The Last Flush: How Chris Ambrose Stunk Up His Career and Left a Lasting Odor on His Family

John Stercus Fimus, The Bidet of Truth

Disclaimer: The tale before you is “Faction,” a curious blend of fact and fiction, reminiscent of your toilet’s unpredictable aftermath following a rather daring taco night. Some elements may be rooted in reality, while others have been exaggerated, dramatized, or completely pulled out of the u-bend of imagination. Any resemblance to real persons or events is as coincidental as finding a clean public bathroom when you need one. The views and opinions expressed are those of the characters and should not be flushed onto the writer or publisher. Reader “discretion” is advised, and by that, we mean you may want to keep an air freshener handy.

By Winston Velvet

In the world of crime TV, where plots are as recycled as toilet paper rolls, one man thought he could flush away the rules.

Though Christopher Ambrose bounced around like a rogue roll of TP, taking a dip in the “Law and Order” bowl and plopping into “NCIS New Orleans,” he hit a clog in the drain of employment when he plunged his hand deep into an old “Bones” episode and fished out the plot for the TV show “Instinct.”

Deceit was his Febreze. He sprinkled lies like those fancy bathroom fresheners, borrowing lines from “Bones” like it was a communal roll of toilet paper at a music festival.

Of his theft of “Bones” from “Instinct,” Chris thought he’d pass a stealthy scent. But fans and the press caught a whiff of his act.

He thought it would pass like a quiet, shy fart, but the bidet of truth was ready to spray, to wash away secrets and lies he might try to wipe clean.

The evidence lingered and refused to go away like toilet paper stuck to a shoe. His deception loomed as a clogged toilet in a one-bathroom home.

Hollywood agents flushed him from their client list. His IMDb credits dried up like a public bathroom out of hand sanitizer. Ambrose found himself circling the drain.

His excuses about his sewer-level blunder were as believable as toilets flushing upwards.

And, as if he had the runs, Ambrose sped to Connecticut, plunged into divorce proceedings, drained his wife’s inheritance, and crapped all over his kids’ happiness by taking them from their mother and out of their happy house.

To his children and their mother, he became the turd that won’t flush, the overflowing disaster you can’t mop up, a man whose presence smells worse than a porta-potty at a chili cook-off.

Yes, so, mothers, tell your children not to do what Chris has done, clogging his pipes with plagiarism and deceit in the septic tank of life.

Please kids, don’t be like him. Keep your record cleaner than a freshly sanitized toilet bowl.

No, don’t be like Chris, the stinker that makes everyone want to evacuate the room, except in Family Court, where somehow his smell is the judge’s favorite cologne. In fact, Judge O’Neill calls it “Ambrosial.”

What Judge O’Neill feels when he sees the affluent father Chris Ambrose:


What everyone else feels, smells and sees:



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  • The silent epidemic of femicide in the United States. March 2023. On a global scale the US ranks 34th for international female homicide. 92% were killed by men they knew. 63%were killed by husband, boyfriend, x husband or boyfriend. Men are much more likely to be killed by a stranger. 5% of men where killed by intimate partners. TOO OFTEN IT OCCURS IN THE CONTEXT OF SELF DEFENSE! Against an abusive male partner. Femicide tends to be more violent and intimate in nature. Women are less likely to be killed by shooting. More likely to be beaten, stabbed, or strangled. Black women are 3x higher than white women but are unpublished in the press. Why is Connecticut reporting significantly less than the average in the United States. Why is factual information in regards to Domestic Violence in the United States being ignored? Why is the Parental alienation industry relentlessly allowed to report and testify factually incorrect information? There is much more information in the article including the police department inability to detect the warning signs. Children are being held ransom in family court endangering lives. Domestic violence is about power and control. The courts are allowing abusive partners to use children such as the Ambrose children to gain power and control over former spouses. Karen Riorden is a victim. Our nations family court judges are purposefully uneducated and using the judicial system to impower abusers. Many court professionals are engaging in the abuse. Predominantly the alienation industry. STOP the Court endused abuse. Free Karen and the kids!!!!!!

  • Cromwell, Pomfret, Greenwich, Bloomfield Bridgeport. All hadr soccer coaches who sexually assaulted female students.

  • Why is DCF bringing the kids back? They are safe off drugs . Appear happier. Possession is 9/10 of the law. They are wards of RI. Ambrose to pay child support.

    • Prayers 🙏. This is true. My heart goes out to Karen and her children. This has taken such an emotional toll on them I’m sure of it. Connecticut is actually going to investigate a crime? Wow. What is happening with the go fund me page? I would much rather donate to the rebuilding of theirs lives than to pay for anymore money to a Connecticut lawyer. Because even an honest one is at risk to be blackballed or disbarred. We don’t need the few decent lawyers we have in the state be taken out by the out by the family court trickster.

  • Angela Frank is Ambrose’s new hire from DCF.
    First he has Tomas Villanueva, then Stacey falk, then Michelle Peterson, moved in to Nancy Stewart and now he’s exploiting Angela Frank.

    Angela Frank appeared on the witness list for Ambrose but then contacted Riordan on cudas behalf the night before.

