2 + 2 = 4; DOJ EDNY not prone to wasting time on fruitless investigations + Raniere leaves USA = ?

2 + 2 = ?

Everybody knows the answer is “4.”

How about this equally simple equation:

The DOJ for the Eastern District of NY is not prone to wasting time on fruitless investigations   +  Keith Raniere left the USA  = ?

Some possible answers:

  • Not related. Keith left Albany to build up the Mexican ESP operations.
  • He went south for a hiatus from the cold and snow of Albany.
  • He had death threats made against him because of fake news written about him and needed to be in safe place like Mexico  – notwithstanding the fact that Mexico is fast becoming the murder capital of the world.
  • He fled the USA because he knew there is an investigation of him by the FBI under the supervision of the DOJ EDNY which will result in him being indicted.


One of the best comments I’ve read concerning law enforcement and Raniere came from a reader who wrote:

I wouldn’t believe anything anyone says about Keith’s location unless I saw it with my own eyes.
The people left in NXIVM think, “Oh this will pass like in the past. Just bad publicity we need to stay strong blah blah blah.”
This is nothing like the past.
NXIVM has never been under a Department of Justice criminal investigation before and if the Eastern District of New York [DOJ] is doing it, the evidence of crimes must be really, really bad.
The prosecutor’s office that extradited El Chapo, and prosecutes some of the most dangerous and complicated terrorism cases in the U.S., would hardly waste the time and resources to go after a small cult in another District unless the evidence is extremely damning.
Keith Raniere knows this – he’s no fool – that’s why he’s gone.
Nothing like the past?

The EDNY DOJ prosecutes some of the biggest crimes and criminals in the USA. They are NOT likely spending time on an investigation for lack of something to do.

If the EDNY [and the NYC FBI] are spending time on Raniere, and all reports say they are, they likely believe there is probable cause that crimes have been committed and are gathering evidence. They may be preparing an indictment. There may already be a sealed indictment.

It is obvious, except to the willfully blind, or brainwashed, that this is why Keith Raniere left the USA.  He has fled, leaving some behind, perhaps, he hopes, for them to take the blame.

To think otherwise is foolish. To think he is a selfless, compassionate, noble individual ready to sacrifice himself for the mission just does not add up.

It’s like saying 2 + 2 = 5.

If he were a real leader, he would have stayed in Clifton Park and faced the government with the courage of knowing he has done right and is innocent – and, if necessary, he’d be prepared like Gandhi to accept the fate he asks his followers to accept.

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