Terminator 3 Star Kristanna Loken revealed as part of NXIVM – Raniere may be her baby daddy

Kristanna Loken in Terminator 3

Kristanna Loken, the actress who appeared in Terminator III, is WELL KNOWN AMONG NXIVM FOLLOWERS BOTH PAST AND PRESENT TO BE a staunch Nxivm follower, a fact well known within the secretive Nxivm sex-slave cult.

Nxivm recently made headlines after its leader Keith Raniere was revealed to brand WOMEN ON THEIR PUBIC REGION and blackmail female followers.

Raniere was arrested in Mexico on March 25, and deported to the US, where he was arrested by federal agents and held without bail on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor.  Loken became a Nxivm member NO LATER THAN in the summer of 2015.  2013

As recently as October 18, [just a day after the NY Times – following a story by this writer – wrote about the sex slave cult – and just days before Raniere fled the USA to avoid prosecution] TWO SOURCES TOLD ARTVOICE THAT Loken attended an advanced secret women class called Jness TRACK Weekend #11 in Albany NY where Raniere was then residing.

Jness WAS is led by Raniere UP UNTIL HIS ARREST and former Smallville actress Allison Mack. The secret teachings of Jness includes the doctrine that women must be monogamous with their man and women must accept their man being polygamous. Raniere also teaches that if a man ejaculates on a woman – especially on her face – it means he has marked her for ownership.

Jness has been described by former Nxivm members as the training ground for DOS – the Raniere-led women’s master-slave group that brands women and uses blackmail to coerce them into having sex with Raniere and others – according to a federal complaint against Raniere. IT IS NOT KNOWN IF LOKEN IS AN ACTUAL MEMBER OF DOS.

When she last visited Raniere, Loken – ACCORDING TO TWO SOURCES – stayed with REPUTED DOS slave Vany Huber in her home in Clifton Park, a suburb of Albany NY, just a few doors from Raniere.  Sources close to Loken tell Artvoice that, on her first meeting with Vanguard PRIOR TO inAugust 2015 , he agreed to have sex with Loken and summoned her to his private quarters. About nine months later AFTER SHE WAS REPORTEDLY ENGAGED IN INTIMATE RELATIONS WITH RANIERE she gave birth to a son whom she named Thor. BECAUSE OF THIS MEMBERS OF NXIVM SPECULATED THAT RANIERE WAS THE FATHER OF THE BABY.

Loken – who says she connects with auras – allowing her to enjoy sex with men and women – ACCORDING TO FORMER NXIVM MEMBERS reportedly connected with Raniere’s aura, REPORTEDLY having a sexual encounter with the man known as Vanguard on her first meeting with him. She later became an ardent student and HAS said IN A VIDEO THAT the teachings of Raniere brought ‘joy’ to her life.

According to IMBD:.

Loken “Announced on Facebook that she is expecting her first child, but has not revealed the child’s father nor its sex. [February 2016] She gave birth to a son named Thor in May 2016. Child’s father is unknown.’

Thor is a nickname that some women have used to refer to Vanguard because they believe OR BELIEVED in his divinity. Some women have used a slogan “I don’t want Prince Charming, I want Thor.”

Loken (born October 8, 1979) is best known for her roles in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), BloodRayne (2005) and Bounty Killer (2013), on the TV series Painkiller Jane (2007), The L Word (2007–2008) and Burn Notice (2011–2012).

She was born in Ghent, New York. She is half German, half Norwegian and grew up on her parents’ apple farm in Upstate New York.

According to one insider, “It was no secret. Keith Raniere told everyone that Kristanna had sex with him on the first night she met him. Keith loved to tell the story of how she once had a [redacted] with a member of the royal family and a rock star [name redacted] and Loken wore a [redacted]. Keith could not stop talking about it. She also gave Keith [redacted] but they still had sex anyways.”

Another source who was close to Loken said, “I am convinced that Vanguard is the baby daddy.”

Loken as of April 7, 2018 appears on an online video endorsing Raniere’s teachings.

Loken and lawyer Amanda Canning – who is a known DOS slave – are seen together on Instagram pictures in wine county dated 3/28/18 from her Instagram account IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN TAKEN DOWN.

In her video endorsement of Raniere’s teachings, Loken says that, through Raniere’s teachings, she “found out who and what I am all about.”

Present DOS leader [with Raniere in prison] Allison Mack appears on the same website endorsingRaniere teachings.


Is it Vanguard’s son? Kristanna Loken holds her son, Thor. Some think the father is Keith Raniere, leader of NXIVM, the cult that has been outed for blackmailing and branding women as slaves of Raniere.



Loken – who says she connects with auras – allowing her to enjoy sex with men and women – reportedly connected with Raniere’s aura, REPORTEDLY having a sexual encounter with the man known as Vanguard on her first meeting with him. She later became an ardent student and said the teachings of Raniere brought ‘joy’ to her life.


