Frank Report uncovers two more reputed NXIVM shell companies: You’ll love the names!

Frank Report has learned that the Bronfman-Raniere crime syndicate, better known as NXIVM, apparently owns two more shell companies -in addition to the list of 90 shell companies the Feds identified in court filings. related to charges leveled against cult leader Keith Raniere.
The two new ones are both Limited Liability Companies and are found on the deeds of two newly built homes in the Clifton Park area, near where Raniere formerly resided prior to his flight to Mexico and his subsequent arrest and incarceration at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY..
One of the properties is listed for sale by NXIVM member Franca DiCrescenzo, a real estate broker.
Without further ado – and I know you will enjoy what is believed to be Raniere’s cleverness in naming them – the two new LLCs’ names are:
Macaju LLC – which owns a newly-built [never lived-in] home at 11 Chester which is now up for sale for $465,000.
Stinka LLC  [yes, it is a great name – perhaps Raniere’s best ever and I know some commenters to this website will undoubtedly say the name was created in tribute to Raniere’s hygienic disciplines, but until we get more ‘data’, I think it unwise to make a hasty conclusion].
According to tax records, Stinka owns 9 Miltowne Drive. This home appears to have been built recently and transferred in 2017 for about $360,000 on what may have been a “paper” transfer. More details expected soon.
11 Chester is a newly built home reportedly built by one of Bronfman-Raniere shell companies.
11 Chester owned by Macaju LLC
It is believed that NXIVM has used several shell companies to acquire or build several homes in the Clifton Park area. Some of the work was suspended because of the recent criminal investigations.  One shell company – which is a wonderful name for Raniere – called Stinka LLC – is building a home at 9 Miltowne Drive in Waterford.
Profile picture for Franca DiCrescenzo
NXIVM member, Franca DiCrescenzo is the sex cult realtor for Albany.
9 Mill Towne Dr, Waterford, NY 12188
9 Mill Towne Drive

It is also reported that NXIVM is using shell companies to build several other homes in the area. And we hope to give you a more fulsome report on these homes soon.

It’s nice to see that Raniere has apparently convinced Clare Bronfman and her sister, Sarah Bronfman-Igtet, to get back into real estate investing. Having lost $26-million of their money on his failed plan to develop a real estate empire in Los Angeles, it shouldn’t take him more than 30-years to make that much back with all these new housing developments in Clifton Park.  Oddly enough, several court observers have predicted that’s also what his sentence is going to be when he goes to trial.


It is not known if Stinka LLC was named in tribute to Keith Raniere’s oft-noted odour – described as a mixture of feminine natural perfume and bacteria that live on skin and feed off of the oily secretions from the sweat and sebaceous glands at the base of Raniere’s hair follicles and his infrequently-watered  skin.

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  • NXIVM had those houses built?
    If there are any missing persons, I could now imagine where their bodies could be found…

  • Okay, so I’ve been following this story and yesterday I read The NY Times article. And holy shit was I shocked when India van Oxenberg and another dos woman. Literally, walk right into where I was and ordered next to me. It was totally surreal. And they were skinny and ordered vegan food. It made me so sad for both of them and I truly hope they are okay.

    • They won’t be okay for a little while (apparently they’re still enslaved), but hopefully eventually they’ll be free and truly thrive.

  • [Name Redacted] did the hair and makeup for that photo of Franca btw that same photo is all over her salon website and brochures

  • Ain’t nobody fleeing to Wakaya.

    It’s got a few nice beaches, but other than that, it’s a dinky 4 square mile island full of MOSQUITOES which bite the shit out of tourists.

    I just read a tourist review that praised the resort, but said to “be prepared” for lots of mosquito activity (and to keep mosquito repellent with you all fucken day).

    I also don’t think the resort itself (including the small 9 hole golf course) was sold as part of the private sale. I believe the resort is likely owned by somebody else and located on the other 20% of the island.

    I’m pretty sure that 80% of Wakaya is mostly jungle & trees and is infested with mosquitoes and god knows what the fuck else. LOL.

    I doubt anybody wants to live the rest of their life on that dinky jungle island. Spending a week vacation on the beach is one thing, but living the rest of your life there?

  • The Mexican drug trafficker El Chapo was protected by a small army of mercenaries.

    Ultimately the US sent DEA and Homeland Security agents down to Mexico and pressured the Mexican government to cooperate and now El Chapo sits in the Federal lock up across the river from Brooklyn.

    Does anyone honestly believe that Cruella Bronfman will be able to elude the long arm of the American state short of moving to Russia, China, North Korea or Iran?
    Would the Russians and Chinese even want a crack pot like Cruella Bronfman?

    • From The Albany Times Union, 9/14/07, and republished on

      Political connections take to the air: Senate Republicans fly on jet owned by controversial executive training group
      By James M. Odato

      “…A limited liability company called Viente-Siete/Charlie’s Wings LLC at 1471 Route 9 Suite 202 in Halfmoon, the same address the Bronfmans used as their address as donors to the Senate campaign fund, made the in-kind donations.

      An organization with a slightly different spelling, Veinte-Siete LLC, is listed as the owner of a Canadair 1995 jet, with a Manhattan address that is the same as that of the Bronfman family’s accountant, Holtz Rubenstein Reminick. The firm did not return calls this week.”

