Can we be polite in our comments on Frank Report?

Maybe it’s my fault – for I am often impolite in my postings about Keith Raniere.

But could we try a new approach with comments? Try to be a little civil towards one another and dispense with name calling?

The major purpose of this blog for the last few years has been to expose the criminal Bronfman-Raniere organization – and bust up their cult-like enterprise. It is nearing the time when their foul misdeeds will be prosecuted.

Lately, somehow, in our comments – and I am not going to name names – there has entered a tone – not of one attacking the criminals – but of attacking one another. This is unfortunate.

And I wonder if it would be possible to disagree – without name calling?

Of course, I believe in free speech. I do not censor comments – even those attacking me. I am not saying I plan to censor rudeness, I am just expressing a wish that we be less rude to one another – and yet still debate ideas and concepts robustly.

One former NXIVM consultant – who has contributed a great deal to this site – suggested I ban a certain individual. I do not want to do that.

I also realize – and I have been reminded recently by a kindhearted ex-Nxivm member – that I also have been rude to Keith Raniere – “overlooking all of his good points – and emphasizing his bad points only.”   I will have to consider that and look for some of those good points.  However, I do not think I have called Keith names – unless you think calling him “Vanguard” because it is so ridiculously pretentious –  is name calling. Yet, I have posted some pretty nasty photo-shopped pictures of him. That might be worse than name calling.

In my defense, he and his criminal organization – and the remaining brainwashed members – are the targets,not the commenters.

There is going to be some news — soon. I will be writing about some of it, hopefully, later today. It does not bode well for Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and others. Keith is prison – suffering as he made others suffer.

The time for reckoning is drawing near. Winter is almost upon us – or, more accurately, upon them…

In the meantime- how about a little good will towards one another?


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  • What doesn’t kill you gives you an unhealthy set of coping mechanisms and a very dark sense of humor.

    • But Scott, the people who have sent me death threats and harassed my kids, etc. are not so nice. And this person writing some not-so-nice posts here, sure seems to be part of the same group of people.

      Isnt it funny how someone can harass and threaten someone else, and then when the person being threatened mentions it, they are accused of being narcissistic? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

        • I’m actually very serious, Scott. There is a police file on these people. I have been subjected to various types of threats, vandalism, hacking, intimidation tactics and online bullying…
          This harassment is actually the reason why I started to post here. I’m still wondering if there is a connection here to those same people , or if they just stalked me here.

  • And at least 60% of them are the narcissists.
    So is Flowers Allison Mack’s mother’s new alter ego or is it just the Amway salesman talking to himself ?

  • Look at what these nice people are doing: It’s almost exactly like what the nice people at NXIVM are doing. It involves a nice cult leader, a nice celebrity, infiltrating the nice law enforcement agencies, following the nice people around and suing them in a nice court, etc. These could be parallel universes, in a nice way of course. Nice. Nice. Nice.

    • Scott, you are so much nicer when you’re nice! But is it nice to bring attention to the poor, brainwashed people who are only trying to help Danny? Danny was ever so nice as Hyde, and we should appreciate that, forever.
      Hey, what a weird coincidence that his name was Hyde on that show, and then there’s that story called Jekyll and Hyde.

  • More on the Ramtha/Dynasty connection please. I know that Ramtha and NxDum were hand and hand for awhile. Especially in the Tacoma office outside Yelm…
    Linda Evans and JZKnight go hand in hand and have been linked together in these parts of the Northwest for decades.
    They were infiltrating NXIVM early in its incarnation from ESP to the current lay people. The only reason why Ramtha School of Enlightement got out is cause of the bad publicity NVXIM got early on when Goldie Hawn backed out of an appearance at Vanguard week due to a hungry booking agent. After this incident some of the Ramtha insiders slowly backed out.
    There was also a lot of stuff gong on at retreats at Ramthas compound and campgrounds that they didn’t want alerted to the general public as Ramthas school likes to go way under the radar because of its conterviersial group techniques and mind control.
    Ramthas school is surrounded by thick forests on three sides that is part of a military base. Some of the hardcore Ramtha devotees camp in these woods almost year round.
    The maze is the scariest part. Imagine being put in a life size maze where people walk on catwalks above and change the maze as you run around like a rat rushing around for literally hours for some just to make it out of the maze.
    Then there is the Paradise Beach. It’s a drill where you stay out in the cold and damp for days at a time in the shadow of Mt Rainer and JZ Knights cozy enormous mansion where only the good channelers get to set there foot in nor the many students who come in droves multi times a year.
    You see Ramthas School of Enlightment grasp and fed off this newbie Rainere until the press got to bad and they bailed.
    Do your research Frankie. A lot of people who took retreats in Yelm at Ramthas compound also gave NXIM a dabble or two.
    It’s like a sophisticated version of The Psychic Friends Network only Dionne Warwick isn’t the spokesperson, ultimately that Tom Cruise title went to Mack

    • There’s certainly a connection here. What struck me was something they call “The Neighborhood Walk®, an exercise with the power to change your life, intentionally shutting off old habits and limitations and then engaging in reality through newly activated connections. ” reminded me of one of Raniere’s oft quoted habits.

