Unbroken Bonds: a Father Wins Custody in CT Family Court But His Kids Think He’s a Stinker

Disclaimer: The characters, events, and situations depicted in this narrative are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or real events is coincidental.

Unbroken Bonds

Ambrose chris

By Julian Borrowell

Fabricio Liftman went on a self-imposed exile in Hollywood—as a TV writer – leaving his three young children with their mother.

For 13 years, the children Maya, Mason and Carter shared their days with their mother, Karina Goodwin, amid the picturesque landscapes and charming neighborhoods of Westport, CT.

In Hollywood, the echo of Fabricio’s laughter mingled with the bustling streets, and the banter of the occasional male escort to ease his loneliness, as he carved a path toward a secure financial future.

His nights were devoid of romantic affairs, except for the occasional young hot Latino male whose services he purchased by the hour negotiated curbside on Santa Monica Blvd.

The years passed. His children grew. He in Hollywood. They with their mother in CT amid her extended family and friends.

One fateful day, Fabricio committed a small error that the unforgiving merchants of Hollywood would not overlook. As a writer, he plagiarized a script he believed had never seen the light of day, authored by another creative mind.

Unfortunately, the television show in question had indeed aired.

In the harsh world of the entertainment industry, the consequences of this single misjudgment were merciless.

A single misstep, one note awry in the symphony of his career, shattered his aspirations. He lost his job, his agents severed ties. He faced the grim verdict that he would never work in Hollywood again.

As the world of Hollywood closed its doors, Fabricio turned his gaze to the beacon of his heart – his beloved children.

He returned to CT, seeking refuge in his children’s warmth, laughter, and innocence. But Karina, the mother, seemed estranged. The children felt more comfortable with her.

He tried to sleep with them in their bed to get closer. Sometimes to coax them, he seemed accidentally asleep in their bed.

He tried to playfully tickle them and kiss them all over. But they responded with fear, not love.

He tried being stern and discipline them. He raised his voice to earn their attention.

He punished them, and showed his temper. He secretly recorded them to show others how they felt about him and why it was the mother’s fault.

“Parental alienation, a venomous serpent of manipulation, slithered forth to ensnare my offspring in a cocoon of mistrust,” he said to his parental alienation consultant, an expert on divorce and custody, using words he might have plagiarized from another creative mind.

Finally driven by an unquenchable longing to hold his children close, he locked his wife, Karina, out of their joint bank accounts, keeping her share of the marital funds, and took her inheritance too.

Then he filed for divorce.

He fought his battle in CT Family Court, where the right attorney found the friendliest judge, who appointed the most carefully selected guardian ad litem, who would ensure the best court appointed therapists and agreeable custody evaluator.

These would ensure the results the man who paid paid for. In other words, parental alienation. Presto! Remove the mother from the children’s lives.


Custody Evaluator Porcia Snodwell finds parental alienation every time the GAL tells her.

The right attorney, Nathan Gypsmith

A good judge, Judge Dominique Cheatley…  

Fabricio stepped into the arena of justice, his armor clad in determination, his sword etched with two little words — parental alienation.


His checkbook, enabled by taking his wife’s share of the funds, paid for experts who would decide Karina had alienated the children, and custody must be flipped to the father regardless of how the children felt.

The courtroom’s hallowed halls transformed into an arena of clashing wills. Fabricio stood as a colossus of determination, a knight armored in valorous resolve.

He told the judge, using words he borrowed from another creative mind, how the mother Karina Goodwin “ensnared the children’s hearts with artifice, weaving a tapestry of deceit that danced upon the winds of parental alienation.”

Since he had all the money, he could pay the experts to testify for the “best interests of the children.”

Still accusations flew in the courtroom of Judge Jane Kupson Schemer – money, greed, betrayal. Karina accused Fabricio of taking her wealth and leaving her with nothing.


But he said he was backed into a corner, forced to make choices he never wanted to make. If he hadn’t taken her money, Karina would have used her own money against him, tearing apart any chance of a peaceful resolution. He had to steal her money, in the best interest of the children.

Hour after hour, Fabricio made his tear-stained testimony. He pleaded, he begged, he implored for the chance to bring his loved ones home to him alone.

Happily, the experts he paid became his allies in his quest for reunion.

Custody evaluator Jocylyn Camberlie-Biren… 

As the experts told Judge Schemer, “the sinister dance of parental alienation by the mother collides with the intricate dance of the father’s healthy family dynamics.”

