Alarm Bells and Cash Registers: Power Broker Cuda Cashes in on Twisted Family Court Case


Alexander Cuda with a potential mark.

Connecticut attorney Alexander Cuda is at the forefront of negotiations between the judiciary and Connecticut Bar Association attorneys.

And with the judiciary greedily taking their gravy first with their convenient Pathways Docket – and making it a harder pathway for family law attorneys to bill for multiple court hearings when they can all be heard at once, the two groups are now seeking to work things out. The powerful CBA attorney Cuda has become a power broker.

Cuda can get things done for a warring spouse. 

Ambrose Knows on Which Side His Cuda Is Buttered

Take the Ambrose case, where the abusive father was willing to pay big bucks on a case with so much hair that numerous lawyers turned the case down at any price. 

Christopher Ambrose left a legacy unto himself. Seven years earlier, he wrote scripts in Hollywood and pushed his joy buttons in the glamour world of tinsel town content to leave his wife and kids in dull CT, seeing them when he had time.

A nightmarish moment later, he woke up to find he had ruined his career by getting caught for plagiarism, the cardinal sin of the creatives of Hollywood. He had to go home, a fragment of the glamor boy he once was.

Christopher Ambrose

He came home to CT and took all the marital money from the stay-at-home wife, and with his and her money, he bought the kids for himself.

After he purchased them, he kept his kids captive for three long, lonely years. Then they got older and ran away to their mother. No judge would return them.

Ambrose retained attorney Chris Goulden, but judges were unafraid to say no to the mad idea of making three teenagers live with the bad dad who abused them and override juvenile court proceedings where the kids petitioned to be safe from him and live with their mom.

The three teens were happy away from their father. But Judge Thomas O’Neill chose not to consider their happiness. He had larger concerns as we shall see.

Ambrose knew how to play the game. When he first bought custody of the kids in 2020, he retained attorney Nancy Aldrich, whose son is Senator Will Haskell, who sat fat on the judicial committee and could ensure any judge got reappointed.

Nancy Aldrich helped in the sales transaction of three kids…

Then Aldrich moved the case away from Judge Eddie Rodriguez, who might not side with the money. They selected controversial judge Jane Grossman, one of Aldrich’s besties. 

Grossman’s willingness to make kids unhappy to please rich fathers was legendary in CT Family Court. 

CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman
Judge Jane Grossman.

She would find parental alienation, take the happiest, well-balanced kids from happy homes on a moment’s notice, and traumatize them by placing them with the parent they feared, while banning the parent they felt safe with and loved.

[In hell, they know of her great deeds and await her like one would a triumphal hero.]

Kids were always irrelevant to Judge Grossman. This made her beloved to family law attorneys, for she understood they were but a commodity. But it also made her unpopular with parents and dangerous legislators, like Minnie Gonzales, who might try to stop her reappointment.  

Judge Grossman might not be reappointed like her friend and colleague, the equally ruthless Jane Emmons, a judge who got bounced for reappointment to the shock of the whole judiciary for stealing the happiness of too many children. 

Former judge Jane B. Emons. She stole the happiness of so many children that parents got together and placed billboards…
Vote no to Judge Emons billboard…

Now Grossman was up for reappointment, and some $800,000 later – with the addition of Grossman bestie Jocelyn Hurwitz, the GAL – who pocketed $200,000 of the boodle, the Court sold the kids final and complete to Ambrose. 

And Grossman, with Senator Haskell’s help, was reappointed.

Senator Haskell in the center ensured Judge Grossman continued to make children whose parents were stupid enough to go to family court unhappy, but the lawyers who practiced there, were made very happy….

As we said, Ambrose had the children alone and lonely for three years, missing the mother who raised them until this year when the teenagers ran and returned to their mom.

In wanting them back, Ambrose did not care about the teenagers’ feelings. He was concerned about himself. He was once disgraced in Hollywood. This new disgrace of his teens leaving him because of claimed abuse would make him look like a lifelong loser. And if ever the kids were believed, it could be worse. He could land in prison. 

Only the great Cuda could arrange his salvation. Ambrose was willing to pay the fees the wily Cuda knew how to squeeze out of him.

They went to Family Court. Judge Gladys Neives and Judge Eddie Rodriguez refused to take the case.

