Part 1: Readers commenting on suspected Raniere crimes

The unbalanced scales of our criminal justice ssytem

Readers are commenting a lot about NXIVM crimes lately.

Here are a few of the comments:


Kathy Russell used to work in NXIVM accounting office. There was a safe under her desk that stored cash that the Albany NXIVM Center collected for their illegal cafe within the Center.

Wonder if NY State ran an audit on NXIVM deposits if there would be large sums of cash for every intensive ever taught there? If not, they have failed to claim this cash and pay taxes on it. Russell would be in the know about such things for many years running.


Why has no NYS agency or Saratoga County agency done anything to shut down the local Rainbow Cultural Garden operation?


Loretta Garza is a deep insider. She is the Head of Rainbow Cultural Garden and lives in Albany. She started out as Nancy Salzman’s assistant and worked her way up to the President of Rainbow.

She hires all the nannies in Albany and knows about the Visa issues and kickbacks. The FEDS will want to talk with her. The FEDS will want to know about who had a room upstairs of Rainbow for about 18 months & ended up sharing it with her mom for awhile.

NXIVM made up a story of why Loretta needed an extended work Visa to stay in the USA as she was the only one who qualified for the job. Loretta knows a lot about the cash and what it was spent on.


Rainbow Cultural Garden UK (239 High Street Kensington, London, W8 6SA) is totally the work of Sara Bronfman during her time away from Clifton Park.

There are other locations in Clifton Park, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Guatemala City, and Madrid.

Many “instructors” are illegal aliens, who are paid little, don’t pay taxes, and are required to kick back most of their pay.


Unterreiner is in charge of NXIVM’s IT department and knows all things about servers, banking, commissions, and NXIVM and their shell company’s (along with Jim Del Negro who helped set up all the shell companies).

Unterreiner and Del Negro are believed to have worked with other NXIVM leaders to have asked students to set up bank accounts for shell companies to funnel money through.

Kathy Russell, Karen Abney and Michelle Salzman who have all worked in NXIVM accounting are insiders who have information on NXIVM illegal activities.


A good question for the FEDS for Jim Del Negro is about the bank account he paid NXIVM commissions through.

2007 – 2008 his company was paying part of the NXIVM commissions. Strange, a student of NXIVM would be paying NXIVM commissions.

Wendy Rosen-Brooks’ company was doing the same thing during the same time.


Jimmy Del Negro and Karen Unterreiner know all about the slush money , and the unpaid commissions to field trainers over the years that went to people like Barbara Jeske and Pamela Cafritz. This money went right into Vanguard’s pockets.


First they call Rainbow Garden a school, which is illegal because they are not chartered to be a school by the NYS Board of Regents. It’s also not a daycare center because it’s not registered with the NYS Department of Social Services….So basically, that whole operation has been illegal for years….where are you NYS???


Next, NXIVM University….again, illegally named. You can’t just use the word “University” in your business name unless you are actually a university! This stuff is not that hard! “Smart” people should be able figure this out.


Rather than “choice” or informed consent, there is deceptive recruiting, outright lies (tattoo vs brand), and the threat of exposure of “collateral” (otherwise known as the crime of blackmail).


Maybe this is Nicki Cline from Battlestar Galactica writing in under a cover name since you are putting her wife, Allison Mack, under a microscope for her evil deeds. No one wants to see her wife drug through the mud.

Nicki might not care since we know their marriage was a scam only to keep Nicki in the United States since she is Canadian who’s time ran out to stay here legally. The rub is, they committed a crime to keep her here legally so they can both share their Vanguard.


It is said that a lot of Mexican students paid for the programs in cash. In doing so, Edgar would deposit most of the funds into his bank account and wire it into accounts other than NXIVM’s main account. He also had a hand in helping to bring cash across the broader. Some of this cash went right to Nancy’s safe, some went to other states where gift visa card were bought and sent to Raniere and other high ranking members of NXIVM.


In the days before DOS, the leadership would attempt to get members to do a compromising act . Not pay taxes, bring cash across the border from Mexico, or some other kind of illegal behavior that they could then later use against them if they attempted to leave.


NXIVM is an illegal pyramid scheme. Information on this was turned over to the state AG’s office years ago.