The Guardian Ad Litem, Joyce Wurlitz….   

The court ruled in his favor, ordering a future where he and his children could find solace without the mother they thought they loved.

The children were ordered out of their home with their mother, and by evening they were alone with their loving father.

For three years, he had them all to himself. The mother excluded.

Judge Schemer barred Karina from phoning, texting or emailing the children. Yet their brains were controlled by their mother’s brainwashing. They felt resentment toward Fabricio. It was a dark shadow, casting a pall over the relationship.

Ambrose chris

He moved his children to a solitary home in Madison, away from their mother, school, and all their family and friends they knew their whole lives. He wanted his new home to be a lighthouse of love casting  its beacon upon the stormy seas of family turmoil.

Despite the sacrifices he made, the teens struggled to see beyond their mother’s absence, which became a gaping void that seemed deeper than the unselfish love their father showered upon them.

But life can be cruel, and happiness elusive. After three years where they did not see her, Karina brainwashed the children remotely to leave the only person who truly loved them – their father.

The tiny ones, aged 16, 16 and 13, after three years with him alone, left him alone and returned to their mother.

Fabricio again went to court.

Judge O. Neal Bribington stood as the voice of reason.

Faced with the shattered dreams of a wealthy father, a penniless mother and three infant teenagers caught in the crossfire, the judge grappled with a decision that would forever impact their lives.

The only solution was to put Karina behind bars until the children reached the crucible of adulthood — age 18.

Despite Karina’s incarceration and Fabricio’s hopes for a fresh start, the father’s heartache didn’t end.

Even with their mother in prison, the children would not return to him and ran to their maternal grandfather instead.

With a tempest of emotions, and a maelstrom of aspirations, Fabricio found himself standing on the precipice of loneliness that cut deep.

He had hoped that time would mend the wounds and scars of the past would fade. As he looked upon the photographs of his teens, taken by nanny cams he secretly installed in their bedrooms for their protection, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had done enough, if he had given enough, if he had loved enough.

In a desperate attempt to reclaim the fading fragments of their relationship, Fabricio resorted to a drastic and heartbreaking decision. Fueled by a deep-seated love, he made the difficult choice to go to court with his attorneys to have his children arrested and by court-order confined within the four walls of his home under home arrest.

Judge Neal O. Grifterstone knew the children were brainwashed without even meeting them.

Judge O Neil Falsington ordered the police to arrest the tots, Mason, 17, Maya, 17 and Carter, 14, and provide Fabricio with authorization to parent them properly.

With legal maneuvers that seemed almost surreal, ankle monitors were fastened on Maya, Mason and Carter, and security guards became the constant shadows of their days.

Fabricio took care to select the dogs that guarded the perimeter to ensure Carter, Maya and Mason did not leave the house.

At first he tried a pair of bullmastiffs, but they bonded with the children and would not bite them even if they scaled the fence. German Shepherds, Rottweilers, even the Doberman Pinscher proved a failure.

Fabricio settled on the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, which looked upon the teens as so many stray sheep. The dogs were aggressive and assertive in bringing the wanderers back by sharp nips, warning yelps and aggressive tugs.

Though heavy with the weight of his actions, the father’s heart held onto a flicker of hope. He believed his children would see the extent of his love, and the lengths he had gone to keep them.

The stun gun he carried served as a physical reminder of the fear that had driven him to this point, a fear that they might escape the clutches of his care and slip away forever, and that a carefully aimed shot would only subdue, but never really harm unless of course they fell down the flight of stairs.

So many nights he was tempted to let them sleep, not handcuffed to the bed. But he knew it was senseless, for even with their mother in prison, she would find a way to communicate with them and lead the brainwashed teens to escape.

The months rolled on. The melodious chords of life led to an emotional crescendo traversing the labyrinthine depths of heartbreak, betrayal, and life’s enigmatic path.

The children’s resentment, once an ember, burned with intensity.

Their claim of longing for their mother – which he knew was the result of her brainwashing them – and their hatred for their loving father – echoed through the halls of the captive home.

Still, he clung to hope.

Then a twist of good fortune arrived. The mother, whose presence had cast shadows over their existence, had breathed her last breath behind prison bars.

This could be the turning point, the moment his children finally understood the depths of his love and gain release from the manipulative grasp of their mother.