But the Big Kahuna Cuda was getting big bucks. This was a direct message to Family Court: You did your Pathways shit, but you aren’t gonna take my pie this time.

And shit flows downhill, and no judge would take it. No judge but one. Chief Administrator Bozzuto tapped the rookie, Judge Thomas J. O’Neill, eager to please and eager to rise.


Little did he know he was handed the crow’s feathers, made to walk under a ladder and break every mirror in the courthouse. The little guy O’Neill was ordered to be handsome to Cuda, let him get a lot of hours, then decide in his favor and make it look good. 

O’Neill bit the bullet and listened to the sounds of deception from Cuda for two days. Then, on the third day, he handed the win to Cuda and deprived three teenage children of a mother to favor an unsavory but affluent father.

He issued restraining orders banning the mother from the kids using Jennifer’s Law, a law enacted to protect mothers and children. 

The children, unable to see their mother, fled CT and ran to Rhode Island to be with their grandfather—desperate to escape from their father.  

No one could see this as anything but pay-to-play. And now poor O’Neill will have to hold a hearing to figure out how to keep Cuda in clover without submarining his entire career.

Still, the pressure is on.

Ambrose is paying Cuda to get the mother arrested and insanely try to force three teens – two above the age of consent – back to his home, against their wishes.  All eyes are on O’Neill.

Only Cuda can do it – for a fee. If he handles it right, he can hit the jackpot with Ambrose – for a few days work and get him the kids maybe until they run again.

But Ambrose will pay today, because he is vulnerable. He almost has to purchase his kids. 

And because of the power dynamic, Cuda is selling long.

 CT Cash for Kids

There is corruption in every place where there’s greed, where there’s power, where there’s ambition without morals, where there are men like Alexander Cuda, Thomas O’Neill, and Christopher Ambrose.

They are not unique. Remember that when men such as these enter the courthouse. Remember when you hear voices speaking through others. Remember when you hear parental alienation or a mother banged with Jennifer’s Law, losing her children, and punished by judges’ blind, unreasoning decisions.

Corruption is alive. It is a sickness that favors those with money and power. It aids the greedy, the avaricious, the fleet of tongue who can talk up a shit storm so long as they’re chasing a fast buck. 

Alexander Cuda made his bucks fast and will make more. In return, the teenagers lost their mother, but won’t return to the man who bought them. 

Nexus of Influence 

The dynamics of outside-courtroom cooperation between the Connecticut Bar Association and the Judicial Branch have a malodorous stench of impropriety.  

Power brokers like Cuda will always have influence over weak, inexperienced judges like O’Neill, a pawn in a complex game. 

And whenever an attorney’s proximity to judges and his power threatens even the bogus pretense of a fair judicial system, the alarm bells of corruption resound with urgency and people take notice. 

As the Ambrose case unfolds—with children homeless, a mother banished, and an accused father defended by a shark named Cuda, both men with stones where the human heart ought to beat, the game will continue. 

Be forewarned, everything has its limits. The devil always takes a step too far.


This story comes with a warning for mothers, fathers, and spouses without children who think of family court as a refuge when family troubles cloud.

I say listen. Hear the alarm bells, loud, piercing, clangorous. 

Wild bells to the wild sky, the shrill alarm—shrieking its warning:

Keep yourself away, keep your children away, far away from family court lest you see them not again as though they were sold or dead.

Lost in the night as if pirates took them. 


Do not be deceived by black-robed judges or the kindly lawyer who leads with lies through the gates of thievery and betrays with a smile. 

You don’t become a family law attorney out of compassion any more than you rob a bank out of a vague longing to be rich. 

Ruthlessness and alienation from a compassionate society are essential for the family law attorney, for his reward comes at the expense of children and parents. 

Hear the alarum bells, shrieking, and clamorous.

They clang and clash and peal urgent chimes: There is no mercy in the hellfires of family court.

Bells tolling, jangling, booming, warn of danger. Listen to the angry clapper beating against the bow – strident, ear-piercing.

The bells signify terror, they signify sorrow, and death tolls a knell to the future. If you enter here, it will be no use going back to yesterday. 

Hell is empty, and all the devils are in family court, dressed as lawyers and judges, feeding off children, lawyering their way to wealth and comfort and oblivion.


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Frank Parlato


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  • “September 2, 2023 at 10:10 pm

    Why is Cuda intentionally NOT notifying the attorneys appointed to these teens?”