They turned a blind eye that Raniere was in violation of his court order. Regardless that his name isn’t on company documents, there are hundreds who will testify in court that Raniere runs NXIVM and all its off shoots.

The mere fact that this many people (most likely more) don’t pay their taxes along with NXIVM Corp points to a systematic cover up of mass proportion.


If anyone had / has been asked to set up a company that then wrote commission checks for NXIVM outside of NX Corp account, you need to go now to the NY State AG office or the FEDS and set up your deal. You more than likely have been helping NX with laundering their cash from Mexico.

I know two who have done this …


Nancy could provide a lot of useful information about Raniere and the cult’s illegal operations. And if she’s smart, she’ll be able to get immunity for herself and her daughters for that information.


Raniere should be held accountable for his illegal actions with all the young Mexican girls who were under age that were brought back and forth over the Mexican border for Raniere’s pleasure.


Tax evasion alone would lock them all up while the other illegal issues get figured out.



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And the faked "Arranged" Marriages....
And the faked "Arranged" Marriages....
6 years ago

Besides Nicky and Ally Mack and Farouk Rojas and his unnamed bride, someone mentioned here that Sahajo Haertel-Kozak and Ken Kozak was a scam marraige for Visa/green card reasons. What about Dani Padilla and Shaun Bergeron. Dani is in her early forties and isn’t Shaun in his early thirties. What kind of bribe did Shaun take to marry Dani and then divorce her and gift her to Keith?

Outraged Citizen
Outraged Citizen
6 years ago

Reading all these comments just reminds me how much our local law enforcement authorities have overlooked when it comes to Raniere, Salzman, the Bronfman Brats, and everything associated with NXIVM and ESP. Have to assume that many of them have been outright bribed or otherwise compromised by Raniere and his followers. Maybe some even got both??

Wonder if anyone will ever look behind all this crap and expose at least some of these officials. God knows there’s a long list of them.

Hard to have any respect for anyone who currently works in law enforcement in this area as long as this shit is allowed to continue.

6 years ago

LOL. It’s the 1% white privilege.

The Bronfman brats are contradictory idiots. While they claim to respect the Dalai Lama, who is a Buddhist monk, they forget that Buddha himself was an Indian prince who renounced his privilege for a life of spirituality. They would never give up their trust funds, private jets, million dollar apartments and homes, ease of life and privilege, etc.

They’re frauds just like their fake leader.

old comment, still on point
old comment, still on point
6 years ago

Step Up to the Plate: Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt

June 14, 2017 at 2:36 pm

Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt need to step up to the plate and resign from their positions on the Executive Success Programs / NXIVM Executive Board. Every moment they remain is an IN YOUR FACE, IN ALL OUR FACES statement of support of the debasement of women. Emiliano’s sister Cecilia and his celebrity wife Ludwika Paleta should resign their enrollments and positions in NXIVM. Emiliano and Alex need to come clean to their memberships that yes, DOS is real. Women have been branded, beaten, and degraded to give all their personal freedoms away in Master – Slave relationships. Every moment that goes by that Emiliano and Alex do nothing and say nothing is their personal values statement: “I support DOS”. You were all wrong about Keith Raniere. He is not who you thought he was, there is no shame in that. However, the longer you participate now that you know the truth – the longer your complicity is willful and certain.

Bubba Wonders
Bubba Wonders
6 years ago

Bubba wonders why this Emiliano & Alex fellow ain’t running to their Vanguarden leader and getting some snap chats photos while he’s in their home country of Mexico. You’d think they’d be proud as punch to have the grand master vistin’ their homeland since they do the annual pilgrimage to that there Silver Bay lodge on Lake George up there in New York every year.

Heck , their master has traveled at great risk to come visit them in their homeland and ain’t one of them come to visit him yet. What’s up with those top Mexican NXIVM leaders . Are they now embarrassed of their great and powerful vanguard ?
Slap me upside the head Sally , but Emiliano and Alex might have to watch the backs now . They ain’t the only ones who can bribe the judge and get false charges against someone else . I think the Vanguard still has powerful friends in Mexico , and maybe Emiliano and Alex has pissed them off by their turning their backs on them . Just a thought , from the simpleminded Bubba

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