Ambrose chris

With a heart brimming with joy, relief, and gratitude, he told the children the glad tidings, imagining they would see this as a liberation from the toxic maternal influence that tainted their lives.

Instead of feeling liberated, the children wept and mourned their mother.

The bitter irony was not lost on Fabricio. The cruel woman who had been the source of his own suffering retained her hold on his babies’ minds from beyond the grave to torment him.

Ambrose chris

Time marched on. The two eldest reached adulthood, and even Judge Avarice J. O’Neill could not force Mason and Maya to stay past 18.

Yet, a glimmer of hope remained. The youngest, a beacon of innocence, was still captive.

But even this bond would prove fragile. The young one, fueled by a restless spirit, found a means of escape. Athletic prowess met determination, and the electric barbed wire fence became an easily scalable obstacle.

He slipped away, leaving the father alone in the shadow of unrequited love to tread upon a path yet veiled by fate’s inky veil.

And so, this was how the story unfolded, a tragic tale of love and loss.

His children refused to speak to him ever again.

The courts refused to force them home. Even his well-lawyered attempts to declare the adult children legally incompetent, and have the court appoint him their adult guardian, were unavailing.

Judge Adel I Swindelman

Attorney Marcus Cuta

Attorney Edward Baumnusser…

Fabricio He returned home from the court of Judge Jane Kupson Scandleton, his heart heavy with anger, choked by rage and confusion

.Ambrose chris

Judge Scandleton

He forum shopped and got yet another judge. Judge Gerard I. Swindleman,  permitted the adult children to testify.

Judge Swindleman

News in the town spread fast. The townspeople who once supported Fabricio, when they heard the children tell of years of abuse, believed them.

The unjust seed of doubt struck Fabricio at the core, gnawing at his consciousness with venomous fangs. A persistent effort to proclaim his innocence consumed him.

Each day saw him crafting a more elaborate tale about how the mother brainwashed the children, weaving intricate layers of proof and fiery declarations into his narrative. Yet, the sands of disbelief only shifted further.

The whispers behind his back carried a cruel verdict: “Deceitful evidence,” they whispered, condemning his desperate attempts to shield the truth – he had abused his children.

Fabricio felt the weight of their skepticism, a relentless pressure sapped his vitality. His ceaseless efforts, a dance of words, and emotional reasoning left him drained, his energy reserves dwindling.

Even a trip to Hollywood and a drive down Santa Monica Blvd to find some hot, young Latino lads, with nice heads of lettuce, did not halt the transformation in his appearance.

He found he had venous leakage and could not respond to their twinkie bodies, but with flaccid tepidness.

He returned to CT.

A ghostly shadow overtook him, a slow fading away that found its climax around the turn of the year.

By the time January arrived, he was confined to his bed, his strength waning.

As the symphony of his existence made a diminuendo toward its final movement, a poignant realization dawned on him.

He had failed.

In those fleeting moments between life and death, his cries of being a good father echoed, a desperate plea amidst a haze of anguish.

Even at his deathbed, his children refused to come. They would not text, email or phone him either – just like he had done to their mother.

His faltering voice, mingling with the ripples of agony, repeated the haunting refrain spoken to no one:

“O my son Mason, my son, my son Carter would God that your mother had died sooner, and O Maya, my fille, my fille! You wicked kids, I did everything for you.”

Then with a labyrinth of harp strings, where emotions bloom like fragile fairy lilies, the Unbroken Bond laid broken. Fabricio, whose fatherly heartstrings were woven with the silken threads of time, gave up the ghost.

He died surrounded by young hot Latino male angels, and ascended into heaven.

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  • Anonymous
    September 1, 2023 at 5:11 am
    Replied to my post directly above it with the following.
    Intimidated by the truth. We generously invite you to view the thousands of people reporting credible information on family court. It’s way more than 6.

    I find it interesting when I make write a comment that disagrees with something. A comment is made about what I wrote. Then, I cannot reply to that post, because there is not a reply button to push. Has happened more than once.

    My reply.

    (Intimidated by the truth?) All I can do is laugh to myself. Is that a question or are you making a statement about how you feel.

    (We generously invite you to view the thousands of people reporting credible information on family court. It’s way more than 6.)