    • “Dr.” Richard Gardner was apparently Joan Kloth-Zanard’s family friend and “therapist”. Please say several prayers for Joan’s wake up call if she hasn’t woken up yet. She’s probably as much of a victim as everyone else is in that nightmare.

      Joan is/was Co-Executive Director of a business allied, “PASI” with Heather MacLetchie Ehinger. Ms. Ehinger was somehow involved with Needle and Cuda office in the Jennifer Lindstrom “family court” case in Westport, Connecticut.

      Newspaper reports of disclosures of sexual abuse from a child in the case could be one indication that Jennifer was pushed to her limits — as many protective mothers are in these nightmare “family court” child custody cases so often are. It almost looks like a series of (planned?) unfortunate events preceded her fall down the basement stairs. The Westport police investigated, but there’s been no news about the case since August 17, 2023.

      • Did Jennifer Lindstrom of Westport lose custody of her children for resisting Connecticut the family court system’s pro-pedophile plans?

        “ … Updated: June 9, 2021 👈

        BETHEL — A local man accused of showing a juvenile boy pornographic videos has pleaded not guilty to the felony charge, online court records show.

        Marc Lindstrom, 48, was arraigned Tuesday in state Superior Court in Danbury on a single charge of risk of injury to a child. He is free on $10,000 bond, and was due to appear in court again Wednesday, according to the the Connecticut judicial system website. …

        … On May 12, police received a complaint from the child’s mother, who said the boy had made “inappropriate comments using sexual terms” while at school, according to the warrant for Lindstrom’s arrest. According to the school principal, students had been asking their parents about phrases they had heard from the boy, the warrant stated.

        The court filing does not indicate the boy’s age.

        When questioned by his mother, the boy said he had “seen videos” while with Lindstrom that “depicted sexual acts,” the warrant said.

        Two days later, police watched as the boy was interviewed at Family and Children’s Aid in Danbury. The boy told investigators he “had asked Lindstrom how babies are made, prompting Lindstrom to play the videos,” the warrant stated.

        During an interview with Bethel police, Lindstrom denied showing the boy pornography and accused the mother of “coaching” the child, the warrant said. He claimed to have shown the boy a “movie clip” to explain reproduction, according to the warrant. Police said the movie clip provided by Lindstrom did not “satisfy or explain” the disclosures the boy made, according to the warrant.

        A judge signed approved the arrest warrant last Friday and Lindstrom turned himself in on Monday, according to police. …”


        Was Jennifer Lindstrom of Westport, Connecticut set up with the “Parental Alienation” set up?

        In a second child custody case:
        106.00 11/23/2021 D MOTION FOR ORDER Re. Alcohol Testing

        Did lawyers gang up on Jennifer to take her children from her?
        Did the loss of her children drive her to drink?

        Who made arrangements for Dr. Heather Ehinger to get involved in the second case?
        Did Ms. Ehinger’s promotion of pedophilia onto Jennifer’s children drive Jennifer to drink?

        Did Jennifer not know about the “Parental Alienation” set up in family courts?

        One nightmare custody case could easily drive anyone to drink.

        Two could easily push anyone over the edge.

        If Connecticut “family courts” killed another Jennifer — with help from Needle and Cuda — could that be the reason there’s been no news about the results of the Westport police investigation? 🤔

  • Why is Cuda intentionally NOT notifying the attorneys appointed to these teens? Why is Cuda victimizing the alleged victims – abuse by proxy per Chris Ambrose.

    Ambrose’s move is so apparent to all.

    The kids leave. They’ve never wanted to live with him. Their health and emotional, educational well beings suffered.

    They leave snd file complaint against him and get their own attorneys to protect them.

    To eliminate the mom who has never had any claim against her aside from Ambrose- and to shut up his own kids- he blames the mother for their complaints.

    It’s all moms fault. And gets a RO for a fucking year? On his word alone.

    This is a travesty of Justice and one that cannot be upheld.

    Cuda snd Ambrose make a mockery of Jennifer’s law and are abusing the fuck out of three kids in the process.

    God saves these kids from the evils of Chris Ambrose and Alex money man Cuda.

  • The attorneys have their hooks in DCF. Whatever the attorneys want is how DCF rules. The AFCC has their tentacles in every organization designed to protect children.

