Frank Parlato invites Keith Raniere to meet at Public Forum (Véase abajo para una versión de esta invitación en Español)

My name is Frank Parlato.  I am publisher and editor of Frank Report.

A number of followers of Keith Raniere have asked me to meet them privately in Clifton Park.  Inasmuch, as I am here, I would like to extend to Keith Raniere an opportunity to meet me in a public setting.

The purpose of the meeting is to address concerns Mr. Raniere’s followers have expressed about his teachings and activities of his groups.

Of particular concern is DOS. As reported in Frank Report, DOS practices include hot-iron branding of women and collecting material that could be used to blackmail women.

Mr. Raniere and his leadership team told followers that Frank Report publishes lies, according to sources.

Some of Mr. Raniere’s students say they are undecided as to whether they should leave Mr. Raniere.

I propose a meeting be held where Keith Raniere and I discuss the issues of concern to his followers. This may  help them determine whether Frank Report has published truthful information.

Mr. Raniere may be eager to set the record straight.

I am prepared to meet him in Clifton Park.

To ensure Mr. Raniere feels comfortable, I suggest:

Mr. Raniere pick the venue for the forum.

I will agree to meet at Apropos, or classrooms at New Karner Rd., in a public setting, or if he wishes at Silver Bay during Vanguard Week.

Mr. Raniere may decide whether he wants only ESP members at the forum, or if he’ll allow outsiders to attend.

Mr. Raniere may choose the date and time. Mr. Raniere is free to video/audio record the session.

I would also record the entire session on video and post a copy unedited on Frank Report.

Mr. Raniere or his followers would be prohibited from interfering with my recording the entire event.

I would want a question and answer session to be part of the discussion.

Attendees can ask questions by raising their hands.  Attendees would also be allowed to submit written questions anonymously.

Mr. Raniere can name the moderator and timekeeper for the event.

The agreed upon rules would be in writing and published on Frank Report in advance of the forum. Mr. Raniere can publish them anywhere else he chooses.

I would suggest Mr. Raniere and I each make an opening statement of predetermined length. Mr. Raniere may choose who goes first.

After opening statements, Mr. Raniere and I would take turns answering questions from one another, and members of the audience (Answers might be limited in time [5-minutes?] – and the other party would get a set time for rebuttal [ 2-minutes?].

The forum will close with each of us having a closing statement. Mr. Raniere can decide who gets the last word.

Mr. Raniere can bring reference materials to assist him.

I will not require more than two pages of “notes”.

If Mr. Raniere prefers to have no notes whatsoever, I will agree that neither one of us refers to notes. If Mr. Raniere insists on having notes and that I have no notes I will also agree to that.

Mr. Raniere will be permitted to have his attorney present and he may confer with his attorney before he answers any questions from any attendee or myself.

I will not require any attorney or anyone to assist me with my answers.

I await Mr. Raniere’s response to this invitation.

I hope his followers will encourage him to accept this invitation and will attend the forum.  In this way, Mr. Raniere can try to set their misgivings to rest by a truthful and candid meeting.

Mr. Raniere, or one of his representatives, may contact me at 716-990-5740 or email me at to arrange for the forum.




Mi nombre es Frank Parlato.  Soy editor y redactor del informe de Frank.

Un número de seguidores de Keith Raniere me ha pedido que les reunirse en privado en el parque de Clifton.  Tanto, como estoy aquí, me gustaría dar a Keith Raniere una oportunidad para conocerme en un ambiente público.

El propósito de la reunión es abordar las preocupaciones de los seguidores de Sr. Raniere han expresado acerca de sus enseñanzas y actividades de sus grupos.

De particular preocupación es DOS. Como se informó en el informe de Frank, DOS prácticas incluyen hierro caliente marca de las mujeres y recoger material que podría ser utilizado para chantajear a las mujeres.

El Sr. Raniere y su equipo de liderazgo dijo a seguidores que Frank Report publica mentiras, según las fuentes.

Algunos de los estudiantes del Sr. Raniere dicen que son indecisos en cuanto a si debe dejar el Sr. Raniere.

Propongo se celebró una reunión donde Keith Raniere y discutir los temas de interés para sus seguidores. Esto les puede ayudar a determinar si el informe de Frank ha publicado información veraz.

El Sr. Raniere pueden estar deseoso de fijar el expediente recto.

Estoy dispuesto a reunirse con él en el parque de Clifton.

