Connecticut Family Court Chaos: Lawyers Exploiting Families for Financial Gain

If one removes racist and anti-Semitic comments and calls for violence, whether satirical, protected speech, or cyberstalking, it become easy to see that the Family Court Circus made some excellent points.  Here is an article taken from two from the blog, sanitized of offensive terms, edited for style.

One of the reasons divorce proceedings in Connecticut are protracted is that family law attorneys exploit family savings to maintain lifestyles they couldn’t otherwise afford.

An actual divorce involves about 90 minutes of actual work, much of which is typing.

The root of Connecticut’s family court dilemma is the family section of the Bar Association, a breeding ground for subpar and ethically challenged lawyers.

Many family law attorneys operate independently or share office space with another lawyer to cut expenses. Some launch a website and work from home due to a lack of clients that would require professional office space.

Attorney Maria F. McKeon, who leads the McKeon Law Group, LLC. This so-called ‘group’ consists solely of Maria, with listed offices in Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield, New London, Middletown, Tolland, and Windham.

Maria reportedly lacks any physical office locations. She conducts her work from her kitchen in Amston, targeting parents entangled in divorce proceedings. Her tactics involve depleting family savings, prolonging litigation, creating chaos, extracting money, and sometimes abruptly quitting without delivering a finalized divorce.

McKeon took on a mother in a straightforward no-fault divorce case, amassing a staggering $145,000 billings within a year. She extracted $85,000 in cash from the mother and an additional $60,000 in billing before abruptly quitting without completing the case.

It required the collaboration of the father’s attorney, Lisa Knopf, which sparked the legal battle spanning 738 days of a ‘no fault’ confrontation and another 450 days of post-judgment litigation

With hundreds of entries on the docket, the lawyers converted the Campos family into a lucrative opportunity.

Attorneys McKeon, Knopf, and the man they got the court to appoint to look after “the best interests” of the two teenage children, the GAL Kevin Finch Esq., made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The ensemble also included attorneys James Hardy, Dante Gallucci, Josephine Miller, custody evaluator Jessica Biren-Caverly, and clinical social worker Lisa Kerin — all billing by the hour.

The money spent with the lawyers and experts is more than what the two children will require for their college education.

Court records alleged anger issues and destructive behavior against the father, including smashing the mother’s laptops and attacking her. The son was injured trying to shield his mother from his knife-wielding dad.

This meant the money lay with getting custody to the father – because that was what the children did not want, and the mother would fight to protect him.

The divorce was complete. Sadly, the daughter reached age 18 and was out of the case, wanting nothing to do with her dad. There was nothing the lawyers collectively could do to bill the parents anything more for the girl.

But the son was only 15. He also chose not to visit his father.

The attorneys and the GAL knew the billings would end if the 15 year old stopped visiting the father and they got some pliable judge to agree.

Porcine evaluator

They tapped the custody evaluator, the expert on parental alienation, Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, who determined the mother alienated the son and he needed to visit his father.

To justify advising a 15 year old to visit a dad who previously stabbed him with a knife, Biren-Caverly determined the father never intended to harm his son, he was only trying to stab the mother when the boy got in the way.

The GAL, the lawyers, and the experts weighed in. This case could stay alive. More billings.

They went to pliant Judge Elizabeth Stewart, who ordered the mother to order the child to visit his father, initiating a continuous financial gain for the lawyers.

The son refused to visit his father.  Everyone knew that would happen.

The lawyers switched judges, a common practice, to pump up billings and shift the shifty rulings, to spread them out and make it seems like judicial consensus.

The mother explained to the new judge that her son is physically larger than her; she could not force him to go. He refused to visit his dad.

Judge Anthony Truglia knew where the bread was buttered – for everyone in the courtroom who mattered – the lawyers, the experts and the parent who was paying – in this case the father.

He would be prosecution, judge and jury. If her son did not visit his father he said he would send her to jail without a jury trial. 

The mother said, “The judge coerced me into a corner…. My son acquiesced out of fear for my well-being, but he won’t be able to endure this much longer.”

She mentioned that during one coerced visit with the father, the police were summoned. It could have turned violent. 

“He can’t stand his father,” she said, “He’s struggling to maintain composure because he doesn’t want to start a fight.”

But a fight is what the lawyers want. 

The mother had stopped paying Mckeon. The father was willing to continue; paying his attorney Knopf and she marshaled the custody evaluator Biren-Caverly and the GAL Finch – all billing by the hour – to advise the court that it is in the best interest of the child to see his father, and arrest the mother if she doesn’t comply.

She had to spend more on legal fees.

Ten months after Mckeon’s departure, the mother was entangled in the Bar Association’s arbitration, facing a demand for Mckeon’s remaining $60,000.

And the beat goes on.  

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  • We can all agree that the current court system is uninformed, and inappropriate in its involvement in family matters OR a worse they are all in due to the lucrative and incentivized financial profiting.
    It’s simply not the right tool as it invokes further conflict and rewards parents who treat their children as property and voluntarily, or involuntarily cast a big black cloud on the other. As correct as that statement is, neither is “mental health” an appropriate remedy. There is too much gender and politicization of the child Victims in these cases. There is one clear and inarguable fact about “PA” regardless of one’s acceptance of the pathology, or rejection of its concept: PA is a catchall phrase that describes a set of behaviors designed to train a child to reject another parent. Nowhere in 5 million years of human evolution does this type of behavior exist other than the past 50 years inside of our legal family court system.
    To argue the virtues for or against is divisive and adds to the controversy. To simply address it as what it is: behaviors is the only way out. You cannot explain away, rationalize, or validate the child’s behaviors in that context. Except to say that the child is being systematically trained by someone, somewhere and it’s child abuse aka brainwashing . But of course there’s no money to be had in that is there? Mudslinging and controversy is the perfect fodder for all involved: the courts, lawyers, GALS, pro PA, Anti PA, women’s rights DV advocates, men’s rights groups, social services, political leaders and yes, even media celebrities who pen hit pieces pretending to advocate for “the children”. They all feed off of the corpses. In the meantime, children and parents are severed.