    Ambrose has used and exploited Stacy Falk, Tomas Villanueva, Nancy Stewart (a repeat offender and known to be corrupt), and now Cuda calls upon Angela Frank.

    Angela Frank’s former supervisor is now an ‘expert DCF consultant’ for a CT law firm.

    The law firm pays her to throw the case in favor of their client, and former DCF supervisor is happy to oblige–a quick call brings in lots of cash.

    One of the quick calls she can make is to Angela Frank–who fabricates information and when there is none, she actively works to entrap parents on behalf of corrupt attorneys like Alex Cuda.

    This is how the game is played. ‘No substantiation’ of abuse means little. If a parent agrees to implement a program or “accept the states help needed for the children’ — the children become the problem, not the abusive parent. This is how money flows in CT and how children are abused by those paid to protect them. AFCC, Family law attorneys– and judges who survive on appointments– no elections here in CT. And no Sherifs either.

  • And Cuda smashes Jennifer’s Law to pieces!

    Fuck you Alex Cuda- you lying, hypocritical sack of shit.

    Coercive control – you’re an abuser Alex Cuda. You just abused three teens and violated their rights while violating Jennifer’s law.

  • This story goes beyond just the failure of one family court case. The system is riddled with corruption. It is called the monetization of justice –or injustice.

    • The teens have all made themselves clear for years. They’ve had enough and will not return to Ambrose.

      Three years alone in his sole custody nearly killed them. They’ve each spoken, written and advocated for themselves. There’s no voo-do It’s amazing how we teach kids they are valuable, they are worthy, they have rights, and to self advocate- but then the words of the man with money and influence- of a parent- with a proven history of lying – takes priority over these teens.

      Total bullshit. Everyone outside the corrupt ct court system sees it. The clown calls the police to contain his own kids. Lock ‘‘em up Ambrose!

  • What you do not understand is that the father misses his babies. I lost my three kids in a messy divorce My wofe got them. That’s what happenned to Mr. Ambrose. His wife has them for all those years. He only had them for three years. That is not enough time to really get to know them. He was away when the kids were young. The wife had them all to herself all those years. They do not want to live with him because they really don’t know him. If I could have forced my kids to be with me through the court I would have done it. You know what is going to happen don’t you. Those kids won’t even ever see him when they grow up. The court must make them go to him. I feel his pain. My kids never saw me again. They are grown. I have not seen my kids in 10 years. To be fair to Mr. Ambrose make those kids come back to him.

    • They’re not property. The concept of alienation is a weapon of abusers. If he did not know them all those years why then should the children be torn from their mother because he plagiarized and lost his career? The kids come first. Giving them choice at 13, 16 and 16 is what needs to happen. You cannot force love. You cannot eliminate all that they lived in the world, isolate them and force 100 percent dependency on the father to rewrite history.

      The “shock therapy” of isolating kids from any parent and ordering no contact is the red flag of child trafficking through family courts.

      This is not a divorce. This is child trafficking and larceny of family funds.

  • Slavery was abolished yesrs ago. These children should not be enslaved to Chris Ambrose. There human beings not property.

  • It’s citizens a private person to use responsible force physical force to the extent he believes responsibly necessary to make an arrest of someone he responsibility believes or is commiting an offense. The citizens responsibly believes Chris Ambrose is commiting the offense of child abuse. We want to make a citizens arrest. Karen reasonably believed Christopher Ambrose was and is commiting the crime of child abuse.

    • Let’s get enough signatures to make a citizens arrest of Chris Ambrose. We have the children testimony and psychologist reports. Let get him arrested and prosecuted. These children can’t be returned an unsafe household. We need to make citizen arrest and have the state prosecutors office deal with the crime of domestic abuse. The family court judges are unfit for the job. Let start prosecuting crimes instead of prosecuting victims in family court.

      • I do not advise anyone taking the law into their own hands. Please do not attempt to make a citizen’s arrest of anyone.

  • Mr Cuda is doing his job. He has the right to represent any client. Mr Ambrose has legitimate legal concerns. He wants to be with his kids. True they don’t want to be with him but it’s not up to them. It’s up to the judge. The judge makes the final call and those kids will have to learn to like it.

    • Mr Cuda is doing which job? He has the right to represent any client — and … ?

      What are Mr. Ambrose’s “legitimate legal concerns” after those obviously corrupted court proceedings?

