Prayer for the further punishment of the damned by we on earth

Isolated from the world, a man exists within boundaries of steel and concrete. He has been here for one year, two weeks, and five days, spending 23 hours a day in a space measuring 6 by 8 feet.

There are no personal effects. Inside his home is a thin mattress atop a concrete slab, a stainless-steel sink and toilet. He has no books, writing materials, or photos. Television and radio are not available.

In this chamber, he is exiled. He sees no one. There are no sounds from the outside. He is confined in silence, broken only by the occasional clang of metal doors or sometimes distant human cries.

His health erodes through life, reduced to its bleakest. The human need for light, space, and the company of others is denied.

No natural light. Sunlight, that symbol of the living world, is replaced by the sterile glare of fluorescent lights, 24/7, disrupting his natural sleep. The glare and flickering cause him eye strain, headaches, and visual disturbance. There is nothing to see anyway.

It is our hope that he will no longer recall the scent of fresh air, of sunlight, wind, and rain.

His air is to be stagnant and musty, bereft of the scent of grass, rain, or any hint of the world.

He tries to escape by seeking memories of ocean breezes and walks under leafy trees, but fails because the stale air seeps into his thoughts and he feels he is suffocating slowly.

In his solitude, time loses meaning. He is a man in the process of becoming a shadow. The line between waking and dreaming blurs into one prolonged nightmare.

Each day bleeds into the next, marked only by the monotonous routine of meals slid through a slot in the door, and the footsteps of those who bring it coming and going, bringing his meals on plastic trays at erratic hours.

Breakfast, which could be any hour, is cold gruel-like oatmeal, a slice of moldy bread, a pat of margarine, a dollop of jelly. The sour, watered-down milk is warm.

Lunch is a thin bologna sandwich on stale white bread, a small bag of stale chips, a few wilted lettuce leaves. The fruit is a syrupy canned cocktail without flavor.

A cold thin mush patty of some unknown meat or soy, or some semblance of a chicken leg is dinner. Cold canned vegetables. A scoop of instant mashed potatoes, cold, that clings to his plastic spoon, or a ladleful of canned corn, laden with sodium and preservatives, served cold.

He eats his meals alone, every meal, in his room, meals high in sugar, sodium, and bad fats and lacking fresh fruit – except the occasional moldy, grainy apple. No fresh vegetables. No lean protein, lacking most vitamins and minerals. He is unworthy of a nourishing meal and, as we planned it, his diet stimulates obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. With fatigue, joint pain, swollen gums, and premature loss of his teeth, a given.

His muscles soften and slacken from the lack of good food, exercise, and fresh air. He has no access to a yard. He has not seen the sun in a year. He paces the narrow floor, four steps to reach one wall, then four steps back in his six by eight-foot room.

We do not pretend to be sadists. He has one hour a day outside his room three or four times a week. There, he can make 12 steps each way.

Then back to his space for 23 hours.

We also let him out to shower twice a week.

And once a month, he can make brief phone calls, which we monitor and record.

Deprived of human contact, his mental faculties wane. Soon, he has no one to talk to on the phone.

We are removing him from the world, from life itself. His thoughts are becoming fragmented. His eyes are vacant now, almost lifeless, staring at nothing. His voice has decayed into a faint murmur. He is teetering on the edge of a breakdown.

We have almost succeeded.

We do not do this with indifference. To see him suffer does us good. To make him suffer does us more good.

For us, moral is what we feel good after doing. Immoral is what we feel bad after and judged by these standards, this place is very moral because we feel very fine with him here. We have a feeling of life and death over him, a sense of mortality and immortality.

After it is over, when someone like him leaves, we feel very sad. But if his health is shattered, his nerves ruined, if he is scared of sounds and people, and disoriented, the shadow of the man he once was, we still feel very fine.

Watching him suffer is like how we imagine we would feel when we go to heaven if God let us see the punishment of the damned to make our heavenly bliss more delightful.

While here, we do our best to make his stay as short as possible while ensuring he never gets out of this place and the world moves on without him.

And when he retires to a climate hotter than Tucson in summer, and we go to our final reward, we hope that the Good Lord grants us the blessing of seeing him, squirming and suffering, in a cycle of torment, severed from hope.

And may we see him suffering even half as much as we made him suffer on earth.

On earth, we made of him an empty shell, a hollow caricature of what was once a human being, unable to move forward, unable to go back.

