Working on ‘internal representations’ of Keith

‘Brainy’ picture of Keith used to promote Vanguard Day 2004.

Did Keith really take an IQ test and score among the highest in the world?

While Keith Raniere may or may not be one of the top three problem solvers in the world, he is quite likely one of the world’s top three liars.

Vanguard was here.

“Because he’s the Vanguard”

Clare, you still need to lose some weight; run some more half marathons.


He lost more than $65 million in the commodities market of Clare and Sara Bronfman’s money… 

He told women he could make it rain on them, but not on him. 


He said he tied the state record for the 100 yard dash but was unable to produce any proof. The records were tossed out by a mean landlord.


He told women that he did not drive a car because his brain is so powerful it sets off radar detectors.


He told numerous women he would allow them to have an avatar child with him.


Keith claims he won The East Coast Judo Championship at age 11. He defeated both of these master judo experts pictured above.


He plays the lyre as the well as the louse.


Keith Raniere may not have the highest IQ, but he does have four degrees, three bachelor’s, and a Master’s Degree [above].

Many of Keith Raniere’s long standing claims have been finally analyzed.



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  • “one of the top three problem solvers in the world”. Hahaha, that line just cracks me up. It immediately raises the question that no-one seems to ask: who are the other two? I want names.



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