    Collusion and trafficking at its finest.

    • Family services is no better. These people work in a collaborative effort to angle and maneuver. Connecticut family court is like wrestling an alligator 🐊. Barrel roll after barrel roll. Karen must be exhausted.

  • Dcf is working overtime with Chris to force these kids back.

    They’ve got the goods on DCF. They’ve recorded info to three years bc they’re smart kids who knew they were being fucked.

    So DCF is now concerned with family court orders? Since when are family court orders the concern of dcf?

    Kids are happy and safe in RI but dcf is now devoting manpower to plan their forced return. Or try to anyone. With Ambrose leading the pack- and lying about everything. Nothing new there.

      • Why didn’t the Meriden police start a criminal investigation when the children disclosed what they disclosed?
        If the Meriden police would investigate past their elbows, they’d see how the three teens improved in their mother’s care. Did the Meriden police not speak with all the third parties who investigated and decided the three teens were safe, doing better and much happier in their mother’s care?

  • Christina Knox Plainville found dead in her backyard. Christina Knox Joyner. Recently divorced in Connecticut family court.

  • Stop parking Infront of my house you assholes. Fear and intimidation. I’m going to keep writing in the frank report

      • No one is parking in front of douchebags house. He has fabricated this nonsense like any good douchebag would. Someone would have to be a bigger loser than him to go out to bum f*ck Egypt Connecticut and park in front of someone’s house. May happen on television but not in real life. What can I say, douchebags are gonna douchebag no matter what.

    • Who would want to park in front of your house, you certainly are not a celebrity and your damn sure not good looking, so you think people just want to get a glimpse of what you have built yourself up to be? Are you scared?

    • Seems that your high priced attorney would be advising you not to, the more you write the more people see what you are. Can’t be good for your image.

  • This is BS. They are relentless punishing Karen because Chris failed to establish a healthy relationship with the kids. The damage is done. ? These children are upholding the same thing. The state of Connecticut is torturing them. There is something other than Ambrose’s money fueling this. These judges and court players are so hell bent on sending a message due to publicity. Cuda was obviously brought in because the Connecticut bar association is so currupt.

  • Tell her not to kill herself like Catherine Kassenoff. We don’t need another dead 🦆 duck due to family court corruption.

  • They’ve threatened her with 30 days incarceration this morning. Please keep the spotlight on. They want her silenced. Laws don’t apply.

  • Given the state of CT apparently allows all sorts of nonsense actions (I.e Ambrose v Everyone) would it be possible to sue him for being just a general douchebag. As in if I were to file a complaint against Ambrose for being an all around Douchebag is that something the CT Courts would hear ? If yes, could I get it heard by ONeil ?

    • Chrissy is a douche bag filled with marshmallows floating around oily bubbles of crisco. Enuff whine – in n dine in Ambro! Go on n smell yer farts way we kner yeh like it! Thas wut this whole entire ruuuuhahaha was ! Yeh squirted out a long shart through yer analog version – a real live story about yer own life n now yer jus smellin it !! Cat is out of the pajamies -leavin a trail of kitty litter bee hind! git yer pooper scooper chrise. Oh no it’s not a chrise-eaze again !!!!poor pasty poopy pants.

    • So everyone can sue everyone now for anything. Mainstream news reporters ruin people, topple presidents and wage wars on entire nations. This is getting ridiculous if it isn’t there yet.

  • Wipe that smile off your faeces. This is not funny. What kind of a stinker takes the happiness if their kids away ?

  • Let Karen and the kids out of the rat maze. The Big cheeses in Connecticut and the court house are rotten. The stench is making it way across the world 🌎. If you want to improve family court improve the politicians. It’s all connected. Money is the root of all evil.

  • Upon last report 8 million dollars of funding was used to fill in the budget gaps. Chris Ambrose maybe fueling but grants and funding playing a role. This case should have never gotten this far. He’s being encouraged. Curruption at it’s finest.

  • We can put the blame on all the corruption that goes on in Ct on the judges and the attorneys with the influence on the court, but we have to remember they have to be fueled just like a car to get them running, and who is providing that fuel? Chris Ambrose is really the only one to blame because he’s providing the gas to get it started and keep it running.

  • You would think that bring ridiculed like this would shame him into giving up, knowing how people feel about him and what he has done to his family. Just tells me he’s one of the intelligent people with no common sense whatsoever. If something like this was written about me and the majority of people with any morals, we’d all be looking for a big rock to crawl under. SHAME ON YOU CHRIS, you’ve broken three hearts and put a decent loving mother in a terrible situation. But maybe that was your intent, to be king of the pedophiles and let the world know it.

    • “You would think that bring ridiculed like this would shame him into giving up, knowing how people feel about him and what he has done to his family. Just tells me he’s one of the intelligent people with no common sense whatsoever.”

      What it tells me is he is a father who will not be bullied into giving up on his children.

      So you are telling me that if you were ridiculed online, you would immediately hand your children over to an abusive ex spouse? Pathetic.

      • The father who planned the “parental alienation” flip?
        The father who took all the mother’s money to destroy her with lawsuits?
        The father who makes the mother’s life as difficult as possible? How many more difficulties does he plan?
        The father who exploits vulnerable youth online for his physical pleasure?
        That’s not sad or pathetic. It’s criminal.
        Wake up, whoever you are.