      Also this connection with Mark Vicente caught my eye: “Students will also learn the Create Your Day® technique created by Ramtha in 1992 and as was previewed in the film What the Bleep Do We Know?! The student learns to alter the day before it starts by intentionally modifying their neurological state of mind with a plan of experiences for the day.”

      Until visiting the Frank Report I never suspected ‘Buddhism’ or ‘Bhuddist orgs.’ of anything untoward. This aspect has been a real eye opener.

      • Yes it’s amazing how all these bloggers in the comments are getting carried away with other stuff yet this Frank guy won’t even do any stories on the Ramtha connection cause he doesn’t want to lose Kathy Oxenburg who fell into the Ramtha cult as did so many other members of the cast of the classic but off the radar and rarely shown Dynasty TV show.
        It aired in the 70s and 80s and owned by Spelling which is why it will never be shown as well as other classic Spelling Shows as Tori Spelling who owns the show is too greedy to release them into syndication. Therefore you get bottom feeders and cult dwellers like Linda Evans and Kathy Oxenberg cuz they won’t rerun Dynasty and let them collect royalties.
        Luckily Kathy got on a gravy train by cashing in on India. Linda Evans has a gravy train since she is pretty much partners not only in business but other ways to JZ Knight.
        Meanwhile this is why you have all these cast members of Dynasty who ran back to Ramtha as soon as the Feds caught on to the pyramid scheme Nancy, Claire and Keith were running plus the other crimes they are being accused of.
        JZ and Linda are trying to distance themselves from Kathy O and anything to do with NMIVM right now.
        They don’t want the school in Yelm to get probed by the authorities or media people like Elisabeth Vargas right now or have People Magazine on their tale as the school in Yelm is getting people indoctrinated in droves lately.

  • The First Friend- being intimate with power

    “Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Edgar Bronfman Sr.

    Shortly after the billionaire businessman Edgar Bronfman Sr. died in 2013, Hillary Clinton spoke at a memorial service in his honor. She described a meeting she had arranged in 1996 between her husband and Bronfman, who then owned the liquor company Seagram and Son, which she said lead to years of negotiation over the return of Holocaust assets held by Swiss Banks. “He exuded a confidence and honesty that won him the friendship and support of Presidents and Popes and people everywhere,” Clinton said of the former president of the World Jewish Congress. His son, Edgar Bronfman Jr., has continued his legacy of political giving, making it difficult to distinguish their donations in federal records. The campaign donation totals above include both men.”

    No political candidate is going to distance themselves from money like that. Swiss Bank Accounts? No worries over that key logger virus. I bet those young ladies who attend Yale also have parents who might like to make a generous political contribution. CHA CHING!

    All kinds of perks!

    (“Missing YOGA emails.”)

    Lest we forget the Library donations.

    Any government contracts? How much of the American tax payers’ money funded the State Department’s generous gifts of LIQUOR?
    “Diplomatic liquor sales top federal government spending on alcohol, according to the AMI analysis. The State Department is by far the biggest spender, with $3 million in purchase since 2009 fiscal year; with the US Navy coming in a distant second with $131,000 during the same period.”

    “The expansion into entertainment began in 1993 with the purchase of a 15 percent interest in Time Warner Inc. for $2.2 billion. After Edgar Jr. added the CEO title in 1994 to his position as president (with Edgar Sr. remaining chairman), Seagram in April 1995 sold its holdings in Du Pont, receiving about $11 billion in the process. (This sale was widely criticized in the next few years as Du Pont’s stock ran ahead of even the extraordinary bull market.) The proceeds were almost immediately reinvested when Seagram later that month acquired 80 percent (later increased to 84 percent) of MCA, Inc. from Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, Ltd. for $5.7 billion. MCA–whose name Seagram changed to Universal Studios, Inc.–included Universal Pictures film studios, MCA Television Group (renamed Universal Television Group), Putnam Berkley Group publishing unit (which Seagram sold in December 1996 for $330 million), MCA Music Entertainment Group (later known as Universal Music Group), Universal theme parks, and Spencer Gifts, a chain of specialty gift shops.”

    The Clinton Foundation left a toxic legacy in Colombia

    “Adrian du Plessis, a former stock-fraud investigator, who says that Giustra was known as the “Poison Dwarf” because of his tiny stature and habit of putting together deals that were toxic to his buyers but profitable to him.”

    Got cattle futures?