    Please reread my comment above yours more carefully and throughly. I am not talking about the family court. As I simply stated, I am talking about the FR report comments. I made that quite clear. But of course, you twist reality to match what you want it to be or your agenda. Thanks for completely backing up what my post said. With what generosity are you talking about? I would generously love to speak face to face with any one of these keyboard cowboys/girls. I have always found conversations with circular thinkers quite entertaining and a great way to sharpen my brain, and my tongue. Thanks for reinforcing exactly how I think/feel.

    • You are absolutely right we should not reply or discuss anything with you. You brain has been sharpend in to the size of a pencil point ☝️. So not much room for critical thinking.

      • You are not discussing things with me. PLEASE read the comments more carefully so you understand what is being said. What do you mean by critical thinking? I find it interesting people twaddle on about critical thinking, grossly overused word that makes no sense in the post. Funny no-one ever responds to what I say, but say what they want to say. It is called being brain washed.

    • This was your post about Catherine Kassenoff’s case in Westchester County, New York, right?

      August 30, 2023 at 1:31 pm
      The article you posted is from the New York Post. It is not a newspaper. It is a tabloid web site. Their main goal is traffic and clicks, not truth. Just because you read it online, it doesn’t mean it is true. Or at the very least, do not repeat what you read on the New York Post, it make you look uninformed and gullible. People love to read info that supports their point of view and of course want to think it is true.

      There is no obituary, because you need proof to put one in the paper. Where is the death certificate? There is ZERO proof this woman killed herself. …“

      What would you think about a recent death in Westport, Connecticut that happened about a month ago. The woman was found at the bottom of her basement stairs.

      If you look online, does it look like there’s still no obituary? The name is “Jennifer Lindstrom”.

      If there’s still no obituary, do you know if that’s because there’s still no death certificate?

      If there’s still no obituary because there’s still no death certificate, does that mean the case is still under investigation?

      • What would you think about a recent death in Westport, Connecticut that happened about a month ago.
        The woman was found at the bottom of her basement stairs.

        Key point…they have a body, not an email saying I am going to Switzerland to die. No body..big different. There is no similarities between these cases.

        If you look online, does it look like there’s still no obituary? The name is “Jennifer Lindstrom”.

        Family does the obit. Either they have no money, do not want one and/or they are still investigating.

        If there’s still no obituary, do you know if that’s because there’s still no death certificate?

        It is expensive for obit I know nothing of these peoples finances or if she had family to do it. Also maybe waiting toxicology reports. or investigating. CK, no obit because there is no death certificate because NO BODY!!!!!!!

        If there’s still no obituary because there’s still no death certificate, does that mean the case is still under investigation? No, in CK case it means she is still alive. Easy peasy. I am sure her family would have released the death certificate to shut up all of us who have nothing better to do than spend hours on the internet, like myself. My guess family praying she stays in hiding and leaves those poor children alone. Or maybe she’ll post more personal information about her kids and blow up their lives again.

  • Annmarie Dirubba, the Ambrose children and Colon all seeking safe harbor out of The mouth of the serpent. I fear we shall see more silver alerts in Connecticut attempting to avoid the belly of the beast. This is not just a rich person problem. Fatherhood funding financially fueling custody battles. The leader in welfare reform.

  • Another mother with out representation in Bridgeport. Custody flip. Rafael Sorrano v Valerie Colon. Silver alert in the media today.

    • Another child support triggered court action. Access and visitation grant.
      Judge Grossman involved. Looks like the unrepresented minority mother possibly taken herself and her daughter out on the midnight train out of Connecticut. Some with the same name was convinced of heroin trafficking in Connecticut, is it the same guy? Both from New Haven no middle initial to identify.

  • Serve the interest of justice and public by resolving matters brought before it in a fair, timely, efficient and open matter.

  • Can you imagine what it’s like to go through the transition that happens in divorce. The fear people have of their future. Only to go to court to have your money, reputation, time and children be all snatched away. Can you imagine the harm it is causing to the adults dragged through the system for years. Then imagine what it’s like for the children. Living in fear for several years both Karen and the children. The constant state of emotional turmoil. The harm it cause people when you relentlessly told you are a liar. The gaslighting that occurs when someone one rewrites the history of the events you have been through. Going on for years. You have one adult and three almost adults being punished because one person has the money to go to court and have a temper tantrum. Because the person has the money 💰 it’s entertained.

    • Imagine what kind of people would care enough to do something to knock down and reform that monster of a system.

