Because whether I agree with them or not I think they add something. I have respect for the work people are doing.
      One time I wrote as thank you to thank Scott for ignoring the attacks. When he says stay classy.
      Frank if I am one of the bad apples just let me know. Thanks.

      • No, you’re not an “offender.” If anything, you’re too nice. We have lots of “nice” NXIVM members who are wolves in sheeps’ clothing, and they took advantage of others by hiding what they really are. Less nice and more real would help a lot.

        • This is who I am. I can get tough if I need to. Just haven’t had the need to yet. I am a ENFP. This is how we operate.

        • Believe me I can be tough when I need to. Just get tough as a last resort. People underestimate me. That’s how I have protected myself from harm. I only get tough when I feel threatened.

        • So now I know why Scott doesn’t like me – he thinks I’m too nice.

          I’ll try harder, Scott. Soon I’ll be calling everyone names, just like you do.

          • Flowers. Please re read the exchange between Scott and I. We had a polite and honest conversation. He did not get rude toward me once. He told me what his impression of me is. Which is an underestimation But hey he has every right to see me the way he does.
            He knows we don’t always see eye to eye. But by both of us showing each other respect Scott got more into the area and subject out than had I tried to shut him down. I think that his knowledge of MLM is valuable. Mom
            Flowers I have defended both you and Scott. Because I think that you and Scott and everyone here deserves to be respected. And guess what walk lock step with each other. We don’t have to sing kumbays. We don’t have to get all Pollyanna and phoney. That is bad in other ways. Thats also not productive.

            Scott and you either need to agree to disagree with each other and admit that you two somehow trigger each other for some unknown to me reason. And what you two should consider is to find points you agree on and focus there without getting personal. Or completely ignore each other 100 percent. Really it’s none of my business. But not one place in this exchange did we talk about you. In fact there was absolutely nothing about you. Flowers look I respect you. And I also respect Scott. For some reason both of you get targeted more than anyone else. That’s why I have come to both of your defenses. I won’t anymore.

            I am going to talk about myself here. I used to get defensive. And there are still certain people who can trigger my defenses. But I have learned that getting defensive has made me lose my train of thought and get me frustrated and upset. And so I learned to pick my battle and let thing roll off my back. Feel more content and more productive.

            Here’s what I ask myself three are most important
            1. Is it true ?
            2. Is it either informative or useful?
            3. Does it need to be said ?
            4. Is it kind ?

            Going forward we should stay on subject and not let others distract or interrupt train of thought.

      • These posts by “Mom” are being written by multiple people, just as the posts by the various “Scotts” are. Notice that both the fake Scotts and “mom” use multiple email addresses for their posts. This last post by MOM was almost identical in content to another post by MOM that was written using a different email address.

        • No I am one person. For now on I will stick to subject and try to overthink, overright or overwhelm people. I admit that I came on way to strong and bossy. I am sorry. Did not intend to comment this much. Went way overboard. But I will respond and stick to subject. I will admit fully I am in the wrong. I am sorry.

          • You are one person, but who are the other people who use “Mom” as their name? I have a method for people to determine whether the post is from the real me or a fake me, just click on my name and it takes you to my twitter account.

        • My name is Barb. I am the only one posting. I don’t know why I get more than one logo. One time I posted with my own email and a pink logo showed up. I wish I knew why it happens to me. I don’t get it.

  • Thanks for considering it Frank. I’ve been visiting the blog less because I dislike sorting the attack comments from the content comments, but that’s just my preference for information over emotion. Your decision probably rests on your goal in starting the blog. If your goal is to be a forum for free speech, than, by all means, allow all comments. I’ll keep visiting as I have time and energy. If your goal is to provide a set of information that you seem uniquely poised to give, than you’ll probably want to moderate the comments. In that case, I would be more interested in commenting myself. Whatever you decide, best of luck!

  • So because Amway boy identifies himself, it is okay for him to post nasty replies to every single comment on the entire page ?
    That isn’t people copying him.
    It is his same blue icon every time.

    It’s hardly worth even coming here anymore.
    The rest of us shouldn’t have to be punished when we want to see comments from people who have been around a long time, and actually make useful ones.
    Especially those of us with actual direct experience of NXIVM / ESP.