  • “People are People so why should it be, that you and I get along so awkwardly?” I’ll keep skipping over the ones that use a lot of words and have nothing to say. Thanks for the try Frank.

  • Opinions & words between complete strangers on an anti-cult blog are causing emotional distress to anonomyous individuals (some that aren’t even involved in a cult). Am I understanding this?

    My background: I’m here observing. I have faint peripheral connections to a couple NXIVM members, that’s how I got here. I stayed because I was a childhood victim of a cult and Frank’s writing is helping me with old issues I didn’t even know I had. (Thank you Frank 💖)

    I’m a very private person but I want to address some things as a 20 yrs gone cult member.

    After lurking for almost a year I believe 95% of you are the in the spectrum of good people. Some are insensitive to what others are going through but I believe it’s a lack of perspective vs desire to hurt. If the comments hurt, why is anyone allowing the thoughts & opinions of total strangers get to them? And why would anyone intentionally expose them self to emotional distress if one knows the comments are hurtful, or as some say, abusive? You’re perpetuating your own negative reality then asking someone to police it for you. It takes two to tango so either accept it or ignore it or go play in another sandbox because (in the words of Kripalu back in the cult days lol) “you can’t change anyone but yourself.” So, examine your actions for value and payoff. What’s your time and comfort worth? What does arguing get you? It seems like it’s reinforcing a need to feel bad because healthy minded people walk away – it’s a bad energetic investment, their time is worth more than shadowboxing in cyberspace. Go outside. It’s summer. Deep breaths, sit in the warm sun, feel the grass, watch nature, listen to birds & do nice things for yourself. Those actions have a positive ROI. Those are real experiences.

    I got dragged into Kripalu when Amrit/Gurudev was on the scene as a child in the late 80s-90s. I wasn’t molested nor branded nor involuntarily enslaved but I was brainwashed before I had a sense of self. It’s still, 20 yrs later, a daily fight to think for myself, to not deny my needs, to learn that the brand of spirituality that was my whole existence was a scam. I lived there & was sleep deprived, protein deprived, made to believe I was some kind of witch in a past life that hurt many people (I’m not even kidding) & that this karma was to blame for a genetic illness I’ve struggled with my whole life. I could only “burn off” said karma with seva- selfless service. I cleaned bathrooms & guest rooms 5.5 days per week (as an adult) for room & board with the promise of becoming a certified yoga teacher. Only, like the chocolate cake story: I left to see some friends in Albany on a day off, ate a full meal & agreed they should follow me back & help me out after I heard myself honestly describing what it was I got involved in. To get into details outs myself & ex Gurudev disciples. We all just want peace. But, to get the peace means I remain accountable to myself, I think before I act, I don’t defer nor answer to anyone but my own good conscience. Most importantly, I don’t want anyone to feel as awful as I have felt in my life over gosh darn blog comments.

    My cult experience set me up for total disaster. I was a naive, self denying, free spirit set loose in the real world. I didn’t even understand bad people exist. What pulled me out was having a new group of kind, safe friends. They let me talk, they gently urged me to do my own research, test my old beliefs, they encouraged me to find things I enjoy & exposed me to new ideas & ways of doing things. AKA “relearning how to live.” They took me to a self-defense class & encouraged counseling which I suggest to anyone feeling unsafe in general. (Ah hem non culters, this is how you can help unless you’re really just here to kick verbal sand in the faces of people trying to work through maybe the worst thing that ever happened to them)

    And, it wasn’t Amrit that hurt me. It was his disciples… that signed NDA’s & got settlements. I had to pay for my 20 yrs of therapy & those adult disciples just get to say they were victims too & absolve themselves of the damage they caused. So, I understand this side of it from personal experience. And, if people plea out that caused pain, it might not feel like justice, might not give closure. Be ready for those potential road blocks to healing. To this day, I cannot forgive 2 Kripalu disciples for their words & I don’t know… making us hold advanced yoga postures for 30 min at a time, calling our physical and emotional pain “growth,” divulging our deepest secrets in large groups, etc.

    I also had a physician there who treated my genetic condition from childhood until adulthood- that honestly requires a prescription, with homeopathics & herbs. When I got worse, I was told I didn’t want to get better or I would have. That it proved the condition was my fault because of past life karma. I was still a child. My condition is now stable with conventional medicine but only after two decades of degeneration. I struggle with self care in relation to my genetic condition because it’s still difficult to believe it’s real and not my unwillingness to practice Gurudev imposed seva… 20yrs later. I’m just left holding the bag & some days are really hard to put in perspective & not sink into self denial, blame & punishment. Non cult people please try to understand this for the Nexians trying to move on.

