Long term Mexican men are taking a leading role in ESP. But some of them have left.

Coaches Summit avoids discussion of DOS

Clifton Park – During the Executive Success Programs’ Coaches Summit last week, DOS was not discussed. Instead there were modules and question ‘sets’ on speaking with honor.

In the past several months, hundreds of students and numerous coaches and proctors quit ESP because of the discovery of DOS.

The Coaches Summit was held at Apropos, and ‘a mood of suspicion hung like a dark cloud’ over the group, according to coaches in attendance. High Rank are reportedly curry combing social media to see whom coaches are in contact with and to attempt to root out spies and dissuade potential defectors from leaving the life coaching organization.

High Rank is said to be suspicious of anyone who asks questions  and deeply suspicious of any one who is suspicious of anyone else.

As reported previously, at the Summit, Jimena Garza was promoted to the Green Sash thanks to her ability to get women branded, her assistance in bearing false witness against whistleblower Toni Zarattini, and her obedience to Mr. Raniere.

DOS practices of female pubic branding, semi starvation, sleep deprivation and taking ‘collateral’ to be used to coerce the silence of women have concerned many who quit the organization. Ms. Garza’s ability to bring in new DOS slaves was privately lauded as a noteworthy accomplishment, according to sources.

Ostensibly she was honored for her ability to enroll new students, her ability to teach and her personal growth.

Ms. Garza, who is married to Omar Boone, who is also a Green, is branded one inch from her vagina with Keith Raniere’s initials.

Through her own slavery, through bringing other women into slavery, by deceit, ruse, trickery and perjury, Ms. Garza demonstrated the character required to earn the green sash of NXIVM.  Ms. Garza has been striving to become a green for several years.

In addition, to Ms. Garza’s promotion, a number of people advanced to two or three stripe proctor, said to be the level where Espians can earn money at a level commensurate with what people of midlevel executive ability earn in the private sector.

The Coaches Summit gathers coaches, proctors and those who have achieved the higher rank of the Green Sash to learn the latest objectives of their leader, Keith Raniere and become more obedient to his commands.

Jimena Garza proudly bears the initials of Keith Raniere one inch from her vagina. She has lured six other women to be branded with his initials in June. She was promoted to the Green Sash.
Two greens. No, not green with jealousy. Happy cuckold Omar Boone had achieved the rank of the Green Sash. His wife Jimena Garza just obtained her Green Sash after getting branded with a white hot iron, one inch from her vagina, with the initials of Keith Raniere. As a DOS slave, she is required to perform whatever activity is ordered by her master, Mr. Raniere. Mr. Boone’s beta subservience to Mr. Raniere has elicited the admiration of High Rank. His eager acceptance of cuckoldry [cornuto] has won him acclaim. As a Mexican, a husband embracing the idea of having his wife branded with the initials of another man is a rare thing indeed. 
Long term Mexican men are taking a leading role in ESP. But some of the Mexicans have left and other want to leave.
A gathering of eagles; these are the faces of people who support Keith Raniere.
The In Crowd. People who have fun following Keith Raniere.
In the City that Never Sleeps, here are some followers of the man who claims he never sleeps.
The gigantic mind of Keith Raniere never rests so concerned is he about the mission that will create a more noble civilization. ‘Arrest Sarah, arrest her. You got to get her arrested. The mission, the mission. It was your fault, Clare. You must do anything, pay anything, say anything, but get Sarah Edmondson arrested.’

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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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