    • Correction: That’s ANTI-Amway boy. LOL

      The jerk that is copying my name and making stupid comments isn’t able to link his name to my twitter account when you click on it.

      If it isn’t worth coming here, then…DON’T.

      You people didn’t give one penny to Ben’s polygraph test, which he passed. All talk, no action.

      You’re not being punished, unless you’re one of those Libtard snowflakes who melt under the slightest friction that hurts your feewings. LOL

      Your “experience” with NXIVM is virtually meaningless, the information that Frank has already posted and the DOJ/FBI has so much more court admissible evidence it would make your head spin.

    • Scott has showed me respect when I am not preachy. But that’s my experience. When I show him respect he has respected me. I know we all have had different experiences with him. I know I have annoyed him (only when I am preachy)

  • It’s too bad you have to use your valuable time to do this. I recommend requiring all commenters to link to a social media account. It doesn’t have to include their actual name, but at least it would be a measure of accountability and consistency. I can’t tell which person is behind the numerous posters identified as “Anonymous” or they use the first couple of words of their first sentence in their comment as their name.

  • I suggest that you also limit commenters to a certain number of comments per post. I don’t want to read 8-10 comments from the same ass-clown – especially when none of them have anything to do with the post. This would also solve the multiple comments per post about Amway.

    • Some people have more useful information to say than others. There is no reason to limit free speech. In fact, you are welcome to be on my radio show sometime to discuss these issues. But it will be at least 3 weeks from now, as Peter Mingils will be attending his son’s wedding next week and we will probably have Steve Hamre on the following week, so get in line. The answer to speech you don’t like is more speech, right “counselor?” If you don’t want to read my comments, then…DON’T. LOL

      Go ahead and count all of my comments, then count the ones that contain a reference to Amway. Then subtract the posts that are in response to a comment involving Amway. Tell all of us what percentage you come up with, okay?

      • No one gives a flying fuck about you or Amway.

        Go back to your cheese and unemployment line Scott Johnson

      • “Some people have more useful information to say than others”

        Exactly right, which is why everybody here wishes you would shut-up & go away. Truly, your “contributions” here so far, have been worthess.

        Since you claim to know a lot about NXIVM, it’s doubly amazing that you don’t ever seem to post on-topic.

        I wouldn’t even have an issue with your posts being off-topic, if they were the least bit interesting, but you instead choose to act like a dipshit. Grow up.

          • Scott:

            That sounds like a challenge to me, and I do accept. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but low IQ isn’t one of them.

            How about we make a wager:

            The loser is permanently no longer allowed to post in the comments section on Frank Report, and agrees to uphold the wager on their honor, meaning no pseudonymous postings, either.

            We’ll let a mutually-acceptable, independent 3rd-party decide the form of test, e.g. online IQ test, of their choosing.

            Do you accept?

          • Though I do not have the extremely high IQ, and only graduated with one college degree, I think the “Comments” section to the most excellent Frank Report could use a housecleaning. I wouldn’t even object if the housecleaning products used were distributed by an MLM such as Amway or Melaleuca.
            Until it gets to that point, I just skip over any comments which are not directly related to the subject of the post.
            As a disciple of Evelyn Wood, this is not a very time consuming process and enhances my enjoyment of the blog.
            Here’s hoping that the folks working at the US District Court for the Eastern District of NY have a productive week.

          • No, the information I provide is much too valuable to take a chance that you might get lucky. Also, the “IQ” wasn’t meant literally, a better word would have stupid, and I consent that you are much more stupid than me. LOL

      • I am pretty much done commenting for now. I was in the chorus of begging for civility. That’s all I have done. I think that I have said the same thing multiple times. I won’t come back to defend anyone anymore. Because it really didn’t seem to help , all it did was prolong it. Maybe even made it worse. This is one the subject here. Maybe I will post ( on subject) maybe not. I spent more time than intended. This is a subject that brings out emotions.
        Since my knowledge is superficial I really don’t have much if anything to add.
        Thank you Frank for keeping us posted.
        Thank you for addressing the incivility.

  • It wouldn’t hurt for you to be more selective on what you allow to be posted. Reporting stuff like Allison Mack being a trans or how fat her ankles are really juvenile for someone to even post that.

    Just saying but hey what the hell do i know.

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