We were doing the Lord’s work, preparing him so he could tell no difference from whence we kept him, indifferent to the cycles and seasons, and where the Great Lord will deign to place him in the stream of endless time, in endless dread and sorrow.

And we, in our celestial realm where golden light drenches in soft, ethereal glow, will revel in splendor, engrossed in our eternal feast of joy, each moment filled with bliss. And we will feel warmed by his inner coldness, as he is held captive to sorrow, forever knowing there is no exit.

Beyond the luminous and cosmic wonders, down below lies another realm — one of torment and despair where countless souls are consigned to eternal agony, and we thank our Heavenly Father that we helped to put at least one man there.


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  • “… The Bureau of Prisons, which has faced myriad crises in recent years, has also struggled to stem the flow on contraband. In 2020, investigators found a loaded gun that had been smuggled into the Metropolitan Correctional Center — the federal jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. The weapon was found after a weeklong lockdown that led to a criminal probe into misconduct by correctional officers. …”

  • Power comes from the barrel of a gun.

    When the government decides you are a threat to it, there are no rights or rules. If your cult rosters multiple billionaires, and pisses off multiple more, you get 125 years in prison, and years in the SHU.

    “Cults” are a government program.

    You’ve been brainwashed, since the Manson Family, to see and attribute horrific criminal characteristics to any group they label for you as a cult. Because of your brainwashing, you’ll never see anything else, and you’ll never do anything about it.

    In fact, you’ll cheer it on.

    Gung Ho.

  • Case 4:22-cv-00561-RCC Document 54 Filed 09/19/23 Page 1 of 1


    Keith Raniere,
    Merrick Garland, et al.,

    No. CV-22-00561-TUC-RCC

    Upon consideration of Plaintiff’s Motion to Request an Extension of Deadline to
    File Response in Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment, it is hereby
    ORDERED that Plaintiff’s Motion is GRANTED. (Doc. 52.) Plaintiff shall file his
    Response in Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment on or before
    October 16, 2023
    Dated this 18th day of September, 2023.

    Honorable Raner C. Collins
    Senior United States District Judge

  • Keith Raniere never did anything other than mischief when he was a free man.

    He never did an honest day’s work. He never built anything other than a MLM scam, Consumer’s BuyLine, that was shut down as illegal, and then another MLM scam, Nxivm, that morphed into the sex-slavery ring DOS.

    He could’ve gone straight after CBL. The authorities went easy on him the first time. But no, Raniere is dishonest to the core. Arrogant, immoral, dishonest, a smooth liar and talented con man. He was determined to devote his life to crime.

    Finally, after twenty years of prospering in crime, the law caught up with him. He was found guilty by a jury of his peers in open court, despite being represented by a team of expensive lawyers. The evidence against him was overwhelming.

    So now he’s serving his life sentence in a modern Federal prison in Tucson Arizona. A sentence he did everything in his power to deserve.

    He’s in a solitary cell? He specifically asked, in writing, to have a cell to himself. The FR itself published the letter, one of the numerous missives Raniere penned to the prison authorities complaining about having to share with a transvestite cellmate.

    “Ask, and thou shalt receive”.in other words.

    All the stuff about stale baloney sandwiches and diluted milk? Baloney. He gets institutional food, just like college students are served, and enlisted men in mess halls. When this guy was at liberty his idea of a feast was takeout pizza with hot sauce. His idea of a big night out was watching Star Trek reruns lying on the couch.

    The guy ran a cult, blackmailed women and branded them with his initials. He’s in prison now where he deserves to be.

  • “And when he retires to a climate hotter than Tucson…”

    Ah, so this prolix silliness is dedicated to Keith Raniere. Nicki Clyne may have quit defending this criminal, but he still has his advocates.

  • Bryan’s not Keith. But why does Kohberger have more privileges than Keith?
    Because Keith is Vanguard and has more attorneys and greater financial backing than Kohberger, he should enjoy more privileges than Kohberger. What has Keith done wrong?

    Fox News
    Bryan Kohberger’s ‘unprecedented’ pretrial privileges include vegan food, new suits, computer: victim’s dad
    Kaylee Goncalves’ dad Steve says he was denied answers on who’s paying for the accused Idaho killer’s perks
    Michael Ruiz By Michael Ruiz Fox News
    Published September 16, 2023 8:00am EDT

  • Frank
    A goon is in prison for life – who cares. He raped, and brain washed and was in all his glory when he killed. Let him rot. !!!!! The rat stays in prison. Do you get it ?
    This monster took family members, and you write an article to try and gain sympathy? What is wrong with you? What ? Insanity or stupidity?
    Let this piece of trash rot.

