Readers raise questions about Kristin Snyder and her disappearance

The whole Kristin Snyder story has never made any sense – and it’s about time that somebody re-opened the cover-up surrounding her death.

It looks like it will be reopened. An eye witness has come forward and has agreed to make a report to the Alaska State Police.

This is not the first “fishy” suicide of a woman & Keith. Another on shot herself in the head. Woman do t usually use guns.

Both means of alleged suicide are rare. How many  suicides are there from paddling a kayak out to sea? Kristin Snyder was an expert kayaker.

Anything is possible with Keith. I suspect it’s likely that his brainwashing had a hand in her suicide. Although if I was the police I’d re-open the file to see if there was evidence missed in terms of this being a murder.

It’s pretty clear that Kristen Snyder got pushed past her limits in her first 16 day intensive delivered by Nancy Salzman, judging from her parents reports from her Christmas visit.

I met Kristen at her first intensive. She had a very positive outlook on life. I met her again on her trip to Albany. Again she was very positive when she got there. She stayed at Esther’s.

Nancy didn’t refer Kristin for mental help, but somehow Kristen came to Raniere’s attention. Then she was invited to Clifton Park, probably for Raniere to see if he could hypnotically induce a lesbian into hetero sex as an experiment.

Nancy Salzman told me Keith like to try to convert gay woman & women were only gay due to a defiance issues.

It is unlikely that Kristen knew for a fact that she was pregnant by Raniere by the February Intensive, and we will never know if she was. But she may well have worried that she was pregnant, and very likely felt she had betrayed her domestic partner by being intimate with Raniere.

The evidence that Kristen was in a psychotic break during her second Intensive led by Esther Chiappone seems very strong and obvious. The ESP organization is liable for not training Esther Chiappone to recognize the symptoms of such a break, which would be relatively common in LGATs, and send her to psychiatric help.

Whenever someone has a melt down in ESP / NXIVM they never want them to go to the hospital. That would be bad press for their training. No one involved in teaching or coach the training is a certified therapist with the knowledge of how to properly handle someone who is having an emotional reaction such as Kristina.

Ed Kinum from Albany co-taught that intensive with Esther. He would know if Kristin was telling people she was having Keith’s baby.

Esther Chiappone is arguably liable even in the absence of such training, because the symptoms seem so pronounced in this case.

Heidi Clifford said Kristin Snyder was ordered out of the Intensive at 4 pm on Feb 6. She subsequently drove the truck 130 miles from Anchorage to Seward in Alaska winter, when twilight ends at 6 PM. At 7 PM on Feb 6, Heidi called police (perhaps during dinner break?) And suggested to police that Kristin may have driven to Seward (maybe went outside and noticed truck was not where they parked?) How did Heidi know that is where Kristin would go? Had Kristin talked about going there to kill herself? Police in Seward find truck on evening of Feb 7, and staff of campground (probably closed for winter) report missing kayak on morning of Feb 8. Police theorize Kristin killed herself before dawn on Feb 7, but it could have been as late as when the truck was found in the evening of Feb 7, or as early as when the truck arrived, presumably evening of Feb 6.



Throwing one out or letting them leave in such a state could make ESP responsible for wrongful death by not making sure she was properly taken care of regardless if she was delusional or not. If she was delusional, she needed hospitalization even more. Maybe shed be alive today if Esther would of been better trained by “the company’s leadership”.

If Kristen was with Keith child than Hell No you don’t want her at the hospital getting a test to prove it . Nor do you want her acting as if the training & the Master pushed her over the edge.

Kristin seems to have known where the boat shed was and parked near it. Then either broke into it in the darkness and killed herself in the darkness immediately. Or she could have waited (in the truck? Brrr!) Until dawn and done the break-in and kayak trip when she could at least enjoy a last look at her beloved Alaska.

But the missing person report above says Kristin left the Intensive on Feb 7 and truck was found on Feb 8. These are offset by a day from the other reports.



Nothing in the public record implicates [Name Redacted] that I can see. Although Raniere may have made it easy for both [Name Redacted] and Esther to move from Alaska to Clifton Park, which conveniently complicates investigations…

[Name Redacted] left ESP eventually so I would tend to give her a pass.

Given her role as legal (and sometimes illegal) liaison at NXIVM, Kristin Keeffe could well have been involved with highly paid private investigators muddying the waters. But she also left ESP, and I think is far better treated as a witness than as a target.

Well, one thing is for sure. If NXIVM somehow got one or more members of the Alaska State Police to help suppress the real details of Kristin Snyder’s disappearance, it wouldn’t be the only time they’ve been able to influence a criminal investigation by a State Police agency. That very same thing has happened a lot closer than Alaska.


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5 years ago

I live in Alaska and am glad to hear that there is a hope that this case will be re-opened.

6 years ago

An eyewitness? Oh man, that is huge news.

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