    All of you adults had/have the voice of your own good conscience telling you what was/is right or wrong (both Nexians & in the comments) & you either choose to listen or ignore it. But, you don’t get to blame others for your experience here; it’s a public place following the laws of the land (if you don’t like the laws, spend energy on that). Take responsibility for perpetuating negativity in your own lives. If my caretaker hadn’t been so desperate for some one to present a path to happiness vs finding it within, I’d have had proper medical care, wouldn’t have been a target for opportunists (like how I got sucked into Quixtar for a couple months right after Kripalu when my friends weren’t looking hahaha… hey Scott!). I beg the parents of young children to put their kid’s psyche first before you go outside the home looking for a magic answer.

    Cults prey on those with a weak sense of self. The ones that want someone else to show them the way. Only no one else on this green earth can show you your way. I emplore anyone involved in a cult to find themselves without outside influence. Tune everything out for a while. Focus on self care. Then become a researcher for the truth. Hear something on the news, research it. Discern it with your good conscience & critical thinking skills. Don’t let anyone tell you what to think nor how to think. Not through anyone’s lens but your own (eff Foucault, Vanguard, Gurudev). Along with this: *the things you hold as truths might not be the truth at all. Kripalu cult vegans smelled like horrible BO on their toxin free, yoga full lifestyles. My condition deregulates my blood pressure regardless of my salt intake. Comments like clean diets eliminate BO or bad food causes high blood pressure are not absolutes, they’re generalizations & pseudoscience. They open you up to be discredited in this public place. Before you unload your worldly wisdom, know who you are first, test those beliefs & relearn critical thinking. I said really really silly things when I was breaking away, too. Old habits die hard. Take it easy on your poor soul & stop seeking out more ways to hurt yourself or put a target on yourself.

    Sending all my love to Frank, & everyone from the ones still in, the ones that got out, my fellow lurkers, to Darth, Scott, Shadow, Flowers & Pea… even ole Ben. You’re all valuable to me & making me see deeper into myself! Keep commenting & I’ll be lovingly lurking moar!

    PS- we’re discussing human beings that have been brainwashed and the sadists they gave their power to. It’s a raw, dark, confusing place for the ones that have to rebuild their lives. Healing & unwinding the mess takes a long f%*#ing time. Have patience & be the better person. You could be *really* hurting someone & I don’t believe that’s anyone’s intention. That’s why I had to write a novella when I’d rather be sleeping.

    • No Foucault

      Thanks for the interesting post. So NICE of you to contribute. Actually , you sounds very familiar to me for some reason- must be that “past life” thing, I guess😉

      Do you really think the issue here is that opinions and words between complete strangers on an anonymous blog are causing emotional distress? Personally, other people’s OPINIONS don’t cause me any stress at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion’s. I think the things that may cause some stress (to me, anyways) are when bullying tactics are used in an attempt to silence, and when someone deliberately lies( by pretending I’m a cult member, for example). And the only reason that causes some stress is because I have no idea why anyone would do something like that.

      • Flowers, nothing I wrote was specific to you. You’re pretty new here from my memory or I just noticed your posts recently & I have no take on where you’re at or who you are.

        I enjoy your writing. And, you’ve expressed that you feel like there are bullying tactics directed at you. It must feel unnerving since you mentioned it led you here of all places. I don’t know the details of your experience but I’m not suggesting you specifically are being upset by words and opinions. There are 1000’s of comments here. And, does anyone know who they’re talking to? Not at all. But the writing here is anonomyous opinions. You see bullying tactics & some don’t. You can all agree to disagree but its beating a dead horse looking to sway or understand anyone here. It’s not the place to seek answers, friendships or closure. It’s, aside from a couple posters that put it a out there, an anonymous discourse= sharing thoughts, opinions & ideas on a website from a free speech country that’s seriously divided at the moment. Everyone’s got crap up to their eyeballs. Some vent, some lie, some try to vampire your happy day to doom & gloom. What you get out of it is just that. I, like I said, have my own agenda to heal and that’s why I’m here. I take the useful info & leave.

        I have a friend who was cyber stalked, slandered & had her social media hacked. Once she called the FBI, two people were in jail for it a few months later. Cyber stalking is a crime. If anyone’s committing a crime against you, please involve a professional. Tactics or even playing dirty aren’t crimes, it falls into morals & how we use our arsenal of life skills to navigate our reality. There aren’t rules here so bullying tactics are fair game. Don’t engage or engage but don’t expect answers to why when it’s probably just “because.”

        That old the whole ocean in a drop of water vs one drop of a huge ocean. This is the whole internet in one drop. Why wouldn’t there be people out for personal or psychic gain (even just the need to “win” at anothers loss). This is all just opinions (unless it’s a Frank published report or a link) & some have agendas. There’s no like I’m a fair, honest person so be fair & honest back. They’re not here for the same reasons.