Para asegurar que el Sr. Raniere se siente cómodo, sugiero:

El Sr. Raniere escoge la sede para el foro.

Coincido con en propósito, o de las clases en el nuevo Karner Rd., en un lugar público, o si lo desea en la bahía de la plata durante la semana de la vanguardia.

El Sr. Raniere podrá decidir si quiere que sólo los miembros de ESP en el foro, o si permitirán los forasteros asistir a.

El Sr. Raniere puede elegir la fecha y hora. El Sr. Raniere es libre de vídeo/audio grabar la sesión.

También quisiera grabar toda la sesión en vídeo y enviar una copia sin editar sobre el informe de Frank.

Sr. Raniere o sus seguidores prohibidos interferir con mi grabación de todo el evento.

Quiero una pregunta y respuesta sesión para ser parte de la discusión.

Los asistentes pueden hacer preguntas levantando sus manos.  Los asistentes también podrán presentar preguntas por escrito de forma anónima.

El Sr. Raniere nombrar el moderador y el cronometrador para el evento.

El acuerdo sobre reglas sería escrito y publicado sobre el informe de Frank antes el foro. El Sr. Raniere puede publicarlas en cualquier otro lugar que él elija.

Le sugiero Sr. Raniere y cada uno hacer una declaración de apertura de longitud predeterminada. El Sr. Raniere puede elegir quién va primero.

Después de declaraciones de apertura, el Sr. Raniere y yo ¿se turnan responder a preguntas de uno a otro y los miembros de la audiencia (respuestas pueden estar limitadas en el tiempo [5 minutos?] – y la otra parte conseguiría un tiempo definido para la refutación [2 minutos]?.

El foro cerrará con cada uno de nosotros tener una declaración de clausura. El Sr. Raniere puede decidir quien tiene la última palabra.

No será necesario más de dos páginas del “notes”.

Si el Sr. Raniere prefiere no notas ninguna, se acepta que ni uno de nosotros se refiere a las notas. Si el Sr. Raniere insiste en tener notas y no tengo notas que también estarán de acuerdo a eso.

El Sr. Raniere se permitirá que su abogado presente y él puede conferir con su abogado antes de contesta las preguntas de cualquier asistente o yo mismo.

No necesito abogado o alguien que me ayude con mis respuestas.

Espero respuesta del Sr. Raniere a esta invitación.

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  • WOW! Vanguard has been called out – and in a way that should allow him to annihilate his opponent. Consider the advantages that Vanguard would have in the proposed Forum:
    – He’s the smartest man in the world.
    – He has a photographic memory.
    – He’s the most ethical man in the world.
    – He’s the most logical man in the world.
    – He’s fully integrated.
    – His opponent is a suppressive and a Luciferian.

    Seems like there are only two things that would keep Vanguard from answering this challenge: (1) everything that Frank Parlato has published is true; or (2) Vanguard is, in fact, a gutless little chicken shit who can only dominate submissive women and eunuchs.

    My guess is that Vanguard will use his famous blazing speed to run away from this challenge to his superiority as fast as possible.

    But then does he explain that to his followers? A “strategic withdrawal”?

  • Mark my words, Keith will not show up. He is a pyjama prince and hasn’t stood at the front lines of anything. No way in hell will he take a hard-ball question from someone like Frank. This Emperor has no clothes. He knows it. I really hope that the people around him take the advice of William Wallace and get the fuck out. The people in charge DO NOTHING WITH THEIR LIVES!. Plain and simple. Having an orange sash is not the same as running a business in reality. Sorry kids. I have so much empathy for Lauren. A talented and smart girl – but she hasn’t does anything with her life except within ESP. That is not the real world. In the real world, one competes with the rest of the world to measure success. In ESP, they do plays and talent shows at V-week and think they’ve overcome their fears. Give me a break. Rather, give yourself a break and realize that you got sucked into a serious dependent relationship. It’s more one-sided than you think. I’ve been out since 2011 and trust me… life does go on – and it gets better.

  • Current Espians – SOP – DOS,

    I understand your concerns. Especially if Keith co-erced or brainwashed you into doing unethical or potentially illegal things. Here’s the thing. In implicating you he’s probably implicating himself. Something he won’t do. If he has collateral on you, you could certain argue blackmail. At this point the last thing he wants to do is release collateral. That will create much bigger issues for him. Including making it much harder for him to get more slaves and more legal issues.

