Bronfman to guard Raniere? Owner of company proposed to guard cult leader partnered with Bronfman attorney Dennis Burke!

Dangerous Bail Package?

By Frank Parlato and Larry Shea

Yesterday, we saw the astonishing $10 million bail package offered by Keith Raniere’s attorneys, that was filed with the US District Court in the Eastern District of NY. The main ingredient of the package was the offer of Raniere leaving his jail cell in Brooklyn to occupy a house in the New York City area to be guarded  –  around the clock, by two guards per shift – by the elite private security firm TorchStone.

Mark J. Sullivan – who once led the US Secret Service – mostly under Obama – would be providing the supervision for the security company, TorchStone.  Sullivan has a business called GSIS – which he founded with, among others, Dennis K. Burke, a former US attorney for Arizona under Obama.  Shockingly, Burke was retained as Clare Bronfman’s criminal attorney. Bronfman may be charged any day.

Dennis Burke offers the best justice money can purchase. And Clare is buying. He is Clare Bronfman’s attorney and a partner with Mark Sullivan who heads the company that would guard Raniere. We’d almost call it cozy.

Apropos of the bail package, this means Bronfman is most likely offering to pay the cost of guarding and housing Raniere – as well as most likely paying Raniere’s team of attorneys – plus her own attorneys – one of whom is a partner of the man who will supervise the company that will guard Raniere.

As a US Attorney, Burke resigned in disgrace over his corrupt role in the US covert, disastrous and murderous Fast and Furious fiasco. Mark Sullivan headed the Secret Service during its widespread prostitution and drunken orgiastic scandals. In bringing these two in tandem with Bronfman and Raniere, we have tapped right into a bizarre world which only money can buy. And sell. With the fox picking all the hens to watch him and pay for it too.

Image result for mark sullivan secret service
Mark Sullivan will be paid by Clare Bronfman to guard her cult leader.

It may be presently no conflict in a legal sense since Clare Bronfman has not yet been criminally charged. But if she cannot purchase justice, she will indeed be charged for her crimes against her fellow human beings. Those crimes are far, far greater than Allison Mack’s – for instance.

There are a hundred reasons to think this idea of having Bronfman pay to watch Raniere is a dangerous one. This Bronfman freeing Raniere and his being guarded by a security firm she pays for with deep connections to her own lawyer.

Add to this the fact that there are crazy followers of Raniere, among whom is Clare herself. She will do almost anything for him and she has untold wealth at her disposal.  Consider how insane it would sound to place Charles Manson in a house with only two guards being paid by one of his followers. This concept is obscene.

Would the Raniere’s Safe House Be That Safe?

Larry Shea called TorchStone, the firm that would be providing security for the very dangerous cult leader, Keith Alan Raniere, to find out if Mark J. Sullivan would be working directly under them or as a contractor for his own firm, GSIS, (which he co-founded with Dennis K. Burke and others).

They could not comment on it. However, they did promise to follow up with an answer at some indeterminate time. Why is this important? Please, see the following article that was published on April 27, 2018: “Clare Bronfman, expecting indictment, retains former US Attorney Dennis Burke.”

It is highly unlikely that Raniere will be granted bail for the following reasons:

The court date, on June 12, 2018, for Mack and the “Big Cheese” is going to be a trial situation conference; the request for bail will not be heard at this time. The bail request hearing will occur at a later date. After speaking with various legal experts familiar with the EDNY Federal District Court and the US Attorney’s Office EDNY, we are optimistic that Keith Alan Raniere will not make bail.

At this point in time, it is very important that individuals with firsthand information about the criminal behavior of the NXIVM cult and its principals contact the FBI at (212) 384-1000 or contact the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of New York at (718) 254-7000.


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  • Why shouldn’t Raniere live in luxury instead of jail while waiting for trial? More expensive, comfortable clothes can appear for him.

    Fancy apartment with a good view… sex slaves, er, I mean girlfriends, who dig his polyamorous lifestyle, visiting in rotation with an escort from the law firm to keep it legit… Unlimited phone calls as long as a lawyer is billing while they happen… Unlimited pizzas, bottles of hot sauce… Bribing the guards to keep quiet about the hamburgers.

    Why not?

    I mean, it’s hardly fair for someone so ultra special to be locked up. Look what it is doing to poor wittle Raniere’s blood pressure.

    The DOJ clearly doesn’t know how to read their own rules, because slavery, rape, and extortion are highly ethical standards used to empower women who have all asked for it, anyhow. No flip flopping on the forever consent they gave.

    Some lesser, unethical guy might use this advantage of prearranged, unlimited consent for his own enjoyment and perverse power play. Not Raniere, though. He’s above all that debased depravity of us mere mortals, and that is why it is worth it for Clare to spend every penny it takes. It’s not like she will ever have a child of her own to leave it to, unless she buys one, so she might as well keep using it to make the world a better place, just like she has been since the day she started funding Raniere.

    They can line up many women, who have definitely not been paid or threatened with their collateral to testify. By golly, those women should be believed, even if those e-mails say differently because Allison Mack probably fabricated all of both sides of the conversations in e-mails and text messages. That wasn’t Raniere walking directing while Jane Doe was raped, it was Allison Mack’s superb acting skills imitating him.

    This is all Allison Mack’s fault. At least she has to live with her mother, who helped her become who she is by pimping her out as a child actor, in the suburbs, so that is it’s own form of punishment. Her father is probably none too thrilled, either, to lose his stream of income from giving voice lessons to other members.

    Come on, chant, people. Hang Allison Mack! Give us back Vanguard!

