Executive Success star Farouk Rojas cannot drive, a source says.

“That’s because he lost his driver’s license and because he’s completely illegal,” the source says. “He cannot get his license renewed. He’s been completely illegal alien for years. He can’t do anything.”

Farouk is a Mexican and many foreign born NXIVM members have fake marriages to remain in the USA. “I thought he got married to an American woman,” I said. ‘A relative of Esther Chiappone Carlson.”

“That never happened. She backed off and didn’t marry him.  If he is in Albany, he is there illegally and if  he goes back to Mexico he can never go back to the U.S.. He has been an illegal alien for years.”

I said I thought Farouk was dating Lyvia Cohen who is in Toronto.

My source said, “I have no idea how he could get to Canada. Farouk is in the USA illegally. If he leaves the U.S he can’t come back.”

So he has to ride a bicycle, I asked because he can’t get a driver’s licence not because he is poor?.

“No,” my source said, “he rides a bicycle because he is both illegal and he is poor. The years come and go and he is just as poor as ever. he is smart but he is brainwashed. He is far from his home and if he goes home he cannot return, so he remain in poverty illegally and waits for the day Keith Raniere will make him a singing star.”

Viva Executive Success!




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