  • Where’s the record of someone in authority asking Mr. Raniere what he meant when he said he’s “had people killed”?

    Why did AG offices let Mr. Raniere and Ms. Salzman “enroll” 17,000 of the best and brightest people into “Executive Success Programs” after 2002?

    Why did AG offices let Raniere and Salzman successfully commit so many successful crimes for the next successful 15 years?

    Why did AG offices ignore all the most serious crimes?

    The cover-up continues and all of that is so horrible.

  • Case 4:22-cv-00561-RCC Document 52 Filed 09/15/23 Page 1 of 2


    Keith Raniere,
    -against Merrick Garland, et al.,

    Case No. 4:22-cv-00561-RCC

    1. Plaintiff Keith Raniere, through his undersigned counsel, hereby moves to request the
    Court for an order granting a reasonable extension of the deadline to submit a Response in
    Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment related to the above-captioned case,
    which is currently due on to September 18, 2023, to October 16, 2023, or any date thereafter that
    the Court deems acceptable.
    2. Mr. Raniere’s incarceration poses logistical challenges to enable him to easily participate
    with our office in the drafting of his response. To that end, although we have attempted to
    contact Mr. Raniere to discuss a draft of our Response, we have found it very difficult to reach
    and communicate with our client, and, as such, we have not yet had an opportunity to discuss its
    contents in its entirety with him. We feel it is imperative to do so before filing. As such, we are
    requesting an additional 14-day adjournment to file our Response.
    3. This extension is sought to afford additional time for the undersigned counsel to engage
    in further consultation with Plaintiff regarding the filing of his Response. Although this is the
    second request by the undersigned counsel on behalf of Plaintiff for an extension to file a
    Response in Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment, we feel it necessary

    Case 4:22-cv-00561-RCC Document 52 Filed 09/15/23 Page 2 of 2

    considering his current circumstances and the difficulties they poses to facilitating attorney-client
    communication. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we do not anticipate any further requests
    for an extension to file this Response. Therefore, the undersigned counsel respectfully requests
    the Court for a reasonable extension to file the Response.
    4. Based on the foregoing, Plaintiff respectfully requests the date to file his Response in
    Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment be extended to October 16, 2023, or
    any date thereafter that the Court deems convenient.

    Date: September 15, 2023

    Respectfully submitted,
    /s/ Arthur L. Aidala .
    Arthur L. Aidala, Esq.
    Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, P.C.

  • I hope he’s thinking of how he locked up Daniella and had trays of food passed to her by her guard, Lauren Salzman. For kissing a boy closer to her own age, not his shriveled up old face, who had to blackmail women into becoming his slaves in order to sleep with him. I hope he thinks of how he locked up Daniella for YEARS because of his jealous tantrum. Ain’t karma a Bitch. I hope you’re thinking about that every second, every minute, every hour, every year… for the rest of your pathetic life.

  • I am very bothered by the fact that Raniere is serving a 120-year sentence – which is much more than the 20-25 years that he actually deserved. But considering how much he fucked up my life, I am thoroughly enjoying his inability to adapt to the reality of his new life.

    Hang in there, Keith – and enjoy dying in prison.

    • Joe,

      What about Clare “Horseface” Bronfman? Did Garaufis make the right call?

      I think he did. The sentencing guidelines were recommended shorter sentences, but she is an extremely dangerous criminal with a very high likelihood of reoffending.


    • I don’t know about 120 years or 20 or 25 years
      Personally I think Raniere should of gotten enough years so he’d spend the rest of his life behind bars
      He fucked up many lives

      I’m with you Joe
      He fucked with me long enoug that I’m happy he behind bars
      If Raniere would of gone to prision and just been somewhat normal he wouldn’t been in the SHU

      IMO he got himself there and when the AZ case closes and this stupid Rule 33 is ruled on (come on you think he didn’t take those picture of Camilla when he had over 70 folders of other pictures of women – wake up you silly boys)
      I think Raniere is going to go bye bye to a more secure prison becuase he’s been a dick head while in custody of the BOP.

      What he has done to the lives of so many has been inhumane and his time in SHU is nothing compare to what he has done to all of us. It hasn’t even come close.

      So all you bleeding heart who feel sorry for him – I say f*^k off. You have no idea what this monster had done. It’s his karma biting him in the ass

      • Russell Brand has lost his book deal, his agent and his tour has been cancelled. His Netflix shows have been pulled.

