Notice to “anonymous” commenters supporting Raniere

Anonymous commenters are generally the bravest.

A number of these have made the hasty conclusions that I delete comments to keep points from being proven on this website.

Actually, it is pretty easy to comment on this site.

You do not need an email address.  You can make up any name.

I make no attempt to identify anyone.

Some comments are held in moderation by the settings I have chosen.  Mostly, what these do are weed out what appears to be spam and people who put too many links on their comments.

Although I have not yet done so, I will delete comments I believe are libelous or unfairly attack others. I am less likely to delete comments that attack me.

However, if I believe it it is a lie, and the person commenting is anonymous, I may delete it.

I understand people wish to be anonymous because they are exposing Mr. Raniere. He is a vengeful soul. I support them in their anonymity.

But supporters of Mr.. Raniere need not be timid.  Come forward and be brave.

If he is the most ethical man in the world, why need you hide?

If you can prove I am wrong and Mr. Raniere is a jolly good and noble soul, then prove it — in your own name.

I will never try to punish anyone for telling the truth or sincerely trying to get at the truth.

Unlike Mr. Raniere, I will not descend to lying about him or others.

That is the distinguishing factor between us.

Finally, I can enjoy criticism of myself [especially if it is well written] and controversy brings readers.


By the way, a single commenter who goes by several names has a lot to say against the enemies of Mr. Raniere. This person now is known as “Not a Friend of NXIVM’s” but goes by other names as well. Frank Report respectfully requests you identify yourself and post under your real name. If that is too much to ask, perhaps you will post each comment only once rather than the same comment five or six times under different posts. Thanks.




One thought on “Notice to “anonymous” commenters supporting Raniere

  1. Vanguard teaches us that being ethical is more important than following rules, even than following laws.

    Vanguard teaches us that the highest ethic is the survival of the human team, which can only be accomplished by all members of the human team enrolling in his courses.

    Vanguard teaches us that one is ethically required to point out and even to punish unethical behavior by others.

    Frank Report is clearly causing dozens of Vanguard’s followers to reject his teachings, and interfering with enrollment of new followers.

    Vanguard is therefore ethically required to publicly and personally respond to Frank Report.

    It is not sufficient for Vanguard to use mere rules like criminal prosecution. Even if Mr. Parlato is sent to jail, that would not undo the damage.

    It is not sufficient for Vanguard to dispatch commenters to engage in ad hominem attacks on Mr. Parlato. And it is notable the commenters do not dispute the allegations of blackmail, slavery, and genital branding, or attempt to justify the practices.

    If Vanguard does not immediately address his ethical breach of failing to directly and personally respond to the allegations in Frank Report, it is the ethical duty of his followers to punish that ethical breach.

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