EX-pian: All be warned: Lauren Salzman is the ultimate ‘fake friend’

The comments about Lauren Salzman in an earlier post have elicited some thoughts about Lauren, who is a top member of High Rank at ESP.

Lauren Salzman, member of the High Rank of Executive Success Programs.

An EXpian wrote:

Lauren Salzman destroyed her conscience years ago. She has been pimping for Keith, lying to Keith’s women converts, being their ultimate FAKE friend, and doing coercive therapy on Keith’s victims for at least a decade or more.

Lauren is an enthusiastic, willing, accomplice to the tune of $100K a year plus. She is without the tiniest glimmer of remorse. Lauren is irredeemable.

If anyone who reads this finds themselves in Lauren Salzman’s circle of influence – get away from her fast.

She is a therapy terrorist. Everything she does and says, all the money she earns, every hour of her day, is aimed at one thing and one thing only: Terrorizing NXIVM victims into submission and destroying their lives in the name of “working their issues”.

That is who she is; that is who she will always be.

She is her mother, Nancy Salzman’s daughter through and through. Yet in many ways, she is much worse than Nancy. Lauren is a dark, dark soul.

All be warned.





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