  • The guys got zero empathy and lacks the ability to love anyone other than himself.

    These kids were raised in a home without love or warmth. They were denied the ability to see all family and friends – in addition to their mom for over three years.

    He watched them in pain as he tried to create an alternative reality ina school of strangers and teachers who only got one side of the story.

    Imagine the pain these three must have felt living with no mother and no valid explanation. From huge family visits and celebratory holidays they suddenly had none. No birthday parties, no Christmas visits, no Easter no traditions. No summers in RI. No dogs- deprived of the love of animals. This alone is significant abuse and that’s Chris Anbrose alone who’s done this.

    Parents can stop proceedings at any time and settle. Chris waives adelmans paid for orders as a victory declaration and also uses it as a weapon to coercively control his ex wife snd oppress her.

    He needs to be in prison.

    • Yes, she must have hit some very troubling states to have her kids taken from her when 90% of the time mothers are granted full custody. The kids now went to live with grandfather, not even the mother. That’s another huge red flag that things are not right with her.
      As women, we do suffer from mental illness much more than men and is something we must always keep in check so it doesn’t impair our parenting or marriage. Let’s hope she can turn it around.

  • Article 6. Management rights. The parties recognize the central judicial branch of the state of Connecticut government . In assuring compliance with the state constitution of CT and US constitution. Rights include but to not limit to establish productivity and performance standards of the employee. (. Family court judges are State employees) . Including qualifications for the ability to perform to establish work in the class and/or determining it’s Budget , mission and the methods and means and personal (gals) nessacery to fulfill that mission ( judicial branch is partnered with the fatherhood initiative welfare reform funding the system) it’s mission. SB 289. ” all Connecticut father’s to be engaged in the lives of their children”. ( not all parents). Fatherhood funding attached to this legislation. Including contracting out ( psychologist) or discontinuation of servers ( people who don’t agree) positions or programs in whole or part the determine of the content of justification, the appointment, promotion assignment direction and transfer of personal. Could this be why one DV trained judge was kicked off and O’Neil was put in?

    • The office of labor relations negotiates the collective bargaining for the governor’s office. Governor Ned Lamont, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz. The state of Connecticut’s population is 51 percent women. The fatherhood initiative is the mission in the state of Connecticut. Millions of not billions of dollars funding the state. Using parental alienation/gate keeping in the state family court system . The state of Connecticut most provide the need and use for the federal welfare reform funding. Entering into agreements and using funds to financially support every single agency related to family court system. 10 million in access and visitation grants through the child support office. Maybe someone outside the state of Connecticut should pay Sean Scanlon a visit and review the government welfare reform funding. The mission of the leaders in welfare reform. The leader in reducing TANF block grant funds to welfare recipients. Freeing funding for filling in the state budget holes. Unconn appears to have a extra funds to over pay employees, pay contactors, and pay for conference at an expensive hotel in one of the most expensive places in New England. They seem to have a sexual assault problem on campus. What funding is being used to address that?

    • “The parties recognize the central judicial branch of the state of Connecticut government . In assuring compliance with the state constitution of CT and US constitution. Rights include but to not limit to establish productivity and performance standards of the employee.“

      Where in the state constitution of CT and US constitution do our rights include the state and federal government establishing productivity and performance standards of the employee? 🧐

  • This story makes a mockery out of a very real form of child abuse.Familiarize yourselves with the understandings of Dr Craig Childress.

    • To the sour puss,

      Here’s the thing:

      American Family Court
      Makes a mockery of ALL of us who arent in ‘the club’. Capicsh?

      This story is only ludicrous because this stuff is ACTUALLY happening.

      • There are no facts to back up ANYTHING here. That is HOW SO. This article is fiction. It states it right in the beginning, just like the majority of these family court nonsense. All crazy woman like the Catherine K. Where is her death certificate. Oh yeah, there isn’t one because she is still alive. Interesting she isn’t even mentioned here anymore.

        • Catherine Kassenoff is still alive, 1:45 pm?

          Maybe she’s still somewhere in Switzerland helping all those New York parents make all those claims? Do they all have nothing better to do with their time? There’s probably no such thing as corruption in family courts.

          “The Post spoke to several defendants in custody battles playing out in the Westchester court system, which one mother, currently mired in a protracted divorce, called “corrupt.” A campaigner said the court system was used to perpetuate “abuse” by monied spouses.

