Calling all SOP men – stand up and protect Raniere

Order 75501 - RawReaders are calling for the identities of the men of the Society of Protectors (SOP), a men’s multilevel marketing life coaching and gender identity group that teaches the secret philosophy of Keith Raniere.

The men are taught to be polygamous. Most appear to be cuckolds and beta males who are subordinate to the alpha male Keith Raniere.

The wives of the SOP males have their pubic region branded with Keith Raniere’s initials.

Readers now want to know who these brave men are:

One reader said:

Why aren’t the names of the SOP men put out on this site? Or people still in ESP but not in DOS? Every person still in the cult is voting that it’s ok for a sociopath and his cohorts to do what they are doing. Thus everyone still involved should be called out for what they are choosing. While ESP does do some brainwashing, people still have the ability to make a choice about what they believe. And despite clear data people are choosing to back Keith.

Many of us would love to know who is still involved in the program. Especially on the SOP side. A few are obvious: Del Negro. Michel Chernitzky. Who else?

Another replied:

Agreed. SOP needs to be called out on the carpet. All the SOP trainings are designed to enslave women. Those teachings should be outed too. Some choice things you can learn in SOP and Jness:

Women are all princesses and need to be humiliated.

Women don’t keep their word and have no character.

That is why MEN control the world.

In particular women are opportunistic like parasitic fleas jumping from dog to dog till they find the best host.

Women can be lied to because they are hysterical babies who can’t handle the truth.

Men are polygamous naturally, women are not. Women should accept the polygamy of men, and men can lie to their women about sleeping around because women are babies who can’t handle the truth.

Men need to cum on women’s face or bodies to claim their ownership of them.

SOP is a training created in the vision of Keith and his lifestyle. All the SOP men remaining need to be outed. They are the ones facilitating this overwhelming degradation of women in DOS and encouraging women to immolate themselves in Keith’s polygamous harem. They are all sociopaths.

Another wrote:

Any SOP man still in is only protecting the wallets and reputation of people who seem to be doing reprehensible things. Call them out. Post an article with the names of active SOP men. The so called society of protectors isn’t living up to their name and they should be outed.


Let us start naming them in the next couple of posts….

sop 2
The emblem of the Society of Protectors, a group of cuckolds and beta males.
raniere as a cartton
KR trains the wife of a SOP member.
SOP Cuckold Michel Chernitzky
Emiliano Salinas is an SOP leader. He is pictured with gay lover Alex Betancourt.


Emiliano with his wife Ludwika Paleta.
pold del negor
James Del Negro, one of the leaders of SOP.

And more to follow…

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  • Why does Jim Del Negro look like he’s constipated? Is it because Keith’s teachings have rotted his insides?

  • Vancouver – Lucas Roberts, Brian Fitzgerald, Shawn Mottishaw. Sorry guys. If you are going to be part of a douchebag organization, you have to be prepared to be called out as douchebags.

  • I think you can put together a more comprehensive list of remaining SOP “men”, Frank. What about some of the dorks left in Vancouver? Wait, there are none – aside from Lucas Roberts who was demoted from team leader to toilet cleaner before the Vancouver centre crumbled. Now that everyone with a half-brain has left, Lucas is excited about the idea of leading the Vancouver ESP and SOP chapter on his own. He’s proud to be standing alone and representing Keith and the mission. Word on the street is that Lucas will be attending Vandouche Week with his idiot girlfriend and her older sister Leah (also in DOS).

    SOP was total BS. Some of the guys had good intentions but as a whole the group was a bunch of pussies. There was no mission. The focus was only on recruitment in order to increase “buying power” (what a joke) and most of the team leaders couldn’t even organize a basketball game.

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