        This blog is about a cult and their workings, I’m here because I survived a cult & have connections to two members of NXIVM from childhood. Scott is here because Amway is connected to Keith from what I recall. It’s exactly why I’m here. I’m not defending him, I don’t know him. Just most of us have a personal investment beyond ourselves.

        If you’re looking for bullying tactics, you’ll find them on any news article that allows comments, not just here. I’m confused as to why when searching for answers to your own situation, you’re immmersed in the same thing at a different place. Is it why like why do people use bullying tactics to silence is like asking why Clare Bronfman hurts people. Because she can. The world isn’t fair. Bad things happen to good people constantly & there’s no end in sight.

        I hope you find what you’re looking for, Flowers. But I suspect it’s not in the comments of the Frank Report.

        • No Foucault

          Once again, your comments are like deja vu. I keep wanting to call you by a totally different name for some reason…. maybe something like “Now my tale is Told”… which could also be an appropriate name for your situation.

          On the subject of the FBI or the police taking an interest in cyberstalking or hacking of SM accounts, I have to say you are mistaken. I have some minor personal experience with those crimes, and I know, as fact, that the police really don’t care. Actually, even referring to those activities as a crime may not be correct, but it’s a bit of a grey area.

          Laws on harassment vary depending on location, but where I live it’s extremely difficult to even have an ex-partner who is threatening violence, charged with a crime.

          Also, the police could’nt care less about libel or slander, but those are civil matters, and one could sue if they have proof.

          Probably this lack of law enforcement in these areas is how harassers get away with so much (just look at what Scientology has done and continues to do.) If Scientology has gotten away with these crimes for so long, do you honestly think the FBI is going to come running when someone has their FB page hacked? Or when a fake SM account is opened in your name to impersonate you? Not likely.

          I’m not confused as to WHY there are bullies here (and everywhere on the internet for that matter.) I’m only curious as to why the exact same bullies have chosen to now comment on this blog. Now,.before you pipe up and say that I have no way to know that they are the same people, consider this – YOU have absolutely no way to know if they different people. Having dealt with these people since 2013, I’m a pretty good judge of whether or not these are the same people who started to harass me in 2013.

          As to why I’m immersed in the same thing in a different place, I thought the answer was evident. …if these people are stalkers and hackers then they have no problem following my online activities.

        • Flowers is a narcissist who finds exactly what she is looking for everywhere she goes.
          This is just another place for her to collect attention and make everyone’s comments about her when nobody actually gives a crap.
          It’s unfortunate her children don’t want her more involved in their lives so she could be busier with something meaningful.

          • Huh?
            This comment is very …uh…bizarre. Who do you think I am, anyways? Weird that you think you know anything about my kids. Is that comment supposed to suggest some type of threat to my kids? Kerp in mind that the police already have the names of a number of the people who have harassed me, before you make any threats.

          • Actually, Narcissist , you sound an awful lot like my stalker K_____ , who also goes by many other names. Do you think Frank will be able to obtain your IP from here, K____? Considering what you’ve done before, you’re kinda the weak link here, aren’t you?And if your IP matches the IP I have for K______, how will you explain that?

    • For clarity, I’m only addressing real posters not the current devotees bent on their degenerate brand of anarchy.

      And I forgot to send love to OCD. How could I leave you out?

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective. I got involved with Raniere many years ago out of naivete and somehow retained enough sense of self to get out again after 4 years. It is ancient history for me (long before his cult days), but I still struggle with the consequences. Can’t change the past – can only move forward into the future.

  • I don’t think it’s very nice to call NXIVM scum. Everyone has value, because everyone is nice. I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward, I’m just trying to be nice. So if I am being too forward, I apologize. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • Anonymous can speak on my behalf, unless you don’t think that’s nice. Then we would have anothe nice vs. un-nice dilemma, but I’m sure Frank can make the right decision. Let us not attack others, that wouldn’t be nice. Not that I’m trying to tell you what to do, that wouldn’t be nice, either. If you think I’m doing that, I apologize. I want to be nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • President Trump is the nicest person I know. He even wants a little man to have rockets, as long as the rockets are nice and deliver sweet smells, flowers, and fluffly little puppy dogs. By the way, the puppy dogs all have their own parachutes, there’s nothing more un-nice than squished puppies. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • Don’t you wish ALL Canadians were as nice as me, Scott? If they were as nice and law-abiding as I am, then I wouldn’t need to post here.😀
    And our Prime Minister is so nice, too. Perhaps even nicer than your President, though some may disagree with that.

    And we are all still waiting to hear what the lie-detector test results were for that very nice guy, Ben. Any word yet?