          Many spoke of a court system dominated by forensic custody evaluators, who often favor the wealthier parent in bitter custody battles.”


          • The article you posted is from the New York Post. It is not a newspaper. It is a tabloid web site. Their main goal is traffic and clicks, not truth. Just because you read it online, it doesn’t mean it is true. Or at the very least, do not repeat what you read on the New York Post, it make you look uninformed and gullible. People love to read info that supports their point of view and of course want to think it is true. There is no obituary, because you need proof to put one in the paper. Where is the death certificate? There is ZERO proof this woman killed herself. I can say I am 5’10” 112 pounds doesn’t make it true. This article in FR states very clearly it is FICTION. That means it is made up. I find it so interesting these pro Catherine K. comments in FR. You can tell they are written by only a few number of people. I have inputted many of them in a computer program that puts them in groups of similar writing styles. Looks like they are coming from maybe, at the most, 6 people. And I am being generous with that number, more like three. Hopefully FR is moving past this CK made up story and moving onto more interesting stories. Corruption is everywhere. But having three to six mentally challenged people repeating the same BS over and over and over again , doesn’t really make it true, does it? But it sure does get people to click on the stories doesn’t it?

          • Intimidated by the truth. We generously invite you to view the thousands of people reporting credible information on family court. It’s way more than 6.

      a place we should be able to trust with our children? But we absolutely can not ???!!?
      Yea I’d say that is a tall order.
      Only a super hero could jump that high !

    • Hi Chrissy, good to see you were able to take a break from all the kiddo porn to post a little glob of a comment! Lol 😂🤣🤭

  • Has anyone seen the Netflix movie about the sex trafficking called Whistle blower? It’s not available for viewing in the US all of a sudden.

  • I guess I’m a sucker for happy endings because I really liked that the protagonist “died surrounded by young hot Latino male angels, and ascended into heaven”. This seems so nice compared to the present hell of a family this story reminds me of.

  • Thank you Matthew Phillips! We need more attorneys like you fighting for our rights!

    Let’s stop acting like any of this is legal! Is child stealing and child abuse!

    August 24, 2023 at 9:03 am
    by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law
    U.S. Supreme Court Bar No. 317048

    A proposed BILL to ensure the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of PARENTS are honored and protected in the nation’s FAMILY COURTS.

    The 14th Amendment guarantees “liberty,” which includes the People’s right to raise children; this fundamental right to parent includes the right to care, custody, and control of one’s children; so too, children enjoy an accompanying right, i.e., the right to be parented by their natural parents.
    All parents are presumed fit. No court may restrict or terminate a parent’s custodial rights unless there is first a fitness trial — where the state proves child abuse or neglect by clear and convincing evidence, i.e., which can be objectively verified without resort to judicial discretion.
    A properly noticed fitness trial must include: (i) notice to the accused parent concerning the factual allegations of child abuse or neglect, and (ii) an admonition that, if the accused parent is found unfit — based on clear and convincing evidence — the state may restrict or terminate that parent’s custodial rights.
    Fit parents are presumed to act in the best interests of their children; absent findings of unfitness, equal protection demands that two fit parents share equal and undivided custodial rights.
    A child’s best interests reside with fit parents; absent findings of unfitness, the state may not enter the private family realm. No court has legal authority, (“jurisdiction”), to determine a child’s best interests — unless both parents are deemed unfit after a properly noticed fitness trial.
    Unless there is actual harm to a child — meaning abuse or neglect as defined by black-letter law — a parent’s bad behavior or felonious misconduct provides no legal basis to restrict or terminate custodial rights. No court may restrict or terminate custodial rights as punishment for misconduct against any person, including the other parent.
    All orders restricting or terminating custodial rights must include strict scrutiny analyses, i.e., was the custody order narrowly tailored to effectuate a compelling gov’t interest?—and, did the court employ the least-restrictive means of effectuating that interest?
    The First Amendment guarantees a fundamental right to familial association — including the right to private speech with one’s children. No court may impose time, place, or manner restrictions on a parent’s right to free speech with a child, (e.g., at supervised visits), unless that parent is found unfit.
    All temporary custody orders must have expiration dates; temporary custody orders with no expiration dates are null and void. No temporary order restricting custodial rights shall remain in effect longer than 60 days, after which: (i) the order must expire, or (ii) a fitness trial must commence.
    All parents in domestic proceedings are presumed innocent of criminal accusations unless or until the state, in a criminal proceeding, proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, pursuant to a criminal complaint, (“indictment”). No court may sua sponte conclude that a parent committed a crime.