    And somebody give Clare a dictionary so she can look up the big words. A dictionary! NOW!

    • I’d just like to add on to that, that I personally do my best and most clear thinking when I’m severely sleep deprived and hungry. If I was going to devise a branding scheme, masquerading as an empowerment group, I’d be sure to first starve myself a few days to get the creativity flowing. All the planning that would go into something so complex, I would need to be up all night, every night planning it out. And if I got caught, I would take all the blame on myself, because that’s what a true sociopath does.

    • An example of the superb acting on “Smallville.”

      “Lana, where’s Clark? I just discovered new information about Lex Luthor and I must tell Clark.”

      “Chloe, Clark is playing volleyball with Clare and the Dalai Lama over at Vanguard’s house.”

      “Lana, then where is Vanguard?”

      “Chloe, Vanguard is helping Allison Mack relax in the hot tub after a busy day branding sex slaves.”

  • Please arrest CB ASAP. She needs to be off the streets and her money shut down except for her defense.

    Did Raniere’s ex lover Pam have 8 million from her dad’s passing or was that cash from Mexico? Should be easy to prove.

    • Possibly in the next week! Can’t wait. It will help topple what little bit remains of Keith Raniere’s criminal enterprise.

  • I went thru my old text messages and notes. The last time I laid eyes on Keith was 11/6/2017 on Oregon Trail walking with two of his harem members, then running into #21 Oregon Trail. I myself was with three other people. So he was in NY on or around the anniversary of Pam’s death. Keith was also here in Knox Woods on 11/2/2017 walking with India Oxenberg and Allison Mack towards Hale/Flintlock/Grenadier from Stage Run Plantation (the development Oregon trail is in ) and India came back alone (how do I know this, I tailed her 🙂 . Keith was also seen by me and another neighbor on 10/22/2017 on Oregon trail with Lauren Salzman walking from Nancy Salzman’s (3 Oregon Trail) up to 21 Oregon. I also took a very grainy and too far away photo of Kieth on 9/28/2017 that Frank has. He was walking with a too far away to be identified female. The previous evening he was also seen by myself in a neighbor as they strolled by where we were sitting.9/27/2017.

    • Raniere with India, Allison, Lauren and Nancy.
      Throw in Claire and you have the whole NXIVM elite.

      The implication of Raniere, India and Allison walking together towards Hale/ Flinlock/ Grenadier
      and India returning alone is that Raniere and Allison were engaging in intimate relations in November 2017.
      Does anyone now reasonably believe that Allison Mack will flip on Raniere?

    • I’m not sure it was Keith you saw. His B.O. is legendary.

      You would have smelled him before you saw him. Even a journalist reported that he failed to bathe for his last court appearance.

      • It goes away if you eat a clean diet.

        Just goes to show he was never on the so-called pure diet that everybody else had to eat.

        It doesn’t even have to be vegan. Just completely organic with no processed foods, and you just don’t have it anymore. Doesn’t matter how hot or how much exercise or sweat.

    • Clare’s mind is about as shallow as a puddle, so I would be surprised if it were a deliberate connection.

  • This would open her to be hypnotized with whatever new suggestions Kieth might want from her. How far will he go to program her for his needs? As this lawyer did to these clients. Its not just sexual suggestion that hypnosis is used for The CIA has used this technology. Some of Bobby Kennedys family are coming forward about the assassination of Bobby back in the 60ś. It was believed the killer had been hypnotized even back then. READ this interesting article that just came out this week. CIA has had this technology for some time

    Frank you should contact Daniel P. Brown the Harvard Medical School professor mentioned in this article with vast expertise in forensic psychiatry and hypnosis.

    To give Custody to Clare , who is Keithś Bankroller so they can spend hours figuring out how to do more damage to the victims that have tried so bravely to come forward to bring truth and transparency to these organization as well as other victims trying to do so now is crazy. The Judge must be told that it is CLARE that Bankrolled all these legal assaults on anyone and victims that spoke out against Rainier and Allison. They destroyed these peoples lives. Not to mention, private jets, private islands, sisters access to Libya. Not sure we have extradition agreements with Libya

    The 99% movement should be up in arms about this.

  • Thank you!

    “At this point in time, it is very important that individuals with firsthand information about the criminal behavior of the NXIVM cult and its principals contact the FBI at (212) 384-1000 or contact the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of New York at (718) 254-7000.”

    With one small act you can make this world a better place and we are all grateful.

  • I not surprised to find out Clare Bronfman is desperate to bust her part-time boyfriend out of the penitentiary. But, I am very surprised at how willing and eager these sleazy attorneys like Dennis Burke and security consultants like Mike Sullivan are to come up with creative ways to assist in a jail break. This tells me that the sleaze bag attorneys and security consultants probably need an FBI investigation into their own practices.

    What’s Clare Bronfman going to do next if this jailbreak attempt fails? Hire some mercenaries to break into the jail and bust Raniere out?

    • for such an ethical organisation to have such highly ethical lawyers.

      I am sure Burke is thrilled to be able to offer Clare a way to spin the counter even more quickly.

      It is all a game to those guys.

      If Burke can buy justice for Clare, he gets more rich, scummy clients. If he doesn’t, he made a nice wad of cash in the process.

  • Frank go back to the goofy pictures of Clare. Even when dolled up and photoshopped she is still ugly, but don’t show her in such a professional style, show who she really is.

  • Normally with a name and a confirmation # or ticket # you can look up flight status. None were found when I did a search for the Raniere tickets on Delta’s website. I hope the Feds check out if he had such a flight or was even on them. NXIVM has been know to produce their own documents and lie to the Courts when presenting so called documents.

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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