Former ESP Coach: ‘Snow Yeti, Damon Brink, can you hear yourself’ on Raniere?

About the Yeti

In a 2014 video about Keith Raniere, SOP High Council member Damon Brink gave some astonishing and heretofore unknown data about Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard.

damon brink
Damon Brink


Mr. Brink gave the following data about Keith Raniere:

1. He hasas built more than 1,000 millionaires in his life.

2. He has built multi-million dollar businesses in short amount of time.

3. At one point, Keith was making more than $100,000 per hour coaching the highest level business executives in the world.

Frank Report is trying to verify all of these claims that have been made by Mr. Brink about Vanguard.

Now a former ESP coach has come forward to express skepticism about Mr. Brink’s data.

The former ESP coach wrote Frank Report:

Omg God I don’t have words.

But let me try. Snow Yeti, can you hear yourself? Don’t you think if he had “made” 1,000 millionaires, it would have been public knowledge and in all the business publications?

You make Keith Raniere sound like he outperforms Richard Branson and the like. Seriously, I think the only thing you got in the SOP high council is a degree in mindless boasting.

I’m sure you’re an OK guy and all, but seriously: Get your head out of your ass!

The crap you’re saying has no basis in reality and makes no sense. Unfortunately, it sounds like you live in a closed loop of information. What’s probably going to happen is you’re going to go to your Vanguard to make sense of your statement.

You know what’s going to happen? You’re going to come out of that conversation completely head-fucked with some barely cogent rationalization. And worst of all, you’ll walk out thinking it makes sense.

You know what NXIVM does to people? Regresses them to think and be like little children. You need to grow up. You are living in an Orwellian nightmare. Read about LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training). You’re in one.



About the Yeti:

Lives in the Himalyan mountains

Attacks climbers on a regular basis

Is a scary animal, protected from the cold by large mass and lots of hair.

Also known as the Abominable Snowman.


About the Vanguard:

Lives in Clifton Park

Attacks women on a regular basis

Is a hairy animal, protected from the law by a large number of women who put their names on his illegal businesses and by lots of Bronfman money.

Also known as the Abominable Liar.

Both creatures, Vanguard and Yeti, have similar sized feet: Vanguard’s shoe size is six 1/2; 6 E. [Above] The reputed footprint of Yeti.
Vanguard’s feet are said to resemble the mythical Yeti; they are as wide as they are long.


The Vanguard on the prowl in Clifton Park.



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  • Is Damon talking about CBI, Keith Raniere’s illegal pyramid company that was shut down by how many State Attorney General’s? (24, 26). Everyone in that company ended up broke funDraiser was ordered by the NY State Attorney General to never run an MLM company again. What is NXIVM, MIM

    How long ago was he making 100,000 an hour as a coach? If it’s been in the time of NXIVM I’d bet he hasn’t filed taxes on that money.

    Rainer can’t even be the man Damon is laying claims that he is going to teach them how to be? Kind of like a drug addict teaching a room full of addicts how to get clean, but using drugs all throughout the training.

    How did the high counsel explain to those that travel near.& far only to miss by 3 that poor Raniere was having a melt down over the missing 3 “men” & now the training was off?

    Wow.97,000.00 down the drain. Did the douche bag keep it to heal their so-called breach?

  • I’ve know Damon for almost a decade. He is a very kind man who was indeed head fucked HARD by Keith. The misogynist SOP training has turned Damon into a blind robot; totally unable to stand up to Keith. He would go to bat for his Vanguard over his wife and that is the saddest part. Damon- if you are reading this- PLEASE grow a pair and get off the side lines. Go tell Keith to suck a bag of dicks and be with your family. Take them far far away. PLEASE.

  • “You know what NXIVM does to people? Regresses them to think and be like little children. You need to grow up.”

    So true. How many men and women are well past the age of thirty and still haven’t settled down with kids and families like normal people?

    NXIVM is just VanDouche’s mindfuck experiment. A “let me see how much I can bullshit and how far I can convince people to do stupid things in the name of ethics” practical joke. He gets to convince a bunch of women under controlled conditions to fuck him – ones who would never do so otherwise – and scam money from gullible women and others while depositing the money into his shell accounts while not having his name on any legal corporate documentation.

    By the way size 6.5 is small feet, even for someone alleged to be 5’7″.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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