  • I love stories with happy endings. It’s a sad sweet tale reminiscent of the great American short story writers of the 20th century.

    The happy ending being the sick idiot father who wanted his kids and didn’t care one fuck about his kid’s desires died and the kids didn’t give a fuck about him either.

    The only thing is the story is completely unrealistic. No father could be that evil and stupid to try to force his kids to stay and call that love

    . No way also that the courts would give custody to the father when teenage kids don’t want to live with him. Teenage kids have a say in where they want to live and judges listen to kids.

    Other than that it is unrealistic it was a good read.

  • This case is not the exception, it’s what happens in every case. The root of this problem in 90% of these cases is gender bias against women in court. Time magazine recently had an article about this.

    People are listening to you. You have the opportunity to change things. If you look closer you will see that this is not about one or two cases in CT, but this is systemic. Please see the bigger picture.

  • One correction: prior to ascending, his last wish was to stop by the local marine barracks to help soothe those muscular soul’s anguish and with his usual unabashed charity provided lettuce trims gratis to all (and no, it’s not weird at all that everyone was nude) 😂

    • Connecticut family court administrators don’t care what you think. Obey or be hospitalized. Your choice. says:

      Connecticut state government supports the nude LBTQT+- community. Logan Green and Michael Haymes are cherished members of the Connecticut LBTQT+- court community and if you and your children don’t like it, too bad. You, your children, your teens — your whatever — don’t have a choice now. Do as they say and shut up about it already.


      • The Connecticut family court system’s push toward degeneracy is a symptom of a bigger political picture.

        Those who sincerely believe they should rule the world have groomed populations to accept small increments of degeneracy. First with subtle cues in Hollywood, advertising and mainstream news, then with the forced mandates we’ve seen in the past few years.

        Those subtle and forced culture shifts were designed to assist those who wanted to control people and nations. Look up: The Frankfurt School, Herbert Marcuse and “repressive desublimation”. Those who want to conquer nations need to conquer the people of those nations, first. Their twisted philosophy: “Controlled gratification is therein said to produce voluntary compliance and submission, wherein the desire for transcendence is eradicated.”


        When Connecticut took the three children from their perfectly capable mother, notice what happened those three years: “Controlled gratification” is what was happening. What “family court” advisor was advising the father during those three years? Someone out of the CT AFCC, Inc. Adelman, Horwitz & Munro Lab?

        Blatant family court corruption, that gross lack of oversight and zero accountability for family court corruption is a symptom of a much bigger political picture. Look around, pay attention and do what’s right to turn this around. Most people are good people and knowledge is free. Phone calls, emails to state offices and comments on websites are free. Courage and honor are also free.

  • He’s delusional. Who would want to force kids into your home? He sees himself the hero- against evil mother. It’s very disturbing.

    I do think the mother will wind up dead. It’ll be another Dulos case but Ambrose will manage to have clean hands. He’s too much of a pussy to do it himself. It’ll be a payoff. An accident. An allergic reaction or some such nonsense.

  • Dr. Robert Horwitz… career criminal is involved in the Ambrose case – and many, many cases of child trafficking for decades. the “family therapist and reunification therapist” who never reunified anyone. He wears many hats but his allegiance is to the fathers rights groups and the GALs. He also appears as a gal in some cases.

    He never appears in court and rarely if ever gives testimony under oath. He has full immunity by the courts. He works in lockstep with Adelman and Bruce Freedman.

    “Subsequently, Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Krieger began billing tens of thousands of dollars under Contract 04-6024 for court staff trainings. Topics included “Financial Negotiations.” What are their qualifications in financial matters?

    • We are in desperate need from some good people in Washington to fly to Connecticut and put an end to the trafficking train.

  • This story lays out the hypocrisy of family court and lays out Chris Ambrose pretty well too.

    • Words out that Chris Ambrose is having a temper tantrum because there aren’t enough marshmallows in his cereal. It’s getting pretty scary. He’s now throwing his bowl, threatening to buy cocoa pops!
      Yep, he’s coo-coo for cocoa pops folks!