        Over allegations.

        Kevin Spacey’s career was ruined over allegations and he won the court case. But it will never be the same again.

        I hope that all of you who were preaching “be kind” when Caroline Flach killed herself over allegations of abuse remember that we have a culture of “innocent until proven guilty”. Hounding people in the media or on social media is horrific.

        In person is even worse.

        The despicable media (who have already convicted Brand) have spent the last two days revealing details of his houses where he lives with his wife and kids – his address, photos of his house, etc.

        What do you think they expected the result of that to be?

        I hope that the “be kind” brigade finds some of that kindness that they advocate.

  • “ The mission of the BOP is to protect society by confining offenders in the controlled environments of prisons and community-based facilities that are safe, humane, cost-efficient, and appropriately secure, and that provide work and other self-improvement opportunities to assist offenders in becoming law-abiding…”

    Humane? Self-improvement opportunities?

  • I am not going to waste any sympathy on Raniere. In fact, he should be feeling sorry for himself, that is more appropriate. Let’s just remember that eventually Raniere’s appeal will fail and the verdict will become final and he will have to return all the blackmail material including all copies to his victims.

    Frank Report
    Part 3 Where Is the Collateral? Judge Orders Raniere to Return Collateral But Not Until Appeal Is Done – Which Could Take Years
    October 26, 2021

    [ …]

    Per Judge Garaufis’ order, Raniere must help get the return of “all the original and duplicate copies of their [lower ranking DOS slaves’] collateral” within 60 days after his appeal has been decided (If he wins the appeal and gets a new trial, the judge’s order will be moot).

    [ … ]

  • My kindest thoughts about that nightmare are for people like Kristin Keeffe and her son.

    Are they okay?

    Does anyone in the New York AG offices care how they’re doing?

    “Why NXIVM founder Keith Raniere is only now being tried in the federal Eastern District of New York, which includes Brooklyn, and not the Northern District, which covers the Capital Region, is a lingering mystery. Officials here didn’t merely drop the ball; they never even picked it up.”

    • The problem is, when we don’t know how bad the government broke the laws to get him, we don’t know how self-inflicted it is. Raniere is 10 or 15 years bad, not 120 years bad. We’ll never know unless he gets a new trial. If they don’t give him one, we’ll know – for sure – Garaufis is rotten to the core and should be impeached.

      Also, the self-inflicted argument is a cop-out. When people make that argument to me, I tell them they’re full of shit and I’ll beat the ever-living piss out of them if they think differently. When they say they’ll call the cops, I say: “Go ahead. You’ll be dead before they get here and it’ll be self-inflicted.” They usually shut their mouths. The “self-inflicted” hill is not one you want to die on.

      • >> The problem is, when we don’t know how bad the government broke the laws to get him, we don’t know how self-inflicted it is.

        That’s an argument from ignorance and it’s invalid.

        >> Also, the self-inflicted argument is a cop-out.

        And a government-inflicted “conspiracy” is not?

        Come on man. Be better.

        The SHU may be arguably “inhumane” in terms of isolation for a pansy, participation trophy culture, but it’s been around for decades. The only reason this pity article is posted here is to garner sympathy for a convicted sex-trafficker and child pornographer (among other things) who repeatedly thinks he deserves special privileges and the rules don’t apply to him, so that’s why he’s there.

      • 18 U.S.C. § 2261A. State criminal laws penalize threats to injure or kill another person as well as stalking, which generally refers to a course of conduct that involves repeated harassment or threats that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, or intimidated.

      • Wow, Richard. Sounds like prison definitely hardened you. Threatening people who express a difference of opinion that they’ll be dead and it will be self inflicted? That’s just fucked up, Richard. Really fucked up.

        Nevertheless, I am curious how you can believe that Keith didn’t inflict this punishment upon himself? He appears to have believed he was so above the law that he didn’t need to present any real defense. It appears he thought his trial (partly funded by taxpayers) was so meaningless and insignificant that he could just catch up after the fact. That he could write his own rules and render his judgement moot by making accusations of interference later.

        My opinion is that this is hugely disrespectful and incredibly arrogant. Let’s also not forget that he threatened the judge and that the judge provided a sentence appropriate to the crimes. If Raniere had a problem with the charges being leveled against him, he could have spoken up during the trial but he chose not to. The consequence of his behavior is that the jury was mostly presented with the prosecutions view of the events. The jury collectively agreed regarding Keith’s culpability and the judge simply sentenced in line with the charges. I believe it’s unfair of you to accuse the judge of being rotten to the core. Keith had every opportunity to persuade that jury and influence his sentencing but he decided to opt out.