  • Brings back a flashback, I was 22 working in a italian restaurant in little italy, new york owned by a friend of the family, i remember the red checker cloth tables, chanti bottles on the table, an absolute loudmouth jerk customer was giving us all a hard time, 3 guys walk in, one stayed at the front, the other 2 walked up to the jerk and to this day i remember his name thacker, Mr. Thacker I am going to ask you nicely “you are never to hit your son again”, who the hell are you? he is my son and I have custody of him and weekends and don’t tell me how to raise him, Mr. Thacker, oh F-you, the chanti bottle on the table was smashed over his head, and the other guy grabbed the chair and flipped him on the floor, he was kicked several times, Mr. Thacker, if you hit the kid again, ill see you again and it will not be a polite discussion like this, you are going to tell me right here, right now that you will never lay a finger on the kid, well, a few more kicks, yeah, i will not touch him, ok, is this your home address, just want to make sure, and they left, i saw and heard it all, they were dead serious, my guess is the kid was never hit again by his father, old school, no lawyers needed.

  • But a fight is what the lawyers want. all is the name of money… high conflict spells dollars from this filth of society. add in the judges who see, hear and know this is going on and don’t do anything about it except join in the rummage sale.

  • same old story and nothing ever happens. It happens to fathers, it happens to mothers but the long term damage happens to the children.. who are used as pawns for financial, custody gains all by squeezing as much as possible from these families.

  • Please see the 2000 Troxel Ruling:
    There’s Now No Clear Precedent
    Rather than continuing to uphold the Parental Rights Doctrine clearly established in previous cases, the Supreme Court’s split decision in Troxel v. Granville (2000) opened the door for individual judges and States to apply their own rules to parental rights.

    Parents have no clear constitutional rights to the upbringing of their children anymore since 2000.

    Please understand law to protect yourself and your children.

    End family court forever.

  • Who’s most “coercively controlling”? Mothers ... fathers ... or blatantly criminal corrupt “family courts”? says:

    … Coercion methods:

    1. Isolation
    2. Monopolization of perception
    3. Induced debilitation and exhaustion
    4. Threats
    5. Occasional indulgences
    6. Demonstrating “omnipotence” and “omniscience”
    7. Degradation
    8. Enforcing trivial demands

    In a 1973 report on torture, Amnesty International stated that Biderman’s Chart of Coercion contained the “universal tools of torture and coercion” …

  • This is disappointing to say the least to learn it’s business as usual in CT family courts and that these injustices continue.

    Frank I think you’ve been writing on this topic longer than you wrote about NXIVM before that story blew wide open and with that wonder if this is now a lost cause?

    This beast seems much much bigger than the Raniere Bronfman syndicate and the players much more crafty criminals.

  • Connecticut residents , We will continue to pass laws and punish you into silence. We will continue to defend our state employees who assault amendment auditors. We will label anyone attempting to exercise their constitual rights to freedom of speech. Even if you don’t threaten anyone. We don’t want freedom of speech in the state to continue because we have worked diligently to allow our conduct to go undetected by the public. We will continue to ignore credible complaints filed. We are going to continue to stand in front of the press when a woman and children are murdered. Pretend we are doing something like passing gun laws. We will continue to make commission that doesn’t address important issues. We will place people on these commissions who will work for us and fail to answer the people it was created for. We will continue to cover up and punish women coming forward with sexual assault complaints. We will label them a hate crime or force you to recant and prosecute you. We don’t want anyone to know about college campuses rapes. We will continue to pass laws forcing people to endure abuse and pedophilia if nessacery. It’s in our best financial interest to do so. We want to continue reduction of funding meant for the the people in the state so we can go on trips to the beach ⛱️. We might just have to put Karen in jail to prove a point. We are going to continue to ignore you and do as we please not because it is the right thing to do. Because it works out for us. So you have the right to remain silent and anything you say or do will be held against you, so we can continue being the worst family court system in the United States of America. We are drunk on power and control the narrative to desired out come best for us not the children in our state. We don’t care about the adults paying taxes because we continue being elected into office by uniformed people.

    • So few know. That’s what’s actually been happening in Connecticut since AFCC, Inc. entered the state: says:

      Standing “in front of the press when a woman and children are murdered.“

  • Absolutely Frank! These people are going to cash in on every dime until these children turn 18. The court abuse is not just impacting the parents it’s greatly harming children. They threaten you. Judges you have never seat in front of and know nothing about your case sign of all kinds of things. This is happening all over the state of Connecticut courts. It’s not just the wealthy.

  • Yes, and all of the men at the KKK rally are actually wearing blue jeans under their robes, so really, they are just a bunch of men hanging around in jeans,. The robes, burning crosses, annd racist rhetoric are just satire to make a point. Why, if you take out all of the mentions of “hang the n-words” you’ll see they make some pretty good points!

    Give me a fucking break.

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