Pictures lying around: Mexican words of the day; proposed titles for TV mini series and etc.


Sooner or later a miniseries will be made about Vanguard and NXIVM Village.

In this proposed conceptual illustration, actors depict (L-R) Clare Bronfman, Vanguard and the three Elliot brothers.

Suggested titles of episodes of the proposed mini series:

Slippery Skills

From Nurse to Worse: The Nancy Salzman story

Meet the Vanguard

Half-Wits Intensives

Scrambled Brains

Lauren Blows Her Top [and bottoms]

Whoops, I’m a Vanguard

Boobs in Vanguard’s Arms

Vanguard and the Lady

Husbands Beware

Booty and the Vanguard

Rumpus in the Harem

Baby Sitters Jitters: The Mexican Teenage Girls’ Story

Pardon My Vanguard

Up in Vanguard’s Townhouse

Bubble Trouble in Vanguard’s Hot Tub

Cuckold on a Choo Choo

Disorder in the Cult

Bedlam in Paradise

Of Cash and Stash

Income Tax Sappy

No Dough, Boys: The ESP Proctors’ Story

We Want Our Vanguard

Cuckold Cavaliers: The Marred Men of ESP

Blunder Boys: The SOP Story

Dutiful But Dumb: The DOS Story

A Pain in the Vanguard: The Branding Story

Slaves’ Collars

Dumb Cucks

Goof on the Roof

Corny Casanova

Gypped in the Townhouse

A Snitch in Time

He Cooked His Goose

So Long Mr. Raniere

Commotion on the Ocean: Escape To Wakaya

Yes, We Have No More Vanguard



SOP men have to have the guts to have what it takes….


dr porter v
Dr. Brandon Porter brings young women into a secluded setting and puts sensors on their head and fingers, and then shows them films of gang rapes and beheading of women to check for sociopath tendencies. Keith Raniere adjusts the location of the sensors.
ESPians climb the steps of the stripe path.
Sign pointing to Oregon Trail….
2 ri
ESP curriculum simplified

If Vanguard were Mexican…


Mexican word of the day: Herpes…. I ordered pizza. I got my piece and she got herpes.


Mexican word of the day: Cheapest… I told my DOS slave a funny joke and cheapest her pants….


Mexican words of the day: Defense and Defeat… When her husband came home early, my slave and I jumped defense but she screamed because defeat got stuck.


Mexican word of the day: Mushroom…. when Rosa Laura’s slave pod gets in the car, there’s not mushroom.


Mexican word of the day: Juicy…. Tell me if juicy the IRS special agent


Mexican word of the day: Nutella. Ivy Nevaras, she no listen so I nutella her nothing.


Mexican word of the day: Chicken Breast; Mariana had my baby; I’m excited because chicken breast feed me too.


Mexican word of the day: Ice Melter: She said she took a cold shower but Ice Melter before she even got to my townhouse.


Mexican word of the day: Ambition: Barbara Bouchey was always fighting ambition at me.


Mexican word of the day: Budweiser: That DOS slave has a fine body Budweiser face so ugly?


Mexican word of the day; Seizure; Anna Ruiz, you are not going out like dat to see Marcelo; I can seizure ass hanging out in the mini skirt… you hoochie.


Mexican word of the day: Bishop: Nancy Salzman, can somebody please shut this bishop.


Mexican word of the day: Bishop and Lysol; Nancy Salzman, would you please shut this bishop she lysol the time.



Mexican word of the day: Nissan. I told Allison no sex on the floor; she might burn her nissan on the carpet.


Mexican word of the day: Hoochie: Clare Bronfman saw me walking with a DOS slave and said tell me hoochie is.


Mexican word of the day: Jewish. Allison said to Keith about Clare: When you have her money, you’re happy, but when you have to have sex with her, Jewish she had a boyfriend or girlfriend.


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