    If you look at ESP / DOS / SOP, it sucks away the souls of the people in it. How many people in ESP truly became “producers” in the real world (not in the film sense but producing results)? Not many. Maybe 10%? Most others became part of the ecosystem that was ESP. Many insanely talented people stopped creating. Many gave up their professions for this “cult”. Many are still sucked in.

    If you are still in it and wavering, you have to be brave. You have the chance to be heroes and take down a disgusting cult with a sociopathic leader at it’s head OR to stay in it and slowly have your soul sucked away.
    Make no mistake about it though, the organization is burning to the ground fast. And those that stay in will watch it burn and look awful when it’s done. You’re more likely to get burned by staying in than getting out.

    Talk to anyone in the course. Especially the higher-ups. Are these people you truly admire? Have they created anything amazing in their lives? Or are they rejects from society who have found the only place where they are likely accepted. Maybe at one time they had decent businesses, but not anymore. Not most of them. And look at Anthony Robbins, Landmark and other courses. There is very little that is unique in ESP. It’s very plagiarized.

    There’s no gray area here. If you are honest with yourselves you know deep inside that there’s something very wrong. What type of leader in a self help group goes bat shit crazy having sex with hundreds of his followers if his primary goal is enlightenment for himself and the masses? Do you really think Keith’s goal is ESP and it’s seemingly ethical foundation? FUCK NO. His goal is to have slaves, satiate and get laid. He’s the ultimate frat boy. Only sociopathic. He’s also likely had a vasectomy for those hopeful to get pregnant. The last thing he wants is kids. That creates liability issues. Be smart.

    The answers lie in you. Any good you saw in Keith, guess what? That was projection. There is no good in him. None in Nancy either. Probably none in Lauren or Clare. And the men still in SOP, talk to them about the scenario that exists and see if they have any empathy for the DOS women or anyone else. They’ve lost a lot of empathy. Potentially all of it. Under the guise of being better humans.

    You have a choice. Right or wrong. Help take the organization down or go down with it. You have to be brave. You have to accept that there might be some consequences (although likely small) to things you’ve done or actions you’ve chosen. And if you have a story about unethical or illegal things Keith had you do, it’s very easy to post on here. You can be as anonymous as you want. For added security you can use a VPN if you feel the need. No one will know who you are.

    But there’s no feeling in the world like doing the right thing and playing the hero. There’s no feeling in the world like finding yourself free from an organization that was sucking your soul.

    I hope you choose to be heroes and come join reality. Once you see what Keith truly is and what others in the organization are, you’ll want to light some metaphorical torches and join the burning party.

    And it’s getting to be one hell of a party.

  • Obviously, The Smartest Man in the World would fatally embarrass a mere mortal like Frank Parlato in a debate.

    So Keith is ethically required to decline the offer.

    That is what he will tell his followers, anyway.

    The reality is that Raniere is scared shitless of Parlato.

    Remember that Raniere hired Parlato as a highly paid consultant almost a decade ago. If Parlato was a “suppressive” or “Luciferian,” then superman Raniere obviously would have perceived it at the first instant. But actually, Raniere even socialized with Parlato as well as discussing business. And Parlato was sympathetic to the (stated) goals of Raniere’s movement.

    Raniere enthusiastically encouraged Parlato to travel from Albany to Los Angeles to vet a real estate investment Raniere had arranged for the Bronfmans to finance. Parlato found that Raniere’s chosen project manager had embezzled $10 million of the $26 million investment, and there was danger that the rest would be lost as well. Parlato successfully negotiated return of the embezzled amount, and return of control of the project to the Bronfmans.

    However, as readers of Frank Report have doubtless noticed, Parlato is brash and outspoken. Parlato told the Bronfmans that Raniere’s real estate investment advice, and choice of manager, was dumb. Which was an accurate assesment.

    But those words risked the Bronfmans doubting Raniere’s omniscience, and walking away with their hundreds of millions of dollars. So despite Parlato having saved the Bronfmans (and indirectly Raniere) $10-26 million, Raniere declared Parlato an enemy, and has been pursuing him ever since.

    Raniere is really out of practice having a debate with anyone that hasn’t had hundreds of hours of ESP indoctrination of his omniscience, and hundreds of hours of Exploration of Meaning crypto-hypnotic brainwashing.

    Raniere knows that Parlato will filet him in a fair debate.

    That’s the real reason Raniere will turn him down.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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