      “He wants to be with his kids.” — and do what? Invite “Latino Bois” from online to the home?

      Stop trying to coax the public into going along with perverse and dangerous lifestyles.

    • What is the legal concern. Forcing his will on everyone? He was an absentee dad until he got fired. Now he is daddy of the year? We are not buying the it. This is about power and control not the welfare of children. Update Frank on the hearing?

        • His attempt to arrest her started in Judge Rodriguez’s court a few weeks ago. Judge Rodriguez heard part of his script, dismissed the motions and declared a mistrial. Rodriguez sent it to Judge Nieves’ probably knowing she has the most experience with these cases and can protect those three teenagers from the nightmare Adelman created.

          Goulden withdrew their once-very-urgent request to jail the mother from Judge Nieves’s court and then Cuda took the SAME request to Mr. O’Neill to present it to him.

          Fascinating, right?

          Chris says he isn’t trying to throw Karen in jail — but you see, locking her away for a very long time seems to be the only way for him to redeem his ruined reputation. The public would see a jailed mother and think, “Oh, what a horrible mother she must have been!”

          Jailing her would be a win-win-win-win-win:

          1. Connecticut parents would see that sexualizing children is healthier than protecting them.
          2. Karen in jail would help the three judges’ case against Paul Boyne …. to:
          3. distract attention away from the federal crimes the Connecticut AFCC, Inc. committed; and,
          4. If she’s in jail, Nussbaum, Cuda and Needle wouldn’t look so bad either, right?

          Who cares about the health and well-being of those three teens, anyway?

          • Posted five years ago …

            “… For two years I was forced by the State of Maine to traffic my daughter for weekends with her father after he was confirmed for raping her and then she was taken from me entirely when she was four years old. A notoriously corrupt judge ignored testimony from medical examiners who explained, in detail, my daughter had been sexually abused by her father and should be protected from unsupervised contact with him. This judge defied Maine’s top forensic doctor and ordered me to drive my daughter, three hours each way, to her father every weekend. Prior to being confirmed for sex abuse, her father had been on supervised visits ordered by a female judge concerned about my daughter’s safety given her father’s police record of domestic assault against me. The female judge was removed from the case and replaced, in illegal case-rigging, by a male judge known as Maine’s worst judge. …

            … No one cared. No one helped. People rarely even expressed empathy for me or my daughter. Quite the opposite. People have been cold, cruel, unkind and uncaring. Many of those weeping over children at the border know me and what happened to my daughter. Since it wasn’t politically advantageous for them to care, no tears were shed for my child.

            My daughter will turn 12 this year. She has had no contact with her mother since she was four. She does not know where I am or why I am not taking care of her, loving her, protecting her. In five years she will be 17 years old. The college fund I had set aside before she was born is gone. I have been unemployed for five years now, after her father and his lawyer targeted my job as a professor and stalked and harassed me on campus until the university illegally terminated me for being “unable to keep my personal life off campus”. Before my daughter was trafficked, she was a child who had a professional mother, respected in her field, earning a good salary, owning her own home with savings, retirement and health insurance in place. All of that is gone. Taken from me and my daughter by an organized group in Maine engaged in extremely profitable racketeering by trafficking vulnerable children.

            Across the country, lawyers, judges and child protection employees are putting children in the sole custody of fathers confirmed for abuse of their own children. This is common. My daughter is far from the only case. Patricia Mitchell, of Patricia’s Children, explains how family courts have become criminal enterprises in her Huffington Post articles. Family courts and child protective services are secure-supply lines for pedophiles to obtain control over, and unfettered access to, children. They are trafficking children. But no one has cared. …

            Dr. Lori Handrahan has over twenty years of humanitarian and human rights work in Central Asia, Africa and the Balkans. Her focus is gender-based violence, conflict/post-conflict environments, UN reform, and ending child sex abuse. She was UNHCR’s first Gender Expert in emergency operations during the Darfur genocide, UNHCR’s Regional Gender Advisor in The Balkans, CARE’s Girls’ Leadership Assessment lead evaluator in Yemen, UNFPA’s Gender-Based Violence Information Management System lead evaluator in Uganda, and OCHA’s sole evaluator on their agency-wide gender review. Dr. Handrahan completed her Ph.D. at London School of Economics. Her work is published widely from academic journals to The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, The Washington Times, Forbes, The National Journal, The Daily Beast, and Fox News. She has been a guest on CNN, Fox News, CTV, and CCTV. …”


    • whoever wrote that the kids are going to have to « like «  it..
      (Being forced back into an abuser..)
      Should just go back to medieval village and find his goat.

