Mexican Earthquakes – Free Psych Help being offered by ESP Mexico City – but beware!

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An Instagram was sent out recently. It read:

Centro ESP Cuidad Mexico; Uniendonos a los esfuerzos de todos los mexicanos la communidad de ESP ofrece ayuda emocional gratuita. Si alguno de ustedes necesita ayuda por favor contactanos al correo o ai celular.  Unidos somos mas fuertes

Translated into English it is:

ESP Center; Mexico City.  Uniting with the efforts of all Mexicans, the ESP community offers free emotional help. If any of you need help please contact us at or at cell phone. United we are stronger

Because they care. The ESP Center in Mexico City is offering ‘free’ emotional help to people who need it after the earthquake.

By the time they are done with the emotional help from this group, they will be wishing for another earthquake.

The Mexico City Center is run by Emiliano ‘Puto’ Salinas (the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas) and Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt.

These two rascals are the same cowards who are falsely accusing Toni Zarattini of criminal extortion for being a whistle-blower and trying to warn women against DOS and its shameful scheme of blackmail and branding women on their vaginas.

Let me repeat: Betancourt and Salinas are two guys who support branding women with a white-hot cattle branding iron on their vaginas and taking blackmail from the women so they won’t talk.

Good guys to get psychological and emotional help from.

El rostro de un cobarde espinoso, Emiliano Salinas
Two pigs in a pod. Gay lovers who have great wealth and no conscience. I will tell you how stupid Alex Betancourt is – Keith Raniere told him he was Mussolini in his last life and the moron believed him. With no evidence other than a conman’s word.

It is striking to me that Puto and Alex were in a homosexual relationship for a long time but hid it in the closet. They should have come out of the closet.  Later, Puto married sexpot actress Ludwika Paleta and, after a period of time, became the most pussy whipped Mexican man in history.  Now, Emiliano watched as his wife – probably bored with the weakling – moving in more promiscuous directions.

Ludwika evidently started having sex with other men. Puto went back to men, and women, not bothering to distinguish which he went after. It is said of Emiliano Puto Salinas ‘he is every woman’s husband and every man’s wife.”

Little Alex Betancourt (who is the son of the personal accountant of Manuel Espinosa Iglesias) moved toward younger  men [and boys] to appease his sexual appetites which, in all of ESP, is to rank behind only Puto and Vanguard.

None of this they will openly admit. Nor will they admit to any of their criminal activities. They won’t even admit to bribing judges to cover their cowardly crimes.

Both men are under the thumb of Keith Raniere, whose initials are branded on the vaginas of Mexican women – with Emiliano and Alex’s help.

They are liars. And unfit to give help to anyone.

The woman whose email is on the Instagram is their DOS slave, Mariana Musi.

See her video endorsing Jness,


forced run
A low calorie diet and lots of running makes a good slave.


She studied at International Center of Photography – and attended  the Academia de Artes Visuales.

She writes: “She travels to other worlds while daydreaming at the breakfast table.  Upon her return, there are stories to be told and she tells them in how she makes her art and lives her life.”

Her favorite book is also one of Mr. Raniere’s favorites: “Le Petit Prince”.

For those Mexicans who might think to head in their direction: A word to the wise: ‘Stay Away.’


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  • Cult recruitment while pretending to provide support for victims of natural disasters was a plot point in the Hulu TV series “The Path.”

    Trancendental Meditation does this in real life, which is probably where series writers picked up the idea.

    TM is a subtle cult. They cast a wide net, and accept that 90-95% of their recruits will stay at the entry level, where they just pay a fee hundred dollars a year to receive their “personal” mantra (truth: everyone with a given birthday gets the same “personal” mantra).

    A small fraction get sucked into the higher levels, where they pay big bucks to learn “yogic flying” (bouncing on your butt with your legs contorted).

    The truly sucked in go to Maharishi School of Management (formerly Maharishi International University) to pay huge bucks, and often need to be hospitalized due to the effects of 8-12 hours a day of “meditation” (intense self-hypnosis) which affects neurotransmitter balance.

  • I hope all Mexico City was safe but NXIVM Center, Alex and Emili. The world will be better place without them. Sad they are safe and others are in danger

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