Reader: Dr. Roberts is “outside ethical boundaries” – may be “criminally negligent” for branding women

Reader: Thank you for your exceptionally well written reports on the NXIVM cult, the Jness organization, and now the DOS cult.

The Frank Report is an outstanding public service.

I am writing to offer some feedback on Part 5 (“Branded Slaves and Master Raniere”) dated June 9, 2017. You wrote: “At all times, professional medical decorum is observed. While the other women are naked, Dr. Roberts, as a licensed medical professional, remains fully dressed during the branding procedure.”

There is no such thing as “professional medical decorum” in the context of a procedure that veers dangerously outside the ethical boundaries of acceptable medical conduct. Human branding violates the Osteopathic Oath that Dr. Danielle Roberts took as a graduate of the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008. That oath reads in part: “I will be ever vigilant in aiding in the general welfare of the community, sustaining its laws and institutions, not engaging in those practices which will in any way bring shame or discredit upon myself or my profession.” A cardinal principle in contemporary medical education is “do no harm.” The negative ramifications of human branding are well documented and there simply are no beneficial health outcomes to this kind of mutilation.

The fact that Dr. Danielle Roberts is allegedly a member of and participates in the DOS cult of sexual slavery is highly problematic in and of itself. Furthermore, any doctor that deliberately brands a woman who is “forcibly held down and who asked her to stop the branding procedure” is criminally negligent and bears responsibility for willful medical malpractice and misconduct. Assuming the above can be proven through evidentiary testimony, this abhorrent practice stands in direct contravention to the mission and spirit of Dr. Roberts’ medical education.

Thanks for your excellent investigative reporting.

paloma mariella 2
Hunt this woman down and brand her…. with the initials of K R – for Keith Raniere.
dr roberts
Dr. Roberts did human branding.
allie with someone
Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack are women who believe in female pubic branding.
This artist conception of Dr. Danielle Roberts as a ‘mad doctor’ and slave to Master Raniere. She took a lifetime vow of obedience.


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