Alejandro Alex El Duce Betancourt performs for his Vanguard, the man who told him he was Benito Mussolini in his last life. Will he be indicted? I'm betting he will.

Two Tweets from Betancourt give insight into Raniere

Lost to the world?

Alejandro Betancourt on Twitter: “I share with you an article I wrote, An Unlikely Salesperson.

When one clicks on the link, one gets to a website which is down. So the unlikely salesperson, presumably Alex himself, is not viewable.

Pride goeth before a Vanguard

But an earlier gem from the wisdom of Vanguard is available still to the world.

This is a Raniere quote I had not seen before, so thanks Alex.

Alejandro Betancourt quotes Keith Raniere on Twitter: “Pride is the belief that happiness comes from maintaining a lie.” – Keith Raniere.

If this is so, Keith must have been very, very happy and full of pride.

This reminds me of another quote of Keith Raniere’s: “He who has the most joy, wins.”

According to a 2012 blog,by Lisa Barwise: “If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention” (Sister Act 2) …because life is not about what you will have, will do or will become. It is about who you are now and how good you feel about that. He who has the most joy wins!” Keith Raniere.

Artist conception: Left: A follower of Keith Raniere. Right: Keith Raniere winning by having the most joy.
Alex Betancourt with his green t shirt addresses a NXIVM audience. He has achieved the rank of the Green Sash in NXIVM.

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  • He’s a man his children will be so proud of one day. Wait until the truth come out about what Papa has done to protect his Vanguard. I feel sorry for his children



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