    • All Canadians are as nice as you, Flowers. All Canadians are nice, remember? I don’t think it’s very nice to say all Canadians aren’t law-abiding, that’s just not a very nice thing to say. I hope you don’t take offense to that, I just want to be nice. If you’re offended, I apologize. Yes, your Prime Minister is very nice, and that’s all that matters. Being nice. My President is also very nice, and they are very nice to each other, and that’s all that matters. Being nice. I have asked Tanster if the lie detector test has been scheduled, and I expect to hear back from her soon, she is also so nice to return my requests. Did you see my comment about the other nice man who stated he has known for years that NXIVM has been nice to Yale and Columbia students, even asking them to join their nice organization? Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • There is no place for photo-shops on such a nice site like this. Unless you think not allowing photo-shops is not being nice. In that case, we have quite the nice vs. un-nice dilemma, don’t we? I’m sure Frank will make the right decision for us. Mr. Raniere has lots of good qualities. For example, he is very nice. If you don’t think so, watch some of his nice videos. Not that I am ordering you to watch his videos, that wouldn’t be nice, now would it? Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • This looks like another post, above. Not that I want to accuse you of anything, because that wouldn’t be nice, but did you copy their comment, or the other way around? Or perhaps you both thought of the same thing at the same time. That would be nicer. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • As long as whatever is said about Ms. Hatchette is nice, let’s do an article. Rising through the ranks is quite an accomplishment, and the willingness to do dirty work while rising is even better. She sounds so nice. She isn’t starving herself, she is trying to stay healthy, so she can have a long, healthy, nice life. I can’t imagine someone as nice as Michelle could even consider branding anybody, especially a fellow nice person, or even an un-nice person. Nice. Nice. Nice.

    • Yes, we should be particularly nice towards recovering victims. Which ones are they, so we can be especially nice towards them? I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling by not being nice enough. I would feel very bad if that happened. And sad.

  • personally I think some of the in-fighting on this blog is NXIVM insiders trying to disrupt and turn people off from reading the blog. If not NXIVM insiders, the fighting is really a distraction.

    Like any 2 year old’s who are in need of attention by their distractions. Maybe if we leave them alone and don’t respond to their disruptions, fighting and post that are meant to take attention away from the real issues at hand, maybe they will go away if we don’t respond to them.

    Some are never going to go away. I choose to ignore their post now as they don’t really have anything of importance to say. I also don’t want to give attention to them.

    • Golly, I think you’re right. We must not get distracted, it wouldn’t be nice. Anyone who isn’t nice should be left alone. That will teach those un-nice persons. Let’s get back to the real, nice issues at hand. Just ignore the un-nice people, do not give them any attention.

    • Haha
      That’s the first genuinely funny post you’ve made, Scott.
      Uh.oh…is my post considered not nice?

      • Thank you for the compliment, Flowers. I am very concerned about any withdrawal symtoms you may develop as I make nice posts. I am trying very hard to be nice, and being genuinely funny as well. Your post is very nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. You have to be nice, you’re Canadian. All Canadians are nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • Thank you so much for all you have done, asking for common courtesy doesn’t mean being nice to Rainere, he is the bad guy and if he ever did something nice you can be assured it was to make him look good not to benefit others. I hope your message is respected and I am looking forward to future news.

    • Frank should never be polite to diabolical demons like Raniere or his brainwashed followers. These people are pure evil. Hell they were attempting to bring people through Niagara Falls border crossing to get Frank. This is not a game and NXIVM led by Bronfman money and corrupt politicians in New York Canada and Mexico have commited serious crimes.

    • Oh no, we must be nice to everyone, especially Mr. Raniere. Even bad guys deserve our utmost courtesy. Jesus said so: Matthew 25:40, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Please be nice to Mr. Raniere, he needs our thoughts and prayers more than almost anyone right now. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • I’m game. I have learned a lot from other posters here, who, when not fighting, have lots of good insights and points to offer.

  • “The time for reckoning is drawing near. Winter is almost upon us – or, more accurately, upon them…”

    Well said Frank. “The Calm before the Storm” Welcome to the “Great Awakening”

    • Here’s some irony for you, Anonymous. …I’m called out for mentioning Trump, but I love how you ignore this QANON nonsense.
      So hilarious. 😂

      • President Trump has nothing to do with this forum. You Trump derangement system is obvious. The person posting above is praising Frank, and you have a problem with that? Please go away and let your brain and your NXIVM brand heal in peace.

        • Once again- the extreme rudeness and abusive remarks , like those of Anonymous, are directed at me. How is QANON relevant to this forum? Lol!
          It’s extremely abusive to keep suggesting I’m a NXIVM member. If anyone should be banned from this forum, this person is it. This person is harassing me and calling me a member of a cult, which I have never belonged to. How is this acceptable?
          Anyways, you only show yourself to be a ridiculous and illogical person anon … and a person who is bizarrely interested in my life.

          • Can’t let one thread go without having to start in on her nonsense.

