Vany Huber won’t date man who won’t join cult, text messages reveal

Chris M Burbs has posted on Facebook

He began to date Vany Huber. She wanted him to join the cult. Here is his story:

For the last month I have been dating a girl involved in this “cult”. She was/is a very introspective, intelligent, and attractive woman.

Vany Huber may have kissed him, but he would not join ESP.

The story of Chris M. Burbs

I discovered a blog devoted to the “school” she was attending about Rational Inquiry after our first date. I told her what I uncovered and she joked that I should be in the FBI, I joked that I was. She said she would be glad because the blog is full of lies and the truth should get out.


Chris M. Burbs

The blog certainly tried to sensationalize the story and I continued dating her to uncover the truth.

About a week and a half ago she tried to get me to sign up for the school. I reached out to some former members , one wouldn’t talk to me and said she got out and couldn’t trust anyone affiliated with the group. I did however talk to another actress who was in the group for 3.5 years. She told me she saw three women branded and that while somethings with this human potential program were great, they definitely didn’t want you to leave.

I considered reaching out to people I knew worked for the NYT or the FBI to see if I should infiltrate the group. I even considered taking out the leader. However this is a pyramid with many heads, and taking out the leader would only make him a deity.

News of this cult has been around for years with articles in the Times Union, Forbes, and Vanity Fair. If you want juice of murder, hypnotic suggestion, corrupt attorneys and government officials visit

Vany Huber may not get to be with men because few real men will join NXIVM.


Tonight I was on a date with her. The irony is we went to see Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. On the way into the movie I got an email from the actress I was talking to that forwarded me this article. After coming back to her place in Clifton Park, I couldn’t sleep and went to grab my phone and read the article. I brought up that a friend forwarded me the article…. when I wouldn’t reveal my friend she said she didn’t want me in her house. Thank goodness for LYFT.

The girl I was dating was not branded, and some may say this is a sorority group that went a bit far. In my opinion, Keith Raniere, who he and his followers call Vanguard, is a narcissistic sociopath that uses mind control disguised as a self improvement program.


Text message from Vany Huber show her obligation to recruit anyone who wants to be near her into ESP.


Vany relaxes alone, perhaps waiting for  Vanguard.

Read more of Chris Burb on his Facebook. This is what he has to say about Keith:

You believe Keith is a good man, and you’ve seen him do a lot of good. Does that excuse the bad? The harassment of those that left? The lying? The coercion and manipulation of women? The raping on teenagers? …. if one accepts the 10 percent bad for the 90 percent good, the abuse continues.
I understand why you are still in the program even though you’ve got to know some of this is true. If you found out he raped teenagers, would you leave then?
1993: Keith Raniere around the time he was raping a 12 year old girl.
2009: Keith Raniere when he told nine women who wanted to leave his sex cult that he has “..had people killed” for his beliefs.


2016: Keith Raniere around the time he was branding women and blackmailing them.

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Secret admirer
6 years ago

A Love Letter to Vany – from a secret admirer

Vany. Baby. I know you have a thing for Vanguard. And I don’t blame you.

Lots of women want to date a sociopathic, small penised, tiny armed, smelly guy. And add to that that he’s a coward to physical confrontation and you have a keeper for sure.

I just want to tell you that I can be that guy too. I can be your Vanguard.

While my penis is bigger than 3 inches long, I’m willing to get penis reduction surgery. I’d do that for you.

I’ll stop taking showers. No baths either. My arms are regular sized but I’ll practice retracting them like a T-rex just to get your love.

And I can learn to be bad. I’ll lie all the time. Pretend I invented things I didn’t. Sleep with a lot of women and lie to each of them. Lie in court. Become litigious over dumb things. You name it I’ll do it. I’ll break every state and federal law if I have to.

Vany Baby, I would do anything for love, but Pedophelia, I won’t do that. No I won’t do that.

As for physical confrontation, I can learn to cower. I can learn to grovel. I’ll run like a motherfucker at the first sign of trouble leaving you in my dust. Cause that’s what makes women hot and bothered.

Vany, you’re so hot. So fucking hot. Won’t you give me a chance? I’m taller than Keith but I can slouch. I can eat meat like Keith but pretend I’m a vegetarian to get a nice belly going.

I’m all in. Just give me one shot baby. Just one shot to prove to you that this little pathetic scumbag isn’t the only little pathetic scumbag worthy of your love.

Take on me Vany. Take on me.

6 years ago
Reply to  Secret admirer

Holy…and I thought I was harsh.

Chris M Burbs
Chris M Burbs
6 years ago

We might be on the same side of this war Frank., but when it’s over I still going to punch you in the fucking face 🙂

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