  • “He wanted his new home to be a lighthouse of love casting its beacon upon the stormy seas of family turmoil.” house of horrors. I love the artwork that goes along with this darkest of nightmares. I thought the pig Fabrico A. was going to eat itself. He’s a typical child sexual predator using isolation to commit torture upon the beautiful Maya.

      • Who’s Chris Ambrose? How does he play into the story?

        I heard he is overseas trying to get a job as an ‘extra’ in a nihilist production of the TV series “Happy Day” called “ Happy Days are not-so-happy “

        The show is about how depressing life really is. The characters take refuge in making each other feel miserable.

        He isn’t even trying out for a speaking part, he just plays an old man, sullen, hunched over a few polish soda pops in the background.

        A maudlin Fonz, in a pleather jacket moans “ Aaaaaaaayyyyy…nooooo”

        “ Happy Days are not so happy”

  • This story proves what o save so often said a persons can have many mothers but there is only one father.

  • Is this a true story? It really speaks of a father’s beautiful love.

    If only Chirs Ambrose was as unselfish as this wonderful father. I wept openly when I read the story

  • “… Dr. Howard M. Krieger’s Contract With CT Judicial Branch re: Professional Trainings

    Description: For more about Krieger and the AFCC, see Washington Times article “CT Court Employees Face Tough Questions Over Conflicts of Interest”

    (1) In 2007, Dr. Howard Krieger successfully bid for a CT Judicial Branch contract (RFP 04-6024) to provide professional trainings services (to whom?) regarding child development. This bid was made under the business name of “Dr. Howard Krieger, Ph.D.” but did not name any sub-contractors (such as Dr. Horowitz) or specifically name CT Resources Group as the applicant.

    (2) RFP 04-6024 specifically required the submission of resumes of all applicants and various assurances. Krieger’s 2006 bid contained a copy of his own resume, but not Dr. Horowitz’s. The initial bid by Dr. Krieger did not contain any information about Dr. Horowitz or CT Resource Group’s qualifications, licensure, or business information. On p.10, Krieger initialed all the required assurances, and checked off a box indicating that the consulting affidavit disclosure “does not apply to him.”

    (3) As yet, CSSD has been unable to produce for the requestor copies of Exhibit B (JD-ES-113 equal opportunity nondiscrimination policy) and Exhibit C (JD-ES-113F, Federal Certificate of Compliance which were signed by Dr. Krieger and included with the initial bid.

    (4) In 2007, CSSD (per Pam Sarno letter) subsequently awarded the contract not to exclusively to Howard Kreiger, but to CT Resources Group. CSSD Attorney Martin Libbin provided this explanation in an email to the requestor “The contract that you refer to as being with Dr. Krieger is the same contract that we refer to as with CT Resource Group. While Dr. Krieger signed the RFP response, he provided the federal employer number of CT Resource Group and that is who we list as the contractor.”

    (5) Subsequently, Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Krieger began billing tens of thousands of dollars under Contract 04-6024 for court staff trainings. Topics included “Financial Negotiations.” What are their qualifications in financial matters?

    (6) In 2010, CSSD (Pam Sarno) renewed the contract with CT Resources Group. Attorney Libbin forwarded an email to the requestor from Dawn Ashley which states that “the 04-6024 was not re-bid in 2010”

    (7) P.29. Dr. Krieger requested a raise.

    (8) P.32. Dr. Krieger signed Exhibit A (consulting Affidavit) and Exhibit H (nondiscrimination policy) on 11/11/2010. Exhibit A was notarized on 11/12/2010.

    (9) At the same time, Horowitz continued to accept appointments from CT courts onto family court cases to provide private and State funded therapeutic assessments and expert testimony.”

    And, Paul Boyne’s divorce case started in 2007.

  • An excerpt from the script of “As the World Turns: From the Minds of Paul Boyce's Targets” S3 E6 says:

    “Paul Boyce ruined my children’s lives because he brainwashed and exploited my ex-spouse in a time of weakness and turned our case into a disaster that dragged on and on. His articles about me, severely impacted my career and my children’s lives as they were teased at school about all of the horrible things being said about their family online.”

      “Industries: Beauty Shops”

    • That’s what Chris led the world to believe was his writing production company.

      He was never required by the court to provide financials on his company. 🤣

      And FP discovered Ambrose got out of filing any affidavit at all until 22 months into the fraudulent trial!

      Go Frank! Kinda obvious when FR wrote about the $$$$$$

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