    • Reckoning doesn’t sound very nice. Could you please, pretty please tone it down a little bit? Just a little bit, I don’t want you to tone it down a lot, that may sound un-nice. Winter is cold and storms are scary, and dreary, can’t we talk of a sunny, warm spring or summer day? That would much nicer. Not that I want to force that thought on you, that wouldn’t be nice. Just something to consider. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • What about Michelle Hatchette? Please run an article on her! She has risen through the ranks quickly and is now doing dirty work slaving for Claire. Also she is starving herself even more to please Nancy. Will she be indicted for being one of the branding and abusIng ring leaders? Please dig some dirt and do a story on her. She’s up there now with Nexyscum.

    • Wondering about her, as well. And Lauren Salzman. They both played a similar role to Allison Mack and yet have not been indicted. I assume it’s coming…

  • Article on Michelle Hatchett please! Heard she has risen quickly in the ranks. Also she is still starving herself to please Nancy. Will she be indicted for the branding and abusing? She’s slaving herself to Claire as we speak!!

  • Is it not quite pointless to ban people on this site? I mean you can leave comments without registration in the first place. You could remove those that are obviously by trolls like pee on you.

    • I believe that “Pea” might be an actual member of NXIVM from the content of her comments.
      I believe we should maintain an open dialog with Pea to help her leave the cult and rebuild her life.

    • It would be very good to ban people who aren’t nice. It also isn’t pointless, not that I want to appear disagreeable with you, that wouldn’t be nice. It doesn’t matter who the comment comes from, we want to be nice to them, and if they can’t be nice to us, we don’t want to read their un-nice posts. Although this creates a nice vs. un-nice dilemma, I think we can all trust Frank to make the right decision. It would be very upsetting to read an un-nice comment from anybody, not to mention un-nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • Too many narcissists who think Frank Report is actually about them and their agendas for the comment sections.
    Those of us who have actually been harmed our time with NXIVM don’t matter to those people at all, and we all know who they are.

  • Frank, I don’t fault you after the way Raniere tried to screw you. But maybe the photo-shops are unnecessary. Raniere’s misdeeds speak for themselves.

    To the extent that Raniere may have good qualities (ugh!), pointing them out might show why people fell so deeply into the trap.

  • Thanks, Frank – I get a bit sarcastic and scornful sometimes when a Raniere/Nxiivm cheerleader comments, but I don’t generally mock other commentators. I’ll try to bury the sarcasm after this but I do think some of your pro-Nixer commentators are utter loons.

    • There are no pro-nxivm comments here. If you are trying to say that Monte and Pea are pro, then you haven’t understood it’s pure satire. I thought that was obvious.
      Let’s be real here….Frank has seen this attack going on for some time, and he just chose to comment on it now…..I wonder why?….Those without agendas might see the truth and admit it. Lol.

      Anyway… regarding the artist known as The Tanster… it’s funny that one of the things she mentions is that she is disgusted with the rampant rudeness and narcissism that’s everywhere these days. She uses Trump as an example, by the way.
      Perhaps some of you may want to think about this before you posts your next comments.

      • This is exactly what we are talking about….people like you who do not get it. President Trump has nothing to do with anything on here. You Canadians have enough of your own serious issues with your Obama wannabe. Yes there are pro NXIVM posters here and you seem to be one of them. And your satire under other names is not funny..

        • Anonymous , I don’t think you can speak on the behalf of others.
          I have never noticed any pro-nexians here. Who do you think is pro ? I’m positive Monterey and Pea are satirical posts, probably written by the same author. I’ve never made any pro nexian comments, and I’m certainly not the author of the Monte or the Pea posts.

          What is your purpose in posting here, as I notice your posts are only to attack others?

      • Well Frank, it obviously didn’t work at all. I am once again attacked for commenting , and my comment was not of the name -calling variety.

        These posters are pretending to not understand my comments. I thought the irony would be obvious…. as certain people are promoting The Tanster, and it’s ironic that if she knew how these certain people treated other people , I’m sure she would not deal with these rude individuals.

        Also, to the people who are pretending to not grasp these simple concepts – pretending you’re too dense to understand logic doesn’t mean we actually believe you’re that dense.
        It’s just like pretending you think Pea is real. Reread all Pea”s previous comments if you can’t understand it. She is NOT supporting NXIVM.Get real.

        • Please don’t attack Flowers, she’s a very nice Canadian. In fact, all Canadians are nice people. I hope you’re not speaking about me with respect to Tanster, she is a very nice person and I’m a nice person back to her. What could be nicer? The only thing dense about Anonymous is how nice he is, his niceness is very dense. Nice. Nice. Nice.