Is Keith Raniere – currently in custody in a federal prison – the father of Kristanna Loken’s child?


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  • Any reason why they always choose B list celebs from sci-fi shows/movies? Is it because they’re able to bring in more people who will most likely buy this crap? There’s definitely a pattern.

  • Sorry, I’m not the best with linking, but if you go to kristanna’s Instagram and scroll back far enough. On April 12, 2015 she posted a picture of a painting of a mostly nude woman sitting with two figures that look to be women in the background. Kind of creepy pic and knowing what we know now about DOS, even more creepier.

  • All these Hollywood types seem so deeply flawed, caught between ambition, ego and the need for meaning. Too much time on their hands and too much affluence. Everyone uses everyone.

  • Sex immediately without before meeting him. This sounds like prostitution too. She was promised something. This sex was in exchange for some project of hers to be bankrolled.

  • This whole story has so many twists and turns and is so interesting but so sad at the same time. I can’t wrap my head around any of it. It’s all so taudry and bizarre. Definitely will be the trial of the century.

  • The photo with DOS slave Amanda Canning is not down, you just have to scroll thru the photos for that trip to the wine country to celebrate Amanda’s birthday. Pictures 7 and 8 of 9 to be exact.

    As for the child, Thor looks to be the spitting image of her fiance. I dont think Keith’s boys swim all that well.

    • That baby has very brown eyes. While it is theoretically possible for two light eyed people to crank out a brown eyed baby…
      It makes it unlikely it was either her fiancé’s or Raniere’s.

      • Brown eyes are determined by dominant genes. Green or blue eyes are determined by recessive genes.

        While it is possible for two brown eyed people to produce a child with green or blue eyes, they would both have to be carrying a recessive gene. In this case, the chance is 25%.

        It is not possible for two people with eyes determined by recessive genes to produce a dominant gene. Recessive gene combinations always produce recessive genes.

        If the baby has brown eyes, it cannot be a child of Loken and Raniere.

  • Women called him “Thor”? This pocket sized con man was “Thor”? bahahahahahahaha. He would run away when confronted on the street by anyone. “God of Thunder”. bahahahahahaha. I bet thunder made him cower in his house. Once Kristanna wakes up from this spell and realizes she didn’t sleep with “Thor” but just a guy with a little thorn for a penis who is a complete sociopath, and that the baby might have some of his issues (hopefully not though), what does she do? How does one recover? I can’t imagine the realization. Kristen Keefe must have had a similar realization at some point. It’s actually not funny, it’s horribly awful if you think about it. But the Thor part is funny.

  • Ok. Someone who has had sex with Keith please explain this to me. He’s about 5 feet tall. Butt fuck ugly. He speaks like he’s a moron. He smells bad. Based on previous comments, he has a small penis. There’s a lot of reports of him being a pedophile. He dresses poorly. Fakes being a dominant male. He’s old. Has problems getting little Keith up. And he sleeps around a lot and may have herpes. Why? What in God’s name would cause you to sleep with this man? What spell exists that makes him look attractive? I’m asking earnestly. Can you tell me? I’d rather have sex with a sea urchin. I’d rather fuck the hell out of a cactus. I’d rather have a cockroach orgy. I open the floor to women who have slept with him. As this is all anonymous, you can explain it without fear of being outed.

    • Unfortunately, many women will sleep with any man who reeks of power, prestige, or money – consequences be damned. Tragically, many women will sleep with any man who appears committed to the mission of improving humanity and making the world a better place for all (including imposters). My tears are for the latter. Shame on you, Keith, for using every tool in your box of deception to treat women and young girls as disposable toys, with impunity. I pray your scam is finally over. I do not hate you; I simply want you stopped at all costs, and deprived of the comforts you denied your own loving followers – for decades. That is only just.

        • FN, you got me nailed! I AM a tad OCD. Forgot about that when I picked the screen name!

      • Looks like no former lovers will share, but I can offer this: I met him. Very soft spoken, with earnest, intelligent eyes. A charming smile. Polite, (seemingly) bright, and at times very funny. A drive to be successful – has his own business. Place that in the environment of numerous adoring women following him around – that could spark a woman’s interest: “He’s interested in ME? Maybe I’m the Special One – the one he will choose over all these other adoring females. Maybe we are MEANT to be together” I can see it. Easily. I don’t think he had hygiene problems then, though (in the 90s). Like a true sociopath, he seized on this and turned it to his advantage. Many women, who probably actually loved him, were falsely promised they were the “Chosen One.” How badly must it have hurt when they found out it was a lie all along? Monster. Sociopaths cannot feel love, or true remorse. But they can mimic a loving look, word, action, or touch. THEY ARE IMPOSTERS.

    • I didn’t sleep with him, but I am right there with you on your assessment. I found him completely creepy, and totally repulsive, and I didn’t even get that close to him. (shudder)

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