        • HE makes HER life as difficult as possible???! SHE is the one trashing him online and everywhere else as much as possible ever since things started to not go her way 3 years ago. You have it totally twisted.

      • First off , Chris is the abusive parent according to tha children and they have no reason to lie. If Karen was abusive why did they run away from Ambrose back to thier mother? They all have expressed what thier lives were like with him, so yes if he cared about them at all he would give up because they obviously don’t care about him and that’s his fault.

  • O’Neill will always favor, rich, white, male attorneys. Him and Ambrose are scum. They are in the same groups which support pedophilia: Hollywood and the Wealthy.

  • Hey Chris, can I call you Christina? As I lick my juicy black lips I’m thinking of your fat white boy ass. We can be a zebra together. A chocolate and vanilla swirl. Like ebony and ivory we can hold cell block D down. My homies like to play find the coke on the white boy. The rules are simple. You lay still and we take turns blowing that bottom bounce house out. ♥

  • “He thought it would pass like a quiet, shy fart, but the bidet of truth was ready to spray, to wash away secrets and lies he might try to wipe clean.” LMFAO

  • When is Connecticut going to flush the horror movie Christopher Ambrose is ⭐ staring in down the toilet? We need to start handing out flyers for the public on what is happening. We need to start renting booths at all the fairs. We should have a booth at the big E so all of New England can see what is happening in their family court system.

    • “… 2023 Non-Food Vendor Application

      IMPORTANT: As of Monday, July 24 we have a limited amount of Non-Food Vendor locations available for the 2023 Big E. However, we encourage you to apply if you have a unique product or experience that will enhance our fairgoers visit!

      Contracting and Booth Payment
      If you are selected to receive an agreement, you will be given one month to return the executed agreement along with one-third (1/3) of the rental fee. The balance is due during summer.

      Certificate of Insurance
      Your certificate of insurance must be received by our office no later than July 1; if you are purchasing insurance through Eastern States Exposition, payment of $250 must be received by our office no later than July 1. Please refer to the Exhibitor’s Manual for all insurance requirements. …


      Eastern States Exposition is a not-for-profit corporation committed to excellence in providing year-round opportunities for the development and promotion of agriculture, education, industry and family entertainment while preserving our New England heritage.


      Eastern States Exposition is organized as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to:

      Provide an educational experience for urban and rural persons, especially youth, through programs and exhibitions designed to include local and regional participation, demonstration and competition.
      Provide a show window to present the agricultural and other resources of the Northeast and beyond.
      Provide regional facilities for use in serving the best interests of New England and the Northeast.
      Focus attention on the New England heritage and its pioneering spirit that contributes to continuing progress …”

      Family court crimes and corruption destroyed so many people and harmed every aspect of life in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont for the past 40 years. How many people who will be there have survived the family court corruption or know someone who survived the family court corruption? 1 out of 5? 1 out of 3? How many could we save with an information booth there there? California parents, advocates and state legislators have probably done the most to save lives from family court crimes in America so far.

      If family court victims, court reform advocates and legislators in all New England states start coordinating to launch investigations of family court corruption, imagine what we could accomplish together. A booth at the BIG E would be perfect right now, but is it too late?

      First two questions: Is it too late to apply? Do we have sponsors willing and able to pay for the insurance and the booth?

      Second two questions: If we can secure resources for the booth, in what ways can we use that privilege to “develop and promote education and family entertainment while preserving our New England heritage? How can we provide an educational experience for urban and rural people, especially youth, to include local and regional participation?

      Third question: Can we “provide a show window to present resources of the Northeast and beyond serving the best interests of New England and the Northeast and focus attention on the New England heritage and its pioneering spirit that contributes to continuing progress? (The answer to the third question is: YES WE CAN!)

  • Hey- Madison madman Ambrose.

    Stop using our cops to do your dirty work. You sick fuck.

    We pay taxes so you can be “escorted” by cops on some bullshit? You’re weak.

    You called the cops and stalked my kid while she was innocent and driving with friends. You’re a fucking lunatic. One no one wants to deal with.

    Leave Madison. Go the fuck back to Hollywood.

    • Madison claims to be one of the safest places to live in Connecticut. The Madison police department is covering up the abuse. The criminal court is also a mess. Victims are living in a rat maze. Once you enter the Connecticut halls of currupt justice you can not get out.

    • Get him out of your town, file charges against him for the stalking, start petitions and file them with the court, run his ass out of Madison!

    • The tax payers of Connecticut . Chris is not the only one using the police department to harass mother’s. Two schools now reported the interfering in Court orders. Forcing children to go home with a parent on non access days. Department of education fatherhood initiative funding. Discrimination.

  • That sums it up so well. That’s exactly what he did to his wife and kids.

    It’s how he’s lived his entire life. Such a waste. And he keeps paying and threatening and manipulating.

    Threatening to get court orders to have his kids removed from the safety of RI. Threatening and frightening everyone saying the police and dcf will forcibly remove them – again from safe haven.

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