        • Flowers – I will not respond to you after this. You followed my original comment with derision and talk of Tanster and Trump which have nothing to do with my comment here or with any of my previous comments elsewhere. I have also not engaged with you before on this blog, and given your antagonistic attitude here, I won’t bother to do so again. It’s been a real unpleasure talking with you.

    • The mockery does detract from the serious journalism, but I agree that nobody needs to waste their time on Raniere’s good qualities (unless asking the question of how he beguiled people).

      • Agree…Raniere is a psychopath, incapable of empathizing with others. Therefore there is no point in trying to empathize with or understand him, as he is not capable of normal human emotions (and seemed to have an awareness of this himself). Anything he did was always self-serving, though it could have appeared otherwise to people who wanted to believe the best about him.

    • Sarcasm and scornfulness are not allowed on this site, they aren’t nice. Not that I am trying to prohibit you from making comments, just keep them nice. I hope you don’t think I’m being un-nice by saying that, I don’t want to come across as un-nice, so if I did, I apologize. Calling people loons is name-calling and we don’t want that on this site. I hope you don’t think I’m being un-nice by saying that, I don’t want to come across as un-nice, so if I did, I apologize. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • Please list for me his good points that this ex-NXIVM member has said Raniere possesses. Can anyone honestly say that all of these alleged good points were sincere and didn’t serve any underhanded or self-serving motive? These groups always have a good hook. They have to otherwise no one would join. It’s what is mixed in with that which is nefarious that corrupts the endeavor. It’s the intention that grounds it. Sure intentions can change. Maybe they weren’t entirely clean in the beginning and you had a change of heart. But that goes from bad to good, like what is depicted in Hollywood movies such as “She’s All That”, not like what happened here. So no, I don’t buy this here. Plus the guy is an obvious Randian, which is a self-serving ideology no matter how much it claims to mask it with the words like reason and objectivity.

    • Frank did list his good points as I remember. Vanguard’s attorneys listed them in the bail package that Frank shared with us. 😂

    • Mr. Van Douche – First of all, Mr. Raniere is very nice. Just watch his videos. I hope you don’t think I am being too forward by telling you to do something, that would not be nice, so if I am doing that in your view, I apologize. I just want to be nice. And secondly, Mr. Raniere is very, very, nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.

      • Scott, you take facetiousness to tired, trite, and played out levels. Sarcasm and satire serves a purpose up to a point, but when you continue to persist in after the point has already made with more and more posts repeating the same things ad nauseam, it only makes you look foolish. If anyone found “humor” in the first place, it died out a long, long time ago in a comment far, far away.

  • I agree wholeheartedly.
    The focus of our scorn should be on the wrongdoers of NXIVM, not each other.
    The behavior of the NXIVM elite is beyond the pale of acceptable conduct by any decent human being.
    You might be Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal.
    So long as your behavior does not veer into the abhorrent, we can agree to disagree.

    But the behavior of NXIVM’s elite in the practice of branding and slavery is unacceptable.
    The blatant hypocrisy of some NXIVM people in talking about “women’s empowerment”, a worthy goal, and then engage in dehumanizing behavior towards women is sickening and it’s even worse when the hypocrites are women.
    And recent eyewitness accounts point towards the totally outrageous possibility of naive children being taken advantage of by NXIVM sexual predators, both male and female.

    These wrong doers must be the targets of our opprobrium, not each other.

    • We shouldn’t be scornful to anybody, we should be nice. There are no wrong-doers, just nice people. Every type of behavior is acceptable, as long as it’s nice. As they say, nice conquers all. It’s okay to be a hypocrite, as long as you’re a nice hypocrite. Being a sexual predator to a child is also okay, as long as it’s nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.

  • I will be polite to other commenters and to you, but calling things what they are is not part of politeness. That is the purpose of this REPORT!

    • I’ve always tried to call the activities of NXIVM’s elite as I saw it.

      I am not sure how anyone could characterize the activities of Raniere and his gang in a positive way.
      Would you want Keith Raniere and his gang of groupies parading around your neighborhood?
      Would you want Clare Bronfman investing your money?
      Would you want Allison Mack babysitting your child?

      The bile engendered by NXIVM demonstrates the cult’s ugliness and abnormality.

      • NXIVM is indeed ugly and abnormal, but the kind of bile that’s been found here in the comments can be found all over the internet, and for far less scandalous or controversial things. It takes a conscious choice to avoid participating in it or spreading it.

      • As long as you view NXIVM’s activities as nice, it is good, positive, and above all, nice. I would welcome Mr. Raniere and his gang (although gang sounds like an un-nice term, I hope that’s not upsetting to you, I want to come across as nice) parading around my neighborhood, as long as they’re nice. I want Clare to invest my money in a nice investment. I would definitely want Allison Mack to babysit my child, she’s so nice. Ugliness and abnormality are such un-nice words. I hope that doesn’t upset you, I’m just trying to be nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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