Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura Junco blamed for failure of Mexican girls to find Raniere appealing

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Teenage girls came and left Clifton Park with a bad impression of a lecherous old man named Keith Raniere.

Rosa Laura Junco may be taking the blame for the unhappy departure of 11 teen girls from Clifton Park and the failure of a teaching program devised by Keith Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard.

Eleven girls from Mexico came to Clifton Park to be taught a new technology that Mr. Raniere developed. They were instructed at the home of Ms. Junco.

They left evidently without completing the program and reportedly went home with an impression that Mr. Raniere was a lecherous old man, according to numerous sources.

Keith Raniere teaches that children and adults ought to experience sex together as long as there is no pain, but society does not condone it.

In the past, Mr. Raniere was accused by adult women of having committed statutory rape when they were teens. Several of these women made their accusation on the record and were published in Frank Report and before that, in the Albany Times Union. The Times Union published video recordings of two of the women and the sister of third. The third woman was unable to give an interview since she was found dead from a gunshot wound. Her death was ruled a suicide.

While most observers say there is little doubt Ms Junco is willing to assist Mr. Raniere groom teen girls, she is not considered as competent as the late Pamela Cafritz or Karen Unterreiner. In the past, both Miss Cafritz and Miss Unterreiner assumed a mentoring role to teen girls. They showed girls that learning to experience sex with Keith was as easy as learning to play the piano or tennis. They explained that the skin and bone of a penis is no different than the skin and bone of an elbow and got the girls to assent that they would certainly not be afraid to touch his elbow.

Miss Unterreiner is well remembered by several women for how she helped Mr. Raniere manage sexual encounters with a group of 14 -15 year old teens.

Miss Cafritz aided Mr. Raniere in having sex with 12 year old Rhiannon and others. She would hire girls for tasks, or offer to drive them places, while Mr. Raniere, who also claims to be the smartest man in the world, would offer help with homework.

Ms. Junco, who is branded on her pubic area with the initials of Keith Raniere, has pledged to obey Mr. Raniere as his DOS slave. Her husband, Luis Montes, reportedly abides the decisions of his wife since she has the money.  It is believed by his friends that Mr. Montes accepts his role as a purported cuckold for the good of the mission and not because he enjoys the wealth and ease afforded to him through marriage to Ms. Junco.

According to a source, a teen girl from a previous marriage of Ms. Junco’s left home to attend a boarding school out of town at the same time the Mexican teen girls made their departure.

A message from someone using the name Kimberly Le Baron chided relatives of the Mexican teen girls staying with Ms. Junco, writing, “I’d never in a million years let my little sister near a man with the reputation Keith has. What the fuck are they thinking?!’

Dr. Brandon Porter, who conducts human fright experiments on women for Mr. Raniere, hosted some of the teen girls at the home he shares with his wife and children. Sources say his wife, Janie, would object if hosting meant encouraging teens to have sex with Mr. Raniere.

Mr. Raniere teaches that adult-child sex is natural and society has made a healthy activity into a crime. Dr. Porter and Ms. Junco have placed their young children in Mr. Raniere’s experimental children’s program, Rainbow Cultural Garden.

Whether it is fair to blame Ms. Junco for the failure of the teen program is open to  discussion. It may have been a complete success as far as Mr. Raniere is concerned. No one knows whether he succeeded in what he really wanted to accomplish.

Oftentimes, it is observed that his true goal known to his inner circle is different than the goal he states to the uncomprehending world.

Keith Raniere allegedly raped her when she was almost 16. Her body was found in Woodstock. Her death ruled a suicide.
Rosa Laura with her cuckold [cornuto] Luis Montes and family at V-Week 2016.
Rosa Laura as a DOS slave has made a vow to do anything Vanguard tells her.

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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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