        Richard, given what you’ve said, I also can’t help but wonder if you’re gonna come after me now, because I’ve disagreed with you. Are you going to cause me to be self inflictedly dead? Seems to me that you’re the one dying on a hill, making yourself look like a vicious, murderous asshole in defense of yet another vicious and (possibly) murderous asshole.

        I’m all for justice and fair play. I hate to believe that the FBI might have cheated but at this point? I really don’t care. Keith Raniere was a given a full trial and a chance to explain himself and counter all evidence presented against him but he decided to squander it. Just like he squandered Pam’s money and Clare’s money and so many other people’s lives and hopes and dreams.

        Frank wrote a thought provoking article. For me, it’s hard to imagine a human living in such deplorable conditions but there is something I cannot forget. Keith has only served half the sentence he gave to Daniella. Maybe she didn’t get punched like he did, but until he’s served at least 2 years in solitary, justice has not been served. He deserves every single moment until he has done at least as much time as he insisted Daniella remain in that room.

        It’s time for Keith to stand behind his word and heal his own ethical breach(es). He created this entire situation. Time for him to stop acting like a loser that’s been so hard done by. It’s just pathetic.

        And also pathetic is anyone jumping on his gravy train. This guy never wanted any help. He didn’t even present a defense. He’s only doing this now because he didn’t like the outcome of all his shitty decisions. I pity everyone who is willing to chase the FBI for fraud when Keith was given every opportunity to challenge this from the start.

        If you wanna fall for his BS and fight his cause, Richard? That’s your prerogative. But I’d strongly advise you to stop making death threats. It’s not a flattering look.

      • I agree with Luthmann and O’Hara.

        For Squarefoot’s legitimate crimes, he deserves to serve 10.

        Racketeering and Conspiracy are, in some cases thought crimes. Someone can be indicted for sarcasm and or jokes. Read about the hoax regarding the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping. The FBI created a false flag operation and used it to falsify allegations of crimes. Fake News CNN spread the hoax, like margarine on a Michael Moore pancake.

        The Sex Trafficking charge was another hoax. She was kinky; he was kinky. They got kinky. She contacted HIM first and started the sexual tension. The charge never should have stuck.

        The Child Porn charge, now that is serious. Procurenent and or possession of it is jail time, with obvious exceptions: if someone texted or emailed an unsolicited child porn pic or video. The recipient is not automatically responsible for it. Otherwise, if one seeks out child porn and are caught with it, they’re fucked and deserve jail time.

        Lets explore the Squarefoot child porn matter: supposedly, Squarefoot had SEX with Cami when she was 15. Then took out his camera and took nude pics.

        I have to assume Statute of Limitations expired if he was not charged with sex with a minor. But the pics were still buried in a hard drive.

        On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most severe of child porn, Squarefoot’s offence was probably a 4. I believe it warrants 7-8 years in prison. Along with the other charges, like I say 10 years served.

        We need to remember, Squarefoot did NOT act alone. Dozens upon dozens of people like Sarah, Mark, Damon, Nicki, Cami, Allison facilitated, enabled and in many cases committed these acts.

        Also, the allegations of him raping two 12 year olds are still allegations.

        Squarefoot is a dirtbag. A scumbag. But the actual crimes he was charged with just do not add up to 120 years. Garaufis and Penza are opportunists, seeking fane, which they received.

      • Don’t worry Ginzo!

        You’ll be joining him in Nigger Hell one day too! Then you’ll see first hand his tortures in the Lake of Fire, as you experience it with him!

        And I will sit in Heaven reserved for only the Anglo Saxons and Patriots laughing and saying,

        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

          • “Patriot God, you never acknowledged you have a half Jewish grandfather. What is your statement on this?“


            Have YOU ever acknowledged how you pull shit right out of your ass about me and you don’t even fucking know me?!

            Also, have YOU acknowledged how you constantly stalk me with all your little sick and depraved Jewish sexual fantasies?!

            Why are you so obsessed with me?!

            I’m not gay and I don’t want to be with you and you’re not a real pilgrim! You’re an absolute disgrace to the true historical pilgrims of this country! And you sit here, and have the gall to use their name in vain!

            So why don’t you just do the patriots a favor and jump off a cliff so there will be one less nigger enabler in the world?!

            Lord knows we really need it right now and even the smallest contribution as yourself helps the cause!

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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