    • Obey obey obey
      No way
      No way

      No one has to «  like «  anything.

      Go back into the red man’s hole where you came from.

      We have what’s called free will ?

      Let me guess
      You probably have a thing for burkas too

    • Mr. Cuda is doing his job as mercenaries do their job in war. Who in Hell designed dangerous family court cases to be for profit and purposely adversarial with no oversight and no accountability?

      • The same kind of “leaders” who designed AFCC Inc. public-private for-profit purposely adversarial “family courts” send tax dollars to kill Ukrainians and Russians in a purposely adversarial war for profit with no oversight and no accountability.

        Cui bono?

        BlackRock buys real estate Americans lose in debt and BlackRock buys the best farmland in The Ukraine.


        These institutional investors are mainly investment firms banks and insurance companies. In turn, they, themselves are owned by shareholders and the most surprising thing is that they own each other’s stocks

        Together, they form an immense network comparable to a pyramid. The smaller investors are owned by larger investors. Those are owned by even bigger investors. The visible top of this pyramid shows only two companies whose names we have often seen by now. They are Vanguard and BlackRock. The power of these two companies is beyond your imagination. Not only do they own a large part of the stocks of nearly all big companies but also the stocks of the investors in those companies. This gives them a complete monopoly. … Bloomberg calls BlackRock “The fourth branch of government”, because it’s the only private agency that closely works with the central banks. BlackRock lends money to the central bank but it’s also the advisor. …”

        For decades in AFCC Inc. family courts around the world, judges, lawyers and vendors have been encouraged to absolutely decimate hundreds of millions of children and families in for-profit purposely adversarial cases. That destruction of the fabric of societies helped weakened nations along with the imported drugs, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down” in public schools, the pushed promiscuity etc. Meanwhile, the global “long march through the institutions” marched everywhere.

        The blatant corruption in family courts across America and around the world no one seems to be able to do anything about for the past forty years has served a political purpose. AFCC Inc. formed public-private networks of horrible judges, horrible attorneys and horrible vendors who committed horrible crimes against children and families for so long for a reason. Director Adelman and Treasurer Horwitz have been at it for the past few decades and The Hartford Courant hasn’t published articles about it yet. That torture of children and parents in nations’ family courts uses “The Alice in Wonderland Technique” for “order out of chaos” and many exhausted parents who do and don’t know what’s happening get beaten down so low, they’re eventually too weak to fight it.

        Smart reporters at The Hartford who aren’t beaten down must be able to see what’s happening, but all the articles about the great “family courts” serve a political purpose, too.

        Meanwhile: The truth is always fair.

      • Don’t fall for the flabby 2023 version of the late 1800s Red Shirts marching in Florida singing a “Männerbund Anthem” with a man who calls himself “Handsome Truth”. In the late 1800s, “Red Shirts” created fear, division and chaos to convince voters to vote for “Democrats” and the wealthiest in the world.

        The 2024 election is next year. When news about Paul Boyne hits mainstream newspapers, headlines won’t be about the organized family court crimes and corruption in Connecticut. It will be about anti-Semitism and the need for censorship in a free society.

        News about Paul Boyne won’t be about crimes and corruption in his family court case or crimes and corruption in all other family court cases since 1984. Headline news about the three judges’ case against Paul Boyne will serve to distract attention away from the fact that Connecticut AG offices ignored the blatant family court crimes and corruption since 1984.

        The phase to divide and conquer families in Western nations will probably eventually melt into the next phase to divide and conquer entire nations for BlackRock, Vanguard and the wealthiest in the world.

        Representative Anna V. Eskamani @AnnaForFlorida on Twitter, September 2, 2023:

        “Days before the march, the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism warned it was coming. “Two extremist groups, the Goyim Defense League (GDL) and Blood Tribe (BT), are planning to gather in Florida in September 2023 for a joint, public demonstration(s) they are calling the ‘March of the Redshirts,’” the center said in a community advisory shared via email on Thursday.”