      The FAA Registry:

      There are 4 pages of results for Saratoga County (Halfmoon) and 12 pages of results for New York County. I searched both counties for “Veinte” and “Viente” and “Charlie”. No luck. Each plane has an N-number (registration number, I think this is the same thing as the tail number?), a serial number, name and address of registered owner, manufacture name and year, model, certificate issue date, and aircraft weight.

      • I searched for “1995” [“Canadair 1995 jet”] in both counties in the FAA registry, no luck (only a 1994 Canadair and a few 1995 Gulfstream).

        Vanity Fair’s “The Heiresses and the Cult” (Nov. 2010) mentions that the Bronfmans sold their $11 million 22-seat, two-engine Canadair CL-600 jet (purchased in 2004): “By the beginning of 2009, apparently under pressure from their enormous legal bills—estimated by insiders at more than $1 million a month—the sisters had sold their private jet.

    • The tail number is an N####, such as N342GA. You can input that into the FAA database and it will state who the registered owner is.

      The Serial Number is particular to that manufacturer.

      If there is a picture of Clare’s jet somewhere, take the tail number and input into FAA database.

      After that, there is a proprietary database to pull down the flight plans.

    • There is 1 plane (out of 598) currently registered in New York County [covers Manhattan] with address 1 Penn Plaza. That was the same address used for Clare’s (previous?) jet (registered under corporation Veinte-Seiz LLC), also the same address as her accountant (Holtz Rubenstein Reminick, since acquired by Baker Tilly but maybe Holtz still maintains workspace at 1 Penn Plaza?).

      N-number and serial number: 515KS and 5853
      Name and address: RIDGERUN LLC C/O DDK & CO, 1 PENN PLAZA 4TH FL, NEW YORK, NY 10119-0202
      Manufacturer, year, and model: BOMBARDIER INC 2010 CL-600-2B16
      Certificate issue date, aircraft weight and type registration: 3/28/18, 20,000, Corporation

      Clare’s Canadair jet was also model CL-600. Vanity Fair mentioned that the Bronfman sisters in 2009 sold the jet they bought in 2004. This plane dates to 2010.

      Is there any Clare Bronfman or NXIVM association with Ridgerun LLC or DDK & Co?

      The FAA Registry listing:

      • N515KS is a 2010 Bombardier Challenger 850CS. Jet Category: Large Jet Aircraft. Based at:KHPN [airport code for Westchester County Airport] in White Plains, NY. A private airport convenient to NYC.

        DDK & Co. is an accounting firm located on the 4th floor at 1 Penn Plaza. Clare Bronfman has used her accountant’s address before to register her jet. Does she currently work with an accountant at DDK?

        There is a RidgeRun LLC in Minnesota that is a software development firm. That’s pretty far removed from NXIVM.

        There is also a running trail in Saratoga County called Ridge Run (33 miles from Halfmoon, NY, in Corinth, NY).

        The aircraft with the tail number N515KS originally belonged to Wells Fargo and then Bank of Utah through 2017:

        And on 3/28/18 it was registered by DDK on behalf of Ridgerun in New York County with a aircraft home base right outside NYC:

  • One man who is not very smart was able to dupe many females into being his servants. No, women are not equal to men.

  • Blind Items Revealed #4

    (Blind item posted 5/25/18, reveal posted 6/1/18)

    “There sure is a lot of back and forth of two jets, one of which is registered to this very wealthy family, between various properties in the US owned by the family and an island in the South Pacific. Apparently in the two weeks it has been going on, no one from any agency has even inspected the outgoing planes or the passengers or what they are carrying. On the other end, everything is greased with local officials so nothing has to be done. One celebrity offspring is in the South Pacific, but no one knows if she will stay.”

    Clare Bronfman/Wakaya Island

    • The Bronfman jet (and another unidentified jet) did multiple round-trips to Fiji in the two weeks previous to the blind-item posting on May 25. That means they started about May 10.

      Is there some event that happened shortly before that which may have caused Clare Bronfman to activate her plan to bug out to Fiji?

      “Dr. Brandon Porter, 44, has been charged by the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) with illegally conducting human experiments and numerous other misdeeds as a physician. ”

      Those experiments were funded by Clare Bronfman’s “Ethical Science Foundation.”

    • And leave the rest of the crew to live with the fallout? It wouldn’t really surprise me. I would love to see those two trapped on an island with each other, unable to leave because anywhere else they go, they would be arrested. How long do we think they would take to go Lord of the Flies on each other?

      When you are a shitty person, you are wherever you go. No location in the world can change that. That is the one consolation. Sometimes being themselves is the most fitting punishment people can have.

    • Looks like there are plenty of chicken shits in this cult.

      Come on guys! Stand up and fight for your beliefs! Take on the US government and show them how all of these charges are bogus and how ethical and great NXIVM is!

    • If the Bronfmans are indicted and Fiji refuses to extradite them, all the US has to do is cancel all tourist visas to the Fijis until the Fiji courts comply.
      It would totally destroy the Fijian tourist industry.

    • Celebrity offspring? Could they mean India Oxenberg? India had a recent Instagram post with a half sibling it looks like on 5/19/2018.

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