        The song that awkward band of “Red Shirts” sang, trying to gather support:

        “We’ll Have Our Home Again

        When there’s nothing left, but the fire in my chest
        And the air that fills my lungs
        I’ll hold my tears, and trade my years for a glimpse at Kingdom Come
        On the other side of misery, there’s a world we long to see
        The strife we share will take us there, to relief and sovereignty

        Oh by God we’ll have our home again, by God we’ll have our home
        By blood or sweat, we’ll get there yet, by God we’ll have our home

        In our own towns, we’re foreigners now, our names are spat and cursed
        The headlines smack of another attack, not the last and not the worst
        Oh my fathers they look down on me, I wonder what they feel
        To see their noble sons driven down, beneath a coward’s heel

        The road is dark, the way is lost, my eyes they strain to see
        I struggle forth to find a friend to light the way for me
        Oh brothers can you hear my voice? Or am I all alone?
        If there’s no fire to guide my way, then I will start my own …”

        Catchy tune.

        Everyone wants to belong and most feel confused and defeated sometimes for all kinds of reasons.

        May as many as possible see “Red Shirt” fires of the 1800s and 2023 are bad fires to stoke division.

        Jesus of Nazareth said two thousand years ago, “I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” His fire was kindled and it reached around the world because it’s for everyone everywhere.

        I’m hoping and praying Americans are smart enough to actively reject the purposeful division that’s going to flood us 24/7/365 for the next 14 months.

        • Maybe it’s all just coincidence:

          The red and black costumes in that gathering are typically associated with satanism.

          A few Americans imported a few Nazi scientists and doctors after WWII in “Operation Paperclip”.

          “Pohlhaus could be seen in one video claiming he would vote for President Biden in 2024 over his support for Ukraine, where the far-right all-volunteer military group Azov Battalion is fighting..”

          A few Americans sent a few Ukrainians $112 billion dollars in 2022. It’s now about a billion dollars a month.

          ”Handsome Truth“ posts a Black Sun symbol on his social media page.

          Metabiota’s logo looks a like the Nazi occult Black Sun symbol and “In 2017, Metabiota signed strategic agreements with Munich Reinsurance Company and In-Q-Tel, Inc. (“IQT”), the strategic investor that accelerates the development of technologies to support the US intelligence community. …”

          The Dixieland Nationalists Club (DNC-133) replaced the I in Nationalists on the back of their red shirts with an upside down cross.

          The broken cross on Joseph Stalin’s father’s grave looks like the broken cross on the red shirts of the 2023 Red Shirts.


          • … Kent ” Boneface” McLellan was arrested by the FBI in Florida for domestic terrorism in May of 2012. The FBI said he and others were “preparing a terrorist act against national minorities in Florida.”

            He then fled to Ukraine to join Right Sector (a creation of the CIA) in 2014. In 2022, he returned to Ukraine and was reportedly deported. Now he’s back in Florida where he’s active in the local Nazi scene. Yesterday he was on I-4 with a group of Nazis who were saying they support Joe Biden while they were waving swastika flags and shouting slurs at me because I am Jewish.

            There is no way you get away with all of that after being arrested by the FBI for domestic terrorism, and there’s no way you get away with traveling to Ukraine to fight in a foreign war as an American Citizen defected mercenary unless you are some type of FBI or CIA informant. …

          • Signs and symbols: “… The Cross of Nero/The Neronic Cross/The Broken Cross: Also known as the peace sign, the Druid’s foot, the raven’s foot, the Neronic cross among several other names, the cross of Nero is an occult symbol that has been used since the time of Roman Emperor Nero who lived in the 1st century AD. It is a symbol of anti-Christian sentiments and is believed to represent Nero’s belief that world peace could happen without the existence of Christianity. …”

            Wikipedia: “Throughout the history of the Soviet Union (1917–1991), there were periods when Soviet authorities suppressed and persecuted various forms of Christianity to different extents depending on State interests. Soviet Marxist-Leninist policy consistently advocated the control, suppression, and ultimately, the elimination of religious beliefs, and it actively encouraged the propagation of Marxist-Leninist atheism in the Soviet Union … The state advocated the destruction of religion, and to achieve this goal, it officially denounced religious beliefs as superstitious and backward.

            The Communist Party destroyed:

            👉 churches, synagogues, and mosques 👈

            … ridiculed, harassed, incarcerated and executed religious leaders, as part of the promotion of scientific atheism …”

            That would never happen in America, right?

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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